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Mike John

Photo of Mike John
Photo Copyright/Courtesy of Auggie

Performer AKA No known aliases
Director AKA No known aliases
BirthdayJanuary 17, 1966
BirthplaceLos Angeles, CA 
Years Active as Performer1998-2013 (Started around 32 years old)
Years Active as Director1998-2013
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 feet, 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight154 lbs (70 kg)
TattoosNo data
PiercingsNo data
CommentsThere are no comments for this performer.


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Mike John



Performer Credits
89 Titles
Director Credits
155 Titles

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Movie TitleDistributorNotesYearRevFormats
1 Night in ChinaRed Light DistrictDVDOnly Clip20045DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 1Red Light District 20059DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 2Red Light DistrictDVDOnly20066DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 6Jules Jordan VideoDVDOnly20103DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 7Jules Jordan Video 20115DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 9Jules Jordan Video 20136DRO
Cum Sucking Whore Named Aurora SnowAnabolic Video 20022DRO
Dirty Dan's POV 2Mach 2 Entertainment 20064DR
Down the Hatch 10Diabolic Video 20032DRO
Down the Hatch 2Diabolic Video 19997DRO
Down the Hatch 3Diabolic Video 20006DRO
Down the Hatch 4Diabolic Video 20007DRO
Down the Hatch 5Diabolic Video 20007DRO
Down the Hatch 6Diabolic Video 20015DRO
Down the Hatch 7Diabolic Video 20013DRO
Down the Hatch 8Diabolic Video 20025DRO
Down the Hatch 9Diabolic Video 20023DRO
DP OverdoseJules Jordan Video 20125DRO
Extreme POV 5Sinister TV 2014  
Jailbait 3Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20065DRO
Jerkoff Material 1Jules Jordan Video 20085DRO
Jerkoff Material 2Jules Jordan Video 20098DRO
Jerkoff Material 3Jules Jordan Video 20099DRO
Jerkoff Material 4Jules Jordan Video 20097DRO
Jerkoff Material 5Jules Jordan Video 20106DRO
Jerkoff Material 6Jules Jordan Video 20115DRO
Jerkoff Material 7Jules Jordan Video 20116DRO
Jerkoff Material 8Jules Jordan Video 20123DRO
Lewd Conduct 12Diabolic VideoNonSex20014DRO
Lewd Conduct 15Diabolic Video 20024DRO
Load AlmightyJules Jordan Video 20107DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 11Jules Jordan Video 20107DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 12Jules Jordan Video 20124DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 3Jules Jordan Video 20047DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 4Jules Jordan Video 20045DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 5Jules Jordan Video 200512DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 8Jules Jordan Video 20075DRO
Oral Consumption 2Anabolic Video 20006DRO
Oral Consumption 3Anabolic Video 20014VDRO
Oral Consumption 4Anabolic Video 20011DRO
Oral Consumption 5Anabolic Video 20024DRO
Outnumbered 5Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20104DRO
Panochitas 1Diabolic Video 19982DRO
Panochitas 10Diabolic Video 20012DRO
Panochitas 11Diabolic VideoNonSex20024DRO
Panochitas 5Anabolic Video 19992DRO
Panochitas 7Diabolic Video 20002DRO
Panochitas 8Diabolic Video 20013DRO
Panochitas 9Diabolic Video 20011DRO
Perverted POV 1Diabolic Video 20015DRO
Perverted POV 2Diabolic Video 20014DRO
Perverted POV 3Diabolic Video 20016DRO
Perverted POV 4Diabolic Video 20022DRO
Perverted POV 5Diabolic Video 20023DRO
Perverted POV 6Diabolic Video 20032DRO
POV Overdose 2Jules Jordan Video 20095DRO
POV Pervert 1Jules Jordan Video 20038DRO
POV Pervert 10Jules Jordan Video 20085DRO
POV Pervert 11Jules Jordan Video 20094DRO
POV Pervert 12Jules Jordan Video 20102DRO
POV Pervert 13Jules Jordan Video 20114DRO
POV Pervert 14Jules Jordan Video 20115DRO
POV Pervert 15Jules Jordan Video 20116DRO
POV Pervert 2Jules Jordan Video 20048DRO
POV Pervert 3Jules Jordan Video 20046DRO
POV Pervert 4Jules Jordan Video 20048DRO
POV Pervert 5Jules Jordan Video 200515DRO
POV Pervert 6Jules Jordan Video 20057DRO
POV Pervert 7Jules Jordan Video 20066DRO
POV Pervert 8Jules Jordan Video 20076DRO
POV Pervert 9Jules Jordan Video 20076DRO
Praise The Load 7Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20126DRO
Pretty PussyJon Dough ProductionsNonSex20041RO
