Andre Madness

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Andre Maddness

Director AKA

Andre Maddness


September 12, 1970 (48 years old)





Years Active as Director








Hair Color



6 feet, 2 inches (188 cm)


158 lbs (72 kg)


No data


No data

AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Specs Appeal 5 (2002)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Grindhouse XXX: A Double Feature (2011)
Nominee: Best Director: Parody, Dallas: A XXX Parody (2012)
Inducted: Hall of Fame (Video Branch)
Nominee: Best Director: Parody, This Ain't Modern Family XXX (2015)
Nominee: Best Director: Parody, This Ain't Fallout XXX This is a Parody (2016)


Nominee: Best Director: Parody

Nightmoves Fan Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Parody

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
10 Man Cum Slam 1Kick Ass Pictures20034DRO
10 Man Cum Slam 11Kick Ass Pictures20051DO
10 Man Cum Slam 14Kick Ass Pictures20051DRO
10 Man Cum Slam 17Kick Ass Pictures20061DO
10 Man Cum Slam 2Kick Ass Pictures20031DRO
10 Man Cum Slam 3Kick Ass Pictures20032DO
10 Man Cum Slam 4Kick Ass Pictures20043DRO
10 Man Cum Slam 5Kick Ass Pictures20043DO
10 Man Cum Slam 6Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
10 Man Cum Slam 7Kick Ass Pictures20042DRO
10 Man Cum Slam 8Kick Ass Pictures20042DO
10 Man Cum Slam 9Kick Ass Pictures20051DO
2 Dicks in 1 Chick 1New Sensations20033DRO
2 Dicks in 1 Chick 2New Sensations20033DRO
2 Dicks in 1 Chick 3New Sensations20031DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 1Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 10Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 11Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 12Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 13Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
5 Guy Cream Pie 14Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
5 Guy Cream Pie 17Kick Ass Pictures20051DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 19Kick Ass Pictures20052DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 2Kick Ass Pictures20022DO
5 Guy Cream Pie 3Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 4Kick Ass Pictures20035DO
5 Guy Cream Pie 5Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 6Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 7Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 8Kick Ass Pictures20031DRO
5 Guy Cream Pie 9Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
69 Bree StreetAdam & Eve20104DO
Alexis and AsaAdam & Eve20132DRO
Alexis Ford's College TailsAdam & Eve20093DRO
Alexis Meets AlexisAdam & Eve20105DO
Amateur Orgies Series 24Gourmet Video Collection1992  
Amateur Orgies Series 25Gourmet Video Collection1992  
American Heroes 2Adam & Eve20111DRO
Anal Madness 2Rosebud20012DRO
Anal OnlyAdam & Eve20112DO
Anikka and CarterAdam & Eve20152DRO
Ashlynn Goes To College 1New Sensations20081DRO
Ashlynn Goes To College 2New Sensations20084DRO
Ashlynn Goes To College 3New Sensations20083DO
Ashlynn Goes To College 4New Sensations20082DO
Ass Driven 2Madness20045DRO
Ass Pumpers 2Adam & Eve20061DO
Assficianado 1Rosebud2002 DRO
Assficianado 2Rosebud20021DRO
Assficianado 3Rosebud2003 DR
Assficianado 4Rosebud2003 DRO
Assficianado 5Rosebud2003 DRO
Assficianado 6Pleasure Productions2004 DO
Banging BitchesAdam & Eve20092DRO
Barefoot Confidential 12Kick Ass Pictures20012DRO
Barefoot Confidential 14Kick Ass Pictures20011DRO
Barefoot Confidential 15Kick Ass Pictures20014DRO
