Will Ravage

Photo of Will Ravage

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Performer AKA

Will Bogas, Wil Ravage, Will Ravigs

Director AKA

Will Bogas


September 25, 1951 (67 years old)




No data 

Years Active as Performer

1995-2012 (Started around 44 years old)

Years Active as Director



http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hotwillravage (fansite)






Hair Colors



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No data


Right upper arm, shoulder and chest



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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Year Distributor Notes Rev Formats
3 Bros and a Ho2006Sticky Video 1DRO
87 and Still Banging1997Heatwave  DO
92 and Still Banging2000Heatwave  DO
Adorable1997Filmco Releasing 1DO
Adorable 21997Filmco Releasing 1DRO
Adorable 31997Filmco Releasing   
Adorable 41998Filmco Releasing 1 
Adorable 51998Filmco Releasing 1 
Aged to Perfection 182000Totally Tasteless  O
Aged to Perfection 212000Totally Tasteless  DO
Aged to Perfection 31995Totally Tasteless  DRO
Aged to Perfection 41997Totally Tasteless  DRO
Airtight Granny2000Filmco Releasing  DO
All Black All Anal1997Vivid   
All Latin All Anal1997Vivid   
All Star Big Tits2009Channel 69  DO
Amateur Nights 111996Filmco Releasing   
Amateur Nights 121996Filmco Releasing   
Amateur Nights 131996Filmco Releasing   
Amateur Nights 141996Filmco Releasing 1 
Amateur Nights 171997Filmco Releasing   
Amateur Nights 181997Filmco Releasing 1 
Amateur Nights 191997Filmco Releasing   
Anal Asian Fantasies1997Filmco Releasing   
Anal Marie FFF's2004Wil Ravage Studios  O
Anal Moms2006Factory 13  DO
Analystas2006Heatwave 1DO
Asian Boom Boom Girls1997Filmco Releasing   
Baby Fat 42004Filmco Releasing  DRO
Bang Goo 2007XOXO  D
Bangin in the Hood 12002Soho Video 1DO
Barefoot and Pregnant 11997Heatwave  DRO
Barefoot And Pregnant 112002Heatwave  DRO
Barefoot And Pregnant 122003Heatwave  DO
Barefoot And Pregnant 142006Heatwave  DO
Barefoot And Pregnant 152006Heatwave  DO
Barefoot And Pregnant 162006Heatwave  DO
Barefoot and Pregnant 172006Heatwave Raw  DO
Barefoot And Pregnant 61999Heatwave  DRO
Battle of the Ultra Milkmaids 62005Filmco Releasing  DRO
BBW 1st Vid Sandra2002Wil Ravage Studios  O
BBW Heavy Tits 12008Channel 69  DO
Big Ass Candy BBW2010Wil Ravage Studios  O
Big Big Babes 12002Channel 69 1DO
Big Big Babes 102005Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 152005Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 162006Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 182006Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 192006Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 22003Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 202006Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 242007Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 262008Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 32003Channel 69 1DRO
Big Big Babes 42003Channel 69  DRO
Big Big Babes 52004Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 62004Channel 69 1DO
Big Big Babes 72004Channel 69  DO
Big Big Babes 92005Channel 69 1DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 11995Totally Tasteless  DRO
Big Boob Bangeroo 101998Totally Tasteless 1DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 111998Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 121998Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 131999Totally Tasteless  DRO
