John Stagliano

Photo of John Stagliano

Photo Copyright/Courtesy of
Duvarn Green

Performer AKA

John Sigliono, John "Buttman" Stagliano, Romeo Verdi, John Buttman Stagliano, The Count, Mike Stevens, J. Stagliano, Mike Parker, Johnny Stagliano, John Stag, John Stallion, Buttman, John Stagg, John Staglano, Jon Stallion, Jon Stagliano

Director AKA

Jon Stallion, John Stag, John Stallion


November 29, 1951 (63 years old)




Chicago, IL 

Years Active as Performer

1976-2015 (Started around 25 years old)

Years Active as Director







Hair Color



No data


No data


No data


No data

AVN Awards

Inducted: Hall of Fame
Winner: Best Group Sex Scene: Video, Buttman's Bend Over Babes 4 (1996)
Winner: Best Director: Video, Fashionistas Safado: Berlin (2007)
Winner: Reuben Sturman Award

XRCO Awards

Winner: Best Anal Sex Scene, Butt Banged Bicycle Babes (1994)

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Movie Title Year Distributor Studio Notes Rev Formats
Adult Insider 102013X3Sixty NetworkPlausible Films, LLC.NonSex O
Adult Insider 112013X3Sixty NetworkPlausible Films, LLC.NonSex O
Adult Video News Awards 19951995VCAVCA   
Adult Video News Awards 20032003VCAVCA  DO
Adventures of Buttman1989Evil AngelEvil Angel 4DRO
American Buttman in London1991Evil AngelEvil Angel 2DO
Amos And Candy1987L.B.O. EntertainmentL.B.O. EntertainmentNonSex DRO
Backdoor to Hollywood 41988CDI Home VideoCDI Home Video   
Bare Essence1989Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1 
Beat Goes On1987L.B.O. EntertainmentVCR  DRO
Ben Dover's English Class1996VCAVCA 1 
Best of Buttman 11991Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Best of Buttman 21993Evil AngelEvil Angel   
Best of Buttman 32001Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex  
Best of Male Domination 1: Her Pleasure to Serve1986Bizarre VideoBizarre VideoNonSex  
Big Tease 11989VCAVCA   
Big Tease 21990VCAVCA  DRO
Blame It on Bambi1992Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex DO
Blondes On Fire1987VCRVCR   
Blue Vanities 2741996Blue VanitiesBlue Vanities  DO
Bondage Interludes 11983Bizarre VideoBizarre VideoNonSex  
Borders Of Desire2013Evil AngelDana VespoliNonSex1DRO
Bouncing Buns1983Evil AngelEvil Angel   
Bound For Bondage1988Bizarre VideoBizarre VideoNonSex O
Bound for Slavery1984Bizarre VideoBizarre VideoNonSex  
Brazil on Butt Row1997Evil AngelAll Blew ShirtsNonSex1DRO
Breastography 11987VCRVCRNonSex DRO
Bridezillas In Heat2009Western VisualsWestern Visuals  DO
Bruce Seven's Most Graphic Scenes 11990Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex  
Bung Ho Babes1991Filmco ReleasingFilmco Releasing   
Butt Banged Bicycle Babes1994Anabolic VideoAnabolic Video 5DRO
Butt Banged Cycle Sluts1995Anabolic VideoAnabolic Video 2 
Butt Row Outcasts1998Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1O
Butt Row Unplugged1996Evil AngelEvil Angel 1O
Buttman and Rocco Go to Montreal2000Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex8DRO
Buttman and Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest1999Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman Back in Rio1991Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Buttman Before They Were Stars2001Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1DRO
Buttman Confidential1998Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1 
Buttman Confidential 21999Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1 
Buttman Focused 12012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex DRO
Buttman Focused 22012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman Focused 32012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman Focused 42014Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman Focused 52013Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman Focused 62013Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex DRO
Buttman Focused 72014Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 11990Evil AngelEvil Angel  DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 31992Evil AngelEvil Angel  DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 41993Evil AngelEvil Angel  DRO
Buttman in Barcelona1997Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman in Budapest1998Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman in the Crack1996Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex2DRO
Buttman Versus Buttwoman1992Evil AngelEvil Angel 2DRO
Buttman's Anal Divas 12000Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 11999Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex5DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 22000Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex5DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 32001Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex7DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 42003Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman's Ass Adoro2005Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex4DRO
Buttman's Award Winning Orgies1997Evil AngelEvil Angel 3DRO
Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass2008Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex6DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 11990Evil AngelEvil Angel 2DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 21991Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 1DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 31992Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions  DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 41996Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 52001Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex6DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 62003Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex5DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 72010Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 11993Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 21993Evil AngelEvil Angel  R
