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10th Annual CAVR Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year

AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Ethnic Video, Brother Load 1 (2009)
Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Non-Feature, Rio Loco (2009)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Oil Overload 4 (2010)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Oil Overload 7 (2012)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Orgy Masters 4 (2014)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Manuel Ferrara's Reverse Gangbang 3 (2015)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Oil Overload 15 (2016)
Nominee: Best Director – Non-Feature, Ariana Marie: A Little Bit Harder (2018)


Nominee: Best Non-Feature Director
Nominee: Best Non-Feature Director

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Spank Bank Awards

Nominee: Guru of Gonzo (Director of the Year - Gonzo)

Urban X Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Nacho Invades America 1 (2011)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)

XRCO Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Features

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
2 New 1Zero Tolerance2006 DRO
2 New 2Zero Tolerance2007 DRO
2017 AVN Nominee-DVD: Deepthroat Challengesinslife.com2016  
Abigail Mac, A Love Storysinslife.com2016  
About Face 13rd Degree20044DRO
About Face 23rd Degree20051DRO
About Face 33rd Degree2006 DRO
About Face 43rd Degree20061DRO
About Face 53rd Degree20071DRO
About Face 63rd Degree20081DRO
All InZero Tolerance2007 DRO
Anal AnticsEvil Angel2019 DO
Anal IntegrityJules Jordan Video20095DRO
Anal InvestigationEvil Angel20181DO
Anal Investigation 2Evil Angel2019 DO
Anal InvitationJules Jordan Video20124DRO
Anal MILFs OnlyEvil Angel2019 DO
Anal Plungers 2Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Apple Bottomz 1Zero Tolerance20051DRO
Apple Bottomz 2Zero Tolerance20061DRO
Apple Bottomz 3Zero Tolerance20072DRO
Apple Bottomz 4Zero Tolerance20073DRO
Ariana Marie: A Little Bit HarderEvil Angel20183DO
Ass Factor 2Jules Jordan Video2012 DRO
Ass Factor 3Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Ass Factor 4Jules Jordan Video20135DRO
Ass Factor 5Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Ass Factor 6Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Big Black Cock POVJules Jordan Video20142DRO
Big Booty Shake DownJules Jordan Video20122DRO
Big Loves 13rd Degree2007 DRO
Big Loves 23rd Degree20072DRO
Black Heat 1Jules Jordan Video2012 DRO
Black Heat 2Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Black Heat 3Jules Jordan Video20151DRO
Black in My AssJules Jordan Video20114DRO
Black Inside Me 13rd Degree20051DRO
Black Inside Me 23rd Degree2005 DRO
Black Inside Me 33rd Degree20071DRO
Bra Busters 1Jules Jordan Video20102DRO
Bra Busters 2Jules Jordan Video20113DRO
Bra Busters 3Jules Jordan Video20122DRO
Bra Busters 4Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Bra Busters 5Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Bra Busters 6Jules Jordan Video20142DRO
Bra Busters 7Jules Jordan Video2015 DRO
Bra Busters 8Jules Jordan Video20171DRO
Brother Load 1Jules Jordan Video20092DRO
Brother Load 2Jules Jordan Video20104DRO
Brother Load 3Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Brother Load 4Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Brother Load 5Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Brother Load 6Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Brother Load 7Jules Jordan Video20153DRO
Brother Load 8Jules Jordan Video20162DRO
Brother Load 9Jules Jordan Video20174DRO
Camel Hoe's 13rd Degree20042DO
Camel Hoe's 23rd Degree20041DRO
Camel Hoe's 33rd Degree2005 DRO
Camel Hoe's 43rd Degree20054DRO
Cougars, Kittens And Cock 1Jules Jordan Video20111DRO
Cougars, Kittens And Cock 2Jules Jordan Video20123DRO
Cougars, Kittens and Cock 3Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Crack Addict 13rd Degree20041DRO
Crack Addict 23rd Degree20053DRO
Crack Addict 33rd Degree20054DRO
Crack Addict 43rd Degree20051DRO
Crack Addict 53rd Degree20064DRO
Crack Addict 63rd Degree20071DRO
Crack Addict 73rd Degree20071DRO
