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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
A-Team All Stars: Austin WolfFalcon Studios2017  
A-Team All Stars: Chris BinesRaging Stallion2017  
A-Team All Stars: Sebastian KrossFalcon Studios2017  
A-Team All Stars: Shawn WolfeFalcon Studios2017  
AddictedRaging Stallion2013 DRO
All AccessRaging Stallion2011 DRO
All the WayRaging Stallion2012 DO
Amazing Ass 8Hothouse Entertainment2015  
Ass to GrindRaging Stallion2014 D
At LargeRaging Stallion2019 D
AttractionRaging Stallion2010 DR
Auto Erotic 1Raging Stallion2014  
Auto Erotic 2Raging Stallion2014  
Backstage Pass 1Raging Stallion20161D
Backstage Pass 2Raging Stallion2016  
Bang OnRaging Stallion2015 D
Beards Bulges and BallsacksRaging Stallion2017 DO
Beef SquadRaging Stallion2016 DO
Best of Angelo MarconiRaging Stallion2012 D
Best of Dylan RobertsFalcon Studios2012 D
Best of Hard FrictionRaging Stallion2013 D
Best of Hard Friction 2Raging Stallion2013 D
Best of Hard Friction 5Raging Stallion2014 D
Best of Nash LawlerFalcon Studios2012 D
Best of Tyler SaintFalcon Studios2010 D
Blue CollarRaging Stallion2011 DO
Blue MovieMustang2009 DO
Bounty HuntersRaging Stallion2018 DO
Buck NakedFalcon Studios2013 DO
Cabin FeverRaging Stallion2012 DO
Caught On TapeRaging Stallion2010 DRO
Clothing OptionalRaging Stallion2018 DO
ClusterfuckRaging Stallion2015 O
Clusterfuck 2Raging Stallion2015 DO
Cock FightRaging Stallion2014 DO
CockquestRaging Stallion2014 D
DarkroomMustang2009 DO
Deep Inside 2Falcon Studios2012 D
DestroyerRaging Stallion2016 O
DirtyMustang2009 DO
Do Me for the LikesRaging Stallion2018 DO
DominusRaging Stallion2011 DRO
Drenched in Piss CountyRaging Stallion2010 D
Drive ThruRaging Stallion2017 DO
Dude! Where's My Watch?Raging Stallion2012  
Erect ThisHothouse Entertainment2016  
ErectusRaging Stallion20161DO
FahrenheitFalcon Studios2012 DO
Fuck YeahRaging Stallion2015 D
Fucked DownRaging Stallion2012 DO
Fucked HardRaging Stallion2012 DRO
Full BlastRaging Stallion2014 D
Full ReleaseRaging Stallion2013 D
FurgasmRaging Stallion2018 DO
GaymersRaging Stallion2017 DO
Get Me OffMustang2011 DRO
Get SomeRaging Stallion2011 DRO
GiantsRaging Stallion2011 D
Giants 2Raging Stallion2011 O
Green DoorMustang2009 DO
Gun ShowFalcon Studios2017 DO
Guys Next DoorFalcon Studios2011 DO
Guys Next Door 2Falcon Studios2011 DO
Hairy Boyz 33Raging Stallion2014 D
Hairy Boyz 35Raging Stallion2014 D
Hairy Boyz 41Raging Stallion2015 D
Hard Friction 1Raging Stallion2009  
Hard Friction 2Raging Stallion2010 DR
Hard Friction Edge 1: Fresh MeatRaging Stallion2010  
Hard Friction's Ass to GridRaging Stallion2014  
He's Got a Big PackageRaging Stallion2011 DRO
High N' TightRaging Stallion2017 DO
Hit It Then Quit ItRaging Stallion2018 DO
Hot Fucks 3Raging Stallion2014 D
Hot Fucks 5Raging Stallion2014 D
Hot SexRaging Stallion2010 DRO
Humongous Cocks 22Raging Stallion2014 D
Humongous Cocks 27Raging Stallion2014 D
Hung Americans 2Raging Stallion2013 DO
Hung CountryRaging Stallion2016 DO
I Want YouFalcon Studios2011 DO
I'd Hit ThatRaging Stallion2015  
ImpactRaging Stallion20121DO
In Yer FaceRaging Stallion2012 DO
IndiscretionFalcon Studios2011 DRO
InsatiableRaging Stallion2012 DRO
Into DarknessRaging Stallion2014 DO
It Gets BiggerRaging Stallion2012 DO
It's ComingFalcon Studios20171DO
Late Night HitRaging Stallion2011 DR
Live SexRaging Stallion2011 DR
Lowdown DirtyRaging Stallion2013 DO
Madrid SexyFalcon International2012 DO
MagnetismRaging Stallion2013 D
Masterstrokes 12: High ImpactRaging Stallion2013  
Masturbation StationRaging Stallion2019 D
Men of MadridRaging Stallion2016 DO
Muscle And InkRaging Stallion2010 D
MuscleboundFalcon Studios20131DO
My Big Fucking Dick 42: Francesco D'machoFalcon Studios2017  
My Big Fucking Dick 45: Sebastian KrossFalcon Studios2018  
Nasty FuckersRaging Stallion2012 DO
Need It BadRaging Stallion2011 D
Never EnoughRaging Stallion2012 DRO
Night RidersRaging Stallion2019 DO
Object of DesireRaging Stallion2016  
Open Road 1Raging Stallion2013  
Open Road 2Raging Stallion2013  
Otter EroticRaging Stallion2018 DO
Piss ArmyRaging Stallion2010 D
Pounded DownRaging Stallion2011 DRO
PowerloadRaging Stallion2013 D
PrimalRaging Stallion2016 DO
Pure SexRaging Stallion2012 DRO
Raw ConstructionRaging Stallion2019 D
Raw PowerRaging Stallion2018 DO
Red LightFalcon Studios20091DRO
RetreatFalcon Studios2011 DRO
RideshareRaging Stallion2018 DO
Roll In the HayRaging Stallion2010 DO
RugburnRaging Stallion2011 O
SatisfactionRaging Stallion2012 DO
Sexflix and ChillFalcon Studios2016 DO
So Into YouRaging Stallion2011 D
Spencer Reed AnthologyRaging Stallion2012 D
State Of ArousalRaging Stallion2016 DO
SteamworksRaging Stallion2010 DR
Stripped 1: Make it RainRaging Stallion2012 DO
Stripped 2: Hard for the MoneyRaging Stallion2012 DO
Suck My CockRaging Stallion2012 DO
Suck My Cock 2Raging Stallion2012  
Suck My Cock 3Raging Stallion2012  
Sun KissedFalcon Studios2013 O
SuperRaging Stallion2018 DO
Tahoe: Snow PackedFalcon Studios2013 DO
Tahoe: Snow PlowedFalcon Studios2013 DO
TemptationRaging Stallion2015 DRO
Thirst is RealRaging Stallion2016 D
Three WishesRaging Stallion2018 DO
ThrobRaging Stallion2013 DO
TightRaging Stallion2013 DRO
TimberwolvesRaging Stallion2013 DO
TouristRaging Stallion2014 DO
Trent Locke AnthologyRaging Stallion2013 D
Two Dick MinimumRaging Stallion2017 DO
Under My Skin 1Raging Stallion2014  
Under My Skin 2Raging Stallion2014 D
Use Me Like a ToolRaging Stallion2012 DO
ViceRaging Stallion2018 DO
Want It NowRaging Stallion2014 D
When Men FuckRaging Stallion2011 DRO
XXXMustang2009 DO
XXXposureRaging Stallion2015 D