Big Boob Bangeroo 141999Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 151999Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 162000Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 172000Totally Tasteless  O
Big Boob Bangeroo 182000Totally Tasteless  DRO
Big Boob Bangeroo 192001Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 21995Totally Tasteless  DRO
Big Boob Bangeroo 31996Totally Tasteless  DRO
Big Boob Bangeroo 41996Totally Tasteless  DRO
Big Boob Bangeroo 51996Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 61996Totally Tasteless  DRO
Big Boob Bangeroo 71996Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 81997Totally Tasteless 1DO
Big Boob Bangeroo 91997Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Boob Michelle's 1st Anal2002Wil Ravage Studios  O
Big Fat Cream Pie 12005White Ghetto  DRO
Big Fat Cream Pie 22005White Ghetto  DRO
Big Tits Galore2003Totally Tasteless  DO
Big Titty Fuckers 42005Filmco Releasing  DO
Big Titty Slammers 32004Filmco Releasing  DO
Black Chunky Chicks 12004Channel 69  DRO
Black Chunky Chicks 122008Channel 69  DO
Black Chunky Chicks 32005Channel 69  DO
Black Chunky Chicks 92007Channel 69  DRO
Black Erotic Moments 31997Filmco Releasing   
Black Erotic Moments 71999Filmco Releasing   
Black White And Spicy2003Totally Tasteless  DRO
Blacker the Midget Sweeter the Juice2003Metropolis Entertainment  DRO
Blast My Ass 32004Filmco Releasing  DO
Bollywood Bang 12006Gentlemen's Video 1DRO
Bollywood Bang 22006Gentlemen's Video 1DO
Bombay Bimbos2006Gentlemen's Video 3DRO
Bridget the Midget Gang Bang1999Filmco Releasing 1DRO
Bushy Beavers 22003Totally Tasteless  DO
Bushy Becky2004Wil Ravage Studios  O
Bust A Nut In Grandma's Butt1999Totally Tasteless 1O
Busty Amazon Cherry's Anal2004Wil Ravage Studios  O
Butt A Face Babes2004Totally Tasteless  DO
Butt Bangers Ball 11996Totally Tasteless  DO
Butt Bangers Ball 21996Totally Tasteless  DO
Butt Bangers Ball 31997Totally Tasteless  DO
Butt Bangers Ball 41997Totally Tasteless  DO
Butt Bangers Ball 51998Totally Tasteless 1DO
Butt Bangers Ball 61998Totally Tasteless  DO
Calcutta Cuties 12006Gentlemen's Video 1DO
Calcutta Cuties 22006Gentlemen's Video 1DO
Candy Big Ass Blonde2010Wil Ravage Studios  O
Choice Love Chunks1998Totally Tasteless  DO
Chubby Chasers 102004Filmco Releasing  DRO
Chubby Chasers 22003Heatwave 1DO
Chubby Cheeks 12006Filmco Releasing  DO
Chubby Cheeks 32007Filmco Releasing  DO
Chubby Chicas 42005Totally Tasteless  DO
Chubby Young Chicks 22005Filmco Releasing  O
Chunky Chicks 41998Channel 69  DRO
Chunky Chicks 61998Channel 69 1DRO
Chunky Mature Women 42004Channel 69  DRO
Chunky Mature Women 52004Channel 69  DO
Chunky Stocking Stuffers2012Filmco Releasing  DRO
Confessions Of An Unfaithful Housewife2006Mirage Media   
Creampie Cathy 2: Cum In Me Please2006Cathy's Craving   
Curry Cream Pie 22006White Ghetto  DRO
Curry Cream Pie 62007White Ghetto  DRO
Cute Cuddly Bubble Butts 11996Totally Tasteless   
Cutie Pies1996Totally Tasteless  DRO
Denni O 22: Funnel Of Love2000Sticky Video  DO
Dirty And Kinky Mature Women 71995Channel 69  DO
Dirty And Kinky Mature Women 91996Channel 69  DO
Double Air Bags 172005Channel 69  DRO
Double D Housewives 31999Soho Video 1DO
Eat At The Blue FoXXX1997Filmco Releasing  DO
Fat and Hairy Mamas 22009Filmco Releasing  DO
Fat Latinas 12004Filmco Releasing  DO
Fortune Cookie Nookie1998Filmco Releasing 1DRO
Fucking Grandma2015Totally Tasteless  DRO
Gang Bang Addicts 12006Pandemonium   
Gangfucked 92014Sinister TV  O
Get Jiggy Miss Piggy1999Totally Tasteless  DO