Racially Motivated 2Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20105DRO
Semen Sippers 3Jules Jordan VideoDVDOnly20042DRO
Semen Sippers 7Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20085DRO
South of the Border 1Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20036DRO
Sperm Receptacles 1Red Light District 20058DRO
Sperm Receptacles 3Jules Jordan VideoDVDOnly20086DRO
Sperm Receptacles 5Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20095DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 1Jules Jordan VideoDVDOnly20046DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 2Jules Jordan VideoDVDOnly20046DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 3Jules Jordan Video 20058DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 5Jules Jordan Video 20069DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 7Jules Jordan VideoNonSex20115DRO
Ten Little Piggies 4Platinum X Pictures 20046DRO
Totally Unprofessional 1Jules Jordan Video 20106DRO
Totally Unprofessional 2Jules Jordan Video 20113DRO
World Sex Tour 28Anabolic Video 20036DRO
As Director
Movie Title
110% Natural 6Red Light District20045DRO
All-Star OverdoseJules Jordan Video20107DRO
Anal OverloadJules Jordan Video2012 DRO
Anal Overload 2Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Black Bastard 1Anabolic Video20014DRO
Bobbi Starr and Dana DeArmond's Insatiable VoyageJules Jordan Video20098DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 1Red Light District20059DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 2Red Light District20066DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 3Jules Jordan Video20075DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 4Jules Jordan Video20089DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 5Jules Jordan Video20097DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 6Jules Jordan Video20103DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 7Jules Jordan Video20115DRO
Boobaholics Anonymous 9Jules Jordan Video20136DRO
Cream of the CropDiabolic Video20018DRO
Crowd Control 1Jules Jordan Video20096DRO
Down the Hatch 1Diabolic Video19997DRO
Down the Hatch 10Diabolic Video20032DRO
Down the Hatch 2Diabolic Video19997DRO
Down the Hatch 3Diabolic Video20006DRO
Down the Hatch 4Diabolic Video20007DRO
Down the Hatch 5Diabolic Video20007DRO
Down the Hatch 6Diabolic Video20015DRO
Down the Hatch 7Diabolic Video20013DRO
Down the Hatch 8Diabolic Video20025DRO
Down the Hatch 9Diabolic Video20023DRO
DP OverdoseJules Jordan Video20125DRO
Elastic Assholes 1Jules Jordan Video20047DRO
Elastic Assholes 2Jules Jordan Video20044DRO
Elastic Assholes 3Jules Jordan Video20056DRO
Elastic Assholes 4Jules Jordan Video20065DRO
Elastic Assholes 5Jules Jordan Video20074DRO
Elastic Assholes 6Jules Jordan Video20083DRO
Elastic Assholes 7Jules Jordan Video20085DRO
Elastic Assholes 8Jules Jordan Video20099DRO
Elastic Assholes 9Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Gang Bang 3Red Light District20047DRO
Gang Bang 4Red Light District20047DRO
Jerkoff Material 1Jules Jordan Video20085DRO
Jerkoff Material 2Jules Jordan Video20098DRO
Jerkoff Material 3Jules Jordan Video20099DRO
Jerkoff Material 4Jules Jordan Video20097DRO
Jerkoff Material 5Jules Jordan Video20106DRO
Jerkoff Material 6Jules Jordan Video20115DRO
Jerkoff Material 7Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
Jerkoff Material 8Jules Jordan Video20123DRO
Lewd Conduct 12Diabolic Video20014DRO
Lewd Conduct 13Diabolic Video20023DRO
Lewd Conduct 14Diabolic Video20021DRO
Lewd Conduct 15Diabolic Video20024DRO
Lewd Conduct 16Diabolic Video20032DRO
Load AlmightyJules Jordan Video20107DRO
Load Almighty 2Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Mike John's Sperm Overload 1Jules Jordan Video20071DRO
Mike John's Sperm Overload 2Jules Jordan Video20082DRO
Mike John's Sperm Overload 3Jules Jordan Video20103DO