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 32001Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex6DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 11995Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 22000Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Euro Babes1998Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex5DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 11991Evil AngelEvil Angel 2DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 31995Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 52000Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex3DRO
Buttman's Bouncin' British Babes1995Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1D
Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish2006Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex2DRO
Buttman's British Extremely Big Tit Adventure1996Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's British Moderately Big Tit Adventure1994Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Buttman's Bubble Butt Babes1996Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex3DRO
Buttman's Buda1997Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex5DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 11992Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 2DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 21996Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 2DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 32001Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex5DRO
Buttman's Double Adventure: Buttman Goes Hawaiian and Rio Orgies1993Evil AngelEvil Angel  O
Buttman's Double Speculum Club2013Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Early Scenes with Rocco2000Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 11991Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 3DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 21992Evil AngelEvil Angel  DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 31996Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 1DRO
Buttman's Face Dance 11992Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DO
Buttman's Face Dance 21992Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Favorite Backdoor Babes2001Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex O
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 11997Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex2DRO
Buttman's Favorite Legs and Ass1998Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 1DRO
Buttman's Inferno1994Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex3DRO
Buttman's Intimate Exposure1999Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Buttman's Oddyssey2009Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex3DRO
Buttman's Orgies1996Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex O
Buttman's Popo Zuda Party2001Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex3DRO
Buttman's Revenge1992Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 1DRO
Buttman's Rio Carnival Hardcore2001Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Rio Extreme Girls2010Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Rolling Cheeks1998Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex6DRO
Buttman's Show Off Girls2002Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex3DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 12008Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 102012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 112012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 122012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 132012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 142012Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 152013Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 162013Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 172014Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 22009Evil AngelEvil Angel 2DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 32009Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 42010Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex2DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 52011Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 62011Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 72011Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 82011Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex2DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 92011Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 12011Evil AngelButtman's Magazine ChoiceNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 22011Evil AngelButtman's Magazine ChoiceNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 32013Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Toy Stories2000Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 7DRO
Buttman's Twerkin' An' Jerkin'2015Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman's Ultimate Workout1990Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 3DRO
Buttman's Wet Dream1994Evil AngelJohn Stagliano Productions 3DRO
Buttman's Young Lust2000Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex2DRO
Buttman: Toy Master2015Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Buttman: Toy Master 22015Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex1DRO
Cheeks 51991Coast To CoastOn The Rocks ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Clock Strikes Bizarre on Butt Row1996Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex3DRO
Coming Attractions1976VCAVCA  DRO
Compendium Of Bruce Seven's Most Graphic Scenes 21993Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex  
Crush That Ass 52005Gen XXXGen XXX  DO
D-Cup Delights1987VCRVCR  DO
Dance Fever1985Cinematech Inc.Cinematech Inc. 1DRO
Dance Fire1989Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Deep Inside Trinity Loren1994Filmco ReleasingFilmco Releasing 1DRO
Delinquents on Butt Row1996Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Dirty Dr. Feelgood1988Leisure Time EntertainmentLeisure Time Entertainment   
