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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Service Animals 5 (2001)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Babysit My Ass 2 (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Director of the Year


Nominee: Best Transsexual Director
Nominee: Best TS Director

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Tranny Awards

Winner: Best DVD Director
Nominee: Best DVD Director
Winner: Best Director
Winner: Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner: Best Director
Winner: Best DVD Director

Transgender Erotica Awards Show

Nominee: Best DVD Director
Winner: Best DVD Director
Nominee: Best Scene Producer
Nominee: Best Scene Producer
Nominee: Best Scene Producer

XBiz Awards

Winner: Transsexual Director of the Year
Nominee: Transsexual Director of the Year
Nominee: Transsexual Director of the Year
Winner: Transsexual Director of the Year
Winner: Transgender Director of the Year
Nominee: Transsexual Director of the Year
Nominee: Trans Director of the Year
Nominee: Trans Director of the Year

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
100% American TeenEvil Angel20151DRO
Alien Ass PartyEvil Angel20142DRO
Alien Ass Party 2Evil Angel20143DRO
Alien Ass Party 3Evil Angel20143DRO
Alien Ass Party 4Evil Angel20151DRO
All-Star Best of PleaseEvil Angel20032DRO
American She-Male X 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
American She-Male X 2Evil Angel20121DRO
American She-Male X 3Evil Angel20131DRO
American She-Male X 4Evil Angel2013 DRO
American She-Male X 5Evil Angel20131DRO
American She-Male X 6Evil Angel20141DRO
Asian OralEvil Angel20083DRO
Asian StrapEvil Angel20093DRO
Ass Party 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
Ass Party 2Evil Angel20121DRO
Ass Party 3Evil Angel20132DRO
Ass Party 4Evil Angel20132DRO
Ass Party 5Evil Angel20134DRO
Ass Party 6Evil Angel20132DRO
Ass TricksEvil Angel2016 DRO
Ass Tricks All-StarsEvil Angel2018 DO
Babysit My Ass 1Evil Angel20132DRO
Babysit My Ass 2Evil Angel20132DRO
Babysit My Ass 3Evil Angel20134DRO
Babysit My Ass 4Evil Angel20143DRO
Babysit My Ass 5Evil Angel20152DRO
Babysit My Ass 6Evil Angel20152DRO
Barby's on Butt RowEvil Angel19961O
Big Ass She Male All Stars 1Evil Angel20032DRO
Big Ass She Male All Stars 2Evil Angel20051DRO
Big Ass She Male All Stars 3Evil Angel20061DRO
Big Ass She Male All Stars 4Evil Angel2007 DO
Big Ass She Male All Stars 5Evil Angel2009 DO
Big Ass She Male All Stars 6: Girls With She MalesEvil Angel2009 DR
Big Ass She-Male Circus 2Evil Angel2004  
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 1Evil Angel20012DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 10Evil Angel20051DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 11Evil Angel2005 DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 12Evil Angel20061DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 13Evil Angel2008 DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 14Evil Angel20091DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 15Evil Angel20101DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 2Evil Angel20022DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 3Evil Angel20024DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 4Evil Angel20023DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 5Evil Angel20033DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 6Evil Angel20032DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 7Evil Angel20041DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8Evil Angel20042DRO