Nice Rack 9Anabolic Video20023DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 1Jules Jordan Video200315DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 10Jules Jordan Video20087DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 11Jules Jordan Video20107DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 12Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 2Jules Jordan Video200310DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 3Jules Jordan Video20047DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 4Jules Jordan Video20045DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 5Jules Jordan Video200512DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 6Jules Jordan Video200510DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 7Jules Jordan Video20066DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 8Jules Jordan Video20075DRO
No Cum Dodging Allowed 9Jules Jordan Video20086DRO
Oral Consumption 2Anabolic Video20006DRO
Oral Consumption 3Anabolic Video20014VDRO
Oral Consumption 4Anabolic Video20011DRO
Oral Consumption 5Anabolic Video20024DRO
Panochitas 1Diabolic Video19982DRO
Panochitas 10Diabolic Video20012DRO
Panochitas 11Diabolic Video20024DRO
Panochitas 2Diabolic Video19995DRO
Panochitas 3Diabolic Video19993DRO
Panochitas 4Anabolic Video19991DRO
Panochitas 5Anabolic Video19992DRO
Panochitas 6Diabolic Video20003DRO
Panochitas 7Diabolic Video20002DRO
Panochitas 8Diabolic Video20013DRO
Panochitas 9Diabolic Video20011DRO
Peep Show 1Jules Jordan Video20074DRO
Peep Show 2Jules Jordan Video20086DRO
Peep Show 3Jules Jordan Video20097DRO
Peep Show 4Jules Jordan Video20092DRO
Perverted POV 1Diabolic Video20015DRO
Perverted POV 2Diabolic Video20014DRO
Perverted POV 3Diabolic Video20016DRO
Perverted POV 4Diabolic Video20022DRO
Perverted POV 5Diabolic Video20023DRO
Perverted POV 6Diabolic Video20032DRO
POV Overdose 2Jules Jordan Video20095DRO
POV Pervert 1Jules Jordan Video20038DRO
POV Pervert 10Jules Jordan Video20085DRO
POV Pervert 11Jules Jordan Video20094DRO
POV Pervert 12Jules Jordan Video20102DRO
POV Pervert 13Jules Jordan Video20114DRO
POV Pervert 14Jules Jordan Video20115DRO
POV Pervert 15Jules Jordan Video20116DRO
POV Pervert 2Jules Jordan Video20048DRO
POV Pervert 3Jules Jordan Video20046DRO
POV Pervert 4Jules Jordan Video20048DRO
POV Pervert 5Jules Jordan Video200515DRO
POV Pervert 6Jules Jordan Video20057DRO
POV Pervert 7Jules Jordan Video20066DRO
POV Pervert 8Jules Jordan Video20076DRO
POV Pervert 9Jules Jordan Video20076DRO
Praise The Load 1Jules Jordan Video20084DRO
Praise The Load 2Jules Jordan Video20086DRO
Praise The Load 3Jules Jordan Video20097DRO
Praise The Load 4Jules Jordan Video20096DRO
Praise The Load 5Jules Jordan Video20107DRO
Praise The Load 6Jules Jordan Video20115DRO
Praise The Load 7Jules Jordan Video20126DRO
Racial Tension 1Jules Jordan Video200610DRO
Racial Tension 2Jules Jordan Video20075DRO
Racially Motivated 1Jules Jordan Video20096DRO
Racially Motivated 2Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Racially Motivated 3Jules Jordan Video20114DRO
Semen Sippers 1Jules Jordan Video20039DRO
Semen Sippers 2Jules Jordan Video20047DRO
Semen Sippers 3Jules Jordan Video20042DRO
Semen Sippers 4Jules Jordan Video20056DRO
Semen Sippers 5Jules Jordan Video20067DRO
Semen Sippers 6Jules Jordan Video20077DRO
Semen Sippers 7Jules Jordan Video20085DRO
South of the Border 1Jules Jordan Video20036DRO
South Of The Border 2Jules Jordan Video20041DRO
Sperm Receptacles 1Red Light District20058DRO
Sperm Receptacles 2Red Light District20066DRO
Sperm Receptacles 3Jules Jordan Video20086DRO
Sperm Receptacles 4Jules Jordan Video20096DRO
Sperm Receptacles 5Jules Jordan Video20095DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 1Jules Jordan Video20046DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 2Jules Jordan Video20046DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 3Jules Jordan Video20058DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 4Jules Jordan Video20057DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 5Jules Jordan Video20069DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 6Jules Jordan Video20096DRO
Teenage Spermaholics 7Jules Jordan Video20115DRO
Totally Unprofessional 1Jules Jordan Video20106DRO
Totally Unprofessional 2Jules Jordan Video20113DRO
Tournante 1Anabolic Video20031DRO
Up Your Ass 12Anabolic Video19992DRO
Up Your Ass 13Anabolic Video19994DRO
Up Your Ass 14Anabolic Video20003DRO
Up Your Ass 15Anabolic Video20004DRO
Up Your Ass 16Anabolic Video20005DRO
Up Your Ass 17Anabolic Video20011DRO
Up Your Ass 18Anabolic Video20017DRO
Up Your Ass 19Anabolic Video20026DRO
Up Your Ass 20Anabolic Video20026DRO

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