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Jordan R. Septo

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Jordan R. Septo


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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Parody, Tomb Raider XXX (2012)

Inked Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year


Nominee: Best Director: Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Parody

Nightmoves Fan Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Parody

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Parody, Zorro XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty Parody (2011)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Parody, Laverne and Shirley XXX: A DreamZone Parody (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Parody, Lone Ranger XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (2013)

XRCO Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Parody

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
2 + Me = 3Exquisite20043DRO
Absolute Ass 1Venom Digital Media20041DRO
Absolute Ass 2Venom Digital Media20043DRO
Absolute Ass 3Venom Digital Media20053DRO
Absolute Ass 4Venom Digital Media20052DRO
Absolute Ass 5Venom Digital Media20053DRO
Absolute Ass 6Venom Digital Media20081DO
Amazon Whore PrincessesJuicy Entertainment20111DO
American Dad XXX: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20112DRO
Ass 4 Cash 1Exquisite2004 DRO
Ass 4 Cash 2Exquisite20042DRO
Ass 4 Cash 3Exquisite2005 DO
Ass Ass And More AssJuicy Entertainment20101DO
AsscapadesVenom Digital Media20041DRO
Backdoor Milf FuckersMile High2011 DO
Big Ass CrushAirerose Entertainment20144DO
Big Ass InvasionJuicy Entertainment2010 D
Big Beautiful TeensExquisite2009 DO
Big Black Juicy BootiesExquisite2007 DRO
Big Bottom TeensExquisite2009 DR
Big Butt TeensExquisite20071DRO
Big Phat White AssesExquisite20071DRO
Booty Climax 3Smash Pictures20053DRO
Bros and Blondes 1Venom Digital Media20042DRO
Bros and Blondes 2Exquisite20041DRO
Bros and Blondes 3Exquisite2006 DRO
Butt PuppiesExquisite20073DRO
Chocolate Chicks on Cracker Dicks 1Juicy Entertainment20082DO
Chocolate Chicks on Cracker Dicks 2Juicy Entertainment20082DO
Contract Girls Gone GonzoVenom Digital Media20062DRO
Country Club CougarsVenom Digital Media2009 DRO
Couples Guide to Fifty Shades 2Exquisite2014 D
Crazy Big Asses 1Exquisite20071DO
Crazy Big Asses 2Exquisite20072DRO
Crazy Big Tits 1Exquisite2007 DR
Crazy Big Tits 3Exquisite20081DRO
Crazy Big Tits 4Exquisite2008 DO
Crazy Big Tits 5Exquisite20081DRO
Cream Filled 1Venom Digital Media2005 DO
Cream Filled 2Exquisite20052DRO
Cream Filled 3Venom Digital Media20061DRO
Cream Filled Asses 1Venom Digital Media2005 DO
Cream Filled Asses 2Venom Digital Media20062DO
Cream Filled MILFsVenom Digital Media20071DO
Cream Filled TeensExquisite2006 DRO
Cum Drunk TeensVenom Digital Media20072DO
Cum SwallowVenom Digital Media20062DRO
Daddy's Lil' Whore 1Juicy Entertainment20081DO
Daddy's Lil' Whore 2Juicy Entertainment20082DRO
Daddy's Lil' Whore 3Juicy Entertainment2009 DO
Daddy's Lil' Whore 4Juicy Entertainment20101DRO
Double D DP PartyVenom Digital Media20054DO
Double D Housewives 1Exquisite2008 DRO
Double D Housewives 2Exquisite20092DO
Double D Housewives 3Exquisite2009 DRO
Double D SecretariesExquisite2009 DRO
Double D's PleaseExquisite2009 DRO
Drink From the StinkJuicy Entertainment2007 DO
Explode In My HoleJuicy Entertainment2009 DO
F My A 1Venom Digital Media20052DRO
F My A 2Exquisite20052DO
F-ing Teens 1Venom Digital Media20053DRO
F-ing Teens 2Venom Digital Media20051DO
F-ing Teens 3Venom Digital Media20061DRO
Freak on a LeashVenom Digital Media2006 DRO
Fuck My Sister And Me TooExquisite20061DRO
Getting it Up With the KardassiansJuicy Entertainment20085DRO
Gluteus Maximass 1Venom Digital Media20072DRO
Gluteus Maximass 2Venom Digital Media20082DO
Gluteus Maximass 3Juicy Entertainment2009 DO
Good Whores Take It in the Ass 1Venom Digital Media20053DRO
Good Whores Take It in the Ass 2Venom Digital Media2006 DRO
Good Whores Take It in the Ass 3Venom Digital Media20073DRO
Gotta Love Those Big TitsJuicy Entertainment20101DO
Great Big Asses 1Venom Digital Media20053DRO
Great Big Asses 2Venom Digital Media20063DRO
Great Big Asses 3Venom Digital Media20061DRO
Great Big Tits 1Venom Digital Media20061DRO
