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Franck Major, Franck Vicomte, Frank Mayor

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Franck Major, Franck Vicomte, Frank Mayor


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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Non-Feature, Joueuse de Tennis (2016)
Nominee: Foreign Director of the Year

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Foreign Director of the Year
Nominee: Foreign Director of the Year

XBIZ Europa Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Studio

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
1ere Colonie de VacancesVideo Marc Dorcel20171O
Adventures In AnalNew Sensations20121DRO
Alexis escorte de luxeVideo Marc Dorcel2019 O
Anal Citizens 121 Sextury2009  
Anal Citizens 221 Sextury2010 DR
Anal Empire 121 Sextury20062DRO
Anal Empire 221 Sextury20051DRO
Anal Empire 321 Sextury20061DRO
Anal Empire 421 Sextury2007 DRO
Anal Empire 521 Sextury2007 DRO
Anal Empire 621 Sextury2007  
Anal Fitness ClubVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
Anal Hysteria21 Sextury20071DRO
Anal Violation 121 Sextury2007 DRO
Anal Violation 221 Sextury2007 DRO
Anal Violation 321 Sextury2009 DRO
Analizator 121 Sextury2007 DRO
Analizator 221 Sextury2007  
Analizator 321 Sextury2008  
Analogical 121 Sextury2009 DRO
Analogical 221 Sextury2009  
Anissa et Lola a l'Ecole des InfirmieresVideo Marc Dorcel20141DRO
Ass Hunters21 Sextury2010 DO
ASS Mass21 Sextury2010  
Ass You Like21 Sextury2010 D
Asscore 121 Sextury20061DRO
Asscore 221 Sextury2006 DRO
Asscore 321 Sextury20071DRO
Asscore 421 Sextury2007  
Assense21 Sextury2010  
Asspirin 121 Sextury2008 DR
Asspirin 1221 Sextury2016  
Asspirin 221 Sextury2010  
Asspirin 921 Sextury2016  
Assventure21 Sextury2009  
Assventure 221 Sextury2010 DR
Backdoor Lovers21 Sextury2009 D
Backdoor Lovers 221 Sextury2010 DR
Ballerine le Jour Escorte la NuitVideo Marc Dorcel2014 DRO
Bitch Volley: Anal CompetitionVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
Blondies' Butts21 Sextury2010  
Bounds of SilkVideo Marc Dorcel2017 DRO
Cara, Secretaire SoumiseVideo Marc Dorcel20151DRO
ClubXtrem: Adriana and Cherry Stars PerversionsVideo Marc Dorcel2019 DO
CyclistVideo Marc Dorcel20182DRO
DeceiverPenthouse2017 DRO
Deeep 221 Sextury2008  
Deepthroat Frenzy 221 Sextury2006  
Dortoir des FillesVideo Marc Dorcel2013 DRO
Downward SpiralPrivate20085DRO
Educating CleaVideo Marc Dorcel20181DO
Essential Erotica21 Sextury2015  
Etudiantes InfirmieresVideo Marc Dorcel20141DRO
Fantasstic 121 Sextury2010 D
Fantasstic 221 Sextury2010 D
Fantasy of an Angel21 Sextury2010  
FighterVideo Marc Dorcel20162DRO
Flowers of Passion 121 Sextury2010  
Flowers of Passion 221 Sextury2010  
Full Throat21 Sextury2009 DR
Gagging Gals21 Sextury2007  
Henessy et Cherry Escortes de LuxeVideo Marc Dorcel2018  
High PrASSure 121 Sextury2009 DRO
High PrASSure 221 Sextury2010 DR
Joueuse de TennisVideo Marc Dorcel20162DRO
Joyful Fantasies21 Sextury2015  
Joys Of AnalNew Sensations20124DRO
Lea Guerlin First Night in the Girls' DormitoryVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
Liza, secretaire aux gros seinsVideo Marc Dorcel2018 O
Lucy, la Nouvelle SecretaireVideo Marc Dorcel2018 DO
Madame et Sa SoubretteVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
Manon Martin: Premiere Orgie pour Ma FemmeVideo Marc Dorcel20151DRO
Manon, Secretaire DebutanteVideo Marc Dorcel20151DRO
MasseusesVideo Marc Dorcel2017 DRO
Maximum Orgy: Special Pin-upVideo Marc Dorcel2013 DRO
Mes Nuits en PrisonVideo Marc Dorcel2015 DRO
My Busty NurseVideo Marc Dorcel2012 DRO
Natur Anal21 Sextury2010  
Naughty School GirlVideo Marc Dorcel2015 DRO
Oral Fixation 121 Sextury2008 DR
Orgie de LuxeVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
Orgie pour CassieVideo Marc Dorcel2017 O
Oxigen O221 Sextury2008  
Perver City 121 Sextury2007 DO
Perver City 221 Sextury2008  
Perver City 321 Sextury2009 DR
Pornochic 27: SuperstarsVideo Marc Dorcel20161DRO
Prison sous haute tensionVideo Marc Dorcel2019 O
PrisonniereVideo Marc Dorcel2017 O
Private Gold 108: Cum in My LimousinePrivate20101DRO
Private Gold 111: An XXXMas SextravaganzaPrivate2010 DRO
Private Gold 156: Share My GirlfriendPrivate2013 O
Private Gold 160: Sweet Pussy AvengerPrivate2013 O
Private Gold 163: Anal ConnectionPrivate2013 O
Private Gold 171: The Long Dick of the LawPrivate2014 O
Private Gold 172: Fuck Me TenderPrivate2014 O
Private Gold 175: Porn IdolPrivate2014 O
Private Gold 177: Anal Mansion SecretsPrivate2014 O
Private Specials 36: Threesome Addicted Euro SlutsPrivate20101DRO
Private Specials 41: Cum Hungry Euro BabesPrivate2010 DO
Rose Valerie, Infirmiere de NuitVideo Marc Dorcel20171O
Russian Institute 21: PunitionsVideo Marc Dorcel2015 DRO
Russian Institute 22: Visite medicaleVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
Russian Institute 23: L'allumeuseVideo Marc Dorcel2017 DO
Russian Institute 24: L'effronteeVideo Marc Dorcel2018 DO
Secretaire de DirectionVideo Marc Dorcel2014 DRO
Secretaire de Mon PereVideo Marc Dorcel2017 O
Secretaires du PatronVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
Secretary With GlassesVideo Marc Dorcel20143DRO
Soubrettes de MadameVideo Marc Dorcel2016 DRO
tASStosteroneAntigua2008 DRO
Taste My LipsPrivate20091DRO
Team Anal21 Sextury2009  
Thassit 121 Sextury2005 DRO
Thassit 221 Sextury20052DRO
Thassit 321 Sextury20051DRO
Thassit 4Antigua2005 DRO
Thassit 521 Sextury20051DO
Thassit 621 Sextury2006 DO
Thassit 721 Sextury20061DO
Thassit 821 Sextury20061 
Tiffany, Secretaire SexuelleVideo Marc Dorcel2017 DRO
Welcum Aboard21 Sextury2010  
Xmas Event21 Sextury2007 O
Young Horse RidersVideo Marc Dorcel2013 DRO