Barefoot Confidential 16Kick Ass Pictures20015DRO
Barefoot Confidential 17Kick Ass Pictures20024DO
Barefoot Confidential 18Kick Ass Pictures20022DRO
Barefoot Confidential 19Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Barefoot Confidential 20Kick Ass Pictures20022DRO
Barefoot Confidential 21Kick Ass Pictures20023DRO
Barefoot Confidential 22Kick Ass Pictures20023DRO
Barefoot Confidential 23Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Barefoot Confidential 24Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Barefoot Confidential 25Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Barefoot Confidential 26Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Barefoot Confidential 27Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Barefoot Confidential 28Kick Ass Pictures20031DRO
Barefoot Confidential 30Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
Barefoot Confidential 31Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Barefoot Confidential 32Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Barefoot Confidential 33Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Barely Legal 58Hustler Video20064DRO
Barely Legal 59Hustler Video20063DRO
Barely Legal 60Hustler Video20062DRO
Barely Legal 61Hustler Video20062DRO
Barely Legal 62Hustler Video20062DRO
Barely Legal 63Hustler Video20062DRO
Barely Legal 64Hustler Video20063DRO
Barely Legal 65Hustler Video20062DRO
Barely Legal 66Hustler Video20063DRO
Barely Legal 67Hustler Video20072DRO
Barely Legal ChristmasHustler Video20074DRO
Barely Legal Summer Camp 3Hustler Video20091DRO
Big Cock Seductions 3New Sensations20023DRO
Big Cock Seductions 4New Sensations20023DRO
Big Cock Seductions 5New Sensations20033DRO
Big Cock Seductions 7New Sensations20032DRO
Biggz and the Beauties 1New Sensations20033DRO
Biggz and the Beauties 2New Sensations20034DRO
Black Poles In Dark Holes 2Adam & Eve20062DO
Black Poles In White HolesAdam & Eve20061DRO
Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 8Elegant Angel19985DRO
Bonnie Rotten Bounty HunterHustler Video20161DRO
Booty Thirst TrapAdam & Eve20181DO
Brats N' BracesNew Sensations2009 DO
Bree and AlexisAdam & Eve20104DRO
Bree and KaydenAdam & Eve20085DRO
Bree and SashaAdam & Eve20084DRO
Bree and TeaganAdam & Eve20104DRO
Bree ExposedAdam & Eve20095DO
Bree's Anal InvasionAdam & Eve20095DRO
Bree's College Daze 1Adam & Eve20084DO
Bree's College Daze 2Adam & Eve20095DO
Bree's College Daze 3Adam & Eve20104DO
Bubble Butt BellesAdam & Eve20094DRO
Carmen and AvaAdam & Eve20073DRO
Carmen Goes To College 1New Sensations20033DRO
Carmen Goes To College 2New Sensations20035DRO
Carmen Goes to College 3New Sensations20021DRO
Carmen Goes To College 4New Sensations20032DRO
Carmen InkedAdam & Eve20072DO
Caught in the Act 2: Real SexAdam & Eve20131DRO
Caught In The Act 3: Real SexAdam & Eve2015 DRO
Chasey Meets KrystalPleasure Productions20041DRO
Chica Boom 10Kick Ass Pictures20014DO
Chica Boom 11Kick Ass Pictures20015DRO
Chica Boom 12Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Chica Boom 13Kick Ass Pictures20023DRO
Chica Boom 14Kick Ass Pictures20025DRO
Chica Boom 15Kick Ass Pictures20023DO
Chica Boom 16Kick Ass Pictures20022DRO
Chica Boom 17Kick Ass Pictures20022DRO
Chica Boom 18Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Chica Boom 19Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
Chica Boom 20Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Chica Boom 21Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Chica Boom 22Kick Ass Pictures20031DO
