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Le Wood, Francesca Le', King Midas, Dr. Feelgood

Director AKA

Le Wood, Francesca Le', King Midas, Dr. Feelgood


December 28, 1970 (48 years old)




Los Angeles, CA, USA 

Years Active as Director







Hair Color



5 feet, 2 inches (157 cm)


114 lbs (52 kg)


Pink flower back of neck; Rose with stem right shoulderblade; Gothic "NS" inside right wrist; Dragon above left ankle, Red heart with green banner inside left ankle


Right nostril; Tongue; Navel; Right labia

AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Flesh Fest 1 (2002)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Anal Royalty (2016)

Spank Bank Awards

Nominee: Master of Filth (Director of the Year - Body of Work)
Nominee: Guru of Gonzo (Director of the Year - Gonzo)
Nominee: Master of Filth (Director of the Year - Body of Work)

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
AJ Applegate is EvilEvil Angel2017 DRO
All Anal Rookie TeamEvil Angel20181DO
Anal BehaviorEvil Angel20181DO
Anal Behavior 2Evil Angel20182DO
Anal Behavior 3Evil Angel2019 DO
Anal Bikini BabesEvil Angel20192DO
Anal BratsEvil Angel20151DRO
Anal Brats 2Evil Angel20161DRO
Anal Brats 3Evil Angel20162DRO
Anal Brats 4Evil Angel20171DRO
Anal Brats 5Evil Angel20182DO
Anal Brats 6Evil Angel2019 DO
Anal Couples SwapEvil Angel20171DRO
Anal Craving MILFsEvil Angel20161DRO
Anal Craving MILFs 2Evil Angel20161DRO
Anal Craving MILFs 3Evil Angel20171DRO
Anal Craving MILFs 4Evil Angel2017 DRO
Anal Craving MILFs 5Evil Angel2018 DO
Anal Craving MILFs 6Evil Angel2018 DO
Anal Craving MILFs 7Evil Angel2019 DO
Anal Craving TeensEvil Angel2019 D
Anal DarlingsEvil Angel20183DO
Anal Darlings 2Evil Angel20181DO
Anal DepravedEvil Angel2018 DO
Anal DeviantEvil Angel2018 DRO
Anal EnthusiastsEvil Angel20135DRO
Anal FlirtsEvil Angel2016 DRO
Anal HeartbreakersEvil Angel20163DRO
Anal Heartbreakers 2Evil Angel20171DRO
Anal Heartbreakers 3Evil Angel20182DRO
Anal Heartbreakers 4Evil Angel20181DO
Anal Heartbreakers 5Evil Angel20191DO
Anal InkEvil Angel20161DRO
Anal Is My BusinessEvil Angel20132DRO
Anal Is My Business 2Evil Angel20162DRO
Anal MILF PartyEvil Angel20181DO
Anal Monster Black Cock SlutsEvil Angel20163DRO
Anal Monster Black Cock Sluts 2Evil Angel20171DRO
Anal Monster Black Cock Sluts 3Evil Angel2018 DO
Anal Newbies 1Evil Angel20152DRO
Anal Newbies 2Evil Angel20153DRO
Anal Newbies 3Evil Angel20152DRO
Anal Newbies 4Evil Angel20162DRO
Anal Newbies 5Evil Angel20162DRO
Anal Newbies 6Evil Angel20172DRO
Anal Newbies 7Evil Angel20183DRO
Anal Newbies 8Evil Angel2018 DO
Anal Newbies 9Evil Angel20191DO
Anal RequiredEvil Angel20134DRO
Anal Required 2Evil Angel20143DRO
Anal Required 3Evil Angel20143DRO
Anal Required 4Evil Angel20144DRO
Anal Required 5Evil Angel20153DRO
Anal RoyaltyEvil Angel20162DRO
Anal Swinger OrgyEvil Angel20152DRO
Anal Teen SupremeEvil Angel20161DRO
Anal VerifiedEvil Angel20151DRO
Anal Verified 2Evil Angel20151DRO
Anal Young 'unsEvil Angel20144DRO
Anal Young 'uns 2Evil Angel20156DRO
Anal Young 'uns 3Evil Angel20154DRO
Anal Young 'uns 4Evil Angel20152DRO
Anal Young 'uns 5Evil Angel20161DRO
Anal Young 'uns 6Evil Angel20171DRO
AnalholicsLeWood2006 DRO
Ass HatsEvil Angel20143DRO
Ass Hysteria 1Evil Angel20142DRO
Ass Hysteria 2Evil Angel20143DRO
BAM Blonde Anal MILFsEvil Angel20154DRO
Behind the WhipExtreme Associates2000 D
Best in AnalEvil Angel20171DRO
Big Natural TittiesExquisite20071DRO
Big Pretty Titties 2Exquisite20073DRO
Big Pretty Titties 3Exquisite20084DRO
Big Pretty Titties 4Exquisite20082DRO
Big Tit BlondesExquisite20082DRO
