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Jerome Tanner

Photo of Jerome Tanner
Photo Copyright/Courtesy of Performer

Director AKA Lex Drill, Lex T. Drill
BirthdayNo data
AstrologyNo data
BirthplaceNo data 
Years Active as Director1985-2009
EthnicityNo data
Nationality/HeritageNo data
Hair ColorNo data
HeightNo data
WeightNo data
TattoosNo data
PiercingsNo data
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WebsiteNo data


Director Credits
286 Titles

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As Director
Movie Title
20 Pages and Hot ChicksLegend Video20052DRO
Ace in the HoleLegend Video20002DRO
American Nymphette 1Legend Video20005DRO
American Nymphette 2Legend Video20003DRO
American Nymphette 3Legend Video20012DRO
American Nymphette 4Legend Video20016DRO
American Nymphette 5Legend Video20025DRO
American Nymphette 6Legend Video20033DRO
Amish DaughtersLegend Video20016DRO
Anal Driller 1Legend Video20036DRO
Anal Driller 10Legend Video20061DRO
Anal Driller 2Legend Video20033DRO
Anal Driller 3Legend Video20042DRO
Anal Driller 4Legend Video20042DRO
Anal Driller 5Legend Video20052DRO
Anal Driller 6Legend Video20052DRO
Anal Driller 7Legend Video20052DRO
Anal Driller 8Legend Video20052DRO
Anal Driller 9Legend Video20062DRO
Anal Excursions 1Legend Video20042DRO
Anal Excursions 2Legend Video20052DRO
Anal Excursions 3Legend Video20052DRO
Anal Excursions 4Legend Video20052DRO
Anal Excursions 5Legend Video20062DRO
Anal Excursions 6Legend Video20081DRO
Anal Thrills 1Legend Video20032DRO
Anal Thrills 2Legend Video20044DRO
AphrodisiacHustler Video20064DRO
Art Of Ass 1Legend Video20032DRO
Art Of Ass 2Legend Video20042DRO
Art Of Ass 3Legend Video20042DRO
Art Of Ass 4Legend Video20052DRO
Art Of Ass 5Legend Video20062DRO
Art Of Ass 6Legend Video20071DRO
Ass Pounders 1Legend Video20031DRO
Ass Pounders 2Legend Video20043DRO
Ass Pounders 3Legend Video20052DRO
Ass Pounders 4Legend Video20052DRO
Ass Pounders 5Legend Video20052DRO
Ass Pounders 6Legend Video20061DRO
Ass Pounders 7Legend Video20071DRO
ATM GuzzlersHustler Video20082DRO
Backdoor DrillerLegend Video20043DRO
Barely Legal Bitch That Stole ChristmasHustler Video2008 DRO
Barely Legal Black in the SaddleHustler Video20091DRO
Barely Legal ChristmasHustler Video20074DRO
Best Little CocksuckersHustler Video2010 DRO
Blind DateLegend Video19994DRO
Blue Note CafeWestern Visuals1986  
Body ShockLegend Video20042DRO
Born to RunWestern Visuals1986 DRO
Bottoms Up 1Legend Video20041DRO
Bottoms Up 2Legend Video20052DRO
Breaking InWestern Visuals1986 O
Bunny Luv AKA Filthy WhoreLegend Video20004DRO
Butt Gallery 1Legend Video20033DRO
Butt Gallery 2Lex Drill Productions20052DRO
Butt Gallery 3Lex Drill Productions20052DRO
Butt Gallery 4Lex Drill Productions20052DRO
Butt Gallery 5Legend Video20062DRO
Butt Gallery 6Legend Video20061DRO
Careena 2: Star On The RiseWestern Visuals1988  
Careena: Young and RestlessWestern Visuals1987  
Casa BiancaLegend Video19993DRO
Caught in the Act (III)Legend Video19993DRO
Charlie's Little DevilsLegend Video20006DRO
Christmas in MemphisHustler Video20065DRO
Club Exotica 1Western Visuals19861DO
Club Exotica 2Western Visuals1986 DO
Club GodivaAdam & Eve19995DRO
Con-jobLegend Video19991DRO
Creampies Anyone?Hustler Video2009 DRO
Da Vinci Load 1Hustler Video20065DRO
Da Vinci Load 2Hustler Video20075DRO
Dangerous Lives of Blondes 1Legend Video20035DO
Dangerous Lives of Blondes 2Legend Video20032DRO
Day Without WhoresLegend Video20053DRO
Dear Whore 1Legend Video20031DRO
Dear Whore 2Legend Video20033DRO
Dear Whore 3Legend Video20043DRO
Dear Whore 4Legend Video20043DRO
Devil Girl 1Legend Video20012DRO
Devil Girl 2Legend Video20025DRO
Devil in DisguiseLegend Video20004DRO
Devil Or AngelLegend Video19992DRO
Dickman and ThrobbinWestern Visuals19861DRO
Double Anal Drill Team 1Legend Video20061DRO
Double Anal Drill Team 2Legend Video20071DRO
Double Anal Drill Team 3Legend Video2006 DRO
Double Anal Drill Team 4Legend Video2006 DRO
Double MidgetationLegend Video20002DO
Double Vag Attack 4Legend Video2009 DRO
DP Me PleaseHustler Video2009 DRO
Educating NikkiHustler Video20074DRO
Everybody Loves LucyHustler Video20095DRO
