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Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
3 Is Company: Gabriel Lunna, Ridder Rivera, Wagner Vittoriakristenbjorn.com2017  
A Sailor In SydneyKristen Bjorn1990  
ActionKristen Bjorn2008 O
Advocate Men Live 4: From San Francisco To RioMalibu Sales1988  
Advocate Men Live 6Malibu Sales1990  
Agony of Ecstasy: The Making of Crossroads of DesireSarava Productions (Cazzo Films)2003  
Amazon AdventureKristen Bjorn19971 
Anchor HotelKristen Bjorn1997  
Bare to the Bone 2Kristen Bjorn2016  
Bareback Castings 2Kristen Bjorn2019 D
Bone IslandKristen Bjorn20031DR
Call of the WildKristen Bjorn1992 D
Caracas AdventureKristen Bjorn1994 DR
Caribbean BeatKristen Bjorn19901 
Carnaval in RioKristen Bjorn19891 
Casting Couch 1kristenbjorn.com2010 DO
Casting Couch 10kristenbjorn.com20101D
Casting Couch 103kristenbjorn.com2011  
Casting Couch 104kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 108kristenbjorn.com2011  
Casting Couch 11Kristen Bjorn2013 D
Casting Couch 110kristenbjorn.com2011  
Casting Couch 115kristenbjorn.com2011  
Casting Couch 118kristenbjorn.com2011  
Casting Couch 119kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 126kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 128kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 133kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 137kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 141kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 143kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 155kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 157kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 162kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 164kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 167kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 168kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 169kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 17kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 18kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 186kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 187kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 19kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 190kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 192kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 194kristenbjorn.com2012  
Casting Couch 2kristenbjorn.com2010 DO
Casting Couch 2Kristen Bjorn2008 DRO
Casting Couch 20kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 200kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 204kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 208kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 210kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 219kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 222kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 226kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 232kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 233kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 238kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 24kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 240kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 25kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 251kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 255kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 257kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 260kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 265kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 266kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 268kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 269kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 272kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 273kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 274kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 275kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 278kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 28010% Productions2013  
Casting Couch 283kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 284kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 285kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 29kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 293kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 295kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 296kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 302kristenbjorn.com2014  
Casting Couch 305kristenbjorn.com2013  
Casting Couch 309kristenbjorn.com2014  
Casting Couch 31kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 311kristenbjorn.com2014  
Casting Couch 316kristenbjorn.com2014  
Casting Couch 318kristenbjorn.com2014  
Casting Couch 329kristenbjorn.com2015  
Casting Couch 33kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 337kristenbjorn.com2014  
Casting Couch 345kristenbjorn.com2016  
Casting Couch 35kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 352kristenbjorn.com2016  
Casting Couch 358kristenbjorn.com2016  
Casting Couch 359kristenbjorn.com2016  
Casting Couch 360kristenbjorn.com2016  
Casting Couch 361kristenbjorn.com2016  
Casting Couch 362kristenbjorn.com2016  
Casting Couch 366kristenbjorn.com2017  
Casting Couch 37kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 39kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 43kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 44kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 48kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 49kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 50kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 51kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 58kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 59kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 6kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 65kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 67kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 68kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 79kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 85kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 87kristenbjorn.com2010  
Casting Couch 98kristenbjorn.com2010  
Catchers in the RawKristen Bjorn2019 D
ChampsKristen Bjorn1989 DRO
Comrades In ArmsKristen Bjorn19952 
Costa Brava: The Wild CoastKristen Bjorn2010 D
Crossroads of DesireKristen Bjorn20031DR
Deep and RawKristen Bjorn2018 D
Dreamers: An Erotic JourneyKristen Bjorn20021D
El RanchoKristen Bjorn2007 DR
Fire DanceKristen Bjorn20052DR
First Time 1Kristen Bjorn2013  
First Time 2Kristen Bjorn2013 DRO
Gangsters At LargeSarava Productions19972 
Headhunting - Chapter 2kristenbjorn.com2017  
Heartbreak HotelSarava Productions (Cazzo Films)2002 DO
Horns Of PlentyKristen Bjorn2008 DR
Hot Stuff - Deep and Tightkristenbjorn.com2016  
Hot Stuff - Ice Creamkristenbjorn.com2016  
Hot Stuff - Pure Pleasurekristenbjorn.com2016  
Hot Stuff - Vertigokristenbjorn.com2016  
Hot Times In Little HavanaKristen Bjorn19981 
Hotblooded: Jose Quevedo, Jay Moorekristenbjorn.com2017  
Hungary For MenKristen Bjorn1996  
In The Flesh 1Kristen Bjorn2017 D
In The Flesh 2Kristen Bjorn2017 D
Island FeverKristen Bjorn19891DO
Isle Of MenKristen Bjorn20022O
Italian StyleKristen Bjorn20011DRO
JackaroosKristen Bjorn19912 
Jagged MountainKristen Bjorn2012  
Jagged Mountain 2Kristen Bjorn2012  
Jungle HeatKristen Bjorn1993 O
Kristen Bjorn's Video HighlightsKristen Bjorn1998  
Making It With Kristen BjornSarava Productions20001D
Male TalesKristen Bjorn2005 D
Manhattan LatinKristen Bjorn19901DRO
Manville: The City of MenKristen Bjorn2006 D
ManWatcherKristen Bjorn19971 
Meat Men - Floor 69kristenbjorn.com2016  
Meat RackKristen Bjorn2018  
Men Amongst The RuinsKristen Bjorn2004 D
Montreal MenTwisted Video1993 D
On the Prowl 1Kristen Bjorn2015 D
On the Prowl 2Kristen Bjorn2015  
On the Prowl 3Kristen Bjorn2015 DRO
Paradise PlantationKristen Bjorn1994 D
PrideKristen Bjorn2009 DO
Pride 2Kristen Bjorn2009 D
Raw Adventures Training DayKristen Bjorn2015  
Rocks and Hard PlacesKristen Bjorn2007  
Sex City 1Kristen Bjorn2011 D
Sex City 2Kristen Bjorn20113D
Sex Men - Our Edenkristenbjorn.com2017  
Sex Men: Lather - Felipe Ferro, Julio Rey, Ely Chaimkristenbjorn.com2017  
Skin Deep Kristen Bjorn2008 DO
Skin Deep 2Kristen Bjorn2008 DR
Strangers in PragueKristen Bjorn2013  
Strangers in Prague 2Kristen Bjorn2014  
Thick As ThievesKristen Bjorn19995 
Tropical AdventureKristen Bjorn2009  
Tropical Adventure 2Kristen Bjorn2009 D
Tropical HeatwaveKristen Bjorn1988  
Trouser BarPeccatrici Produzioni20161 
Vampire of BudapestKristen Bjorn1995  
Wet Dreams 1Kristen Bjorn1999 DR
Wet Dreams 2Kristen Bjorn1999 D
Wild SeedKristen Bjorn2018 D
Wild Seedkristenbjorn.com2017 D
Wild Seed Part 1kristenbjorn.com2016  
Wild Seed Part 2kristenbjorn.com2017  
Wild Seed Part 3kristenbjorn.com2017