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10th Annual CAVR Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year

AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Video, All Soaped Up (2002)

CAVR Awards

Nominee: Hottest Director

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
All Pissed Off 10Wildlife20011DO
All Pissed Off 11Wildlife20012DO
All Pissed Off 12Wildlife20012O
All Pissed Off 14Wildlife20041DO
All Soaped UpWildlife20023D
Anal OverflowWildlife20053DO
Asian BeaversWildlife20072DO
Asian CoedsFilmco Releasing2009 DO
Assfixiation 1Wildlife20052DO
Assfixiation 2Wildlife20052DRO
Audrey Hollander Learns Kelly Wells What Assfisting IsSweet Pictures20081 
Beautiful Sexy MindWildlife20023DO
Big Tease 1Wildlife20042DO
Big Tease 2Wildlife20042DO
Big Tease 3Wildlife20042DO
Big Tease 4Wildlife20053DO
Big Tits at PlayWOW Pictures2010 DO
Bird in the Hand Two in the BushRisque Entertainment 2009 DO
Black Pussy Search 3Wildlife20015D
Black Pussy Search 4Wildlife20023D
Black Tails 2Tight Ends1998 DRO
Black Tails 3Tight Ends1999 DRO
Blame It on Daddy 2Wildlife20062DRO
Blame It on Daddy 3Wildlife20062DO
Blonde Party GirlsMidnight Video2003 DO
Crank Shaft 1American Hardcore2006 DO
Craving 4 CockWildlife2009 DO
Cum to Mommy 1Anarchy2008 DO
Destroy the World 2Wildlife20053DO
Destroy the World 3Wildlife20052 
Destroy the World 4Wildlife20062O
Dirty Newcummers 1Wildlife19991DRO
Dirty Newcummers 10Wildlife20022O
Dirty Newcummers 11Wildlife20023DO
Dirty Newcummers 2Wildlife20001O
Dirty Newcummers 3Wildlife20001DO
Dirty Newcummers 4Wildlife20002DO
Dirty Newcummers 5Wildlife20011DO
Dirty Newcummers 6Wildlife20011DO
Dirty Newcummers 7Wildlife20012D
Dirty Newcummers 8Wildlife20012DO
Dirty Newcummers 9Wildlife20014DO
Double Dip-her 1Wildlife20052DO
Double Dip-her 2Wildlife20052DRO
Double Dip-her 3Wildlife20052DO
Double PlayWildlife20013DO
Fine Sistas of Screw My WifeWildlife2010 DRO
Fuck It Like It's Hot 1Powerhouse20061DO
Fuck It Like It's Hot 2Powerhouse20061DO
Fuck It Like It's Hot 3Powerhouse20072DO
Fuck It Like It's Hot 4Powerhouse20072DRO
Fuck My Teen PussyPandemonium2008 DRO
Fuck You Sum MoreTight Ends1998  
Girls Home Alone 1Tight Ends19982DRO
Girls Home Alone 10Wildlife20001DO
Girls Home Alone 12Wildlife20001DO
Girls Home Alone 13Wildlife20001DRO
Girls Home Alone 14Wildlife20012DO
Girls Home Alone 15Wildlife20012DO
Girls Home Alone 16Wildlife20013DO
Girls Home Alone 17Wildlife20022DO
Girls Home Alone 18Wildlife20022DO
Girls Home Alone 19Wildlife20022DO
Girls Home Alone 2Tight Ends19982DRO
Girls Home Alone 20Wildlife20032DO
Girls Home Alone 21Wildlife20041DRO
Girls Home Alone 22Wildlife20041DO
Girls Home Alone 23Wildlife20041DO
Girls Home Alone 24Wildlife20041DO
Girls Home Alone 25Wildlife20051DO
Girls Home Alone 26Wildlife20051DRO
Girls Home Alone 27Wildlife20051DO
Girls Home Alone 28Wildlife20062DRO
Girls Home Alone 29Wildlife20061DO
Girls Home Alone 3Tight Ends1998 DRO
Girls Home Alone 30Wildlife20071DRO
Girls Home Alone 31Wildlife20071DO
Girls Home Alone 32Wildlife20081DO
Girls Home Alone 33Wildlife20081DO
Girls Home Alone 34Wildlife20081DO
Girls Home Alone 4Tight Ends19981DRO
Girls Home Alone 5Tight Ends19981DRO
Girls Home Alone 6Tight Ends19981DRO
Girls Home Alone 7Wildlife1999 DRO
Girls Home Alone 8Wildlife19991DO
Girls Home Alone 9Wildlife20001DO
