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AVN Awards

Inducted: Hall of Fame (Executive Branch)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Airtight 1Metro19985DO
Airtight 2Metro19981DO
Airtight 3Metro19985DRO
Airtight 4Metro19992DO
Airtight 5Metro19992DRO
Airtight 6Metro19995DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 1Zero Tolerance20037DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 10Zero Tolerance20073DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 11Zero Tolerance20071DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 12Zero Tolerance20082DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 13Zero Tolerance20081DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 2Zero Tolerance20035DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 3Zero Tolerance20036DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 4Zero Tolerance20046DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 5Zero Tolerance20043DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 6Zero Tolerance20041DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 7Zero Tolerance2005 DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 8Zero Tolerance2005 DRO
Blow Me Sandwich 9Zero Tolerance20063DRO
Blowjob Fantasies 11Metro20004DO
Blowjob Fantasies 12Metro20001DRO
Blowjob Fantasies 13Metro20011DRO
Blowjob Fantasies 4Metro19981DRO
Blowjob Fantasies 5Metro19985DRO
Blowjob Fantasies 7Metro19992DRO
Blowjob Fantasies 9Metro19992DRO
Buried Alive BukkakeMetro19993 
Cumstains 10Zero Tolerance20092DRO
Double Decker Sandwich 1Zero Tolerance20037DRO
Drive Thru 1Zero Tolerance20043DRO
Drive Thru 2Zero Tolerance20041DRO
Drive Thru 3Zero Tolerance20054DRO
Finally Legal 1Metro19986DRO
Finally Legal 2Metro19983DRO
Flesh Peddlers 1Amazing19984DRO
Flesh Peddlers 2Amazing19983DRO
Flesh Peddlers 3Amazing19982DRO
Flesh Peddlers 4Amazing19984DO
Flesh Peddlers 5Gonzo Video19991DRO
Flesh Peddlers 6Gonzo Video19994DRO
Flesh Peddlers 7Amazing19991DRO
Flesh Peddlers 8Amazing20001 
Fluff Girls of the Houston 500Amazing19991 
Go Big Or Go Home 1Zero Tolerance20101DRO
Long Shlongs 2Zero Tolerance2009 DRO
No Holes Barred 2Zero Tolerance20033DRO
No Holes Barred 3Zero Tolerance20041DRO
Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie 1Zero Tolerance20036DRO
Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie 2Zero Tolerance20036DRO
Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie 3Zero Tolerance20046DRO
POV Blowjobs 2Metro20091DO
Rock MeCoast To Coast1994 D
Size MattersMetro199810DO
Size Matters 2Metro19983DRO
Size Matters 3Metro19983DRO
Sodomy on the MenuMetro20002DRO
Titman's No Silicone ZoneGonzo Video19992DRO
Titman's Pool Party 1Gonzo Video19998DRO
Titman's Pool Party 2Gonzo Video19994DRO
Voluptuous 1Metro19992DO
Wages of SinMetro2000 DRO
Who's Your Daddy 1Zero Tolerance200210DRO
Who's Your Daddy 10Zero Tolerance20071DRO
Who's Your Daddy 11Zero Tolerance20071DRO
Who's Your Daddy 2Zero Tolerance20037DRO
Who's Your Daddy 3Zero Tolerance20036DRO
Who's Your Daddy 4Zero Tolerance20036DRO
Who's Your Daddy 5Zero Tolerance20043DRO
Who's Your Daddy 6Zero Tolerance20045DRO
Who's Your Daddy 7Zero Tolerance20052DRO
Who's Your Daddy 8Zero Tolerance20064DRO
Who's Your Daddy 9Zero Tolerance20064DRO
World's Biggest Gang Bang 3: Houston 620Metro19991DO
Yellow Fever 1Zero Tolerance20043DRO