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Jon Stallion, John Stag, John Stallion


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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Film, Fashionistas 1 (2002)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Voracious (2012)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Voracious: Season Two, Volume One (2014)
Nominee: Best Screenplay, Voracious: Season Two, Volume One (2014)
Winner: Best Director: Foreign Feature, Hard in Love (2016)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Psychotic Behavior (2017)

Erotic Lounge Awards

Nominee: Fan Award: Beste Regie

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Transgender Erotica Awards Show

Winner: Best Industry Professional

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Voracious (2012)
Nominee: Screenplay of the Year, Voracious (2012)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Voracious: Season Two, Volume Four (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Hard in Love (2016)

XRCO Awards

Winner: Best Director
Nominee: Best Director: Features
Nominee: Best Director: Features

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Adventures of ButtmanEvil Angel19895DRO
All in the FamilyVCR19851DO
American Buttman in LondonEvil Angel19913DRO
Amos And CandyL.B.O. Entertainment1987 DO
Anal ExpertsEvil Angel2019 DO
Anal Speculum SpectacularEvil Angel2018 D
Art Of GapingEvil Angel2019 D
Awesome Assets4-Play Video1987 DO
Backdoor to Hollywood 7CDI Home Video1989  
Bare EleganceMasterpiece Video1984 O
Bare EssenceEvil Angel19891 
Before She Says 'I Do'Masterpiece Video1984 DO
Best of Buttman 1Evil Angel19911DRO
Best of Buttman 2Evil Angel1993  
Best of Buttman 3Evil Angel2001  
Black BeautyCDI Home Video1989 DRO
Blowing In StyleEvil Angel19892RO
Bored HousewivesCDI Home Video1990 DO
Bouncing BunsEvil Angel1983 O
Breastography 1VCR1987 DR
Buttman Anal and Oral AnticsEvil Angel2017 DRO
Buttman Anal SavantEvil Angel2016 DRO
Buttman and Rocco Go to MontrealEvil Angel20009DRO
Buttman and Rocco's Brazilian Butt FestEvil Angel19995DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 10Evil Angel20017DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 11Evil Angel20013DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 12Evil Angel20013DO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 13Evil Angel20033DO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 14Evil Angel20033DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 15Evil Angel20034DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 16Evil Angel20043DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 17Evil Angel20041DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 18Evil Angel2005 DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 19Evil Angel20062DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 2Evil Angel1995 O
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 20Evil Angel20061DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 21Evil Angel20081DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 3Evil Angel1996 O
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 4Evil Angel19971O
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 5Evil Angel19981O
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 6Evil Angel19991DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 7Evil Angel19991DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 8Evil Angel20001DRO
Buttman at Nudes 'a Poppin' 9Evil Angel20006DRO
Buttman Back in RioEvil Angel19912DRO
Buttman Before They Were StarsEvil Angel20011DRO
Buttman ConfidentialEvil Angel19982 
Buttman Confidential 2Evil Angel19992 
Buttman Focused 1Evil Angel20121DRO
Buttman Focused 10Evil Angel20151DRO
Buttman Focused 11Evil Angel2016 DRO
Buttman Focused 2Evil Angel20121DO
Buttman Focused 3Evil Angel20121DRO
Buttman Focused 4Evil Angel20141DRO
Buttman Focused 5Evil Angel20131DRO
Buttman Focused 6Evil Angel2013 DO
Buttman Focused 7Evil Angel20141DRO
Buttman Focused 8Evil Angel20141DRO
Buttman Focused 9Evil Angel20141DRO
Buttman Focused BrazilEvil Angel2015 DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 1Evil Angel1990 DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 3Evil Angel1992 DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 4Evil Angel1993 DRO
