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Mitch Spinelli

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Director AKA Tony M., Mitchell Spinelli
BirthdayNo data
AstrologyNo data
BirthplaceNo data 
Years Active as Director1992-2008
Nationality/HeritageNo data
Hair ColorNo data
HeightNo data
WeightNo data
TattoosNo data
PiercingsNo data
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Director Credits
269 Titles

Titles displayed in a darker row color are compilations. Titles that are highlighted are web scenes.

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As Director
Movie Title
AccessDemolition2008 DRO
Adventures of BreastmanErotic Video Network19931 
All Natural 1Rain Productions19994DRO
All Natural 10Rain Productions2001 DRO
All Natural 11Rain Productions20022DRO
All Natural 12Rain Productions2002 DRO
All Natural 13Rain Productions2003 DRO
All Natural 2Rain Productions19993DRO
All Natural 3Rain Productions20005DRO
All Natural 4Rain Productions20003DRO
All Natural 5Rain Productions20003DRO
All Natural 6Rain Productions20003DRO
All Natural 7Rain Productions20001DRO
All Natural 8Rain Productions2000 DRO
All Natural 9Rain Productions20011DRO
Anal AdventuresDragon1992 DRO
Anal Asian 2Metro1994  
Anal BluesPepper Productions1994  
Anal ChiropractorPepper Productions1995  
Anal FugitivePepper Productions1995  
Anal InvaderPepper Productions1995  
Anal OrgasmDragon1992  
Anal OrgyDragon1993 DRO
Anal UniversityRain Productions19992DRO
Anal University 10Rain Productions20011DRO
Anal University 11Rain Productions20022DRO
Anal University 12Rain Productions2003 DRO
Anal University 2Rain Productions19994DRO
Anal University 3Rain Productions19994DRO
Anal University 4Digital Playground20004DRO
Anal University 5Rain Productions2000 DRO
Anal University 6Rain Productions20001DO
Anal University 7Rain Productions20001DRO
Anal University 8Rain Productions20001DRO
Anal University 9Rain Productions2001 DRO
AsianalsSunset Media2010 DO
Ass Kisser: A Love StoryPepper Productions1995  
Asses in the Air 1Rain Productions20011DRO
Asses in the Air 2Rain Productions20011DRO
Asses in the Air 3Rain Productions20011DRO
Asses in the Air 4Rain Productions20021DRO
Asses in the Air 5Rain Productions2003 DRO
Badlands 1Pepper Productions1994  
Badlands 2: Back into HellPepper Productions1994 D
Bare Ass in the ParkPepper Productions1995  
Battlestar OrgasmicaErotic Video Network1993  
BedazzledBedtime Theatre1993 DRO
Behind the Back Door 6Erotic Video Network1993  
Big Boobs are Cool 1Burning Angel20074DRO
Big Tit RacketPepper Productions1995  
Black BambooMetro1996  
Black is BackHeatwave1993 DRO
Black Man's BurdenZane Entertainment Group1997 DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 1Rain Productions19983DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 10Rain Productions20001DO
Black Panty Chronicles 11Rain Productions20001DO
Black Panty Chronicles 12Rain Productions2000 DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 13Rain Productions20001DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 14Rain Productions2001 DR
Black Panty Chronicles 15Rain Productions2003  
Black Panty Chronicles 16Rain Productions2003 DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 2Rain Productions19983DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 3Rain Productions19995DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 4Rain Productions19993DR
Black Panty Chronicles 5Rain Productions19991DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 6Rain Productions19992DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 7Rain Productions19992DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 8Rain Productions19992DRO
Black Panty Chronicles 9Rain Productions2000 DR
Black Rookie Pussies 3Plum Productions2000  
Blonde Beaver BonanzaToo Cool1992  
Blue Jean Blondes 1Rain Productions2000 DRO
Blue Jean Blondes 2Rain Productions20011DRO
Blue Jean Blondes 3Rain Productions20011DRO
Blue Jean Blondes 4Rain Productions2002 DRO
Blue Jean Blondes 5Rain Productions20022DRO
Blue Jean Blondes 6Rain Productions2003 DRO
Booby PrizePepper Productions1995 DRO
Boss Bitchen BrunettesRain Productions2003 DRO
