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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Space Invaderz (2002)
Nominee: Best Director: Ethnic Video, Lex The Impaler 4 (2008)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Slut Puppies 5 (2011)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Winner: Best Director: Non-Feature, Alexis Ford Darkside (2012)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Ultimate Fuck Toy: Kennedy Leigh (2013)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Romi Rain Darkside (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Winner: Best Director: Non-Feature, Jesse: Alpha Female (2015)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Face of an Angel Mind of a Devil (2015)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Anal Savages 3 (2017)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Director – Non-Feature, Corruption of Kissa Sins (2018)
Nominee: Director of the Year

CAVR Awards

Nominee: Hottest Director


Nominee: Best Director: Non-Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature
Nominee: Best Non-Feature Director

Nightmoves Fan Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature
Winner: Best Director: Non-Feature

RogReviews' Critics Choice Awards

Nominee: Best Director
Nominee: Best Director

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Spank Bank Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Excellence in the Creation of Smut (aka Director of the Year)
Nominee: Guru of Gonzo (Director - Web/Gonzo)
Nominee: Master of Filth (Director of the Year - Body of Work)
Nominee: Guru of Gonzo (Director of the Year - Gonzo)
Nominee: Master of Filth (Director of the Year - Body of Work)

The Fannys

Nominee: Best Director
Nominee: Best Director

Urban X Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Gonzo, Once You Go Black 6 (2011)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Ultimate Fuck Toy: Abella Anderson (2012)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Ass Worship 14 (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Ass Worship 15 (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Face of an Angel Mind of a Devil (2015)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, DP Masters 4 (2016)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work

XCritic Editor's Choice Awards

Winner: Best Director: Non-Feature, Flesh Hunter 12 (2013)