Chica Boom 23Kick Ass Pictures20031DO
Chica Boom 24Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
Chica Boom 25Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Chica Boom 27Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Chica Boom 28Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Chica Boom 29Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
Chica Boom 32Kick Ass Pictures20052DRO
Chica Boom 4Kick Ass Pictures20004DRO
Chica Boom 5Kick Ass Pictures2000 DRO
Chica Boom 6Kick Ass Pictures20011DRO
Chica Boom 7Kick Ass Pictures20012DRO
Chica Boom 8Kick Ass Pictures20012DRO
Chica Boom 9Kick Ass Pictures20011DRO
Chloe Dior Loves CockHustler Video2008 DRO
Close-up 1Pleasure Productions2003 DRO
Close-up 2Pleasure Productions2004 DRO
Cream Pie Cravings 2Adam & Eve20113DO
Cum TalesMadness20044DRO
Dallas: A XXX ParodyAdam & Eve20123DRO
Deviant BehaviorPleasure Productions2003 DRO
Dirty Talkin' BlowjobsVolcanic20017DO
DisturbedVideo Team20011DO
Double Trouble (II)Adam & Eve20062DO
Erotic Tall TalesPenthouse2017 DRO
Fantasy All Stars 9New Sensations20082DO
Fetish DollsAdam & Eve20073DO
FiveAdam & Eve20093DRO
Flight 69Adam & Eve20067DO
FortunePleasure Productions20021DRO
Gentlemen Prefer BronzeVideo Team19991DRO
Getting All A's 7Digital Sin2009 DRO
Glory Holes and Bad GirlsAdam & Eve20083DO
Good Girls Doing Bad Things 2New Sensations20032DRO
Grindhouse XXX: A Double FeatureAdam & Eve20116DO
Grrl Power 1Kick Ass Pictures20005DRO
Grrl Power 10Kick Ass Pictures20028DRO
Grrl Power 11Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Grrl Power 12Kick Ass Pictures20023DRO
Grrl Power 13Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Grrl Power 14Kick Ass Pictures20025DRO
Grrl Power 15Kick Ass Pictures20038DRO
Grrl Power 2Kick Ass Pictures20005DRO
Grrl Power 3Kick Ass Pictures20003DRO
Grrl Power 4Kick Ass Pictures20014DRO
Grrl Power 5Kick Ass Pictures20015DRO
Grrl Power 6Kick Ass Pictures20012DO
Grrl Power 7Kick Ass Pictures20011DRO
Grrl Power 8Kick Ass Pictures20017DO
Grrl Power 9Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Head Master 3Adam & Eve20092DRO
Hearts and Minds 2: Modern WarfareNew Sensations20087DRO
Heavy Metal 3Rosebud20021DRO
Hell KatsAdam & Eve20072DO
High RisePleasure Productions20032DO
Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy 2Kick Ass Pictures20053DO
Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy 3Kick Ass Pictures20051DO
Hot Squirts 3Adam & Eve2006 DO
How To Catch A CougarPenthouse2016 DRO
I Love Ashlynn 2New Sensations20092DO
I'm For SaleKick Ass Pictures20034DRO
Idiot's Guide to Making Porno MoviesElegant Angel20001O
In the Mind of MadnessVideo Team20002DO
Inseminated By 2 Black Men 2Kick Ass Pictures20044DO
Inseminated By 2 Black Men 4Kick Ass Pictures20051DO
Inseminated By 2 Black Men 5Kick Ass Pictures20051DO
Inseminated By 2 Black Men 6Kick Ass Pictures20051DO
Interracial Fellatio 4Elegant Angel19982O
Julian's Seductions 1New Sensations20023DRO
Julian's Seductions 2New Sensations20023DRO
Kayden ExposedAdam & Eve20083DO
Kayden's College TailsAdam & Eve20106DO
Kayden's KrossfireAdam & Eve20083DRO
Kick Ass Chicks 13: CythereaKick Ass Pictures2004 DRO
Kick Ass Chicks 40: Double PenetrationsKick Ass Pictures2007 DO
Kick Ass Chicks 5: Felix ViciousKick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Latin SeductionAdam & Eve20084DO
Legal Tender 1Madness20043DO
Lesbian Spank InfernoHustler Video2017 DRO
