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AVN Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Runaway (2011)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Voila (2012)
Nominee: Best Director: Parody, Pee-Wee's XXX Adventure: A Porn Parody (2012)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Daddy's Girls (2013)
Nominee: Best Director: Parody, Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, These Things We Do (2014)
Nominee: Best Director: Parody, Austin Powers XXX: A Porn Parody (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Color Blind (2016)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Web Director
Nominee: Best Director – Non-Feature, Prinzzess: A Decade Of Desire (2018)


Nominee: Best Director: Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Feature
Nominee: Best Director: Feature

Nightmoves Fan Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Feature
Nominee: Best Director: Feature

RogReviews' Critics Choice Awards

Nominee: Best Director

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

Spank Bank Awards

Nominee: Excellence in the Creation of Smut (aka Director of the Year)
Nominee: Minstrel of Smut (Director - Plot Driven)
Nominee: Guru of Gonzo (Director of the Year - Gonzo)

The Fannys

Nominee: Best Director

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Allie Haze: True Sex (2011)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Homecoming (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Daddy's Girls (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Down the Rabbit Hole (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Parody, Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Gardener (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Sexually Explicit 2 (2013)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Parody, Austin Powers XXX: A Porn Parody (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Control (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Ass Versus Pussy (2015)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Color Blind (2016)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Non-Feature Release, Sex Footage: Natural Sluts (2016)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work

XRCO Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Features
Nominee: Best Director: Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Features
Nominee: Best Director: Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Features
Nominee: Best Director: Features