XRCO Awards

Winner: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director (Non-Features)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Alexis Ford DarksideJules Jordan Video20126DRO
Anal Boot CampJules Jordan Video20124DRO
Anal Boot Camp 2Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Anal Boot Camp 3Jules Jordan Video20151DRO
Anal Delights 1Jules Jordan Video20113DRO
Anal Delights 2Jules Jordan Video20115DRO
Anal ExtremistsJules Jordan Video20183DO
Anal ProvocateurJules Jordan Video20154DRO
Anal SavagesJules Jordan Video20161DRO
Anal Savages 2Jules Jordan Video20172DRO
Anal Savages 3Jules Jordan Video20172DRO
Anal Sluts and Sweethearts 4Rosebud20013DO
Anal Sluts and Sweethearts 5Rosebud20012DRO
Asa Akira To the LimitJules Jordan Video20127DRO
Ass Factor 1Jules Jordan Video20123DRO
Ass Masters 10Evolution Erotica2012 DO
Ass Worship 1Evil Angel200112DRO
Ass Worship 10Jules Jordan Video20076DRO
Ass Worship 11Jules Jordan Video200910DRO
Ass Worship 12Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Ass Worship 13Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Ass Worship 14Jules Jordan Video20135DRO
Ass Worship 15Jules Jordan Video20147DRO
Ass Worship 16Jules Jordan Video20153DRO
Ass Worship 2Evil Angel200214DRO
Ass Worship 3Evil Angel200210DRO
Ass Worship 4Evil Angel200311DRO
Ass Worship 5Evil Angel200310DRO
Ass Worship 6Evil Angel20045DRO
Ass Worship 7Evil Angel20056DRO
Ass Worship 8Jules Jordan Video20054DRO
Ass Worship 9Jules Jordan Video20068DRO
Aurora Snow vs GaugeEvil Angel20054DRO
Babyfaced NymphettesSimon Wolf2013 DO
Beach PatrolJules Jordan Video20103DRO
Beach Patrol 2Jules Jordan Video20115DRO
Black BredJules Jordan Video20183DO
Black Owned 1Jules Jordan Video20066DRO
Black Owned 2Jules Jordan Video20076DRO
Black Owned 3Jules Jordan Video20084DRO
Black Owned 4Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Black Owned 5Jules Jordan Video20136DRO
Black Owned 6Jules Jordan Video20147DRO
Black Owned 7Jules Jordan Video20152DRO
Black Owned 8Jules Jordan Video20162DRO
Bottom Feeders 1Pleasure Productions200010DR
Bottom Feeders 2Pleasure Productions20006DRO
Bottom Feeders 3Pleasure Productions20011DRO
Bottom Feeders 4Pleasure Productions20021DRO
Bra Busters 9Jules Jordan Video2019 DO
Breast Worship 1Jules Jordan Video20066DRO
Breast Worship 2Jules Jordan Video20096DRO
Breast Worship 3Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Breast Worship 4Jules Jordan Video20126DRO
Breast Worship 5Jules Jordan Video20172DRO
ButtworxJules Jordan Video20078DRO
Corruption of Kissa SinsJules Jordan Video20184DO
Dangerous CurvesJules Jordan Video20104DRO
Deep Anal Drilling 1Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Deep Anal Drilling 2Jules Jordan Video20106DRO
Deep Anal Drilling 3Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Deep Anal Drilling 4Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Deep Anal Drilling 5Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Deep Anal Drilling 6Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Deep Cheeks 6Rosebud20002DRO
Deep Cheeks 7Rosebud20012DRO
Defend Our PornEvil Angel20083DRO
DNA 1: Deep 'n AssRosebud20004DO
DNA 2: Deep 'n AssRosebud20012DRO
DNA 3: Deep 'n AssRosebud20022DRO
DP MastersJules Jordan Video20144DRO
DP Masters 2Jules Jordan Video20154DRO
DP Masters 3Jules Jordan Video20164DRO
DP Masters 4Jules Jordan Video20162DRO
DP Masters 5Jules Jordan Video20183DRO
DP Masters 6Jules Jordan Video20183DO
Dream FucksJules Jordan Video20172DRO
DreddJules Jordan Video20176DRO
Dredd 2Jules Jordan Video20175DRO
Dredd 3Jules Jordan Video20173DRO
Dredd 4Jules Jordan Video20183DO
Dredd 5Jules Jordan Video20182DO
Dredd 6Jules Jordan Video20193DO
Dredd Up Your AssJules Jordan Video20182DO
Dredd Up Your Ass 2Jules Jordan Video20192DO
Dredd vs MILFJules Jordan Video20171DRO
Dredd's Big BootiesJules Jordan Video20191DO
Dredd's DevastationJules Jordan Video20173DRO
Dredd's Devastation 2Jules Jordan Video20193DO
Dredd's MILF DevastationJules Jordan Video20184DO
Dredd's Teen DevastationJules Jordan Video20183DO
Dredd's Teen Devastation 2Jules Jordan Video20192DO
East Coast AssaultJules Jordan Video20072DRO
Face of an Angel Mind of a DevilJules Jordan Video20154DRO