Brain SurgeonPepper Productions1993 O
Brassiere To EternityPepper Productions19941 
Breastman Back in BreastlandErotic Video Network1994  
Breastman Does The Twin TowersErotic Video Network1993  
Breastman Goes To BreastlandErotic Video Network1993  
Breastman's Anal AdventureErotic Video Network19931 
Breastman's Ultimate OrgyErotic Video Network19931 
Brownie Points 1Rain Productions20031DRO
Buttsizer 2Erotic Video Network1992  
Caged BeautyFat Dog1994  
California Pizza GirlsErotic Video Network19931 
Cherry Cream PieRain Productions20031DRO
Cock FuckersDemolition20071DRO
Cold As IceMetro1995 O
Confessions Of A Slutty NurseVisual Images1994  
Dance NakedPepper Productions19951DRO
Dead AimPepper Productions1994  
Deep Inside Mrs. MotoZane Entertainment Group1997  
Designs On WomenMetro1994  
Devil in a Wet T-shirtSterling19951DRO
Dirty WeekendPlum Productions19972DRO
Dog TalesRain Productions1998  
Dog Tales 2Rain Productions19981 
Dog Tales 3Rain Productions19981 
Double D Dolls 1Rain Productions2001 DRO
Double D Dolls 2Rain Productions2002 DRO
Double D Dolls 3Rain Productions2003 DRO
Environmental AttorneyPepper Productions1993  
Fast ForwardCaballero Home Video19952DRO
Fixing A HoleExcitement Video1995  
FleXXXVideo Team19941O
FleXXX 3Video Team1995 O
FleXXX 4Video Team1995 O
Flirts 1Rain Productions2001 DRO
Flirts 2Rain Productions20011DRO
Flirts 3Rain Productions2001 DRO
Flirts 4Rain Productions2002 DRO
Flirts 5Rain Productions2003 DRO
Foreskin GumpLegend Video19951 
Fully ExposedDemolition20071DRO
Gang Bang Bitches 11: Christi Lake's Biker Gang BangPlum Productions1996  
Gang Bang Bitches 15: Clean-up Gang BangPlum Productions1997  
Gang Bang Bitches 3Plum Productions1994  
Gang Bang Bitches 4Plum Productions1994  
Get NakedDemolition20071DRO
Girl Next Door 1Video Team1994 DRO
Girl Next Door 2Video Team19952DRO
Girls School 1Rain Productions20001DRO
Girls School 2Rain Productions2001 DRO
Girls School 3Rain Productions2001 O
Girls School 4Rain Productions2002 RO
Girls School 5Rain Productions2002 DRO
Girls School 6Rain Productions2003 DO
Good The Bad And The SnugglyZane Entertainment Group1993  
HeartbeatPlum Productions1995  
Hollywood BoulevardMetro1995  
I Got Banged 1Rain Productions2004 DRO
I Wanna Be Your Fuck DollRain Productions2004 DO
Interracial Anal Vacation 1Rain Productions2001 DRO
Interracial Anal Vacation 2Rain Productions20011DRO
Interracial Anal Vacation 3Rain Productions2002 DRO
Interracial Anal Vacation 4Rain Productions2003 DRO
Interracial Frats 1Rain Productions20012 
Interracial Sorority Bash 1Rain Productions20011DRO
Interracial Sorority Bash 2Rain Productions20011DRO
Interracial Sorority Bash 3Rain Productions2002 DRO
Interracial Sorority Bash 4Rain Productions2003 DRO
It's My Party And I'll Bang If I Want ToRain Productions2004 DRO
JuggiesRain Productions2003 DRO
Juranal ParkOdyssey19936D
Just My ImaginationWicked Pictures1993 DRO
Kiss Before DyingCDI Home Video1993  
Last Anal HeroBedtime Theatre1993  
League Of Their MoansErotic Video Network1992  
Leena's Early ExperiencesOdyssey1995  
Let's Dream OnFat Dog1994  
Living EndOdyssey19931 
Lost WeekendSin City19971 
Me So YummyDemolition20061DRO
Million Dollar Ass 3Jet Multimedia20061DRO
More Than A Handful 3Metro1993  
More Than A Handful 5Metro19951DRO
More Than A Handful 6Metro1995  
Motel MatchesLegend Video1996  
MountiePlum Productions19941 
N.Y.D.P.Pepper Productions1994  
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 1Rain Productions19972DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 10Rain Productions1999 DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 3Rain Productions19981DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 4Rain Productions19982DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 5Rain Productions19981DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 6Rain Productions1998 DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 7Rain Productions19981DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 8Rain Productions19991DRO
Nasty Filthy Cab Rides 9Rain Productions19991DO
Nasty Timmy 2Outlaw Productions19971DR
Nasty Timmy Bangs L.A.Outlaw Productions1997 DO
Night WishCDI Home Video1992  