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
$2 BillVivid20052DO
1 Room 4 GirlsGirlfriends Films20151DRO
1 Room 4 Girls 2Girlfriends Films20152DRO
11th HoleVivid20104DRO
3 MistressesVivid20121DRO
59 SecondsVivid20081DRO
AbductedGirlfriends Films20131DRO
AJ Bailey ExperimentVivid20096DO
All About AllieVivid20134DRO
All Dressed UpVivid20093DRO
Allie Haze: Natural BeautyVivid20132DRO
Allie Haze: Peep ShowVivid2012 DRO
Allie Haze: True SexVivid20117DRO
American DreamVivid20072DRO
American NanniesGirlfriends Films20143DRO
Ass CheeksGirlfriends Films20153DRO
Ass Versus PussyGirlfriends Films20152DRO
Ass Versus Pussy 2Girlfriends Films20163DRO
Ass Versus Pussy 3Girlfriends Films2016 DRO
Ass Versus Pussy 4Girlfriends Films20171DRO
Ass versus Pussy 5Girlfriends Films20171DRO
Attention WhoresVivid20141DRO
AuditionsGirlfriends Films20141DO
Auditions 2Girlfriends Films20152DRO
Auditions 3Girlfriends Films20151DRO
Austin Powers XXX: A Porn ParodyVivid20146DRO
Backdoor to ChynaVivid20114DR
Barely Legal 159Hustler Video2018 DO
Barely Legal 160Hustler Video2018  
Barely Legal 161: Temperature RisingHustler Video2018 DO
Barely Legal 162: Fresh BunsHustler Video2018 DO
Barely Legal 163: Halloween SpecialHustler Video2018 DO
Barely Legal 164: Babysitter FacialsHustler Video2018 DO
Barely Legal 165: Teen Cam GirlsHustler Video2018 DO
Barely Legal 166: Little PeachesHustler Video2019 DO
Barely Legal 167: College Nerd CreampiesHustler Video2019 D
Beautiful New FacesGirlfriends Films20142DRO
Beautiful New Faces 2Girlfriends Films20142DRO
Beautiful New Faces 3Girlfriends Films20142DRO
Beautiful New Faces 4Girlfriends Films20153DRO
Beautiful New Faces 5Girlfriends Films20152DRO
Beautiful New Faces 6: Little FuckersGirlfriends Films20162DRO
Beautiful New Faces 7Girlfriends Films20162DR
Big Anal JackoffVivid20141DRO
Big Ass DreamsGirlfriends Films20151DRO
Big Ass Jack OffVivid20122DRO
Big Boob SexGirlfriends Films2017 DRO
Big Tit Jack OffVivid2012 DRO
Big Titty Fuck DollsGirlfriends Films20162DRO
Black on WhiteVivid20131DRO
Blue CollarVivid20061DO
Bounce 1Vivid20093DRO
Bounce 2Vivid20092DRO
Brand New Faces 1Vivid20072DRO
Brand New Faces 10Vivid20084DRO
Brand New Faces 11Vivid20084DRO
Brand New Faces 12Vivid20085DRO
Brand New Faces 13Vivid20084DRO
Brand New Faces 14Vivid20086DRO
Brand New Faces 15Vivid20094DRO
Brand New Faces 16Vivid20093DRO
Brand New Faces 17Vivid20093DRO
Brand New Faces 18Vivid20091DRO
Brand New Faces 19Vivid20093DO
Brand New Faces 2Vivid20073DRO
Brand New Faces 20Vivid20093DRO
Brand New Faces 21Vivid20093DO
Brand New Faces 22Vivid20093DRO
Brand New Faces 23Vivid20101DRO
Brand New Faces 24Vivid20102DRO
Brand New Faces 25Vivid20102DRO
Brand New Faces 26Vivid20102DRO
Brand New Faces 27Vivid20102DRO
Brand New Faces 28Vivid20101DRO
Brand New Faces 29Vivid20112DRO
Brand New Faces 3Vivid20072DO
Brand New Faces 30Vivid20112DRO
Brand New Faces 31Vivid20111DRO
Brand New Faces 32Vivid2011 DRO
Brand New Faces 33Vivid20112DRO
Brand New Faces 34Vivid20113DRO
Brand New Faces 35Vivid20121DRO
Brand New Faces 36Vivid20121DRO
Brand New Faces 37Vivid20122DRO
Brand New Faces 38Vivid20121DRO
Brand New Faces 39Vivid2012 DRO
Brand New Faces 4Vivid20083DRO
Brand New Faces 41: Interracial EditionVivid20131DRO
Brand New Faces 42Vivid20134DRO
Brand New Faces 43Vivid20142DRO
Brand New Faces 44Vivid20142DRO
Brand New Faces 45Vivid20141DRO
Brand New Faces 5Vivid20084DRO
Brand New Faces 6Vivid20085DRO
Brand New Faces 7Vivid20084DRO
Brand New Faces 8Vivid20083DRO
Brand New Faces 9Vivid20083DRO
Briana ExtremeVivid20103DRO
Burnt FuryVivid20073DRO
Cassidey's Day OffVivid20072DO
Catch MeVivid20092DO
Centerfolds ExposedVivid20094DO
Cheap TrixxxVivid20114DRO
Cheer Squad Sleepovers 31Girlfriends Films20191DO
Cherry BombVivid20071DRO
Chyna is Queen of the RingVivid20124DRO
Clerks XXX: A Porn ParodyVivid20136DRO
Color BlindSkow Digital20162DRO
ConjoinedGirlfriends Films20134DRO
ContrastGirlfriends Films20161DRO
Contrast 2Girlfriends Films20161DRO
ControlGirlfriends Films2014 DRO
Cum for Me Nikki JayneVivid20094DRO
Curvaceous 2Vivid20102DRO
Cute and CurvyVantage2012 DRO
Daddy's GirlsGirlfriends Films20135DRO
Daddy's Girls 2Girlfriends Films20153DRO
Damaged GoodsVivid20083DRO