Crazy 4 CougarsJules Jordan Video20093DRO
Cream Team 3Zero Tolerance20091DRO
Crude Oil 1Zero Tolerance2005 DRO
Cumming HomeMetro20022DO
Cumstains 10Zero Tolerance20092DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 1Jules Jordan Video20072DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 10Jules Jordan Video20152DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 2Jules Jordan Video20083DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 3Jules Jordan Video20094DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 4Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 5Jules Jordan Video20123DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 6Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 7Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 8Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 9Jules Jordan Video20152DRO
Dirty Strippers With Nina Ellesinslife.com2016  
Don't Tell My Daddy3rd Degree20044DO
Double Anal DivasEvil Angel2019 DO
Double Time3rd Degree20091DO
Episode 6: Threeway Vistasinslife.com2016  
Fan Girl Kimmy Grangersinslife.com2016  
Fashion FucksJules Jordan Video20105DRO
Filthy 13rd Degree20063DRO
Filthy 23rd Degree20072DRO
Fresh GirlsJules Jordan Video20142DRO
Fresh Girls 2Jules Jordan Video20152DRO
Fresh Girls 3Jules Jordan Video20162DRO
Full Streams Ahead 1Jules Jordan Video20082DRO
Full Streams Ahead 2Jules Jordan Video20092DRO
GapelandJules Jordan Video20125DRO
Go Big Or Go Home 1Zero Tolerance20101DRO
Goo 4 Two 2Zero Tolerance20052DRO
Goo 4 Two 3Zero Tolerance20061DRO
Goo 4 Two 4Zero Tolerance20061DRO
Goo 4 Two 5Zero Tolerance20073DRO
Goo 4 Two 6Zero Tolerance2008 DRO
High Class Ass 2Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Hollywood Heartbreakers 1Jules Jordan Video20123DRO
Hollywood Heartbreakers 2Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Illegal Ass 13rd Degree20062DRO
Illegal Ass 23rd Degree20061DRO
Interactive Gina LynnJules Jordan Video20085DRO
Internal Cumbustion 10Zero Tolerance20071DRO
Internal Cumbustion 11Zero Tolerance20071DRO
Internal Cumbustion 12Zero Tolerance20081DRO
Internal Cumbustion 13Zero Tolerance20083DRO
Internal Cumbustion 4Zero Tolerance20046DRO
Internal Cumbustion 5Zero Tolerance20043DRO
Internal Cumbustion 6Zero Tolerance20043DRO
Internal Cumbustion 7Zero Tolerance20052DRO
Internal Cumbustion 8Zero Tolerance2005 DRO
Internal Cumbustion 9Zero Tolerance20061DRO
Internal Damnation 1Jules Jordan Video20082DRO
Internal Damnation 10Jules Jordan Video20151DRO
Internal Damnation 11Jules Jordan Video20161DRO
Internal Damnation 2Jules Jordan Video20084DRO
Internal Damnation 3Jules Jordan Video20094DRO
Internal Damnation 4Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Internal Damnation 5Jules Jordan Video20123DRO
Internal Damnation 6Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Internal Damnation 7Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Internal Damnation 8Jules Jordan Video20142DRO
Internal Damnation 9Jules Jordan Video20154DRO
Internal InvestigationJules Jordan Video20123DRO
Interracial InvestigationEvil Angel20191DO
Interracial is the New BlackEvil Angel20182DO
Jenna vs. CourtneyZero Tolerance20081 
Kissa's Birthday Pussysinslife.com2016  
Liquid Ass-sets 13rd Degree2006 DO
Liquid Ass-sets 23rd Degree20062DO
Lisa Ann Fantasy GirlJules Jordan Video20124DRO
Lisa Ann Vs. Julia AnnJules Jordan Video20122DRO
Long Shlongs 2Zero Tolerance2009 DRO
Manuel Ferrara's Reverse GangbangJules Jordan Video20134DRO
Manuel Ferrara's Reverse Gangbang 2Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Manuel Ferrara's Reverse Gangbang 3Jules Jordan Video20151DRO
Nacho Invades America 1Jules Jordan Video20113DRO
Nacho Invades America 2Jules Jordan Video20123DRO
New Releases 43rd Degree2006 DRO
New Trix 1Zero Tolerance20042DRO
New Trix 2Zero Tolerance20051DRO
New Trix 3Zero Tolerance20051DO
New Trix 4Zero Tolerance2006 DRO
Not Too Young for AnalEvil Angel20191DO
Nutz About ButtsJules Jordan Video20154DRO
Nutz About Butts 2Jules Jordan Video20152DRO
Nylons 13rd Degree20071DRO
Nylons 23rd Degree20071DRO
Oil Overload 1Jules Jordan Video20082DRO
