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Dino Baumberger

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Dino Baumberger


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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
66 Sixty-SexDBM Video1992  
Act StudioDBM Video1992  
Alm BumsDBM Video1990  
AnalDBM Video1986 DO
Anal Lady's WorldrecordDBM Video1985  
At the ClubDBM Video19951O
Austrian AffairsDBM Video1995  
Auto-Stop (II)DBM Video2001  
Ball GamesDBM Video1988  
Bed StoriesDBM Video1990  
Bizarr-Intim Interview: Jeanny PepperDBM Video1990  
Black TeaDBM Video1992 O
Blue Angel (II)DBM Video2001  
Blue LineDBM Video1991  
Boat PeopleDBM Video1988  
Body CheckDBM Video1988 DO
Brain StormDBM Video1993  
Breakfast ServiceDBM Video1990  
Busen WunderDBM Video2001 O
Buster Booster 1DBM Video1994 O
Buster Booster 2DBM Video1994 O
CallgirlDBM Video1990 D
CarambolageDBM Video1994  
Casting 1DBM Video1992 O
Casting by CocoDBM Video2002 O
ChangedDBM Video1995 DO
ClubstyleDBM Video1989  
Coco und Babette: Foto-crashDBM Video2002  
Coco's Privat-DetekteiDBM Video2002 O
Coco's ShopDBM Video2002 O
ContactDBM Video1991  
Country StyleDBM Video1988  
CousinenDBM Video1991  
Deep LifeDBM Video1989  
Deep Throat CocoDBM Video2002 O
Diamond JobDBM Video1988  
Dirty GirlsDBM Video1991  
Dirty LadyDBM Video1987  
Dolly Buster in ExzessDBM Video1990  
Dolly Buster's On-Line-StoryDBM Video1991  
Dolly DoctorDBM Video1994 O
Dream of RingsDBM Video1989  
DreamlandDBM Video1992 DO
Dreams of AnalDBM Video19921 
Drive InDBM Video1992  
Erotic HandsDBM Video1993  
ExhibitionDBM Video1989 DO
Familien SchlampenDBM Video2001 O
Family AffairDBM Video1988 DRO
Family BusterDBM Video1994  
Family SpotDBM Video1991  
FaustDBM Video1987 O
Faust-Fotzen-StudioDBM Video1994  
Fetisch LuderDBM Video2001  
FreelancerDBM Video1992  
Fruit CocktailDBM Video1992  
Fucky DancingDBM Video1988  
Girlie Girlie 1DBM Video1987  
Girlie Girlie 6DBM Video1987  
Girlie Girlie 7DBM Video1988  
Girlie Girlie 8DBM Video1988  
Girlie Girlie 9DBM Video1988  
Girls For HireDBM Video1992  
Gold RunDBM Video1991  
Gold Water DrinkDBM Video1993 O
GoldwaterDBM Video1989  
Happy Birthday DollyDBM Video1992 O
Hawaii ConnectionDBM Video1996  
Hi Sensitive 2: Latex ExcessDBM Video1996  
Hollywood ConnectionDBM Video1992  
Home BusinessDBM Video1988  
Horse PowerDBM Video1996  
House of SexDBM Video1992 O
HuttenzauberDBM Video1990 O
Im Keller der Super-FotzenDBM Video2001  
In OutDBM Video1990  
In Vino VeritasDBM Video2000 O
Inside BudapestDBM Video1996  
Inside ParisDBM Video1988  
JetsexDBM Video1987 O
Just MarriedDBM Video1992  
Just One DayDBM Video1991 O
Keep On FuckingDBM Video1992  
Lady FantasyDBM Video1989  
Lady in FallDBM Video1988  
Lady's BizarrDBM Video1986  
Legend of FireDBM Video1996  
Lesben FaustDBM Video1988  
LespissDBM Video1986  
Line UpDBM Video19951O
LivecastDBM Video1992  
Lost and FoundDBM Video1991 D
Love HotelDBM Video1991 O
Love Letters 1: IndiscreetDBM Video1997  
Love Letters 2: Soft SkinDBM Video1997  
MDBM Video1987  
Mafia ConnectionDBM Video1989 O
Magic IslandDBM Video1991  
Memories of Dolly 1DBM Video1991  
Memories Of Dolly 2DBM Video1993  
Mid LifeDBM Video1989  
MillionaireDBM Video1988 D
Miss ItalyDBM Video1994 O
Modell DealDBM Video1989  
Money SexDBM Video1991  
Mrs. BossDBM Video1997  
NightshiftDBM Video1988  
Nippel SaugerDBM Video2001  
OKM Sex TriathlonDBM Video1995  
OutingDBM Video1993  
Paris PaintingDBM Video1992  
ParisienneDBM Video1989  
Party Bizarr 1DBM Video1988  
Party Bizarr 2DBM Video1989  
Piss StopDBM Video2001 O
Pizza AfricanaDBM Video2003 O
PlaygirlsDBM Video1998 O
Private MomentsDBM Video1996 DRO
ProfisDBM Video1991  
PsychoDBM Video1990 O
RemembersDBM Video1988  
Sachsen Paule 2: Der Ossi RammlerDBM Video2001 O
Sachsen Paule 4: Der Ossi-PicassoDBM Video2001 O
SamenraubDBM Video2001  
San Francisco ConnectionDBM Video1996 O
Secrets of MozartDBM Video1992  
Sex HypnosisDBM Video1992  
Sperm EaterDBM Video1991 O
Station SexDBM Video1988  
Stone Clan 1DBM Video1991 O
Stone Clan 2DBM Video1991 O
Story of Dolly BusterDBM Video1990  
Struller PullerDBM Video2001 D
Summer HeatDBM Video1990 O
Teach Me TigerDBM Video1996 DO
Teeny TalkDBM Video1990  
TittenfickerDBM Video2001 O
ToysDBM Video1996 O
United Colours of SexDBM Video1992  
Vanessas ExzesseDBM Video1988  
Venecia CallingDBM Video1994 O
Villa AmorosoDBM Video2001  
VisitDBM Video1989 O
WatergirlsDBM Video2002 D
Way Of SexDBM Video1992  
WetDBM Video1988 DO