Faces LoadedJules Jordan Video20146DRO
Facial DemolitionJules Jordan Video20078DRO
Feeding Frenzy 1Evil Angel20027DRO
Feeding Frenzy 10Jules Jordan Video20097DRO
Feeding Frenzy 11Jules Jordan Video20135DRO
Feeding Frenzy 12Jules Jordan Video20164DRO
Feeding Frenzy 2Evil Angel20039DRO
Feeding Frenzy 3Evil Angel20033DRO
Feeding Frenzy 4Evil Angel20046DRO
Feeding Frenzy 5Evil Angel20044DRO
Feeding Frenzy 6Evil Angel20045DRO
Feeding Frenzy 7Jules Jordan Video20056DRO
Feeding Frenzy 8Jules Jordan Video20068DRO
Feeding Frenzy 9Jules Jordan Video20072DRO
Flesh Hunter 1Jules Jordan Video200213DRO
Flesh Hunter 10Jules Jordan Video20076DRO
Flesh Hunter 11Jules Jordan Video20127DRO
Flesh Hunter 12Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Flesh Hunter 13Jules Jordan Video20163DRO
Flesh Hunter 14Jules Jordan Video20165DRO
Flesh Hunter 2Jules Jordan Video20029DRO
Flesh Hunter 3Jules Jordan Video20027DRO
Flesh Hunter 4Jules Jordan Video20039DRO
Flesh Hunter 5Jules Jordan Video20034DRO
Flesh Hunter 6Jules Jordan Video20036DRO
Flesh Hunter 7Jules Jordan Video20044DRO
Flesh Hunter 8Jules Jordan Video20053DRO
Flesh Hunter 9Jules Jordan Video20067DRO
Gangbang of Marley BrinxJules Jordan Video20192DO
Gangbang of Riley ReidJules Jordan Video20175DRO
Gape LessonsJules Jordan Video20108DRO
Gina Lynn's Dark SideEvil Angel20044DRO
Glory HoleJules Jordan Video20076DRO
Heavy Metal 1Rosebud20004DRO
Heavy Metal 2Pleasure Productions20015DRO
Hot Anal Injection 1Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Hot Anal Injection 2Jules Jordan Video20125DRO
Insatiable Miss Alexis TexasJules Jordan Video20135DRO
Insatiable Miss Alexis Texas 2Jules Jordan Video20152DRO
Insatiable Miss Jessa RhodesJules Jordan Video20174DRO
Insatiable Miss SaintJules Jordan Video20125DRO
Invasian 1Evil Angel20032DRO
Invasian 2Evil Angel20055DRO
Invasian 3Jules Jordan Video20084DRO
Invasian 4Jules Jordan Video20106DRO
Jenna Haze Dark SideJules Jordan Video200613DRO
Jenna Haze vs Krystal StealEvil Angel20044DRO
Jesse: Alpha FemaleJules Jordan Video20154DRO
Jesse: Sex MachineJules Jordan Video20153DRO
Jesse: Sex Machine 2Jules Jordan Video20163DRO
Jules Jordan's Ass Stretchers POV 1Jules Jordan Video20082DRO
Jules Jordan's Ass Stretchers POV 2Jules Jordan Video20102DRO
Jules Jordan's Eye ContactJules Jordan Video20153DRO
Jules Jordan's Three WaysJules Jordan Video20191DO
Jules Jordan: The Lost Tapes 1Jules Jordan Video20113DRO
Jules Jordan: The Lost Tapes 2: POV EditionJules Jordan Video2012 DRO
Jules Jordan: The Lost Tapes 3Jules Jordan Video20121DRO
Jules Jordan: The Lost Tapes 4Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Lex The Impaler 1Evil Angel20018DRO
Lex The Impaler 2Evil Angel200211DRO
Lex The Impaler 3Jules Jordan Video20085DRO
Lex The Impaler 4Jules Jordan Video20086DRO
Lex The Impaler 5Jules Jordan Video20107DRO
Lex The Impaler 6Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Lex the Impaler 7Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Lex the Impaler 8Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Lex the Impaler 9Jules Jordan Video20163DRO
Live Bait 1Pleasure Productions19982DRO
Live Bait 2Pleasure Productions19993DRO
Live Bait 3Pleasure Productions20003DRO
Live Bait 4Pleasure Productions20002DO
Live Bait 5Pleasure Productions20011DRO
Live Bait 6Pleasure Productions2001 DRO
Live Bait 7Pleasure Productions20013DRO
Live Bait 8Pleasure Productions20011O
Malibu MILFsRosebud2007 DO
Mandingo ChallengeJules Jordan Video20163DRO
Mandingo Challenge 2Jules Jordan Video20172DRO
Mandingo Goes DeepJules Jordan Video20094DRO
Mandingo Massacre 1Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Mandingo Massacre 10Jules Jordan Video20163DRO
Mandingo Massacre 11Jules Jordan Video20171DRO
Mandingo Massacre 12Jules Jordan Video20173DRO
Mandingo Massacre 13Jules Jordan Video20172DRO
Mandingo Massacre 14Jules Jordan Video20182DO
Mandingo Massacre 2Jules Jordan Video20118DRO
Mandingo Massacre 3Jules Jordan Video20126DRO
Mandingo Massacre 4Jules Jordan Video201210DRO
Mandingo Massacre 5Jules Jordan Video20125DRO
Mandingo Massacre 6Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Mandingo Massacre 7Jules Jordan Video20135DRO