Big Titty FreaksExquisite2009 DRO
Big Titty Moms 1Exquisite2007 DRO
Big Titty Moms 2Exquisite2008 DRO
Big Titty Moms 3Exquisite20082DRO
Bitch Banging Bitch 2Red Light District20073DRO
Black Cock Anal SnowbunniesEvil Angel20182DO
Black Dick in Daddy's Daughter 2Red Light District20076DRO
Black Dick in Daddy's Daughter 3Platinum X Pictures2008 DRO
Black Mystique 9Video Team1994  
Booty BanditsJM Productions20036DRO
Breast ObsessedExquisite2010 DRO
Butt Quest 1LeWood200210DRO
Butt Quest 2LeWood20032DRO
Butt Quest 3LeWood20044DRO
Butt Quest 4LeWood20054DRO
Butthole Barrio BitchesEvil Angel20122DRO
Butthole Barrio Bitches 2Evil Angel20135DRO
Butthole Barrio Bitches 3Evil Angel20142DRO
ButtSex CutiesEvil Angel20161DRO
ButtSex Cuties 2Evil Angel20162DRO
Cum Swallowing Whores 1JM Productions20036DRO
Cum Swallowing Whores 2LeWood20034DRO
Cum Swallowing Whores 3Legend Video20043DO
Cum Swallowing Whores 4LeWood20054DRO
Domina's DaydreamExtreme Associates2000  
Double Dip 'er 1JM Productions20037DRO
Double Dip 'er 2JM Productions20033DRO
Double Dip 'er 3LeWood20042DRO
Double Dip 'er 4LeWood20052DRO
Double Dip 'er 5LeWood20056DRO
Dredd Gapes Them AllEvil Angel20182DRO
Dredd's Interracial Anal DestructionEvil Angel20171DRO
Eager for AnalEvil Angel2018 DO
Eager for Anal 2Evil Angel20181DO
Emily Willis: The Anal AwakeningEvil Angel20192DO
Evil Couple Prowls Anal TeensEvil Angel2016 DRO
Evil Couple Prowls Anal Teens 2Evil Angel20172DRO
Facial Violation 1Evil Angel20131DRO
Facial Violation 2Evil Angel20133DRO
Facial Violation 3Evil Angel20143DRO
Filthy and MilfyEvil Angel2017 DRO
Filthy and Milfy 2Evil Angel2017 DRO
Filthy and Violated Francesca LeExquisite20083DRO
Filthy Latin PussyExquisite2010 DRO
Finger Lickin Girlfriends 1Smash Pictures20112DRO
Flesh Fest 1LeWood20029DO
Flesh Fest 2LeWood20034DRO
Flesh Fest 3LeWood20053DRO
Flogged By FallonExtreme Associates2000 D
Francesca Has a Negro ProblemLeWood20035DRO
Francesca Le Is a HotWifeEvil Angel20142DRO
Francesca Le Is a HotWife 2Evil Angel2017 DRO
Francesca Le Is Lewd and DepravedExquisite2011 DRO
Francesca Le Is The Ultimate WhoreEvil Angel20132DO
Francesca Le Loves Young BoysEvil Angel2016 DRO
Francesca Seeking WomenExquisite2011 DRO
Gasp, Gag And Gape 1Evil Angel20121DRO
Gasp, Gag And Gape 2Evil Angel20123DRO
Gasp, Gag and Gape 3Evil Angel20133DRO
Gasp, Gag and Gape 4Evil Angel20152DRO
Gia Has a Negro ProblemLeWood20043DRO
Gringo Dicks in Latin Chicks 1LeWood20043DRO
Gringo Dicks in Latin Chicks 2LeWood20043DRO
Gringo Dicks in Latin Chicks 3LeWood20056DRO
His Ass Is Mine 1LeWood20053DRO
His Ass Is Mine 2LeWood20075DRO
His Ass is Mine 2: MILF EditionEvil Angel20151DRO
His Ass Is Mine, ResurrectionEvil Angel20151DRO
His Booty Is My Duty 1Exquisite2011 DRO
His Booty Is My Duty 2Exquisite2012 DRO
I Am KatrinaEvil Angel20174DRO
Interracial EncountersEvil Angel2019 D
It Takes a WhoreLeWood2004 DRO
Jasmine Jae is EvilEvil Angel2017 DRO
Juggies 1JM Productions20043DRO
Juggies 2LeWood20043DRO
Juggies 3LeWood20055DRO
Juggies 4LeWood20066DRO
Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 1Evil Angel20121DRO
Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 2Evil Angel20123DRO
Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 3Evil Angel20134DRO
Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 4Evil Angel20134DRO
Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 5Evil Angel20144DRO
Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 6Evil Angel20142DRO
Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 7Evil Angel20152DRO
LeWood Gangbang: Battle of the MILFsEvil Angel20154DRO