Dirty Dr. Feelgood (new)1991Leisure Time EntertainmentLeisure Time Entertainment   
Dirty Stories 41996Plush EntertainmentPlush Entertainment 1O
Edge of Heat 119894-Play Video4-Play Video   
Erotic Aerobics1985VCAVCA   
Euro Angels 11: Pink Tunnels1998Evil AngelClark Euro Angel VideoNonSex2DRO
Euro Angels 12: Probing Prague1998Evil AngelClark Euro Angel VideoNonSex3DRO
Eye of the Tigress1988Vidco EntertainmentVidco Entertainment 1DRO
Fantasy Follies 11983VCAVCA   
Fantasy Follies 21984VCAVCA 1DO
Fantasy World1991NightwatchNightwatch  DRO
Fear Zone1991Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex DO
Flesh And Laces1983Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video  O
Flesh and Laces 21983Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video 1DRO
Girl From S.E.X.1982Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video 1 
Girls of Double D 61988CDI Home VideoCDI Home Video   
Girls of Double D 81989CDI Home VideoCDI Home VideoNonSex  
Golden Age of Porn: Kimberly Carson2006Gentlemen's VideoGentlemen's VideoBJOnly DRO
Good Time Girls1985Leisure Time EntertainmentVideo Exclusives  DO
Group Groping2002Caballero ClassicsCaballero Classics  O
Her Pleasure To Serve1988UnknownUnknownNonSex  
Holly Does Hollywood 41990Canyon VideoCanyon VideoNonSex O
Hot Malibu1994Brick House EntertainmentBrick House Entertainment   
Hot Shorts: Sandy Taylor1986VCRVCR  DO
Indecent Itch1986VCRVCR  DRO
Joey Silvera's Favorite Big Ass Asian All-stars1998Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Journey into Darkness1991Evil AngelBruce Seven ProductionsNonSex D
Just Another Pretty Face1985AVCAVC   
Just For The Hell Of It1991Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video   
Just Like Sisters1988Leisure Time EntertainmentLeisure Time EntertainmentNonSex DO
Just Like Sisters (new)1991UnknownUnknownNonSex  
Las Vegas Revue 20002000GM VideoGM VideoNonSex1 
Legend Of Reggie D1989Evil AngelEvil Angel   
Limited Edition 121980AVCAVC   
Limited Edition 31980AVCAVC   
Limited Edition 51980AVCAVC   
Loads of Fun 71994Filmco ReleasingFilmco ReleasingClip1DRO
Lovin' Spoonfuls 59: Back in the Days2004Ed PowersEd Powers   
Lovin' Spoonfuls 7: More Best of Dirty Debutantes19964-Play Video4-Play Video  DO
Marathon1983Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video  DRO
Men in Pain  O
More Dirty Debutantes 3219944-Play Video4-Play Video  DO
Mystic Pieces1989Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Object Of My Desire1988Electric HollywoodElectric Hollywood   
Object Of My Desire (new)1990Leisure Time EntertainmentLeisure Time Entertainment   
One Page of Love1979VCXVCX  DRO
Oral Majority 51988Western VisualsWestern Visuals  O
Parties Culieres a Las Vegas 11992NanouNanouNonSex  
Party Of Payne1993Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex  
Pink Champagne1979MetroMetro 1DRO
Pink Hotel on Butt Row 11998Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex3DRO
Plato's The Movie1980Essex Video / Electric HollywoodEssex Video / Electric Hollywood  O
Please 1: Let's Get Fucked1998Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex6DO
Power Play1993Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex DO
Prague By Night 11996Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1DRO
Prague By Night 21996Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Rio Carnival Orgy 22002Evil AngelEvil Angel 2DRO
Rocco's American Adventures2010Evil AngelRocco Siffredi ProduzioneNonSex1DRO
Rocco's Coming in America2013Evil AngelRocco Siffredi ProduzioneNonSex1DRO
Rocco's Dirty Anal Kelly in Rome 12000Evil AngelRocco Siffredi ProduzioneNonSex2DRO
Rock 'n Roll Rocco 11996Evil AngelRocco Siffredi Produzione 3DRO
Rock 'n Roll Rocco 21997Evil AngelRocco Siffredi Produzione 2DRO
Runaway Butts 42002Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex2DRO
Sacrificed To Love1986CDI Home VideoCDI Home Video   
Service Animals 82002Evil AngelJoey Silvera ProductionsNonSex2DRO
Shadow Dancers 11990Evil AngelEvil Angel  DRO
Shadow Dancers 21990Evil AngelEvil Angel 1DRO
Shaved 21987UnknownUnknown   
Sheena School2013Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex2DRO
Sodomania 141995Elegant AngelElegant Angel  DRO
Sodomania 51993Elegant AngelElegant Angel 4DRO
Sodomania: Baddest of the Best1994Elegant AngelElegant Angel 2DO
Sophisticated Lady (new)1991Leisure Time EntertainmentLeisure Time Entertainment   
Star 841984Video ExclusivesVideo Exclusives 1 
Star Cuts 88: Misty Regan1987Filmco ReleasingFilmco Releasing   
Steve Holmes' German POV 12013MagmaMagmaNonSex O
Stranger in Town1978Fantasy VideoFantasy Video   
Striptease1985VCAVCANonSex O
Sure Thing1994Fat DogFat Dog  DO
Swedish Erotica 1082007Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video  DRO
Swedish Erotica 401981Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home VideoBJOnly  
Takin' It To The Limit 61995ExquisiteExquisite 2DO
Teacher's Favorite Pet1985Western VisualsWestern Visuals  O
Traci's Big Trick1987Hi-TimesHi-TimesNonSex DRO
Trinity Loren Collection2005Alpha Blue ArchivesAlpha Blue Archives  DRO
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 1 Part 21999Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1DRO
Undercovers1982Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video  DRO
Very Dirty Dancing1988Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video  D
Voracious: Season Two, Volume One2014Evil AngelJohn Stagliano ProductionsNonSex4DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume Two2014Evil AngelEvil Angel  DRO
Wild Bananas on Butt Row1997Evil AngelEvil AngelNonSex1DRO
Wild Goose Chase1991Evil AngelEvil Angel 6DRO
With Love Lisa1986Caballero Home VideoCaballero Home Video  DRO
World Sex Tour 11995Anabolic VideoAnabolic VideoNonSex5DRO
World Sex Tour 21995Anabolic VideoAnabolic VideoNonSex5DRO
World Sex Tour 61996Anabolic VideoAnabolic Video 3DRO
Young and Restless 11983Golden Age MediaVista VideoBJOnly O