Fan FeverLegend Video20014DRO
Farmer's DaughtersWestern Visuals1986 DRO
Farmer's Daughters Do Beverly HillsLegend Video19991DRO
Farmer's Daughters do CollegeLegend Video20025DRO
Farmer's Daughters do HollywoodLegend Video19982DRO
Farmer's Daughters do VegasLegend Video20014DRO
Farmer's Daughters Down on the FarmLegend Video20003DRO
Farmer's Daughters Down SouthLegend Video20023 
Farmer's Daughters Take it OffLegend Video20052DRO
Farmer's Filthy Li'l Daughter 1Hustler Video20073DRO
Farmer's Filthy Li'l Daughter 2Hustler Video20083DRO
FarmersDaughters.comLegend Video20003DRO
Five People You Meet in PornHustler Video20053DRO
For His Eyes OnlyLegend Video19981DRO
For Your Thighs OnlyWestern Visuals1986 DRO
Forgetting The GirlLegend Video20042DRO
Funny Boners 1Legend Video20024DRO
Funny Boners 2Legend Video20034DRO
Funny Boners 3Legend Video20042DRO
Gallery of Sin 1Legend Video19995DRO
Gallery of Sin 2Legend Video20002DRO
Gallery of Sin 3Legend Video20014RO
Gallery of Sin 4Legend Video20016DRO
Gallery of Sin 5Legend Video20023DRO
Gallery of Sin 6Legend Video20023DRO
Girls of the A TeamWestern Visuals1985  
Good Time CharleeLegend Video20003DRO
Hate: A Love StoryLegend Video20053DRO
HauntedLegend Video20015DRO
Heaven SentLegend Video20015DRO
Heist 1Legend Video20013DRO
Heist 2Legend Video20025DO
Hell Or BustLegend Video20041DRO
History Of PornHustler Video20066DRO
Honey Buns 1Western Visuals1987  
HotSex.comHustler Video20052DRO
House of Blue DreamsWestern Visuals1986 DRO
House of the Rising SunLegend Video19992DRO
I Love a Bitch in UniformHustler Video2012 DRO
IdolWestern Visuals19852O
Image Of SexLegend Video20052DRO
In And Out With John LeslieWestern Visuals1988  
Jade LoLegend Video20016DRO
Jerome Tanner's Vice SquadLegend Video20023DRO
Jewels of the NightWestern Visuals1987 O
Jodie Moore Explains The UniverseLegend Video20032DRO
Kill For ThrillsLegend Video20033DRO
La Femme Nikita DeniseLegend Video20026DRO
La Femme Nikita Denise 2Legend Video20034DRO
Lady LuckLegend Video20013DRO
Legend 7Legend Video19992DRO
Letters To An Angel LFP Video Inc20074DRO
Lexi Belle Loves CockHustler Video2011 DRO
Living DollWestern Visuals19871DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 1Legend Video20031DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 10Lex Drill Productions20071DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 2Lex Drill Productions20032DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 3Legend Video20042DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 4Legend Video20041DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 5Lex Drill Productions20052DR
Look What's Up My Ass 6Lex Drill Productions20052DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 7Lex Drill Productions20052DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 8Lex Drill Productions20062DRO
Look What's Up My Ass 9Lex Drill Productions20062DRO
Loose ScrewLegend Video19993DRO
Love and Bullets (II)Legend Video20032DRO
Love Potion 69Legend Video20023DRO
Love SucksLegend Video20041DRO
Lust Potion of Dr. FWestern Visuals1986 DRO
Malibu NightsLegend Video19992DRO
Monster Dicks In Young ChicksHustler Video2008 DRO
Moonlight CanyonLegend Video20002DRO
Moonlusting 2Western Visuals1987 DO
My HeroLegend Video20052DRO
News GirlLegend Video20043DRO
Night of the HeadhunterWestern Visuals1985 O
Nymph Fever 1Legend Video19994DRO
Nymph Fever 2Legend Video19993DRO
Nymph Fever 3Legend Video20003DRO
Nymph Fever 4Legend Video20004DRO
Nymph Fever 5Legend Video20014DRO
Nymph Fever 6Legend Video20025DRO
Nymph Fever 7Legend Video20023DRO
Nymph Fever 8Legend Video20024DRO
Nymph Fever 9Legend Video20041DRO
NymphetteWestern Visuals1986 DRO
Nymphette Does HollywoodWestern Visuals1987  
Of Time And PassionLegend Video19991DRO
On The Set With Brianna BanksX-traordinary20014DR
On The Set With Hannah HarperLegend Video20024DRO
On The Set With Jewel De'NyleX-traordinary20022DRO
On The Set With Tera PatrickX-traordinary20021DRO
Oral Majority 2Western Visuals1987 DRO
Oral Majority 3Western Visuals1987 O
OrgiesWestern Visuals1987 DRO
Paradise HotelLegend Video19993DRO
Party TrashLegend Video20002DRO
Passion of the Ass 1Legend Video20042DRO