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 9Evil Angel20042DRO
Big Black Cock Addiction 4Evil Angel20083DRO
Big Tit She-Male X 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
Big Tit She-Male X 2Evil Angel20141DRO
Big Tit StrapEvil Angel20151DRO
Black Cock Addiction 1Evil Angel20062DRO
Black Cock Addiction 2Evil Angel20063DRO
Black Cock Addiction 3Evil Angel20072DRO
Black Cock Addiction 5Evil Angel20082DRO
Black Cock Addiction 6Evil Angel20092DRO
Black Cock Addiction 7Evil Angel20092DRO
Black Cock Addiction 8Evil Angel20102DRO
Black Cock Addiction 9Evil Angel20111DRO
Black Power 1Evil Angel20072DRO
Black Power 2Evil Angel20074DRO
Black Power 3Evil Angel20081DRO
Black She-Male Idol: The Auditions 1Evil Angel20102DRO
Black She-Male Idol: The Auditions 2Evil Angel20111DRO
Black She-Male Idol: The Auditions 3Evil Angel20121DRO
Black She-Male Idol: The Auditions 4Evil Angel20131DRO
Brazil on Butt RowEvil Angel19972DRO
Butt Row Big Ass Greek MachineEvil Angel19982 
Butt Row OutcastsEvil Angel19981O
Butt Row SwallowedEvil Angel19975DRO
Butt Row UnpluggedEvil Angel19961O
Butt Row: Eurostyle 1Evil Angel19971DRO
Butt Row: Eurostyle 2Evil Angel19981DRO
Carter Cruise ThreesomesEvil Angel2019 D
Clock Strikes Bizarre on Butt RowEvil Angel19963DRO
Complete Mommy X-PerienceEvil Angel20142DRO
Defend Our PornEvil Angel20083DRO
Delinquents on Butt RowEvil Angel19961DRO
Easy AliceVCA19761DRO
Evil BBW Gold 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
Evil BBW Gold 2Evil Angel20131DRO
Evil BBW Gold 3Evil Angel20131DRO
Evil Vault 1Evil Angel20042DRO
Evil Vault 2Evil Angel20052DRO
Evil Vault 3Evil Angel20072DRO
Evil Vault 4Evil Angel20091DRO
Executions on Butt RowEvil Angel19963DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 1Evil Angel20071DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 10Evil Angel20101DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 11Evil Angel20112DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 2Evil Angel20073DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 3Evil Angel20074DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 4Evil Angel20082DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 5Evil Angel20091DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 6Evil Angel2009 DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 7Evil Angel20091DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 8Evil Angel20103DRO
Face Fucking Inc. 9Evil Angel20101DRO
Fame is a Whore on Butt RowEvil Angel19964DRO
Hellcats 1Evil Angel20033DRO
Hellcats 10Evil Angel20062DRO
Hellcats 11Evil Angel20065DRO
Hellcats 12Evil Angel20073DRO
Hellcats 13Evil Angel20075DRO
Hellcats 14Evil Angel20082DRO
Hellcats 15Evil Angel20092DRO
Hellcats 2Evil Angel20034DRO
Hellcats 3Evil Angel20044DRO
Hellcats 4Evil Angel20042DRO
Hellcats 5Evil Angel20044DRO
Hellcats 6Evil Angel20042DRO
Hellcats 7Evil Angel20058DRO
Hellcats 8Evil Angel20053DRO
Hellcats 9Evil Angel20051DRO
History Of Black CockEvil Angel20111DRO
How to Please a She-Male 1Evil Angel2008 DRO
How to Please a She-Male 2Evil Angel2008 DRO
How to Please a She-Male 3Evil Angel2009 DRO
How to Please a She-Male 4Evil Angel2013 DRO
How To Please a She-Male 5Evil Angel20141DRO
Joey Silvera's All-Star Blondes 1Evil Angel20001O
Joey Silvera's All-Star Blondes 2Evil Angel20011 