Handjobs 1Wildlife1999 DRO
Handjobs 10Wildlife20024DO
Handjobs 11Wildlife20023DRO
Handjobs 12Wildlife20024DRO
Handjobs 13Wildlife20032DRO
Handjobs 14Wildlife20042DRO
Handjobs 15Wildlife20042DRO
Handjobs 16Wildlife20052DRO
Handjobs 17Wildlife20061DRO
Handjobs 18Wildlife20062DRO
Handjobs 19Wildlife20071DRO
Handjobs 2Wildlife19991DRO
Handjobs 20Wildlife20071DO
Handjobs 21Wildlife20071DRO
Handjobs 22Wildlife20081DRO
Handjobs 23Wildlife20081DO
Handjobs 24Wildlife2008 DRO
Handjobs 25Wildlife2008 DO
Handjobs 26Wildlife2008 DO
Handjobs 29Wildlife2010 DO
Handjobs 3Wildlife20001DRO
Handjobs 4Wildlife20002DRO
Handjobs 6Wildlife20003DRO
Handjobs 7Wildlife20013DRO
Handjobs 8Wildlife20012DRO
Handjobs 9Wildlife20012DRO
Handjobs: Collectors Edition 1Wildlife20051O
Handjobs: Collectors Edition 2Wildlife2007 DO
Healing TouchWildlife20023DO
HeatTight Ends1999  
Heat 2Wildlife19994DO
Heavenly BodiesWildlife20012DRO
Here Cum the Brides 1Powerhouse20042DO
Here Cum the Brides 2Powerhouse20042DO
Here Cum the Brides 3Powerhouse20042DO
Hi-teen Club 10Wildlife20042DO
Hi-teen Club 8Wildlife20042DRO
Hi-teen Club 9Wildlife20042DRO
I Want To Fuck YouTight Ends1998  
I'll Do Anything for You 1Wildlife20043DO
I'll Do Anything for You 2Wildlife20042DO
I'll Do Anything for You 3Wildlife20042DO
I'll Do Anything for You 4Wildlife20052DRO
Latina Fuckholas 1Wildlife20052DRO
Latina Fuckholas 2Wildlife20062DRO
Latina Fuckholas 3Wildlife20062DRO
Latina Fuckholas 4Wildlife20062DO
Limo StoriesTight Ends1998 D
Mirror ImageWildlife20023DRO
Mommy is a HottieAvalon Enterprises2008 DRO
My Daughter's a CocksuckerWildlife20062DO
My Favorite MILF 1Wildlife20072DO
My Favorite MILF 2Wildlife20072DO
My Favorite MILF 3Wildlife20081DO
Not Just Another Asian MovieWildlife2009 DO
Nurseholes 1Wildlife20062DO
Nurseholes 2Wildlife20062DO
Passion 1Wildlife20015D
Passion 2Wildlife20024DO
Precious BridesJuicy Chicks2012 O
Precious Brides - The SequelJuicy Chicks2012 O
Pure LustWildlife20032DRO
Pussy Playhouse 1Wildlife20013DO
Pussy Playhouse 10Wildlife20051DRO
Pussy Playhouse 11Wildlife20062DRO
Pussy Playhouse 12Wildlife20062DRO
Pussy Playhouse 13Wildlife20061DRO
Pussy Playhouse 14Wildlife20071DO
Pussy Playhouse 15Wildlife20071DRO
Pussy Playhouse 16Wildlife20071DRO
Pussy Playhouse 17Wildlife2008 DO
Pussy Playhouse 18Wildlife20081DO
Pussy Playhouse 19Wildlife20081DRO
Pussy Playhouse 2Wildlife20012DRO
Pussy Playhouse 20Wildlife20081DRO
Pussy Playhouse 21Wildlife2008 DRO
Pussy Playhouse 22Wildlife2009 DO
Pussy Playhouse 3Wildlife20023DO
Pussy Playhouse 4Wildlife20023DO
Pussy Playhouse 5Wildlife20023DO
Pussy Playhouse 6Wildlife20032DO
Pussy Playhouse 7Wildlife20041DRO
Pussy Playhouse 8Wildlife20041DO
Pussy Playhouse 9Wildlife20051DO
Screw My Husband Please 1Wildlife20011DO
Screw My Husband Please 2Wildlife20013DRO
Screw My Husband Please 3Wildlife20023DO
Screw My Husband Please 4Wildlife20023DO
Screw My Husband Please 5Wildlife20042DRO
Screw My Husband Please 6Wildlife20052DRO
Screw My Husband Please 7Wildlife20072DO
Screw My Wife Please 10 (And Make Her Tremble)Wildlife19993DRO
Screw My Wife Please 11 (And Make Her Twist and Shout)Wildlife19992DRO
Screw My Wife Please 12 (And Make Her Sweat)Wildlife20001DRO
Screw My Wife Please 13 (And Do Her Doggy Style)Wildlife20001DRO
Screw My Wife Please 14 (And Make Her Cream)Wildlife20001DRO