Passion Of The Ass 2Legend Video20043DRO
Passion Of The Ass 3Legend Video20042DRO
Passion Of The Ass 4Legend Video20053DRO
Passion Of The Ass 5Legend Video20052DRO
Passion Of The Ass 6Legend Video20062DRO
Passion Of The Ass 7Legend Video20071DRO
Perfect DateHustler Video20053DRO
Pimped by an Angel 1Legend Video20014DRO
Pimped by an Angel 2Legend Video20016DRO
Pimped by an Angel 3Legend Video20022DRO
Pimped by an Angel 4Legend Video20042DRO
Playing CupidLegend Video20002DRO
Princess Whore 1Legend Video20024DRO
Princess Whore 2Legend Video20024DRO
Private ThrillsLegend Video20043DRO
Psy-chicLegend Video20002DRO
Psycho LoveLegend Video20042DRO
PyromaniaLegend Video20022 
Read My LipsLegend Video20002DRO
Return To Sex Fifth AvenueWestern Visuals1986 DRO
Role Model 1Legend Video20014DRO
Role Models 2Legend Video20023DRO
Role Models 3Legend Video20025DRO
Romantic Movie?Legend Video20024DRO
Samantha I Love YouWestern Visuals1988  
Sex ActsLegend Video20006DRO
Sex Fifth AvenueWestern Visuals1985  
Sex Fifth Avenue (new)Western Visuals1987  
SexoholicsLegend Video20024DRO
Sinset BoulevardWestern Visuals19871O
Southern ComfortLegend Video19991 
Strange LoveLegend Video20042DRO
StuffedHustler Video20072DRO
TaijaWestern Visuals1987  
Tail House RockWestern Visuals1985  
Tales From The Script 1Legend Video20015DRO
Tales From The Script 2Legend Video20033DRO
Tales From The Script 3Legend Video20044DRO
TaraLegend Video19991 
Teen CreamHustler Video20082DRO
Third KissLegend Video20003DRO
This Year's Blonde Y2KLegend Video19993DR
Thrill St BluesWestern Visuals1985 O
Tracy in HeavenWestern Visuals1985 DO
Tracy in Heaven (new)Western Visuals1987 DR
Trailer Trash Nurses 1Legend Video20004DRO
Trailer Trash Nurses 2Legend Video20003DRO
Trailer Trash Nurses 3Legend Video20013VDRO
Trailer Trash Nurses 4Legend Video20013VDO
Trailer Trash Nurses 5Legend Video20015DRO
Trailer Trash Nurses 6Legend Video20023DRO
Trailer Trash Nurses 7Legend Video20035DRO
TrialLegend Video20025DRO
TwinsWestern Visuals1986 DRO
Two In My ButtHustler Video2012 DRO
Visions Of XLegend Video19994DRO
Visions Of X 2Legend Video20002DRO
Visions Of X 3Legend Video20014DRO
Water SportsHustler Video2009 DRO
Wet DreamsHustler Video20081DRO
White Trash NursesHustler Video20093DRO
Whore HuntersLegend Video20035RO
Whore With No NameLegend Video20027DRO
Who's Nailin PaylinHustler Video20084DRO
Wild Women 1: Taija RaeWestern Visuals1987  
Wild Women 11: Tanya FoxxWestern Visuals1988  
Wild Women 13: Jamie SummersWestern Visuals1988  
Wild Women 15: Gail ForceWestern Visuals1988  
Wild Women 19: Elle RioWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 2: Careena CollinsWestern Visuals1987  
Wild Women 24: Jeanna FineWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 3: AngelWestern Visuals1987  
Wild Women 30: Christy CanyonWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 31: Liz RandallWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 32: Summer RoseWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 39: Rachel RyanWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 4: Nina HartleyWestern Visuals1987  
Wild Women 40: Alexa PaksWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 41: Samantha StrongWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 44: KeishaWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 53: Lynn LeMayWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 55: Kasi NovaWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 57: Amber LynnWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 58: Ariel KnightWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 59: Nikki RandallWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 60: Stephanie RageWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 61: Rachel RyanWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 62: Tracey AdamsWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 63: Nina HartleyWestern Visuals1989  
Wild Women 64: Sharon MitchellWestern Visuals1989  
WonderlandLegend Video20024DO
Yankee SeductionWestern Visuals19851DRO
Young Girls' Fantasies 10Hustler Video20092DRO

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