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 1All Blew Shirts19951O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 10Evil Angel19991O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 11Evil Angel19991O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 12Evil Angel19992 
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 13Evil Angel20002O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 14: Lost WhoresEvil Angel20001O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 2All Blew Shirts19952O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 3All Blew Shirts19951O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 4All Blew Shirts19951O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 5All Blew Shirts19952O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 6All Blew Shirts1995  
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 7Evil Angel1995 O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 8All Blew Shirts19961O
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 9Evil Angel19981O
Joey Silvera's Favorite Big Ass Asian All-starsEvil Angel19982DRO
Joey Silvera's New Girls 1Evil Angel20021DRO
Joey Silvera's New Girls 2Evil Angel20024DRO
Joey Silvera's New Girls 3Evil Angel20035DRO
Joey Silvera's New Girls 4Evil Angel20037DRO
Joey Silvera's New Girls 5Evil Angel20033DO
Joey Silvera's New Girls 6Evil Angel20032DRO
Joey Silvera's New Girls 7Evil Angel20032DRO
Joey Silvera's She-Male CircusEvil Angel2001 DRO
Kink 1Rosebud19951DRO
Kink 2Rosebud1995 DO
Kink 3Rosebud19961DO
Ladyboy Adventures 1Evil Angel2011 DRO
Ladyboy Adventures 2Evil Angel20121DRO
Ladyboy Adventures 3Evil Angel2014 DRO
Ladyboy Adventures 4Evil Angel20151DRO
Ladyboy Adventures 5Evil Angel2015 DRO
LadyboysEvil Angel2019 DO
Megan Rain is EvilEvil Angel20161DRO
MILF Strap 2: Give Mommy Your AssEvil Angel20112DRO
MILF Strap: Give Mommy Your AssEvil Angel20101DRO
Miss Teen Strap America 1Evil Angel2011 DRO
Miss Teen Strap America 2Evil Angel20121DRO
Mommy X-Perience 1Evil Angel20102DRO
Mommy X-Perience 2Evil Angel20101DRO
Mommy X-Perience 3Evil Angel20101DRO
Mommy X-Perience 4Evil Angel20111DRO
Mommy's BackEvil Angel20142DRO
Mommy's Back 2Evil Angel20151DRO
Next She-Male Idol 1Evil Angel2009 DRO
Next She-Male Idol 10Evil Angel20141DRO
Next She-Male Idol 2Evil Angel2010 DRO
Next She-Male Idol 3Evil Angel20112DRO
Next She-Male Idol 4Evil Angel2012 DRO
Next She-Male Idol 5Evil Angel2012 DRO
Next She-Male Idol 6Evil Angel20131DO
Next She-Male Idol 7Evil Angel20131DRO
Next She-Male Idol 8Evil Angel20141DRO
Next She-Male Idol 9Evil Angel20141DRO
Pink Hotel on Butt Row 1Evil Angel19984DRO
Pink Hotel on Butt Row 2Evil Angel19983DRO
Please 1: Let's Get FuckedEvil Angel19987DO
Please 10: Angels and WhoresEvil Angel20005DR
Please 11: Sexual SuperstarsEvil Angel20003DRO
Please 12: More Sexual SuperstarsEvil Angel20001DO
Please 13: Good LuckEvil Angel20003DR
Please 2: Let's Get Fucked In BrazilEvil Angel19996DRO
Please 3: The Asian ManifestEvil Angel19995 
Please 4: It's A Dog's LifeEvil Angel19993DO
Please 5: Fireworks!Evil Angel19992DO
Please 6: Quick Service GirlsEvil Angel19995O
Please 7: Start Fucking!Evil Angel20002O
Please 8: Pipe Cleaning ServiceEvil Angel20002DRO
Please 9: Sex WarzEvil Angel20002DO
Riley Reid is EvilEvil Angel20172DRO
Road Trippin' New York City 1Outlaw Productions1994  
Rogue Adventures 1Evil Angel19984DRO
Rogue Adventures 10Evil Angel20014DRO
Rogue Adventures 11Evil Angel20014DRO
Rogue Adventures 12Evil Angel20013DRO
Rogue Adventures 13Evil Angel20012DRO
Rogue Adventures 14Evil Angel20012DRO
Rogue Adventures 15Evil Angel20012DRO