Buttman in BarcelonaEvil Angel19975DRO
Buttman in BudapestEvil Angel19985DRO
Buttman in the CrackEvil Angel19963DRO
Buttman Versus ButtwomanEvil Angel19922DRO
Buttman's Anal Divas 1Evil Angel20005DRO
Buttman's Anal Divas 2Evil Angel20035DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 1Evil Angel19996DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 2Evil Angel20006DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 3Evil Angel20018DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 4Evil Angel20035DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 5Evil Angel20045DRO
Buttman's Ass AdoroEvil Angel20054DRO
Buttman's Award Winning OrgiesEvil Angel19974DRO
Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian AssEvil Angel20086DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 1Evil Angel19903DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 2Evil Angel19912DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 3Evil Angel1992 DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 4Evil Angel19965DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 5Evil Angel20017DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 6Evil Angel20034DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 7Evil Angel20101DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 1Evil Angel19931DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2Evil Angel1993  
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 3Evil Angel20016DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 4Evil Angel20032DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 1Evil Angel19955DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2Evil Angel20005DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 3Evil Angel20036DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Euro BabesEvil Angel19986DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 1Evil Angel19913DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 3Evil Angel19951DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 5Evil Angel20004DRO
Buttman's Bouncin' British BabesEvil Angel19951DR
Buttman's Brazilian Ass FetishEvil Angel20063DRO
Buttman's British Extremely Big Tit AdventureEvil Angel19962DRO
Buttman's British Moderately Big Tit AdventureEvil Angel19942DRO
Buttman's Bubble Butt BabesEvil Angel19963DRO
Buttman's BudaEvil Angel19976DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 1Evil Angel19923DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 2Evil Angel19963DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 3Evil Angel20016DRO
Buttman's Double Adventure: Buttman Goes Hawaiian and Rio OrgiesEvil Angel1993 O
Buttman's Double Speculum ClubEvil Angel20131DRO
Buttman's Early Scenes with RoccoEvil Angel20002DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 1Evil Angel19914DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 2Evil Angel1992 DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 3Evil Angel19962DRO
Buttman's Evil LiveEvil Angel20101DRO
Buttman's Face Dance 1Evil Angel19921DO
Buttman's Face Dance 2Evil Angel19922DRO
Buttman's Face Dance ObsessionEvil Angel20004DRO
Buttman's Favorite Backdoor BabesEvil Angel2001 O
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 1Evil Angel19973DRO
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 2Evil Angel19983DRO
Buttman's Favorite Big Tit BabesEvil Angel19973DRO
Buttman's Favorite Legs and AssEvil Angel19981DRO
Buttman's InfernoEvil Angel19944DRO
Buttman's Intimate ExposureEvil Angel19995DRO
Buttman's Jerkoff FileEvil Angel2018 DO
Buttman's Nordic BlondesEvil Angel20101DRO
Buttman's OddysseyEvil Angel20093DRO
Buttman's OrgiesEvil Angel1996 O
Buttman's Popo Zuda PartyEvil Angel20014DRO
Buttman's RevengeEvil Angel19922DRO
Buttman's Rio Carnival HardcoreEvil Angel20012DRO
Buttman's Rio Extreme GirlsEvil Angel20101DRO
Buttman's Rolling CheeksEvil Angel19987DRO
Buttman's Show Off GirlsEvil Angel20024DO
Buttman's Stretch Class 1Evil Angel20081DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 10Evil Angel20121DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 11Evil Angel20121DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 12Evil Angel20121DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 13Evil Angel20121DO