Screw My Wife Please 15 (And Spank Her Married Ass)Wildlife20001DRO
Screw My Wife Please 16 (And Make Her Smile)Wildlife20001DRO
Screw My Wife Please 17 (And Make Her Drip)Wildlife20001DRO
Screw My Wife Please 18 (And Make Her Purr)Wildlife20002DRO
Screw My Wife Please 19 (And Rock Her World)Wildlife20011DRO
Screw My Wife Please 20 (And Make It Nasty)Wildlife20012DRO
Screw My Wife Please 21 (And Do Her Right)Wildlife20012DRO
Screw My Wife Please 22 (And Make Her Eyes Roll)Wildlife20013DRO
Screw My Wife Please 23 (And Make Her Toes Curl)Wildlife20014DRO
Screw My Wife Please 24 (And Shove It Up Her Butt)Wildlife20014DRO
Screw My Wife Please 25 (And Make Her Beg)Wildlife20013DRO
Screw My Wife Please 26 (And Play With Her Tits)Wildlife20023DRO
Screw My Wife Please 27 (And Drive Her Nuts)Wildlife20024DRO
Screw My Wife Please 28 (And Let The Good Times Roll)Wildlife20024DRO
Screw My Wife Please 29 (And Turn Her Inside Out)Wildlife20024DRO
Screw My Wife Please 30 (And Make Her A Star)Wildlife20022DRO
Screw My Wife Please 31 (And Make Her Do Anal)Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please 32 (and Make Her Sweat Like a Pig)Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please 33 (and Ram Her Hard)Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please 34 (and Make Her Wacky)Wildlife20033DRO
Screw My Wife Please 35 (She's So Naughty)Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please 36 (She Can't Get Enough)Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please 37 (She's On Fire)Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please 38 (She's Off The Wall)Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please 39: She's Da BombWildlife20041DRO
Screw My Wife Please 3DWildlife20071DO
Screw My Wife Please 40 (4th Anniversary Edition)Wildlife20042DRO
Screw My Wife Please 41 (She's Married, Not Dead)Wildlife20041DRO
Screw My Wife Please 42 (She Wants Me To Watch)Wildlife20041DRO
Screw My Wife Please 43 (She Likes Her Ass Slapped)Wildlife20041DRO
Screw My Wife Please 44 (She Needs Your Meat)Wildlife20041DRO
Screw My Wife Please 45 (She is Off the Hook)Wildlife20041DRO
Screw My Wife Please 46 (She Takes It Deep)Wildlife20051DRO
Screw My Wife Please 47 (She Gets What She Needs)Wildlife20052DRO
Screw My Wife Please 48 (She Won't Say No)Wildlife20051DRO
Screw My Wife Please 49 (She's So Ready)Wildlife20051DRO
Screw My Wife Please 5 (Deeper)Tight Ends19982DRO
Screw My Wife Please 50 (And Make it an Orgy)Wildlife20051DRO
Screw My Wife Please 51 (She's a Newlywed)Wildlife20052DRO
Screw My Wife Please 52 (She's Hot to Trot)Wildlife20062DRO
Screw My Wife Please 53 (She's Amazing)Wildlife20062DRO
Screw My Wife Please 54 (She Bangs, She Bangs)Wildlife20062DRO
Screw My Wife Please 55 (She Could Be a Porn Star)Wildlife20062DRO
Screw My Wife Please 56 (Turn Her Loose)Wildlife20061DRO
Screw My Wife Please 57 (Show Her a Good Time)Wildlife20071DRO
Screw My Wife Please 58 (She Was Born to Screw)Wildlife20071DRO
Screw My Wife Please 59 (Nail Her Good)Wildlife20071DRO
Screw My Wife Please 60 (Treat Her Right)Wildlife20071DRO
Screw My Wife Please 61 (Knock Her Socks Off)Wildlife20081DRO
Screw My Wife Please 62: She Likes to PartyWildlife20081DO
Screw My Wife Please 63 (And Give Her a Creampie)Wildlife20081DRO