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Notes Year Rev Formats
Adventures of ButtmanEvil Angel 19895DRO
All in the FamilyVCR 19851DRO
American Buttman in LondonEvil Angel 19913DO
Amos And CandyL.B.O. Entertainment 1987 DRO
Awesome Assets4-Play Video 1987 DRO
Backdoor to Hollywood 7CDI Home Video 1989  
Bare EleganceMasterpiece Video 1984  
Bare EssenceEvil Angel 19891 
Before She Says 'I Do'Masterpiece Video 1984 DRO
Best of Buttman 1Evil Angel 19912DRO
Best of Buttman 2Evil Angel 1993  
Best of Buttman 3Evil Angel 2001  
Black BeautyCDI Home Video 1989 DRO
Blowing In StyleEvil Angel 19893RO
Bored HousewivesCDI Home Video 1990 DO
Bouncing BunsEvil Angel 1983  
Breastography 1VCR 1987 DRO
Buttman and Rocco Go to MontrealEvil Angel 20009DRO
Buttman and Rocco's Brazilian Butt FestEvil Angel 19995DRO
Buttman Back in RioEvil Angel 19912DRO
Buttman Before They Were StarsEvil Angel 20011DRO
Buttman ConfidentialEvil Angel 19982 
Buttman Confidential 2Evil Angel 19992 
Buttman Focused 1Evil Angel 2012 DRO
Buttman Focused 10Evil Angel 20151DRO
Buttman Focused 2Evil Angel 20121DRO
Buttman Focused 3Evil Angel 20121DRO
Buttman Focused 4Evil Angel 20141DRO
Buttman Focused 5Evil Angel 20131DRO
Buttman Focused 6Evil Angel 2013 DRO
Buttman Focused 7Evil Angel 20141DRO
Buttman Focused 8Evil Angel 20141DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 1Evil Angel 1990 DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 3Evil Angel 1992 DRO
Buttman Goes to Rio 4Evil Angel 1993 DRO
Buttman in BarcelonaEvil Angel 19975DRO
Buttman in BudapestEvil Angel 19985DRO
Buttman in the CrackEvil Angel 19963DRO
Buttman Versus ButtwomanEvil Angel 19923DRO
Buttman's Anal Divas 1Evil Angel 20005DRO
Buttman's Anal Divas 2Evil Angel 20036DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 1Evil Angel 19996DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 2Evil Angel 20006DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 3Evil Angel 20018DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 4Evil Angel 20035DRO
Buttman's Anal Show 5Evil Angel 20045DRO
Buttman's Ass AdoroEvil Angel 20055DRO
Buttman's Award Winning OrgiesEvil Angel 19974DRO
Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian AssEvil Angel 20087DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 1Evil Angel 19903DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 2Evil Angel 19912DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 3Evil Angel 1992 DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 4Evil Angel 19965DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 5Evil Angel 20017DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 6Evil Angel 20036DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 7Evil Angel 20101DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 1Evil Angel 19931DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2Evil Angel 1993 R
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 3Evil Angel 20017DRO
Buttman's Bend Over Brazilian Babes 4Evil Angel 20032DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 1Evil Angel 19955DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 2Evil Angel 20005DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 3Evil Angel 20036DRO