Rogue Adventures 16Evil Angel20023DRO
Rogue Adventures 17Evil Angel20023DRO
Rogue Adventures 18Evil Angel20025DRO
Rogue Adventures 19Evil Angel20032DRO
Rogue Adventures 2Evil Angel19982DRO
Rogue Adventures 20Evil Angel20032DRO
Rogue Adventures 21Evil Angel20033DRO
Rogue Adventures 22Evil Angel20033DRO
Rogue Adventures 23Evil Angel20033DRO
Rogue Adventures 24Evil Angel20043DRO
Rogue Adventures 25Evil Angel2005 DRO
Rogue Adventures 26Evil Angel20053DRO
Rogue Adventures 27Evil Angel20051DRO
Rogue Adventures 28Evil Angel2006 DRO
Rogue Adventures 29Evil Angel20062DRO
Rogue Adventures 3Evil Angel19993DRO
Rogue Adventures 30Evil Angel2007 DRO
Rogue Adventures 31Evil Angel20071DRO
Rogue Adventures 32Evil Angel2008 DRO
Rogue Adventures 33Evil Angel2009 DRO
Rogue Adventures 34Evil Angel2009 DRO
Rogue Adventures 35Evil Angel20101DRO
Rogue Adventures 36Evil Angel2011 DRO
Rogue Adventures 37Evil Angel20112DRO
Rogue Adventures 38Evil Angel20131DRO
Rogue Adventures 39Evil Angel20141DRO
Rogue Adventures 4Evil Angel19993DRO
Rogue Adventures 40Evil Angel20141DRO
Rogue Adventures 41Evil Angel20151DRO
Rogue Adventures 42Evil Angel2016 DRO
Rogue Adventures 43Evil Angel2016 DRO
Rogue Adventures 44Evil Angel2016 DRO
Rogue Adventures 45Evil Angel2016 DRO
Rogue Adventures 5Evil Angel19995DRO
Rogue Adventures 6Evil Angel20004DRO
Rogue Adventures 7Evil Angel20003DRO
Rogue Adventures 8Evil Angel20002DRO
Rogue Adventures 9Evil Angel20004DRO
Runaway Butts 1Evil Angel20013DRO
Runaway Butts 2Evil Angel20013DRO
Runaway Butts 3Evil Angel20014DRO
Runaway Butts 4Evil Angel20023DRO
Runaway Butts 5Evil Angel20023DO
Runaway Butts 6Evil Angel20035DRO
Runaway Butts 7Evil Angel20031DRO
Service Animals 1Evil Angel20004DRO
Service Animals 10Evil Angel20025DRO
Service Animals 11Evil Angel20025DRO
Service Animals 12Evil Angel20025DRO
Service Animals 13Evil Angel20035DRO
Service Animals 14Evil Angel20034DRO
Service Animals 15Evil Angel20032DRO
Service Animals 16Evil Angel20045DRO
Service Animals 17Evil Angel20043DRO
Service Animals 18Evil Angel20044DRO
Service Animals 19Evil Angel20054DRO
Service Animals 2Evil Angel20015DRO
Service Animals 20Evil Angel20054DRO
Service Animals 21Evil Angel20053DRO
Service Animals 22Evil Angel20063DRO
Service Animals 23Evil Angel20062DRO
Service Animals 24Evil Angel20063DRO
Service Animals 3Evil Angel20015DRO
Service Animals 4Evil Angel20015DRO
Service Animals 5Evil Angel20017DRO
Service Animals 6Evil Angel20024DRO
Service Animals 7Evil Angel20023DRO
Service Animals 8Evil Angel20023DRO
Service Animals 9Evil Angel20023DRO
Sexual Messiah 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
Sexual Messiah 2Evil Angel2012 DRO
She Male Police 3Evil Angel2012  
She Male XTC 1Evil Angel2007 DRO
She Male XTC 10Evil Angel2012 DRO
She Male XTC 11Evil Angel20131DRO
She Male XTC 2Evil Angel20072DRO
She Male XTC 4Evil Angel2008 DRO
She Male XTC 5Evil Angel2009 DRO
She Male XTC 6Evil Angel2009 DRO
She Male XTC 7Evil Angel20102DRO
She Male XTC 8Evil Angel20101DRO
She Male XTC 9Evil Angel20111DRO
She-Male Idol: The Auditions 1Evil Angel2010 DRO
She-Male Idol: The Auditions 2Evil Angel20101DRO
She-Male Idol: The Auditions 3Evil Angel20111DRO
She-Male Idol: The Auditions 4Evil Angel20141DRO
She-Male Idol: The Auditions 5Evil Angel2015 DRO
She-Male Idol: The Auditions 6Evil Angel20151DRO
She-Male Police 1Evil Angel2011 DRO
She-Male Police 2Evil Angel20111DRO
She-Male XTC 12Evil Angel20131DRO
Storm Squirters 1Evil Angel20062DRO
Storm Squirters 2Evil Angel20074DRO