GILTF 42004Filmco Releasing 1DO
GILTF 52005Filmco Releasing 1DO
GILTF 62005Filmco Releasing  DO
GILTF Gone Anal2005Filmco Releasing  DO
Girls Of Havasu2004Mirage Media 1 
Girls of the Taj Mahal 12004Heatwave 1DRO
Girls of the Taj Mahal 42005Heatwave 1DRO
Girls of the Taj Mahal 52006Heatwave 1DRO
Girls of the Taj Mahal 62006Heatwave 1DRO
Girls of the Taj Mahal 72006Heatwave 1DO
Girls of the Taj Mahal 82006Heatwave 1DRO
Girls Who Puke2000Totally Tasteless   
Golden Oldies 11995Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 101999Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 111999Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 21995Filmco Releasing  DRO
Golden Oldies 31995Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 41996Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 51996Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 61996Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 71997Loads Of Fun  DO
Golden Oldies 81998Totally Tasteless  DO
Golden Oldies 91998Totally Tasteless  DO
Granny Ass Fuckers 12006Filmco Releasing  DO
Granny's Gang Bang 31999Filmco Releasing  O
Granny's Interracial Gang Bang1999Filmco Releasing 1DO
Grannys Gone Anal 22004Filmco Releasing  DO
Grannys Gone Wild 32004Filmco Releasing  DO
Grannys Gone Wild 72007Filmco Releasing  DO
Hairy Cuties 72005Totally Tasteless  DO
Hairy Divas 22005Filmco Releasing  DRO
Hairy Honies 152002Channel 69  DO
Hairy Honies 21998Channel 69  DO
Hairy Honies 242006Channel 69  DRO
Hairy Honies 41998Channel 69  DO
Hefty Hotties2004Filmco Releasing  DRO
Hershe Highway 101999Filmco Releasing   
Hershe Highway 112000Filmco Releasing   
Hershe Highway 122000Filmco Releasing   
Hershe Highway 5: Backdoor Blues1996Hollywood Video   
Hershe Highway 71999Filmco Releasing 1 
Hershe Highway 81999Filmco Releasing   
Hershe Highway 91999Filmco Releasing   
Hey My Grandma Is a Whore 11999Metropolis Entertainment  DRO
Hey My Grandma Is a Whore 22000Metropolis Entertainment  DO
Hollywood Hineys 131998Filmco Releasing 1 
Horny Housewives 32006Filmco Releasing  DRO
Hot, Horny And Over 401999Metro  DO
How I Fucked Your Mother2005Heatwave  DO
I Love Tits2003Vivid 1DR
I Luv Asians 112000Filmco Releasing  O
I Luv Asians 122001Filmco Releasing   
I Nailed A Hairy Chubby Chick2010Totally Tasteless  DO
I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus 22001Metropolis Entertainment  DO
Identical Twins1997Filmco Releasing 1 
Itsy Bitsy Bang Bang 21999Heatwave  DO
Just Another Gang Bang2002Metro  DO
L.A. Gangbang2003Mirage Media 2 
Labor Of Love 42004Filmco Releasing  DRO
Labor Of Love 52004Filmco Releasing  DO
Lactamania 121999Totally Tasteless  D
Lactamania 141999Totally Tasteless  DRO
Lactamania 152000Totally Tasteless  DRO
Lactamania 252003Totally Tasteless  DO
Lactamania 51997Totally Tasteless 1DRO
Lactamania 61997Totally Tasteless 1DRO
Lactamania 71998Totally Tasteless  DRO
Lactamania 91998Totally Tasteless 1DRO
Lactating Ladies2004Totally Tasteless  DO
Las Vegas Big Boob Hospitality Sweet1997Filmco Releasing 1O
Latin Festival2000Totally Tasteless   
Latin Fever 21996Channel 69 1DO
Latin Fever 61997Channel 69  DO
Latin Fever 71997Channel 69  DO
Latin Newcummers 22002Heatwave  O
Latin Plump Humpers 11995Totally Tasteless  DO
Latin Plump Humpers 21995Totally Tasteless  DO
Latin Plump Humpers 31995Totally Tasteless  DO
Latin Plump Humpers 41997Totally Tasteless  DO
Latin Plump Humpers 51998Totally Tasteless  DO
Latinas Debutantes 21998Video Amor  O
Lil Sista 12003Totally Tasteless  DRO