Buttman's Big Butt Euro BabesEvil Angel 19986DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 1Evil Angel 19913DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 3Evil Angel 19951DRO
Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 5Evil Angel 20004DRO
Buttman's Bouncin' British BabesEvil Angel 19951D
Buttman's Brazilian Ass FetishEvil Angel 20063DRO
Buttman's British Extremely Big Tit AdventureEvil Angel 19962DRO
Buttman's British Moderately Big Tit AdventureEvil Angel 19942DRO
Buttman's Bubble Butt BabesEvil Angel 19964DRO
Buttman's BudaEvil Angel 19976DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 1Evil Angel 19923DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 2Evil Angel 19963DRO
Buttman's Butt Freak 3Evil Angel 20016DRO
Buttman's Double Adventure: Buttman Goes Hawaiian and Rio OrgiesEvil Angel 1993 O
Buttman's Double Speculum ClubEvil Angel 20131DRO
Buttman's Early Scenes with RoccoEvil Angel 20002DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 1Evil Angel 19914DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 2Evil Angel 1992 DRO
Buttman's European Vacation 3Evil Angel 19962DRO
Buttman's Evil LiveEvil Angel 20101DRO
Buttman's Face Dance 1Evil Angel 19921DO
Buttman's Face Dance 2Evil Angel 19922DRO
Buttman's Face Dance ObsessionEvil Angel 20004DO
Buttman's Favorite Backdoor BabesEvil Angel 2001 O
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 1Evil Angel 19973DRO
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 2Evil Angel 19983DRO
Buttman's Favorite Big Tit BabesEvil Angel 19973DRO
Buttman's Favorite Legs and AssEvil Angel 19981DRO
Buttman's InfernoEvil Angel 19944DRO
Buttman's Intimate ExposureEvil Angel 19995DRO
Buttman's Nordic BlondesEvil Angel 20101DRO
Buttman's OddysseyEvil Angel 20094DRO
Buttman's OrgiesEvil Angel 1996 O
Buttman's Popo Zuda PartyEvil Angel 20014DRO
Buttman's RevengeEvil Angel 19922DRO
Buttman's Rio Carnival HardcoreEvil Angel 20012DRO
Buttman's Rio Extreme GirlsEvil Angel 20101DRO
Buttman's Rolling CheeksEvil Angel 19987DRO
Buttman's Show Off GirlsEvil Angel 20024DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 1Evil Angel 20082DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 10Evil Angel 20121DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 11Evil Angel 20121DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 12Evil Angel 20121DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 13Evil Angel 20121DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 14Evil Angel 20122DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 15Evil Angel 20132DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 16Evil Angel 20131DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 17Evil Angel 20141DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 2Evil Angel 20093DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 3Evil Angel 20091DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 4Evil Angel 20103DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 5Evil Angel 20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 6Evil Angel 20112DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 7Evil Angel 20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 8Evil Angel 20113DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class 9Evil Angel 20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 1Evil Angel 20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 2Evil Angel 20111DRO