Ninja CPAPepper Productions1993 O
Nude AwakeningsPlum Productions1995  
Oh That's Tight 1Demolition2003 DO
On The RiseExecutive Video1995  
Opie Goes SurfingOutlaw Productions19971D
Opie Goes To South CentralPlum Productions1995  
Park RangerPepper Productions1993 RO
Pearl of the OrientMetro1995  
Please Take A NumberCDI Home Video1996  
Plumb And DumberPlum Productions19951DRO
Power and the PassionPepper Productions1993  
Private Dancer (II)CDI Home Video1992  
Rear And Pleasant DangerPlum Productions1995 DRO
Red Beaver BonanzaToo Cool19921 
Rising BunsHeatwave1993 DR
Rub The Muff 1Rain Productions2001 DRO
Rub The Muff 2Rain Productions2001 DRO
Rub The Muff 3Rain Productions2002 DR
Rub The Muff 4Rain Productions2002 DR
Rub The Muff 5Rain Productions2002 DRO
Rub The Muff 6Rain Productions20021O
Rub The Muff 7Rain Productions2003 DRO
Rub The Muff 8Rain Productions2003 DRO
Rub The Muff 9Rain Productions2004 DRO
Savannah AffairLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Sex CircusVisual Images19941DRO
She QuestOdyssey19941 
Shear EcstasyPepper Productions1993  
She's A Team Player 1Rain Productions2003 DO
She's A Team Player 2Rain Productions2004 DO
She's Got ItDemolition20061DRO
ShipwreckedCDI Home Video1992 D
Shot In The PantsFilmco Releasing1995 DR
Six Degrees Of PenetrationPlum Productions1996 R
Sizzle 2Plum Productions19971DRO
Stacked DeckMetro19951 
Star CrossedVCA1995 D
Strap-On HottiesRain Productions2003 DO
Strip PokerPepper Productions1995 DRO
Style 2Video Team1995 DRO
Take It InsidePepper Productions1995  
Taped College Confessions 10Rain Productions2000 DO
Taped College Confessions 11Rain Productions20001DO
Taped College Confessions 12Rain Productions20001DO
Taped College Confessions 13Rain Productions20001DRO
Taped College Confessions 14Rain Productions20001DRO
Taped College Confessions 15Rain Productions2001 DRO
Taped College Confessions 16Rain Productions20021DRO
Taped College Confessions 17Rain Productions2003 DO
Taped College Confessions 18Rain Productions20031DO
Taped College Confessions 3Rain Productions19984DRO
Taped College Confessions 4Rain Productions19994DRO
Taped College Confessions 5Rain Productions19992DRO
Taped College Confessions 6Rain Productions19991DRO
Taped College Confessions 7Rain Productions19992DRO
Taped College Confessions 8Rain Productions1999 DRO
Taped College Confessions 9Rain Productions20001DRO
Teenies Exposed 1Rain Productions2003 DO
Titanic OrgyPepper Productions1994  
Tits A Wonderful LifeMetro19941DRO
Totally Asian & 18Rain Productions2003  
Underground ChroniclesRain Productions1998  
UnpluggedCoast To Coast1995 DRO
Usual Anal SuspectsCoast To Coast1996 DRO
Venom 7Vidco Entertainment19961DRO
Venom 8Vidco Entertainment19971DRO
WhackersPlum Productions1995  
White Panty Chronicles 1Rain Productions19982DRO
White Panty Chronicles 10Rain Productions19992DRO
White Panty Chronicles 11Rain Productions2000 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 12Rain Productions2000 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 13Rain Productions2000 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 14Rain Productions2000 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 15Rain Productions2000 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 16Rain Productions2000 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 17Rain Productions2001 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 18Rain Productions2001 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 19Rain Productions20011DR
White Panty Chronicles 2Rain Productions19986DRO
White Panty Chronicles 20Rain Productions2002 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 21Rain Productions2003 DRO
White Panty Chronicles 3Rain Productions19983DRO
White Panty Chronicles 4Rain Productions19984DRO
White Panty Chronicles 5Rain Productions19994DRO
White Panty Chronicles 6Rain Productions19993DRO
White Panty Chronicles 7Rain Productions19994DRO
White Panty Chronicles 8Rain Productions19994DRO
White Panty Chronicles 9Rain Productions1999 DRO
Wild RoomiesVCA1994  
Witness for the PenetrationPepper Productions1994  
X ButterflyOdyssey1994  

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