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Nick Cream, Nick Cramer, Nic Cream

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Nick Cream, Nick Cramer, Nic Cream


December 12, 1965 (49 years old)




Stockholm, Sweden 

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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Film, Trigger (1999)
Nominee: Best Director: Video, Naked Eye (2002)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Notes Year Rev Formats
After DarkPleasure Productions 20004DO
Air EroticaNew Sensations 20033DRO
All InPrivate 20062DRO
Almost Home AloneSilver Foxx Productions 1993  
Angel DustPleasure Productions 20004DRO
Apocalypse Climax 1Private 19951 
Apocalypse Climax 2Private 19952DRO
Au PairPleasure Productions 2005 DRO
Back And BeyondPleasure Productions 19981DRO
Bimbonese 101HIP Video 1993  
Black HeartPlum Productions 2000 DO
Black Label 41: God's WillPrivate 20062DO
Body WavesElectric 1994 O
CalamityPleasure Productions 20014DRO
Cannes 93 Broads AbroadElectric 1993  
CarnivorousPleasure Productions 19994DRO
Clockwork OrgyPleasure Productions 19953DRO
ConfessionsLovebone Video 1992 DRO
Couch TrapElectric 1993 O
DareSin City 20002DRO
DaydreamerMetro 19983DRO
Diamond DogPleasure Productions 20006DRO
Director's Wet DreamsDripping Wet Pix 19962DO
Dirty WorkPleasure Productions 2003 DO
Ecstasy Girls 1Odyssey 20004DR
Ecstasy Girls 2Odyssey 20004DRO
Ecstasy Girls 3Odyssey 20013D
Ecstasy Girls 4Odyssey 20011D
Ecstasy Girls 5Odyssey 2001 DR
Ecstasy Girls 6Odyssey 2001 D
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 1Odyssey 2002 D
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 2Odyssey 2002 DO
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 3Odyssey 2002 DO
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 4Odyssey 2002 DO
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 5Odyssey 2002 DO
Ecstasy Girls Platinum 6Odyssey 2002 DO
Ecstasy Girls Raw and Uncensored 1Odyssey 20011 
Ecstasy Girls Raw and Uncensored 2Odyssey 20011 
Ecstasy Girls Raw and Uncensored 3Odyssey 2002  
Ecstasy Girls Raw and Uncensored 6Odyssey 2002  
EpiphanyPleasure Productions 19991DRO
Eros InstinctPleasure Productions 19981DRO
Escape To The PartyElectric 19942O
Euro-max 1: Frisky In FranceSin City 1994  
Euro-max 2: Cream 'n EuroslutsSin City 1994  
Euro-max 3Sin City 19951 
Euro-max 4Sin City 1995  
Evil EyesPleasure Productions 1999 DRO
Eye Of DesirePleasure Productions 2003 DO
Flesh For FantasyPleasure Productions 19994DRO
Guttman's Hollywood VacationLovebone Video 19932DO
Guttman's Paris VacationLovebone Video 1993 DRO
Hard Core CopyLovebone Video 1993  
Ho' Style TakeoverFactory Home Video 1993  
Hollywood '94 Butts AboundElectric 1994  
Hollywood HookersDripping Wet Pix 19962O
Inner Vision (II)Pleasure Productions 2001 DRO
Intimate StrangersPlum Productions 19982DRO
IrresistibleSin City 20002DRO
JealousyWicked Pictures 19982DRO
Jennifer 69HIP Video 1993  
Kiss of the Black WidowPleasure Productions 20001DO
Lollipops 1Sin City 1996 O
Lollipops 2Sin City 1996  
Looker 1Pleasure Productions 19984DRO
Looker 2: Femme FatalePleasure Productions 20003DRO
Love DoctorElectric 1993 DR
Love Potion 69VCA 1994 DRO
Lovebone InvasionLovebone Video 1993  
Making The GradePleasure Productions 2003 DO
Mo' HoneyFactory Home Video 1993  
My POV 2Anarchy 2003 D
My POV 3Anarchy 2004 DR
Naked EyeNew Sensations 20025DRO
NighthawksJill Kelly Productions 20011DR
Nut Busters 3Anarchy 2004 DRO
Off Duty Porn Stars: Search For Tara MonroeVCA 1994  
Passion Tales 1Odyssey 2000  
Passion Tales 2Odyssey 2000 D
Passion Tales 3Odyssey 2001 D
Passion Tales 4Odyssey 20021 
Passion Tales 6Odyssey 2002 DO
Penetrator 2Pleasure Productions 19951DO
Phoenix RisingPleasure Productions 19983DRO
Phoenix Rising 2New Sensations 20026DRO
Pops; True Stories of the Porno PatrolPleasure Productions 19941DO
PoseurPlum Productions 19992DRO
PreyPlum Productions 19982DRO
Prime TimePleasure Productions 20001DRO
PristineCaballero Home Video 1996 DO
Private Gold 10: SinsPrivate 19962DRO
Private Gold 24: Operation Sex SiegePrivate 19976O
Private Gold 9: Private DancerPrivate 19964DO
Private Stories 1Private 19955DO
Private Stories 11Private 19963DO
Private Stories 12Private 19964DO
Private Stories 14Private 19964DO
Private Stories 16Private 19973DRO
Private Triple X Files 3: AdelePrivate 19985DRO
Private Triple X Files 6: Katja KeanPrivate 19988RO
Private Video Magazine 24Private 19951 
Private Video Magazine 25Private 19951 
Private XXX 6Private 19995DRO
Private XXX 9Private 20003DRO
Pure SinSin City 20001DO
Raincoat FantasiesElectric 1993  
Raunchy RemedyElectric 1993 O
Real In WindowsFactory Home Video 1993  
ReplicaPlum Productions 2000 DO
Secret WorldPleasure Productions 20004DRO
Secrets Of HeavenPlum Productions 2000 DO
SeetherPleasure Productions 20001DO
Sex And GunsPrivate 20032 
Sex DeluxeSin City 20002 
ShadowplayPleasure Productions 20024DRO
Shattered VowsPleasure Productions 19981DO
Show And TellElectric 1995 DRO
Skin DeepPlum Productions 20001DRO
Soiled DovesSin City 2001 DRO
Stray CatPlum Productions 19993DO
Suspended DisbeliefPleasure Productions 20003DRO
TemptressNew Sensations 20024DRO
Trick BabySin City 20002DRO
TriggerPleasure Productions 19992DRO
Triple X 15Private 19963 
Triple X 28Private 19973 
Triple X 4Private 19953D
UnderstudyPleasure Productions 20001DO
VoicesPleasure Productions 20015DRO
What's Butt Got To Do With ItHeatwave 19931DRO
Wicked ThoughtsLovebone Video 1993 DO
Wild Honey 1Pleasure Productions 20004D
Wild Honey 2Pleasure Productions 20006D
Wild Honey 3Pleasure Productions 20004DR
Wishful ThoughtsPleasure Productions 2005 DO
Worst Porno Ever Made With The Best SexPleasure Productions 1993 O
XXXTight Ends 19968DO
XXX 2: Predators and PreySin City 2001 O