Alex Ladd

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May 21, 1968 (50 years old)




b: Yugoslavia, r: Canada 

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6 feet, 1 inches (185 cm)


209 lbs (95 kg)


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XBiz Awards

Winner: Best Cinematography , Marriage 2.0 (2015)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
1 for 4 4 for 1Elegant Angel20001O
2'fers 1Sin City20001 
2'fers 2Sin City20001 
2'fers 3Sin City20001 
2'fers 4Sin City20001 
2'fers 5Sin City20001 
Art Of SeductionPenthouse2018 DRO
Backseat Driver 2Metro19982DRO
Backseat Driver 3Metro19981DRO
Beachside BitchesEmpire Video1998  
Behind the CounterSin City20004DRO
Black AttackSin City20001DRO
Booty Fest 2Sin City2001 DO
Booty Fest 3Sin City20011O
Booty Fest 4Sin City20011O
Brazilian BoychicksSin City20012D
Deep in Cream 1DVSX20035DRO
Deep in Cream 2: Fire in the HoleDVSX20035DRO
Deep in Cream 3: Deposit RequiredDVSX20033DO
Deep in Cream 4: GushersDVSX20035DRO
Deep in Cream 5: Cum on InDVSX20046DRO
Deep in Cream 6: Cockonut Cream PiesDVSX20042DRO
Deep in Cream 7: Wet DreamsDVSX20053DRO
Deep in Cream 8DVSX20062DRO
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 1Sin City20011 
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 2Sin City20011 
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 3Sin City20013O
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 4Sin City2001 O
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 5Sin City20011O
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 6Sin City2001 DO
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 7Sin City2001 DO
Dirty Little Cocksuckers 8Sin City20022O
Double Parked 1DVSX20027DRO
Double Parked 10: Lot FullDVSX20043DRO
Double Parked 11: Bumper StickersDVSX20045DRO
Double Parked 13DVSX20055DRO
Double Parked 17DVSX2007 DO
Double Parked 2: ImpoundedDVSX20027DRO
Double Parked 3: Two Way StreetDVSX20038DRO
Double Parked 4: Loading ZoneDVSX20035DRO
Double Parked 5: Meater MaidsDVSX20035DRO
Double Parked 6: Moving ViolationsDVSX20033DRO
Double Parked 7: Highway Check PointDVSX20033DRO
Double Parked 8: Traffic JamDVSX20045DO
Double Parked 9: Bumper To BumperDVSX20046DRO
Double Stuffed Honeys 1Sin City2001 DO
Double Stuffed Honeys 2Sin City20011DO
Double Stuffed Honeys 3Sin City20011DO
DP's and Orgies 1Elegant Angel20022DO
Eager Beavers 1Metro19982DRO
Fill Me In 3DVSX20062DRO
Fill Me In 4DVSX20071DRO
Fill Me In 5DVSX20071DRO
Freak ShowSin City20002DRO
Fuck You Ass Whores 1Amazing19981D
Fuck You Ass Whores 2Amazing19981D
Fuck You Ass Whores 3Amazing1998 DRO
Fuck You Ass Whores 4Amazing19983DRO
Fuck You Ass Whores 5Amazing19982RO
Fuck You Ass Whores 6Metro19983 
Fucking Hostile 4DVSX20071DO
Gang Bang Angels 10Elegant Angel20004DRO
Gang Bang Angels 11Elegant Angel20005DRO
Gang Bang Angels 12Elegant Angel20006DRO
Gang Bang Angels 3Elegant Angel19996DRO
Gang Bang Angels 4Elegant Angel19992DRO
Gang Bang Angels 5Elegant Angel19995DRO
Gang Bang Angels 6Elegant Angel19995DRO
Gang Bang Angels 7Elegant Angel19995DRO
Gang Bang Angels 8Elegant Angel19998DRO
Gang Bang Angels 9Elegant Angel20008DRO
Gang Up On MeElegant Angel20021DRO
Girls Interrupted 1DVSX20043DRO
Girls Interrupted 2DVSX20042DRO
Girls Interrupted 3DVSX20055DRO
Heavy Handfuls 1Elegant Angel20022DRO
Hot RidesDVSX20054DRO
International Anal Queens 1Sin City20022DRO
Joys of Erotica 114VCR1984  
Jungle Love 8DVSX20071DO
Just 18 1Sin City19994DRO
Just 18 2Sin City19993DRO
Little Bad Czechs 1Sin City2000  
Little Bad Czechs 2Sin City2001 DO
Obsessed With Breasts 1DVSX20072DRO
Obsessed With Breasts 2DVSX20074DRO
Off The Rack 1DVSX20055DRO
Off The Rack 2DVSX20056DRO
Off The Rack 3DVSX20055DRO
Off the Rack 4DVSX20065DO
Peach FuzzElegant Angel20024DRO
Puritan Magazine 34Puritan International, Ltd.20013DRO
Sakura Tales 1DVSX20026DRO
Sakura Tales 10DVSX20063DO
Sakura Tales 11DVSX20062DRO
Sakura Tales 12DVSX20072DRO
Sakura Tales 2: Cherry BlossomsDVSX20037DRO
Sakura Tales 3DVSX20036DRO
Sakura Tales 4DVSX20034DRO
Sakura Tales 5DVSX20047DRO
Sakura Tales 6DVSX20045DRO
Sakura Tales 7DVSX20051DRO
Sakura Tales 8DVSX20052DO
Sakura Tales 9DVSX20066DO
Shades of Sex 1Metro19982DO
Shades of Sex 2Metro19983DRO
Shades of Sex 3Metro19984DRO
Shhh Just Fuck MeElegant Angel19981O
Simply 18 1Sin City20012DO
Simply 18 2Sin City20004DO
Simply 18 3Sin City20012DRO
Simply 18 4Sin City20014DO
Simply 18 5Sin City20011DRO
Simply 18 6Sin City20012DRO
Simply 18 7Sin City20012DRO
Skin DanceSin City20002DO
Sleaze Pleaze October EditionFactory Home Video1994  
Sluts with Nuts 2Elegant Angel20003DRO
Sluts with Nuts 3Elegant Angel20016DRO
Sluts with Nuts 4Elegant Angel20012DRO
Sluts with Nuts 5Elegant Angel20012DRO
Sluts with Nuts 6Elegant Angel20014DRO
Sodomania 37Elegant Angel20022DRO
Sodomania: Orgies 4Elegant Angel20015DR
Sodomania: Orgies 5Elegant Angel20013DRO
Squirts So Good 3DVSX20073DRO
Squirts So Good 4DVSX2007 DRO
Squirts So Good 5DVSX20071DRO
Sweet Lil 18 10: It's The Back To School EditionSin City20003D
Sweet Lil 18 11: Here Kitty KittySin City20002DRO
Sweet Lil 18 7: Britany Gets SpearedSin City20003DR
Sweet Lil 18 8: Mariah's After School SpecialSin City20002DRO
Sweet Lil 18 9: Legal And TenderSin City20004DO
Team SpiritSin City20003DO
Teen Sensations 11DVSX20056DRO
Teen Sensations 12DVSX20054DO
Teen Sensations 14DVSX20072DRO
Teen Sensations 4DVSX20036DRO
Teen Sensations 5DVSX20035DRO
Teen Sensations 6DVSX20032DR
Teen Sensations 7DVSX20035DRO
Teen Sensations 8DVSX20048DRO
Teen Sensations 9DVSX20044DRO
Transposed 1Elegant Angel20025DRO
Transposed 2Elegant Angel20024DRO
Whoriental Sex Academy 1Sin City20001DRO
Whoriental Sex Academy 2Sin City20013DO