Lil' Latin Cutie Pies1996Totally Tasteless   
Linda's Home Videos 4: 1998 CES Show1998Ateball Productions 1 
Lisa Sparxxx 50 Man Gang Bang2004Climax 9 1O
Little Bit Pregnant 31998Metro 1D
Little Bit Pregnant 41999Metro  DO
Little Latin Plump Humpers 61998Totally Tasteless  DO
Little Latin Plump Humpers 71999Totally Tasteless  DO
Little Latin Plump Humpers 81999Totally Tasteless  DO
Little Latin Plump Humpers 92000Totally Tasteless  DO
Look I'm Hairy 32005Legend Video 1DO
Look I'm Hairy 42006Legend Video 1DO
Lots More Love Chunks1997Totally Tasteless  DO
Lots More Love Chunks 31997Totally Tasteless  DRO
Lots More Love Chunks 41998Totally Tasteless  DO
Lots More Love Chunks 51998Totally Tasteless  O
Lots More Love Chunks 61999Totally Tasteless   
Love Chunks1997Totally Tasteless  DO
Love Chunks 122002Totally Tasteless  DO
Love Chunks 182004Totally Tasteless  DRO
Love Chunks 72000Totally Tasteless  DO
Love Chunks 82000Totally Tasteless  DO
Lusty Latinas2003Totally Tasteless  DRO
Mama's Gonna Rock That White Cock2012Filmco Releasing  DO
Mature Gang Bang2001Filmco Releasing  DO
Mature Mystique 21997Soho Video 1DO
Meet The Mother Fuckers2005Metro  DO
Mega Butt 112004Channel 69  DO
Mega Butt 172005Channel 69  DRO
Mega Butt 22001Channel 69  DO
Mega Butt 202006Channel 69  DO
Mega Butt 232007Channel 69  DO
Mega Butt 242007Channel 69  DRO
Mega Butt 252007Channel 69  DO
Mega Butt 302010Channel 69  DO
Mega Butt 332011Channel 69  DO
Mega Butt 62003Channel 69  DRO
Mega Butt 72003Channel 69  DRO
Mega Butt 82003Channel 69  D
Mega Butt 92004Channel 69  DO
Mega Tits 42004Channel 69  DRO
Milk Fight: Battle of the Super Soakers2001Totally Tasteless  O
Milk-a-thon 21998Heatwave  DO
Milking It All The Way2000Soho Video   
Misty's Gang Bang2001Filmco Releasing  D
Monster Mammaries2004Filmco Releasing  DO
Monster Tits2012Filmco Releasing  DRO
Much More to Love 42002Totally Tasteless  DRO
Muff Madness 22006Filmco Releasing  DO
Muff Madness 32006Filmco Releasing  DO
Muffmania 11995Totally Tasteless  DO
Muffmania 102004Totally TastelessClip DO
Muffmania 21997Totally Tasteless 1DO
Muffmania 31997Totally Tasteless  DO
Muffmania 41998Totally Tasteless  DO
Muffmania 51999Totally Tasteless  DO
Muffmania 62000Totally Tasteless  DRO
My First Porn Scene 3: In Las Vegas2003Elite Visuals  D
My Mom and My Two Buddies2010Totally Tasteless   
New Delhi Nymphos2006Gentlemen's Video 1DO
New York Minute Clit2008Randy DeTroit Productions  O
Nifty Fifties 22003Totally Tasteless  DO
Nifty Fifties 62004Totally Tasteless  DO
Older Women's Sperm Bank 111998Sunshine Films  O
One For The Gusher 22002Amazing 1DRO
Panochitas Gorditas 11: Chunky Latinas2005Channel 69  DRO
Panochitas Gorditas 7: Chunky Latinas2002Channel 69  DRO
Panochitas Gorditas 8: Chunky Latinas2003Channel 69  DO
Panochitas Gorditas 9: Chunky Latinas2004Channel 69  DRO
Period Piece1997Totally Tasteless   
Plump Gina Vid Virgin2004Wil Ravage Studios  O
Plump Jeanette's DP Marathon2010Wil Ravage Studios  O
Pool Time with Oasis2004Mirage Media 1 
Porn On The 4th Of July2004Phoenix Releasing 1D
Pregnant Fantasies 42005X-traordinary  DRO
Pretty Asian BBW 22010Wil Ravage Studios   
Q Balls1996Totally Tasteless  DO
Q Balls 21996Totally Tasteless  DRO
Raw 71997Vivid 1DRO
Ready To Drop 101996Filmco Releasing  DRO
Ready To Drop 121996Filmco Releasing  DO
Ready To Drop 151997Loads Of Fun  DO
Ready To Drop 161997Loads Of Fun 1DO
Ready To Drop 171997Loads Of Fun  DO
Ready To Drop 181998Filmco Releasing  DO
Ready To Drop 201998Filmco Releasing   