Buttman's Stretch Class: Detention 3Evil Angel 20131DRO
Buttman's Toy StoriesEvil Angel 20008DRO
Buttman's Twerkin' An' Jerkin'Evil Angel 20151DRO
Buttman's Ultimate WorkoutEvil Angel 19904DRO
Buttman's Wet DreamEvil Angel 19944DRO
Buttman's Young LustEvil Angel 20003DRO
Buttman: Toy MasterEvil Angel 20151DRO
ButtnicksCoast To Coast 1989 DRO
Buttwoman's Favorite EndingsElegant Angel 19931DO
Christy Canyon the Lost Footage Antigua 20091DRO
D-Cup DelightsVCR 1987 DO
Dance FireEvil Angel 19892DRO
De BlondeEvil Angel 1989  
Defend Our PornEvil Angel 20084DRO
Evil AngelVCR 1985 DO
Fantasy GirlsCaballero Home Video 19881DRO
Fashionistas 1Evil Angel 200223DRO
Fashionistas Safado: BerlinEvil Angel 20078DRO
Fashionistas Safado: The ChallengeEvil Angel 20066DRO
Fine Art Of Anal IntercourseVCR 1985 O
Fine Art Of CunnilingusVCR 1985 DO
Fine Art of FellatioL.B.O. Entertainment 1986 DO
Gang BangsVCR 19852DRO
Gang Bangs 2Evil Angel 19891 
Gazongas 3Leisure Time Entertainment 1988 O
Gazongas 3 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment 1994  
Girls of BallstreetLeisure Time Entertainment 1988 O
Girls of Ballstreet (new)Leisure Time Entertainment 1991  
Girls of COOZEVenus 99 1988  
Girls of COOZE (new)Leisure Time Entertainment 1991  
Girls of Double D 7CDI Home Video 1989 D
Girls of Double D 8CDI Home Video 1989  
Girls of Double D 9CDI Home Video 1989  
GodmotherVCA 1988 DRO
Godmother 2VCA 19881DRO
Holly Does Hollywood 4Canyon Video 1990 O
Hot All OverVenus 99 1987  
Hot Shorts: Heather WayneVCR 1986 DO
Hot Slut OrgiesClassic X 19821DRO
Hot SpaCaballero Home Video 1984 DRO
Indecent ItchVCR 1986 DRO
Innocence LostCaballero Home Video 1988  
Legend Of Reggie DEvil Angel 1989  
Life is Butt a DreamVenus 99 1989  
Life is Butt a Dream (new)Venus 99 19922 
Loose LifestylesCaballero Home Video 1987 DRO
Mystic PiecesEvil Angel 19891DRO
Naked NightVCR 1985 DRO
Object Of My DesireElectric Hollywood 1988  
ProposalsCoast To Coast 1988  
Rio Carnival Orgy 2Evil Angel 20023DRO
Rock 'n Roll HeavenEvil Angel 1989 DRO
Sacrificed To LoveCDI Home Video 1986  
Salsa BreakEvil Angel 1989  
Sex for SecretsVCA 1987 DRO
Shadow Dancers 1Evil Angel 1990 DRO
Shadow Dancers 2Evil Angel 19901DRO
Sheena SchoolEvil Angel 20133DRO
So As MorenasButtworx 2009  
Sodomania 5Elegant Angel 19935DRO
Sound F/XVenus 99 1988  
Surfside SexCaballero Home Video 1988 DRO
Sweet CheeksL.B.O. Entertainment 1986 DRO
TeasersFilmco Releasing 1984 D
Too Hot To StopVenus 99 1989  
Touch of PleasureAVC 1988  
Tricks of the TradeCaballero Home Video 1988 DRO
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 1 Part 1Evil Angel 19998DRO
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 1 Part 2Evil Angel 19991DRO
Vanessa ObsessionEvil Angel 1987 DRO
Very Dirty DancingCaballero Home Video 1988 D
VoraciousEvil Angel 20126DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume FourEvil Angel 2014 DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume OneEvil Angel 20145DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume ThreeEvil Angel 2014 DRO
Voracious: Season Two, Volume TwoEvil Angel 2014 DRO
White Trash Black SplashVCA 19881DRO
Wild Goose ChaseEvil Angel 19917DRO