Lexi Belle Loves CockHustler Video2011 DO
Li'l RedPleasure Productions2003 DRO
Little Lace Panties 3New Sensations20025DRO
Little Lace Panties 4New Sensations20023DRO
Little Lace Panties 5New Sensations20023DRO
Little Lace Panties 6New Sensations20024DRO
Little White GirlsHustler Video20064DRO
Little White Girls 2Hustler Video20062DO
Load In Every Hole 1Kick Ass Pictures20035DR
Load In Every Hole 11Kick Ass Pictures20043DRO
Load In Every Hole 2Kick Ass Pictures20032DR
Load In Every Hole 3Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
Load In Every Hole 4Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Load In Every Hole 5Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Load In Every Hole 6Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Load In Every Hole 7Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Load In Every Hole 8Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
Load In Every Hole 9Kick Ass Pictures20042DRO
Malibu's Most Latin 1Madness20045DRO
Malibu's Most Latin 2Adam & Eve20061DO
Mary Carey ExperienceKick Ass Pictures2004 D
Mary Carey Rules 1Kick Ass Pictures20035DRO
Mary Carey Rules 2Kick Ass Pictures20034DRO
Mistaken IdentityAdam & Eve20061DO
My Baby Got Back 26Video Team20011DRO
My Baby Got Back 27Video Team20011DRO
Nasty Video Magazine 6Video Team19991DO
Nasty Video Magazine 7Afro-Centric2000 DO
Naughty College School Girls 13New Sensations20014DRO
Naughty College School Girls 14New Sensations20016DRO
Naughty College School Girls 15New Sensations20015DRO
Naughty College School Girls 17New Sensations20015DO
Naughty College School Girls 18New Sensations20013DO
Naughty College School Girls 19Digital Sin20014DO
Naughty College School Girls 21New Sensations20015DRO
Naughty College School Girls 22New Sensations20022DRO
Naughty College School Girls 26New Sensations20023DRO
Naughty College School Girls 27New Sensations20024DRO
No Man's Land Director's ChoiceVideo Team20032DRO
Oops I Got Gangbanged AgainKick Ass Pictures20061DRO
Panty Hoes 6New Sensations20015DO
Panty Hoes 7New Sensations20013DRO
Perfect Ass: Alexis FordAdam & Eve20104DO
PornographerHustler Video20062DRO
Pretty Young ThingsAfro-Centric2000 DRO
Pretty Young Things 2Video Team2000 DO
Pretty Young Things 3Afro-Centric20001DRO
Private Reality 23: CumPrivate2004 DO
Rawhide 2Adam & Eve20093DRO
Real College Girls 16Hustler Video20082DRO
Real College Girls: Latin EditionHustler Video2008 DRO
Real College Girls: Lesbian Stories 1Hustler Video2008 DO
Real College Girls: Lesbian Stories 2Hustler Video20092DRO
Real College Girls: Lesbian Stories 3Hustler Video20092DO
Retro LustPleasure Productions2003 DRO
Riley and AbellaAdam & Eve2016 DRO
Rio ThingVideo Team2002 DO
Screaming Orgasms 11New Sensations20032DO
SentencedAdam & Eve20071DO
She Squirts 9New Sensations20014DRO
Show Her HowAdam & Eve2014 DO
Shy Love's Cum Play With MeMadness20052D
Slice of PieAdam & Eve20072DRO
Something Fo' Yo' Mouth 1Video Team19991DRO
Something Fo' Yo' Mouth 2Video Team1999 DO
Something Fo' Yo' Mouth 3Video Team2000 DO
Spanish HarlemVideo Team20022DO
Specs Appeal 1Kick Ass Pictures20013DRO
Specs Appeal 10Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
Specs Appeal 11Kick Ass Pictures20034DRO
Specs Appeal 12Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Specs Appeal 13Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Specs Appeal 14Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Specs Appeal 15Kick Ass Pictures2004 DRO