Ready To Drop 221998Filmco Releasing  DRO
Ready To Drop 231998Filmco Releasing  D
Ready To Drop 241998Filmco Releasing  DO
Ready To Drop 251999Filmco Releasing  DRO
Ready To Drop 312000Filmco Releasing  DO
Ready To Drop 322000Filmco Releasing  DRO
Ready To Drop 91995Filmco Releasing  DRO
Real Big Afro Tits 12000Channel 69  DO
Real Big Afro Tits 42001Channel 69  DRO
Real Big Afro Tits 62003Channel 69  DO
Real Big Latin Tits 32003Channel 69  DRO
Real Big Tits 102000Channel 69  DO
Real Big Tits 112000Channel 69  DRO
Real Big Tits 162003Channel 69  DRO
Real Big Tits 172003Channel 69 1DRO
Real Big Tits 182003Channel 69  DRO
Real Big Tits 192004Channel 69  DO
Real Big Tits 202004Channel 69  DO
Real Big Tits 262005Channel 69  DO
Real Big Tits 312007Channel 69  DO
Real Big Tits 322007Channel 69  DRO
Real Big Tits 332007Channel 69  DRO
Rollie Pollie Chicks1996Totally Tasteless   
Roly Poly Gang Bang 21999Heatwave 1DO
Roly Poly Gang Bang 31999Heatwave  DO
Salsa And Spice1995Totally Tasteless  DO
Salsa And Spice 152000Totally Tasteless  DO
Salza And Spice 101999Totally Tasteless   
Salza And Spice 111999Totally Tasteless   
Salza And Spice 122000Totally Tasteless  DO
Salza And Spice 2: Latin Lust1996Totally Tasteless  O
Salza And Spice 31996Totally Tasteless   
Salza And Spice 41997Totally Tasteless   
Salza And Spice 51997Totally Tasteless   
Salza And Spice 61997Totally Tasteless   
Salza And Spice 71998Totally Tasteless   
Salza And Spice 81998Totally Tasteless 1 
Salza And Spice 91999Totally Tasteless   
Sexual Harassment 11996Filmco Releasing   
Sisters Unchained2009Metro 1DO
Slut Training 32004Climax 9  DRO
Slutty Senoritas1997Soho Video  DRO
Smelly Hairy ArmPits2014Totally Tasteless  DRO
Specs Appeal2000Totally Tasteless  D
Suave Y Caliente 11997Heatwave  DO
Suave Y Caliente 21997Heatwave  DO
Suave Y Caliente 31997Heatwave  DO
Suave Y Caliente 41997Heatwave 1DO
Super Natural 11998Filmco Releasing 1 
Super Natural 21999Filmco Releasing   
Sweet Black Cherries 101999Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 111999Totally Tasteless   
Sweet Black Cherries 121999Totally Tasteless  DRO
Sweet Black Cherries 131999Totally Tasteless  DRO
Sweet Black Cherries 142000Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 152001Totally Tasteless  DRO
Sweet Black Cherries 21996Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 31996Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 41996Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 51996Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 61997Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 71997Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 81998Totally Tasteless  DO
Sweet Black Cherries 91998Totally Tasteless  DO
Taco Belles 71997Adult Videoseens   
Take All Cummers1996Filmco Releasing   
Twin Pak Of Identical Twins2001Filmco Releasing   
West Coast Gangbang Team 142005Sticky Video  DRO
West Coast Gangbang Team 172006Sticky Video  DO
West Coast Gangbang Team 192006Sticky Video  DRO
Wild Anal Gang Bang And Orgy1998Filmco Releasing 1 
Wild Latina Girls 22004Blue Pictures  DO
Wild Wild Chest 61998Filmco Releasing 1 
Wild Wild Chest 71998Filmco Releasing   
Wizzard of Odds 22003Totally Tasteless  DO
Ying Yang Bang Bang1998Filmco Releasing 1 

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Black White And SpicyTotally Tasteless2003 DRO
Golden Oldies 2Filmco Releasing1995 DRO
Latin Fever 6Channel 691997 DO
Midget Mania 3Heatwave20031DRO
Take All CummersFilmco Releasing1996