Jay Sin

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June 28, 1976 (39 years old)




San Diego, California, USA 

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Hair Color



5 feet, 9 inches (175 cm)


169 lbs (77 kg)


Right bicep; Lower back


No data

  • - Despite his claims that he did not direct Young and Stacked 3, 5, 6 and 8, the name 'Jay Sin' does appear in the director credits for each of the films so they are included in this filmography.

AVN Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Pretty Sloppy 5 (2014)


Nominee: Best Director: Non-Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature

Tranny Awards

Nominee: Best Director
Nominee: Best DVD Director

Transgender Erotica Awards Show

Nominee: Best DVD Director

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Transsexual Director of the Year
Nominee: Transsexual Director of the Year

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Notes Year Rev Formats
Anal Acrobats 1Evil Angel 20073DRO
Anal Acrobats 2Evil Angel 20083DRO
Anal Acrobats 3Evil Angel 20082DRO
Anal Acrobats 4Evil Angel 2009 DRO
Anal Acrobats 5Evil Angel 20101DRO
Anal Acrobats 6Evil Angel 20112DRO
Anal Acrobats 7Evil Angel 20111DRO
Anal Acrobats 8Evil Angel 20133DRO
Anal Acrobats 9Evil Angel 20151DRO
Anal Beach BunsEvil Angel 20083DRO
Anal Beach Buns 2Evil Angel 20094DRO
Anal Buffet 1Evil Angel 20084DRO
Anal Buffet 10Evil Angel 20154DRO
Anal Buffet 11Evil Angel 20151DRO
Anal Buffet 12Evil Angel 20151DRO
Anal Buffet 2Evil Angel 20093DRO
Anal Buffet 3Evil Angel 20101DRO
Anal Buffet 4Evil Angel 20101DRO
Anal Buffet 5Evil Angel 20101DRO
Anal Buffet 6Evil Angel 20111DRO
Anal Buffet 7Evil Angel 20111DRO
Anal Buffet 8Evil Angel 20133DRO
Anal Buffet 9Evil Angel 20142DRO
Anal Lesbian SweetheartsEvil Angel 20081DRO
Big Ass Trans X Winkers 2Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Big Ass Trans X Winkers 3Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Big Black Lil Pink 1Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Big Black Lil Pink 2Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Black Where You BelongEvil Angel 20092DRO
Bruna and Juliana Are Two Sexy TS Bunnies That Love Sexpure-ts.com 2015  
Cream DreamsEvil Angel 20121DRO
Cream Dreams 2Evil Angel 20142DRO
Cream Dreams 3Evil Angel 20142DRO
Deep Anal Abyss 1Evil Angel 20083DRO
Deep Anal Abyss 2Evil Angel 20093DRO
Deep Anal Abyss 3Evil Angel 20101DRO
Deep Anal Abyss 4Evil Angel 20111DRO
Deep Anal Abyss 5Evil Angel 20131DRO
Defend Our PornEvil Angel 20084DRO
Gape Lovers 1Evil Angel 20074DRO
Gape Lovers 2Evil Angel 20072DRO
Gape Lovers 3Evil Angel 20083DRO
Gape Lovers 4Evil Angel 20091DRO
Gape Lovers 5Evil Angel 20101DRO
Gape Lovers 6Evil Angel 20111DRO
Gape Lovers 7Evil Angel 20111DRO
Gape Lovers 8Evil Angel 20131DRO
Gape Lovers 9Evil Angel 20152DRO
Jay's Anal Archives 3Evil Angel 20121DRO
Kiss My Ass 1Sinsational Pictures 2004 DO
Kiss My Ass 3Sinsational Pictures 20051DRO
Les Perversions 4Sineplex 20041DRO
Les Perversions 6Sineplex 2004 DRO
Lil' Gaping Lesbians 1Evil Angel 20091DRO