Oil Overload 10Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Oil Overload 11Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Oil Overload 12Jules Jordan Video20153DRO
Oil Overload 13Jules Jordan Video20153DRO
Oil Overload 14Jules Jordan Video20153DRO
Oil Overload 15Jules Jordan Video20162DRO
Oil Overload 2Jules Jordan Video20086DRO
Oil Overload 3Jules Jordan Video20096DRO
Oil Overload 4Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Oil Overload 5Jules Jordan Video20114DRO
Oil Overload 6Jules Jordan Video20125DRO
Oil Overload 7Jules Jordan Video20126DRO
Oil Overload 8Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Oil Overload 9Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Oil SlickEvil Angel2018 DO
Oil Slick 2Evil Angel20193DO
Orgy Masters 4Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Orgy Masters 5Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Orgy Masters 6Jules Jordan Video20147DRO
Orgy Masters 7Jules Jordan Video20154DRO
Orgy Masters 8Jules Jordan Video20163DRO
Outrageous AnalEvil Angel2019 DO
Pretty As They Cum 1Jules Jordan Video20083DRO
Pretty As They Cum 2Jules Jordan Video20103DRO
Pretty Ass FuckJules Jordan Video20113DRO
Pretty in PinkJules Jordan Video20112DRO
Pussy Paradise Orgysinslife.com2016  
Ready Wet Go 13rd Degree20051DO
Ready Wet Go 23rd Degree20063DRO
Ready Wet Go 33rd Degree20061DRO
Ready Wet Go 43rd Degree20073DRO
Real Racks 13rd Degree20051DRO
Real Racks 23rd Degree20063DRO
Real Racks 33rd Degree20072DRO
Real Racks 43rd Degree20072DRO
Rear View 1Jules Jordan Video20103DRO
Rear View 2Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Rear View 3Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Rear View 4Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Rio LocoJules Jordan Video20092DO
Rump RaidersJules Jordan Video20124DRO
Rump Raiders 2Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Rump Raiders 3Jules Jordan Video20135DRO
Rump Raiders 4Jules Jordan Video20135DRO
Rump Raiders 5Jules Jordan Video20145DRO
Rump Raiders 6Jules Jordan Video20145DRO
Screamin For Semen 13rd Degree20051DRO
Screamin For Semen 23rd Degree20062DRO
Sex Monsterssinslife.com2017  
Shane's World 29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3New Sensations200111DO
Shane's World 30: Keepin It RealNew Sensations20028DO
Share the Load 13rd Degree20045DRO
Share the Load 23rd Degree20047DRO
Share the Load 33rd Degree20051DRO
Share the Load 43rd Degree20061DRO
Sloppy Seconds 13rd Degree2005 DRO
Sloppy Seconds 23rd Degree20063DRO
Soaking WetJules Jordan Video20132DRO
Squirt Machines 1Jules Jordan Video20071DRO
Squirt Machines 2Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Superstar Slut ChallengeJules Jordan Video20133DRO
Swallow The Leader 13rd Degree20051DRO
Swallow The Leader 23rd Degree20055DRO
Swallow The Leader 33rd Degree20064DO
Swallow The Leader 43rd Degree20063DRO
Threesomes3rd Degree2004 DRO
Too Much is Never Enough 13rd Degree20062DRO
Too Much is Never Enough 23rd Degree20071DRO
Top Heavy SlutsEvil Angel20182DO
Top Ten3rd Degree2008 DO
Total Interactive Control of Alektra Blue3rd Degree20071DRO
Up My Asian AssJules Jordan Video20127DRO
Up My Asian Ass 2Jules Jordan Video20154DRO
Up'r Class 13rd Degree20041DO
Up'r Class 23rd Degree20051DRO
Up'r Class 33rd Degree20064DRO
Up'r Class 43rd Degree20062DRO
Up'r Class 53rd Degree20073DRO
VagitariansEvil Angel2019 DO
Voracious 1Fusxion20041DRO
We All Scream For Ass Cream 13rd Degree20044DRO
Wetter The Better 13rd Degree20043DRO
Wetter The Better 23rd Degree20052DRO
Wetter The Better 33rd Degree20061DRO
Wetter The Better 43rd Degree20073DRO
What Gets You Off 13rd Degree20043DO
What Gets You Off 33rd Degree20063DRO
Young and Glamorous 1Jules Jordan Video20093DRO
Young and Glamorous 2Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Young and Glamorous 3Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Young and Glamorous 4Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Young and Glamorous 5Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Young and Glamorous 6Jules Jordan Video20144DRO
Young and Glamorous 7Jules Jordan Video20154DRO
Young and Glamorous 8Jules Jordan Video20152DRO
Young and Glamorous 9Jules Jordan Video20173DRO
Youth Going WildJules Jordan Video20124DRO