Mandingo Massacre 8Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Mandingo Massacre 9Jules Jordan Video20162DRO
Mandingo UnchainedJules Jordan Video20136DRO
Mandingo: Hide Your WivesJules Jordan Video20115DRO
New BreedPleasure Productions19986DRO
New Breed 2Pleasure Productions20001DRO
New Breed 3Pleasure Productions20003DRO
New Breed 4Pleasure Productions20012DRO
New Breed 5Pleasure Productions2001 DRO
New Breed 6Pleasure Productions20012DRO
New Breed 7Pleasure Productions20012DRO
New Breed 8Pleasure Productions20021DRO
Nikki Benz: Jungle FeverJules Jordan Video20145DRO
Once You Go Black 1Jules Jordan Video20036DRO
Once You Go Black 2Evil Angel20034DRO
Once You Go Black 3Evil Angel20045DRO
Once You Go Black 4Evil Angel20054DRO
Once You Go Black 5Jules Jordan Video20103DRO
Once You Go Black 6Jules Jordan Video20114DR
Oral All StarsRosebud2009  
Papa Holmes' Young LadiesJules Jordan Video20174DRO
Penthouse DivasJules Jordan Video2007 DRO
Perfect Specimens 1Evil Angel20033DRO
Perfect Specimens 2Evil Angel20044DRO
Private CollectionRosebud2007 DRO
Private Fantasies of Samantha SaintJules Jordan Video20154DRO
Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 1Jules Jordan Video20075DRO
Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 2Jules Jordan Video20097DRO
Pump My Ass Full Of Cum 3Jules Jordan Video20126DRO
Pump My Ass Full of Cum 4Jules Jordan Video20174DRO
Romi Rain DarksideJules Jordan Video20146DRO
Ryan Conner DP'djulesjordan.com2015 O
Slut Puppies 1Jules Jordan Video20055DRO
Slut Puppies 10Jules Jordan Video20165DRO
Slut Puppies 11Jules Jordan Video20165DRO
Slut Puppies 12Jules Jordan Video20183DO
Slut Puppies 13Jules Jordan Video20182DO
Slut Puppies 14Jules Jordan Video20192DO
Slut Puppies 2Evil Angel20067DRO
Slut Puppies 3Jules Jordan Video20097DRO
Slut Puppies 4Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Slut Puppies 5Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Slut Puppies 6Jules Jordan Video20125DRO
Slut Puppies 7Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Slut Puppies 8Jules Jordan Video20146DRO
Slut Puppies 9Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Sodomania 22Elegant Angel19972DRO
Space InvaderzJules Jordan Video20029DRO
Stacked HardbodiesJules Jordan Video20133DRO
Super Cougar Gina LynnJules Jordan Video20124DRO
Take No PrisonersEvil Angel20047DRO
ThickJules Jordan Video2019 DO
To CompletionWestern Visuals20011DO
To Completion 3Rosebud2002 DRO
To Completion 4Rosebud20021DRO
To Completion TooRosebud20012DRO
Trained Teens 1Jules Jordan Video20026DRO
Trained Teens 2Jules Jordan Video20027DRO
Trained Teens 3Jules Jordan Video20034DRO
Trained Teens 4Jules Jordan Video20117DRO
Transsexual Activity 1Jules Jordan Video20102DRO
Transsexual Activity 2Jules Jordan Video20131DRO
Tunnel Vision 1Evil Angel20064DRO
Tunnel Vision 2Jules Jordan Video20077DRO
Tunnel Vision 3Jules Jordan Video20084DRO
Tunnel Vision 4Jules Jordan Video20142DRO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Abella AndersonJules Jordan Video20125DRO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Alina LiJules Jordan Video20145DRO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Amia MileyJules Jordan Video20116DRO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Aubrey StarJules Jordan Video20163DRO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Gianna DiorJules Jordan Video20192DO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Jill KassidyJules Jordan Video20183DRO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Kennedy LeighJules Jordan Video20134DRO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Lana RhoadesJules Jordan Video20184DO
Ultimate Fuck Toy: Riley ReidJules Jordan Video20127DRO
Up My Asian Ass 3Jules Jordan Video20191DO
Weapons of Ass Destruction 1Evil Angel20028DRO
Weapons of Ass Destruction 2Evil Angel20037DRO
Weapons of Ass Destruction 3Evil Angel20049DRO
Weapons of Ass Destruction 4Evil Angel20054DRO
Weapons of Ass Destruction 5Jules Jordan Video20067DRO
Weapons of Ass Destruction 6Jules Jordan Video20086DRO
Weapons of Ass Destruction 7Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Young and Glamorous 10Jules Jordan Video2019 DO

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