Storm Squirters 3Evil Angel2007 DRO
Storm Squirters 4Evil Angel20082DRO
Storm Squirters 5Evil Angel20081DRO
Storm Squirters 6Evil Angel20083DRO
Storm Squirters 7Evil Angel20094DRO
Strap Attack 1Evil Angel20045DRO
Strap Attack 10Evil Angel20093DRO
Strap Attack 11Evil Angel20092DRO
Strap Attack 12Evil Angel20101DRO
Strap Attack 13Evil Angel20101DRO
Strap Attack 14Evil Angel20112DRO
Strap Attack 15: X-tremeEvil Angel20111DRO
Strap Attack 16Evil Angel20121DRO
Strap Attack 17Evil Angel20122DRO
Strap Attack 18Evil Angel20141DRO
Strap Attack 2Evil Angel20053DRO
Strap Attack 3Evil Angel20054DRO
Strap Attack 4Evil Angel20062DRO
Strap Attack 5Evil Angel20062DRO
Strap Attack 6Evil Angel20073DRO
Strap Attack 7Evil Angel20072DRO
Strap Attack 8Evil Angel20082DRO
Strap Attack 9Evil Angel20081DRO
Strap Attack All-starsEvil Angel2016 DRO
Strap Attack All-stars 2Evil Angel2017 DRO
Strap for Teacher 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
Strap for Teacher 2Evil Angel20131DRO
Strap for Teacher 3Evil Angel20131DRO
Strap Some BoyzEvil Angel20131DRO
Strap Some Boyz 2Evil Angel20141DRO
Strap Some Boyz 3Evil Angel20142DRO
Strap Some Boyz 4Evil Angel20151DRO
Strap Some Boyz 5Evil Angel20151DRO
Studio A 1Evil Angel20131DRO
Studio A 2Evil Angel20142DRO
Teacher's Pet 1Evil Angel2011 DRO
Teacher's Pet 2Evil Angel2011 DRO
Teacher's Pet 3Evil Angel2012 DRO
Teacher's Pet 4Evil Angel2012 DRO
Teen TroubleEvil Angel2019 O
TEEN-Aholics 1Evil Angel20141DRO
TEEN-aholics 2Evil Angel20143DRO
TEEN-aholics 3Evil Angel20142DRO
TEEN-aholics 4Evil Angel20153DRO
TEEN-aholics 5Evil Angel20152DRO
Trans X-Perience 1Evil Angel20141DRO
Trans X-Perience 2Evil Angel20151DRO
Trans X-Perience 3Evil Angel2015 DRO
Trans X-Perience 4Evil Angel2016 DRO
Trans X-Perience 5Evil Angel2016 DRO
Trans X-perience 6Evil Angel2017 DRO
Trans X-perience 7Evil Angel2017 DRO
Trans-StarzEvil Angel2019 DO
Trans-Visions 1Evil Angel20151DRO
Trans-Visions 10Evil Angel2017 DRO
Trans-Visions 12Evil Angel2018 DO
Trans-Visions 13Evil Angel2018 DO
Trans-Visions 14Evil Angel2018 DO
Trans-Visions 15Evil Angel2019 DO
Trans-Visions 2Evil Angel20151DRO
Trans-Visions 3Evil Angel20151DRO
Trans-Visions 4Evil Angel20151DRO
Trans-Visions 5Evil Angel20151DRO
Trans-Visions 6Evil Angel2015 DRO
Trans-Visions 7Evil Angel2016 DRO
Trans-Visions 8Evil Angel2016 DRO
Trans-Visions 9Evil Angel2017 DRO
True History of Fashion SlutsEvil Angel20121DRO
True History Of She-Male CockEvil Angel20122DO
True History of She-Male Cock 2Evil Angel20131DRO
True History of She-Male Cock 3Evil Angel20141DRO
True History of She-male Cock 4Evil Angel20151DRO
True History Of Strap Attack 2Evil Angel20151DRO
TS Factor 1Evil Angel2016 DRO
TS Factor 10Evil Angel2017 DRO
TS Factor 2Evil Angel2016 DRO
TS Factor 3Evil Angel2016 DRO
TS Factor 4Evil Angel2016 DRO
TS Factor 5Evil Angel2016 DRO
TS Factor 6Evil Angel2016 DRO
TS Factor 7Evil Angel2016 DRO
TS Factor 8Evil Angel2017 DRO
TS Factor 9Evil Angel2017 DRO
TS Factor All Stars . . . Just GirlsEvil Angel2017 DRO
TS Jane Marie: 5 Star BitchEvil Angel20121DRO
TS Mega CocksEvil Angel2017 DRO
TS Mega Cocks 2Evil Angel2018 DRO
TS Mega Cocks 3Evil Angel2019 DO
TS Now 2: Big Bunda by the BundleEvil Angel2019 DO
TS Now Big BundaEvil Angel2019 DO
TS TroubleEvil Angel2019 D
Vanity SuperstarEvil Angel20053DRO
We All Love AnikkaEvil Angel2019 D
White Men Can't Iron on Butt RowEvil Angel19972 
Wild Bananas on Butt RowEvil Angel19972DRO
Young and AbusedAlpha Blue Archives1975  

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