Lil' Gaping Lesbians 2Evil Angel 20101DRO
Lil' Gaping Lesbians 3Evil Angel 20101DRO
Lil' Gaping Lesbians 4Evil Angel 20113DRO
Lil' Gaping Lesbians 5Evil Angel 20131DRO
Lil' Gaping Lesbians 6Evil Angel 20142DRO
Lil' Gaping Lesbians 7Evil Angel 20141DRO
Lollipop LesbiansEvil Angel 20081DRO
Milk Junkies 1Sinsational Pictures 20054O
Milk Junkies 2Sinsational Pictures 20062O
Milk Nymphos 1Evil Angel 20072DR
Milk Nymphos 2Evil Angel 20083DRO
Milk Nymphos 3Evil Angel 20121DRO
Monster Gapes 1Sinsational Pictures 20052DO
Monster Gapes 3Sineplex 20061O
Perfect Teen 2Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Pretty Sloppy 1Evil Angel 20092DRO
Pretty Sloppy 2Evil Angel 20093DRO
Pretty Sloppy 3Evil Angel 20101DRO
Pretty Sloppy 4Evil Angel 20112DRO
Pretty Sloppy 5Evil Angel 20142DRO
Pretty Sloppy 6Evil Angel 20152DRO
Pushers 1Sinsational Pictures 2004 D
Pushers 2Sinsational Pictures 2004 DO
Pushers 3Sinsational Pictures 2004 DRO
Pushers 4Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Pushers 5Sinsational Pictures 2006 DRO
Pushers 6Sinsational Pictures 20062DRO
Pussy AcrobatsEvil Angel 20141DRO
Pussy Acrobats 2Evil Angel 20152DRO
Rim My Gape 1Sineplex 2006 DO
Rim My Gape 2Sineplex 20064O
Rim My Gape 3Sineplex 20072O
Sliders 20Sineplex 2006 D
Sliders 22Sineplex 2006 DO
Strap On Anal Lesbians 1Evil Angel 20121DRO
Strap On Anal Lesbians 2Evil Angel 20142DRO
Strap On Anal Lesbians 3Evil Angel 20151DRO
Super Buns 1Sinsational Pictures 2005 D
Super Buns 2Sinsational Pictures 2005 DO
Super Buns 3Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Three GapeteersEvil Angel 20121DRO
TS Playground 1Evil Angel 20121DRO
TS Playground 10Evil Angel 20142DRO
TS Playground 11Evil Angel 20142DRO
TS Playground 12Evil Angel 20141DRO
TS Playground 13Evil Angel 20141DRO
TS Playground 14Evil Angel 20141DRO
TS Playground 15: Ladyboy EditionEvil Angel 20151DRO
TS Playground 16Evil Angel 20151DRO
TS Playground 17Evil Angel 20151DRO
TS Playground 18Evil Angel 20151DRO
TS Playground 2Evil Angel 20121DRO
TS Playground 21Evil Angel 2015 DRO
TS Playground 22: Ladyboy EditionEvil Angel 2015 O
TS Playground 3Evil Angel 20133DRO
TS Playground 4Evil Angel 20131DRO
TS Playground 5Evil Angel 20132DRO
TS Playground 6Evil Angel 20131DRO
TS Playground 7Evil Angel 20141DRO
TS Playground 8Evil Angel 20143DRO
TS Playground 9Evil Angel 20141DRO
Winkers 1Sinsational Pictures 20041RO
Winkers 2Sinsational Pictures 2004 O
Winkers 3Sinsational Pictures 20041O
Winkers 4Sinsational Pictures 2005 D
Winkers 5Sinsational Pictures 20052DO
Winkers 6Sinsational Pictures 2005 DO
Winkers 7Sinsational Pictures 2006 DO
Winkers 8Sinsational Pictures 20062DRO
Winking 101 in Russia 1Evil Angel 2009 DRO
Winking 101 In Russia 2Evil Angel 2010 DRO
Winking 101 In Russia 3Evil Angel 2010 DRO
Winking 101 In Russia 4Evil Angel 2010 DRO
Winking 101 in Russia 5Evil Angel 2011 DRO
Young and Stacked 3Sinsational Pictures 2004 DO
Young and Stacked 5Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Young and Stacked 6Sinsational Pictures 2005 DRO
Young and Stacked 8Sinsational Pictures 20063DRO