Screw My Wife Please 64 (She's No Angel)Wildlife20082DRO
Screw My Wife Please 65 (Makes Her Blood Boil)Wildlife20081DRO
Screw My Wife Please 66 (She Needs Sex in the City)Wildlife20082DRO
Screw My Wife Please 67Wildlife20091DRO
Screw My Wife Please 68 (She Deserves It)Wildlife20091DRO
Screw My Wife Please 69 (It's More Than a Feeling)Wildlife2009 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 7 (And Make Her Squirm)Tight Ends1998 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 70 (She's in Lust)Wildlife2009 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 71 (She's Crazy About Fucking)Wildlife2010 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 72 (She's Got Skills)Wildlife2010 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 73 (Light Her Fire)Wildlife2010 DO
Screw My Wife Please 74 (Stretch Her Wide)Wildlife2011 DO
Screw My Wife Please 75 (75th Anniversary Diamond Edition)Wildlife2011 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 76 (She's Still Going Strong)Wildlife2012 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 8 (And Make Her Scream)Wildlife1999 DRO
Screw My Wife Please 9 (And Make Her Tremble)Wildlife19991DRO
Screw My Wife Please: Collectors Edition 1Wildlife2000 DRO
Screw My Wife Please: Collectors Edition 2Wildlife20022DO
Screw My Wife Please: Collectors Edition 3Wildlife20032DRO
Screw My Wife Please: Collectors Edition 4Wildlife20041DRO
Screw My Wife Please: Collectors Edition 5Wildlife2005 DRO
Screw My Wife Please: Collectors Edition 6Wildlife2007 DO
Screw My Wife She's Home AloneWildlife2009 D
Second Wife's ClubTight Ends1997 DO
Secrets of the FleshWildfire, Inc.1999 DR
Shay's Wild LifeWildlife20013O
She's Home Alone 2: MILF EditionWildlife2009 DO
She's Home Alone 3Wildlife2010 DRO
She's the OneWildlife19991DRO
Slut Search 4Tight Ends19982DO
Slut Search 5Tight Ends1998 DRO
Slut Search 6Tight Ends1998 DO
Slut Search 7Wildfire, Inc.19991DO
Slut Search 8Wildfire, Inc.1999 DO
So Close You Can Taste ItWildlife2002  
Stare at My Pussy 1Wildlife20072D
Suck My Cock 7Demolition2009 DO
Teach Me How to Fuck 1Wildlife20052DO
Teach Me How to Fuck 2Wildlife20052DO
Teach Me How to Fuck 3Wildlife20053DRO
Teens Gone Wild 1Wildlife20062DO
Teens Gone Wild 2Wildlife20061DO
Teens Gone Wild 3Wildlife20062DRO
Titty Fuckers 1Wildlife2000 DRO
Titty Fuckers 2Wildlife20001DO
Titty Fuckers 3Wildlife20002DRO
Titty Fuckers 4Wildlife20012DO
Titty Fuckers 5Wildlife20013DO
Titty Fuckers 6Wildlife20024DO
Titty Fuckers 7Wildlife20032DRO
To Love SomebodyWildlife20001 
Train My White Ass 1Wildlife20023DO
Train My White Ass 2Wildlife20024DO
Train My White Ass 3Wildlife20024DO
Train My White Ass 4Wildlife20033DO
Train My White Ass 5Wildlife20033DO
Train My White Ass 6Wildlife20032DO
Ultimate Swimming Pool Orgy 3Tight Ends1998 DO
Under the Cherry Tree 4Wildlife20002 
Under the Cherry Tree 5Wildlife20012DO
Under the Cherry Tree 6Wildlife20014DO
Walk Away Renee'Wildlife20012D
Welcome to SquirtsvilleWildlife20072DRO
Wet Panties and Dildo BabiesUnknown1992  
White Crack 4 the Big BlackWildlife20062DO
Wildest Sex Ever 2Wildlife20024DO
Wildlife Anal Contest 2002Wildlife20024DO
X-Rated Auditions 1Wildlife20004 
X-Rated Auditions 2Wildlife20015DO
X-Rated Auditions 3Wildlife20014DO
X-Rated Auditions 4Wildlife20013DO
X-Rated Auditions 5Wildlife20024DO