Dark and DirtyVivid20122DRO
Down the Rabbit HoleGirlfriends Films20132DRO
End GameVivid2005 DRO
Experience RequiredVivid20104DO
Family Matters: a Gonzo StoryGirlfriends Films2016 DRO
Feet FirstVivid20101DRO
Fresh PickedVivid20103DRO
GardenerGirlfriends Films20141DRO
Getting Off With MoniqueVivid20103DO
Girls Next DoorGirlfriends Films2016 DO
Going DeepVivid20091DO
Gonzo Story 2: Open HouseGirlfriends Films20151DRO
Gonzo Story 3: Whorehouse VirginGirlfriends Films2016 DRO
Gonzo Story 4: Creampie VirginGirlfriends Films2016 DRO
Gonzo Story 5: Sister SwappingGirlfriends Films20162DRO
Gonzo Story 6: Bad School GirlsGirlfriends Films20161DRO
Gonzo Story: The Mansion FamilyGirlfriends Films20151DRO
Hanna's HouseVivid20095DRO
HomecomingGirlfriends Films20131DO
I Love SexVivid2012 DRO
In the FleshGirlfriends Films20152DO
Incredible Hulk: A XXX Porn ParodyVivid20113DRO
Introducing the Russo TwinsVivid20104DRO
KarmaVivid2005 DRO
Kung Fu BeautyVivid20103DRO
Kung Fu Beauty 2Vivid20113DRO
Lacie's LifeVivid20061DO
Lesbian Legal 14Girlfriends Films20181DO
Lesbian Legal 15Girlfriends Films20191DO
Lesbian Sex 20Girlfriends Films2019 D
Lesbian Tutors 5Girlfriends Films2018 DO
Lia's First TimeVivid20103DO
Lia's LifeVivid20103DRO
Live!!! Nude!!! Girls!!!Vivid20103DRO
Look at MeVivid20141DRO
Love LifeVivid2007 DRO
Lux's LifeVivid20063DRO
Make Me CumVivid20092DO
Me FirstVivid20113DRO
Meggan's Big Ass AdventureVivid20103DRO
Miles From NeedlesVivid20084DRO
Model House InvasionSkow Digital20121DRO
Monique's Lost FootageVivid20103DO
Mother's Little HelperGirlfriends Films20152DRO
My Big Fake WeddingVivid20073DO
My Slutty FriendsVivid20123DRO
Natural AttractionGirlfriends Films2016 DO
Net Skirts 10.0Girlfriends Films20131DRO
Nikki Jayne ExperimentVivid20086DO
Nikki's HouseVivid20105DO
Off the HookVivid20072DRO
Other Side of SunnyVivid20084DRO
PaintGirlfriends Films20134DRO
Pee-Wee's XXX Adventure: A Porn ParodyVivid20126DRO
Play With MeVivid20093DO
Please Make Me Lesbian 17Girlfriends Films20181DO
Please MeVivid20082DRO
Pop StarVivid2007 DO
Pretty TittiesVivid20112DRO
Prinzzess: A Decade Of DesireGirlfriends Films2018 DO
Proud ParentsGirlfriends Films20144DRO
Raven Alexis UnleashedVivid20122DRO
Raylene's Dirty WorkVivid20095DRO
Real Teen JackoffVivid20143DRO
Roughed UpVivid20061DRO
Russo Twins: From Russia to HollywoodVivid20122DRO
Savanna Samson Goes GonzoVivid20133DRO
Savanna Samson StrippedVivid20113DRO
Scared SexyVivid20094DO
Secret Lesbian Diaries 8Girlfriends Films20192DO
Sex Footage: Natural SlutsGirlfriends Films20161DRO
Sex Footage: Young Girls Home All AloneGirlfriends Films20152DRO
Sexually Explicit 1Girlfriends Films20134DRO
Sexually Explicit 10: Perfect 10Girlfriends Films2016 DO
Sexually Explicit 2Girlfriends Films20133DRO
Sexually Explicit 3Girlfriends Films20142DRO
Sexually Explicit 4Girlfriends Films20152DRO
Sexually Explicit 5Girlfriends Films20152DRO
Sexually Explicit 6: Big Titty Tattoo GonzoGirlfriends Films20151DRO
Sexually Explicit 7: Big Natural CurvesGirlfriends Films20151DRO
Sexually Explicit 8: Anal ManiacsGirlfriends Films20161DRO
Sexually Explicit 9: Breast ExamGirlfriends Films20161DRO
Shooting SavannaVivid20084DRO
SilhouetteGirlfriends Films20142DRO
Sister Wives XXX: A Porn ParodyVivid20113DO
Spread EagleVivid20113DRO
Stood UpVivid20073DRO
Stop StaringVivid20081DRO
Strip Tease by Meggan MalloneVivid20081DO
Stroke ItVivid20092DRO
Suck ItVivid20092DRO
Sunny ExperimentVivid20072DRO
Sunny Loves MattVivid20076DRO
Sunrise Adams is a Sex AddictVivid20072DO
Sweet and NaturalVivid20122DRO
Sweet PussyVivid20102DRO
Sweetness and LightGirlfriends Films20143DRO
SwitchGirlfriends Films20161DRO
Tease MeVivid20071DO
Teases and Pleases 1Vivid20111DRO
Teases and Pleases 2Vivid20113DRO
Teen Sex DollsSkow Digital20124DRO
Teen Sex Dolls 2Girlfriends Films2016 DRO
These Things We DoGirlfriends Films20144DRO
Touch MeVivid20082DRO
Trophy Wives CuckoldHustler Video2019 D
Truth Be ToldGirlfriends Films20134DRO
Twins Home MoviesVivid20132DRO
Undress MeVivid20092DO
Victoria Rae Black ExperimentVivid20114DRO
VoilaGirlfriends Films20123DRO
Watching SavannaVivid20101DRO
What Do You Want Me To SayGirlfriends Films20132DRO
Women Seeking Women 160Girlfriends Films20181DO