Buttman's Stretch Class 14Evil Angel20122DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 15Evil Angel20132DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 16Evil Angel20131DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 17Evil Angel20141DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 2Evil Angel20093DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 3Evil Angel20091DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 4Evil Angel20103DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 5Evil Angel20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 6Evil Angel20112DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 7Evil Angel20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 8Evil Angel20113DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 9Evil Angel20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 1Evil Angel2011 DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 2Evil Angel20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 3Evil Angel20131DRO
Buttman's Toy StoriesEvil Angel20008DRO
Buttman's Twerkin' An' Jerkin'Evil Angel20151DRO
Buttman's Ultimate WorkoutEvil Angel19904DRO
Buttman's Wet DreamEvil Angel19944DRO
Buttman's Young LustEvil Angel20003DRO
Buttman: Toy MasterEvil Angel20151DRO
ButtnicksCoast To Coast1989 DO
Buttwoman's Favorite EndingsElegant Angel19931DO
Cam Girls: The MovieEvil Angel20183DO
Cherie Deville is EvilEvil Angel2017 DRO
Christy Canyon the Lost Footage Antigua20091DRO
D-Cup DelightsVCR1987 DO
Dance FireEvil Angel19892DRO
De BlondeEvil Angel1989  
Defend Our PornEvil Angel20083DRO
Evil AngelL.B.O. Entertainment1985 DO
Fantasy GirlsCaballero Home Video19881DRO
Fashionistas 1Evil Angel200223DRO
Fashionistas Safado: BerlinEvil Angel20078DRO
Fashionistas Safado: The ChallengeEvil Angel20065DRO
Fine Art Of Anal IntercourseVCR1985 O
Fine Art Of CunnilingusVCR1985 O
Fine Art of FellatioL.B.O. Entertainment1986 R
Gang BangsVCR19852DRO
Gang Bangs 2Evil Angel19891DRO
Gazongas 3Leisure Time Entertainment1988 DO
Gazongas 3 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Girls of BallstreetLeisure Time Entertainment1988 O
Girls of Ballstreet (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Girls of COOZEVenus 991988  
Girls of COOZE (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Girls of Double D 7CDI Home Video1989 DO
Girls of Double D 8CDI Home Video1989 O
Girls of Double D 9CDI Home Video1989  
GodmotherVCA1988 DRO
Godmother 2VCA19881DRO
Hard in LoveEvil Angel20161DRO
Hard in Love 2Evil Angel2016 DRO
Holly Does Hollywood 4Canyon Video1990 O
Hot All OverVenus 991987  
Hot Shorts: Heather WayneVCR19861DO
Hot Slut OrgiesClassic X19821DO
Hot SpaCaballero Home Video1984 DRO
I Am KatrinaEvil Angel20174DRO
Indecent ItchVCR1986 DO
Innocence LostCaballero Home Video1988 DO
Just Like SistersLeisure Time Entertainment1988 DO
Legend Of Reggie DEvil Angel1989  
Leigh Raven Prove SomethingEvil Angel20183DO
Life is Butt a DreamVenus 991989  
Life is Butt a Dream (new)Venus 9919922 
Loose LifestylesCaballero Home Video1987 DRO
Mystic PiecesEvil Angel19891DRO
Naked NightVCR1985 DO
Object Of My DesireElectric Hollywood1988  
ProposalsCoast To Coast1988 O
Psychotic BehaviorEvil Angel20172DRO
Rio Carnival Orgy 2Evil Angel20023DRO
Rock 'n Roll HeavenEvil Angel1989 DRO
Sacrificed To LoveCDI Home Video1986  
Salsa BreakEvil Angel1989  
Sex for SecretsVCA1987 DO
Shadow Dancers 1Evil Angel1990 DRO
Shadow Dancers 2Evil Angel1990 DRO
Sheena SchoolEvil Angel20133DRO
So As MorenasButtworx2009  
Sodomania 5Elegant Angel19935DO
Sound F/XVenus 991988  
Surfside SexCaballero Home Video1988 DRO
Sweet CheeksL.B.O. Entertainment1986 DO
TeasersFilmco Releasing1984 D
Too Hot To StopVenus 991989  
Touch of PleasureAVC1988  
Tricks of the TradeCaballero Home Video1988 DRO
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 1 Part 1Evil Angel19998DRO
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 1 Part 2Evil Angel19991DRO
Vanessa ObsessionEvil Angel1987 DO
Very Dirty DancingCaballero Home Video1988 DRO
VoraciousEvil Angel20125DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume FourEvil Angel2014 DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume OneEvil Angel20142DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume ThreeEvil Angel2014 DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume TwoEvil Angel2014 DRO
White Trash Black SplashVCA19881DRO
Wild Goose ChaseEvil Angel19917DRO