Joe Gage

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Mac Larson, Mac Larsen

Director AKA

Mac Larson, Mac Larsen


July 02, 1944 (72 years old)




Santa Barbara, CA 

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XBiz Awards

Nominee: Gay Director of the Year, Jury Duty (2011)
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Nominee: Gay Director of the Year
Winner: Gay Director of the Year

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
110 in TucsonTitan Media2005 DR
12 Gage of Xmax: Best of Joe GageTitan Media2016  
501HIS1982 O
After the HeistDragon Media2012  
Alabama TakedownTitan Media20051D
American BukkakeDragon Media2014 DO
American Bukkake Business EditionRay Dragon Studios2015 D
American Bukkake: Military GradeDragon Media2016 D
Arcade On Route 9Titan Media20061DO
Armed Forces PhysicalDragon Media2013  
Back To BarstowTitan Media20041DO
Barn StormTitan Media2007 DO
Barn Storm: Director's Expanded EditTitan Media2007  
Battle Creek BreakdownTitan Media20091DRO
Blue Hanky LeftPM Productions1983  
Campus PizzaTitan Media20071DRO
Caught in the ActTitan Media2013 DRO
Cell Block 9PM Productions19811DO
ChainsawTitan Media20081DRO
Closed SetHIS1980 DO
Closed Set 2Marksman1984  
Closed Set: Oral ReportD/G Mutual Media2009 DRO
Closed Set: The New CrewMSR Releasing2002 O
Closed Set: Titan Stage OneTitan Media20061DO
Cop Shack 1Titan Media2006  
Cop Shack 2: Crossing the LineTitan Media20071D
Cop Shack on the 101Titan Media2006 DR
Copperhead CanyonTitan Media20082DRO
Coyote PointTitan Media20101DO
Dad Gets Into TroubleDragon Media2013 D
Dad Goes to CollegeD/G Mutual Media2011  
Dad Takes A Fishing TripDragon Media2008 DRO
Deep Water Beach PatrolTitan Media20061O
Doomsday BunkerDragon Media2016 D
El Paso Wrecking Co.HIS1977  
Gunnery Sergeant McCool 1Titan Media2007  
Gunnery Sergeant McCool 2Titan Media2007  
HandsomeVidco Entertainment19811O
HeatstrokeHIS1982 D
Home InvasionTitan Media2008 DRO
In the Name of LeatherPM Productions1985 DO
InmatesTitan Media2012 DO
Jock ParkDragon Media2010 DRO
Joe Gage Sex Files 1: Jack-Off Party At Billy Bob'sMSR Releasing2003 DRO
Joe Gage Sex Files 10: NYC ConventionDragon Media2012 D
Joe Gage Sex Files 11: Doctors and Dads 2Dragon2012 D
Joe Gage Sex Files 12: Lunchtime Milking ClubRay Dragon Studios2012 O
Joe Gage Sex Files 13: Off-Duty CopsRay Dragon Studios2013 DO
Joe Gage Sex Files 16: Faculty NightDragon Media2014 DO
Joe Gage Sex Files 17: Doctors and Dads 3Dragon Media2014 DO
Joe Gage Sex Files 18: Runaway SonsDragon Media2014 D
Joe Gage Sex Files 2: Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How To Do ItMSR Releasing2003 DRO
Joe Gage Sex Files 3: Kegger Frat PartyMSR Releasing2003 O
Joe Gage Sex Files 4: Blue Collar Beer BlastMSR Releasing2004 DRO
Joe Gage Sex Files 5: The Night Before the WeddingDragon Media2011 DO
Joe Gage Sex Files 6: Ex Military, Once a Marine, Always a MarineMSR Releasing2011 DRO
Joe Gage Sex Files 8: Divorced Men's Support GroupDragon2011 DO
Joe Gage Sex Files 9: Neighborhood Rec RoomDragon Media2012 D
Jury DutyTitan Media20111DO
Kansas City Trucking Co.HIS1976 DRO
L.A. Tool and DieHIS1979 DRO
Lifeguard: The Men of Deep Water BeachTitan Media20061DRO
Men's Room 1: Bakersfield StationTitan Media20041 
Men's Room 2: Gale ForceTitan Media20051 
Men's Room 3: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8Titan Media20071 
Mojave RunTitan Media2010 DO
Oil Rig 99PM Productions1982 DO
One Thing Leads to AnotherTitan Media2013 DO
Red Ball ExpressPM Productions1981 DO
Road To Redneck HollowTitan Media20062O
Runaway SonsDragon Media2015  
Safe SexPM Productions1985 DO
Slow Heat in A Texas TownTitan Media20092DRO
Star Shots 5: Richard LockeHIS1986  
Stopover in Bonds CornerTitan Media2016 D
Ten Tops One FullerMSR Releasing20041O
Tough GuysPM Productions1981 DRO
Tough Guys: Gettin' OffMSR Releasing2005  
Tough Guys: Getting' OffPM Productions1981  
Tough Guys: No LimitsMSR Releasing2005  
Truck Stop On I-95MSR Releasing2004 O
Tulsa County LineOdyssey Men2001 O
Weekend in Phenix CityRay Dragon Studios2014  
Working-Class StiffDragon Media2014