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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Web Director
Winner: Best Web Director
Nominee: Best Web Director
Nominee: Best Director: Web Channel/Site

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Spank Bank Awards

Nominee: Master of Debauchery (Director of the Year - Web)

XRCO Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Web
Nominee: Best Director: Web

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Big Ass Worship 2Kick Ass Pictures2015 DRO
Big Ass Worship 3Kick Ass Pictures2015 DRO
Big Ass Worship 4Exquisite2016 DRO
CuckQueanKick Ass Pictures2019 DO
Erotic Femdom 1Kick Ass Pictures20081DRO
Erotic Femdom 2Kick Ass Pictures20081DO
Erotic Femdom 3Kick Ass Pictures20081DO
Erotic Femdom 4Kick Ass Pictures20082DO
Erotic Femdom 5Kick Ass Pictures20091DRO
Erotic Femdom 6Kick Ass Pictures2009 DO
Erotic Femdom 7Kick Ass Pictures20101DO
Erotic Femdom 8Kick Ass Pictures20101DO
Erotic Femdom Fantasies 2MeanBitch Productions2007 O
Facesitting TalesEvil Angel20131DRO
Facesitting Tales 2Evil Angel20131DRO
Facesitting Tales 3Evil Angel20131DRO
Facesitting Tales 4Evil Angel20141DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 1Evil Angel2009 DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 10Evil Angel20111DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 11Evil Angel20111DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 12Evil Angel20111DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 13Evil Angel20121DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 14Evil Angel2012 DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 15Evil Angel20121DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 16Evil Angel20121DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 17Evil Angel20121DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 18Evil Angel20121DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 19Evil Angel20121DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 2Evil Angel20091DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 20Evil Angel20131DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 21Evil Angel20131DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 22Evil Angel20131DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 23Evil Angel20141DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 24Evil Angel20141DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 25Kick Ass Pictures2015 DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 26Kick Ass Pictures2015 DO
FemDom Ass Worship 27Kick Ass Pictures2016 DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 28Kick Ass Pictures20161DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 29Kick Ass Pictures2016 DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 31Kick Ass Pictures2017 DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 32Kick Ass Pictures2017 DRO
FemDom Ass Worship 33Kick Ass Pictures2018 DO
FemDom Ass Worship 34Kick Ass Pictures2018 DO
FemDom Ass Worship 35Kick Ass Pictures2018 DO
FemDom Ass Worship 36Kick Ass Pictures2019 DO
FemDom Ass Worship 37Kick Ass Pictures2019 DO
Femdom Ass Worship 4Evil Angel2010 DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 5Evil Angel20101DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 6Evil Angel20101DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 7Evil Angel20111DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 8Evil Angel20111DRO
Femdom Ass Worship 9Evil Angel20111DRO
FemDom Cuckold Blowjobs 2Kick Ass Pictures2018 DRO
Femdom FreaksKick Ass Pictures2015 DRO
Femdom Freaks 2Kick Ass Pictures2015 DO
Femdom JessaKick Ass Pictures2016 DRO
Glenn King's ManeatersEvil Angel20141O
Glenn King's Maneaters 2Evil Angel20142DRO
Glenn King's Maneaters 3Evil Angel20141DRO
Glenn King's Maneaters 4Evil Angel20151DRO
Mean Amazon Bitches 1Kick Ass Pictures20091DRO
Mean Amazon Bitches 10Kick Ass Pictures2019 DO
Mean Amazon Bitches 2Kick Ass Pictures2010 DRO
Mean Amazon Bitches 3Kick Ass Pictures20101DRO
Mean Amazon Bitches 4Kick Ass Pictures20111DRO
Mean Amazon Bitches 5Kick Ass Pictures20111DRO
Mean Amazon Bitches 7Kick Ass Pictures2018 DRO
Mean Amazon Bitches 8Kick Ass Pictures2018 DO
Mean Amazon Bitches 9Kick Ass Pictures2018 DO
Mean Asian FacesittersKick Ass Pictures20112DRO
Mean Big Black FacesittersKick Ass Pictures2013 DRO
Mean Big Black Facesitters 2Kick Ass Pictures2013 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 1Kick Ass Pictures20081DO
Mean Bitches POV 10Kick Ass Pictures2015 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 11Kick Ass Pictures2015 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 12Exquisite2015 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 13Exquisite2016 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 15Kick Ass Pictures2017 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 2Kick Ass Pictures20092DO
Mean Bitches POV 3Kick Ass Pictures20102DRO
Mean Bitches POV 4Kick Ass Pictures2011 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 5Kick Ass Pictures2012 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 6Kick Ass Pictures2013 DRO
Mean Bitches POV 7Kick Ass Pictures2014 DRO
Mean Black BitchesKick Ass Pictures20081DRO
Mean Cuckold 2Evil Angel20131DRO
Mean Cuckold 3Evil Angel20131DRO
Mean Cuckold 4Evil Angel20141DRO
Mean Cuckold 5Evil Angel20142DRO
Mean Cuckold 6Evil Angel20141DRO
Mean Cuckold POVMeanBitch Productions2017 DRO
Mean Cuckold POV 2MeanBitch Productions2018 DO
Mean Cuckold POV 3MeanBitch Productions2018 DO
Mean Cuckold POV 4MeanBitch Productions2019 DO
Mean Dungeon 1Kick Ass Pictures2009 DO
Mean Dungeon 10Kick Ass Pictures2018 DRO
Mean Dungeon 11Kick Ass Pictures2018 DO
Mean Dungeon 12Kick Ass Pictures2018 DO
Mean Dungeon 13Kick Ass Pictures2019 DO
Mean Dungeon 4Kick Ass Pictures2012 DRO
Mean Dungeon 5Kick Ass Pictures2012 DRO
Mean Dungeon 6Kick Ass Pictures2016 DRO
Mean Dungeon 7Kick Ass Pictures2017 DRO
Mean Dungeon 8Kick Ass Pictures2017 DRO
Mean Dungeon 9Kick Ass Pictures2017 DRO
Mean Ebony FacesittersKick Ass Pictures2013 DRO
Mean Ebony Facesitters 2Kick Ass Pictures2014 DRO
Mean Facesitters 1Kick Ass Pictures20111DRO
Mean Facesitters 2Kick Ass Pictures2011 DRO
Mean Facesitters 3Kick Ass Pictures2012 DRO
Mean Facesitters 4Kick Ass Pictures2012 DRO
Mean Facesitters 5MeanBitch Productions2013 DRO
Mean Facesitters 6Kick Ass Pictures2013 DRO
Mean Facesitters 7Kick Ass Pictures2013 DRO
Mean Foot WorshipKick Ass Pictures2012 DRO
Riley Reid is EvilEvil Angel20172DRO
Slave OrdersKick Ass Pictures2019 DO
Superiority ComplexKick Ass Pictures2016 DRO
Superiority Complex 3Kick Ass Pictures2017 DRO
When Pornstars AttackEvil Angel20141DRO
When Pornstars Attack 2Evil Angel20142DRO
When Pornstars Attack 3Evil Angel20142DRO
When Pornstars Attack 4Evil Angel20151DRO
Your Lips My AssEvil Angel20141DRO

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