Great Big Tits 2Venom Digital Media2006 DRO
Great Big Tits 3Venom Digital Media20073DO
Great Big Tits 4Exquisite20071DO
Great Big Tits 5Juicy Entertainment20082DO
Great Big Tits 6Juicy Entertainment20081DO
Great Big Tits 7Juicy Entertainment2009 DO
Hairy Twatter: A DreamZone ParodyDreamzone Production20122DO
Hood Hoppin' 1Venom Digital Media20042DO
Hood Hoppin' 2Venom Digital Media20041DRO
Hood Hoppin' 3Exquisite20052DRO
Hood Hoppin' 4Venom Digital Media20052DO
Hos 4 BrosVenom Digital Media2005 DRO
How To Pick Up Black Chicks 2Juicy Entertainment20091DO
I Kissed a Girl and I Liked ItJuicy Entertainment20091DRO
I Like Phat Bunz 1Exquisite2007 DR
I Like Phat Bunz 2Exquisite20081DO
I Like Phat Bunz 3Exquisite20082DRO
I Like Phat Bunz 4Exquisite20082DRO
I Like Phat Bunz 5Exquisite20092DRO
I'm Dreaming Of Genie 1Juicy Entertainment20091DO
I'm Dreaming Of Genie 2Venom Digital Media20102DO
In Da Booty 1Venom Digital Media2005 DRO
In Da Booty 2Venom Digital Media2005 DRO
In Da White BootyVenom Digital Media20056DRO
Latinas UnleashedJuicy Entertainment20111DO
Laverne and Shirley XXX: A DreamZone ParodyDream Zone Entertainment20132DRO
Lone Ranger XXX: An Extreme Comixxx ParodyExquisite20133DO
Moms Gone Wild 1Exquisite2007 DO
Moms Gone Wild 2Exquisite20081DRO
Moms Gone Wild 3Exquisite20082DRO
Moms Gone Wild 4Exquisite20091DRO
Moms Gone Wild 5Exquisite20092DRO
Monster Tits 1Exquisite20083DO
Monster Tits 2Exquisite20084DO
Monster Tits 3Exquisite2009 DRO
Monster Tits 4Exquisite2010 DO
Monster Tits 5Exquisite2010 DRO
My Daddy Doesn't Know I'm A Little Ho Exquisite2009 DRO
My Mommy Eats CumExquisite2010 DRO
Nuts 4 Big Butts 1Exquisite2006 DRO
Nuts 4 Big Butts 2Exquisite2007 DRO
OMG It's the Nanny XXX ParodyJuicy Entertainment20112DRO
OMG... It's the Dirty Dancing XXX ParodyJuicy Entertainment20131O
OMG... It's The Duck Dynasty XXX ParodyJuicy Entertainment20131DO
OMG... It's the Flashdance XXX ParodyJuicy Entertainment20115DRO
OMG... It's the Ghost XXX ParodyJuicy Entertainment20122DRO
OMG... It's the Leaving Las Vegas ParodyExquisite20131DRO
OMG... It's the Spice Girls XXX ParodyJuicy Entertainment20133DRO
One Flew Over The Cuckold's Nest: A Dreamzone ParodyDream Zone Entertainment20132DRO
Oooops... I Did My Daddy's Best FriendJuicy Entertainment20102D
Paris and Nicole Go to JailVenom Digital Media20075DRO
Pink InkExquisite20066DRO
Pure FilthVenom Digital Media20111DRO
Rambone XXX: A Dreamzone ParodyDream Zone Entertainment20133DRO
Sandra Buttocks And Jesse Janes ScandalJuicy Entertainment20101DO
Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20113DRO
Super Squirters 1Venom Digital Media20051DRO
Super Squirters 2Venom Digital Media20063DRO
Super Squirters 3Venom Digital Media20073DRO
Super Squirters 4Venom Digital Media2007 DO
Supersized Boobs And ButtsExquisite2009 DRO
Superstar Gang BangsJuicy Entertainment2012 DRO
Superstar Maddy O'ReillySepto Studios20151DRO
Teen Frenzy 1Exquisite20071DRO
Teen Frenzy 2Exquisite20082DRO
Teen Gang BangsJuicy Entertainment20121DRO
Teen Latin Dolls 1Venom Digital Media20043R
Teen Latin Dolls 2Venom Digital Media20043DRO
Teen Latin Dolls 3Venom Digital Media20041DRO
Teens Never Say No!Venom Digital Media20031DRO
Teens Never Say No! 2Venom Digital Media2003 DRO
Teens Never Say No! 3Venom Digital Media20041DRO
Teens With TitsExquisite20033DRO
Thor XXX: An Extreme Comixxx ParodyExquisite20122DRO
Tiny Teen TittiesExquisite20102DRO
Tits 'N Tats 1Juicy Entertainment20101D
Tits 'N Tats 2Juicy Entertainment20101DO
Tits 'N Tats 3Juicy Entertainment20101DO
Tits 'N Tats 4Juicy Entertainment20111DRO
Tits and Ass 1Exquisite20081DRO
Tits and Ass 2Exquisite20081DO
Tomb Raider XXXExquisite20123DRO
Welcome Back Kotter XXX: A DreamZone ParodyDream Zone Entertainment20131DRO
Wet PantiesAirerose Entertainment20143DO
Xena XXX: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20123DRO
XXX Adventures of Hawkman and Hawkgirl: An Extreme Comixxx ParodyExtreme Comixxx20131DO
You Fucked My Mommy's Big TittiesJuicy Entertainment20101DRO
Your Mom's a Slut She Takes It in the Butt 1Exquisite2006 DRO
Your Mom's a Slut She Takes It in the Butt 2Exquisite2006 DO
Your Mom's a Slut She Takes It in the Butt 3Exquisite20071DO
Zorro XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty ParodyJama Entertainment20113DRO