LeWood Gangbang: Battle of the MILFs 2Evil Angel20173DRO
LeWood Gangbang: Battle of the Milfs 3Evil Angel20181DRO
LeWood Gangbang: Battle of the MILFs 4Evil Angel20192DO
LeWood's Anal Finishing SchoolEvil Angel20161DRO
LeWood's Anal Finishing School 2Evil Angel2017 DRO
LeWood's Anal South Beach WeekendEvil Angel2016 DRO
LeWood's Anal SuperstarsEvil Angel20141DRO
LeWood's Real Anal Booty CallsEvil Angel20143DRO
LeWood's Real Anal Booty Calls 2Evil Angel20142DRO
Liquid Diet 2LeWood20073DRO
Little Anal VixxxensEvil Angel20162DRO
Little Anal Vixxxens 2Evil Angel20162DRO
M Is For MILF 1Exquisite20082DRO
M Is For MILF 2Exquisite20091DRO
Magnificent Anal MilfsEvil Angel20171DRO
Me and Mommy's Messy MouthEvil Angel20171DRO
Me and Mommy's Messy Mouth 2Evil Angel20172DRO
Me, Myself and AnalEvil Angel20132DRO
Megan Rain is EvilEvil Angel20161DRO
MILF Blown 1Exquisite2009 DRO
MILF Blown 2Exquisite2010 DRO
MILF Collector 1Exquisite2008 DRO
MILF Collector 2Exquisite20091DRO
Milf CrazyExquisite2010 DRO
MILF Gape 1Evil Angel2012 DRO
MILF Gape 2Evil Angel20134DRO
MILF Gape 3Evil Angel20143DRO
MILF Worship 1Exquisite20073DRO
MILF Worship 10Exquisite2010 DRO
MILF Worship 11Exquisite2010 DRO
MILF Worship 12Exquisite2012 DRO
MILF Worship 2Exquisite2007 DRO
MILF Worship 3Exquisite20073DRO
MILF Worship 4Exquisite20072DRO
MILF Worship 5Exquisite2008 DRO
MILF Worship 6Exquisite20081DRO
MILF Worship 7Exquisite2009 DRO
MILF Worship 8Exquisite2009 DRO
MILF Worship 9Exquisite2009 DRO
MILFs SuckEvil Angel20142DRO
MILFs Suck 2Evil Angel20152DRO
MILFs Suck 3Evil Angel2018 DO
Mommy and MeCombat Zone20102DRO
Mommy and Me 2Combat Zone20112DRO
Mommy Fucks Best 2Platinum X Pictures20074DRO
Mommy Fucks Best 3Platinum X Pictures20071DRO
Mother LoversExquisite2010 DRO
Munch BoxRed Light District20074DRO
My TS HeartthrobEvil Angel2017 DRO
New Anal RecruitsEvil Angel20152DRO
New Anal Recruits 2Evil Angel20152DRO
New Anal Recruits 3Evil Angel20171DRO
Nude Bed BondageClose-up Concepts2004  
Open My AssEvil Angel20172DRO
Open My Ass 2Evil Angel2017 DRO
Open My Ass 3Evil Angel2019 DO
OuchExtreme Associates2001 DO
Perfect Natural BreastsEvil Angel20172DRO
Perfect Natural Breasts 2Evil Angel20171DRO
Petite MeatExquisite2010 DRO
Pound My Man AssExquisite2012 DRO
POV Sphinctacular 2Evil Angel20142DR
Pussy GaloreJM Productions20031DRO
Rack 'em UpExquisite2009 DRO
Ready Set FuckExquisite2011 DRO
Real Estate SlutsExquisite2011 DRO
Remy LaCroix's Anal Cabo WeekendEvil Angel20136DRO
Road KillExquisite2011 DRO
Sex Fiends 5Platinum X Pictures20074DRO
Sharon Has a Negro ProblemLeWood20043DRO
She Loves AnalEvil Angel20172DRO
She Loves Anal 2Evil Angel20182DRO
She Loves Anal 3Evil Angel2018 DO
She-Male PervertsEvil Angel20151DRO
She-male Perverts 2Evil Angel2015 DRO
She-male Perverts 3Evil Angel2016 DRO
Show Me Your Tits 1Exquisite2009 DRO
Show Me Your Tits 2Exquisite20091DRO
Sierra Has a Negro ProblemLeWood20053DRO
Sophia Has a Negro Problem TooLeWood20032DRO
Star PowerExtreme Associates20001DRO
Super Hot Moms 1Exquisite2007 DRO
Super Hot Moms 2Exquisite20073DRO
Sweet New PussyEvil Angel20144DRO
Teen HeadExquisite2011 DRO
Teen TroubleEvil Angel2019 O
Teen Worship 1Exquisite20071DRO
Teen Worship 2Exquisite20082DRO
Teen Worship 3Exquisite2009 DRO
Teen Worship 4Exquisite20091DRO
Tit Worship 1Exquisite20071DRO
Tit Worship 2Exquisite20074DRO
Tough Love 2JM Productions20041DRO
Two Girl Anal ThreewayEvil Angel20182DO
Up My BootyEvil Angel20152DRO
Up My Booty 2Evil Angel20161DRO
Up My Booty 3Evil Angel20191DO
When MILFs AttackExquisite2008 DRO
Young Interracial Anal WhoresEvil Angel20181DO