Specs Appeal 16Kick Ass Pictures20031DO
Specs Appeal 17Kick Ass Pictures20042DO
Specs Appeal 18Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Specs Appeal 19Kick Ass Pictures20041DO
Specs Appeal 2Kick Ass Pictures20013DRO
Specs Appeal 20Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Specs Appeal 21Kick Ass Pictures20042DO
Specs Appeal 3Kick Ass Pictures20014DRO
Specs Appeal 4Kick Ass Pictures20025DRO
Specs Appeal 5Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Specs Appeal 6Kick Ass Pictures20025DRO
Specs Appeal 7Kick Ass Pictures20024DO
Specs Appeal 8Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Specs Appeal 9Kick Ass Pictures20024DO
Squirt Girl: Alexis FordAdam & Eve20113DRO
Stop or I'll Squirt 3Kick Ass Pictures20061DO
Stripped: Ava RoseAdam & Eve20073DRO
Sweatin' It 1Kick Ass Pictures20025DRO
Sweatin' It 2Kick Ass Pictures20026DRO
Sweatin' It 3Kick Ass Pictures20024DRO
Sweatin' It 4Kick Ass Pictures20022DRO
Sweatin' It 5Kick Ass Pictures20023DRO
Sweatin' It 6Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
Sweatin' It 7Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
Sweatin' It 8Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Sweet GrindMadness20046DRO
Sweetest ThingPleasure Productions2003 DRO
Taboo: Foot FrenzyHustler Video20051DO
Taboo: On the EdgeHustler Video20073DRO
Taken To The EdgeAdam & Eve20181DO
Teagan Presley: The S!xAdam & Eve20112DO
Teen Dreams 2New Sensations20023DRO
Teen Power 1Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Teen Power 10Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Teen Power 11Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Teen Power 12Kick Ass Pictures20051DO
Teen Power 13Kick Ass Pictures20052DRO
Teen Power 2Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
Teen Power 3Kick Ass Pictures20032DRO
Teen Power 4Kick Ass Pictures20033DRO
Teen Power 5Kick Ass Pictures2003 DRO
Teen Power 6Kick Ass Pictures20031DRO
Teen Power 7Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Teen Power 8Kick Ass Pictures20041DRO
Teen Power 9Kick Ass Pictures20042DRO
TempAdam & Eve20072DO
This Ain't Fallout XXX This is a ParodyHustler Video2016 DRO
This Ain't Fast and Furious XXXHustler Video20141DRO
This Ain't Modern Family XXXHustler Video20151DRO
Totally MaryKick Ass Pictures20081DO
Toy Boxes 1Adam & Eve20052DO
Twisted Sex StoriesNew Sensations19996DO
Twisted Tales 1Pleasure Productions2004 DO
Twisted Tales 2Pleasure Productions2005 DO
Twisted Tales 3Pleasure Productions2006 DRO
United Colors Of Ass 10Video Team20036DRO
University Of Austyn 1Adam & Eve20054 
University Of Austyn 2Adam & Eve20064DRO
Valley Girls 1Madness20047DRO
Valley Girls 2Madness20044DO
What is Erotic?Pleasure Productions2005 DO
Whores Don't Wear Panties 1Hustler Video20051R
Whores Don't Wear Panties 2Hustler Video20053DRO
Whores Don't Wear Panties 3Hustler Video20062DRO
Young As They Cum 1New Sensations20016DRO
Young As They Cum 10New Sensations20032DRO
Young As They Cum 11New Sensations20034DRO
Young As They Cum 12New Sensations20032DRO
Young As They Cum 2New Sensations20016DRO
Young As They Cum 3New Sensations20023DRO
Young As They Cum 4New Sensations20024DRO
Young As They Cum 5New Sensations20024DRO
Young As They Cum 6New Sensations20023DRO
Young As They Cum 7New Sensations20024DRO
Young As They Cum 8New Sensations20023DRO
Young As They Cum 9New Sensations20024DRO
Young Asian Cuties 2Kick Ass Pictures20062DRO
Young Girls Next DoorAdam & Eve20092DO
Young Girls Next Door 2Adam & Eve20102DO