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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Ass Masters 10Evolution Erotica2012 DRO
Babes in Pornland 1: Facial BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20013DR
Babes in Pornland 10: Buxom BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20024DO
Babes in Pornland 11: Exotic BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20023D
Babes in Pornland 12: Foot Fetish BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20033O
Babes in Pornland 13: Cum Swallowing BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20033D
Babes in Pornland 14: Bubble Butt BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20033DO
Babes in Pornland 15: British BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20032DRO
Babes in Pornland 16: Euro BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20032DO
Babes in Pornland 17: Brunette BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20032 
Babes in Pornland 18: White Trash BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20031DO
Babes in Pornland 19: Bikini BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20031DRO
Babes in Pornland 2: Teen BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20013DR
Babes in Pornland 20: New BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20031 
Babes in Pornland 3: Asian BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20013D
Babes in Pornland 4: Anal BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20013D
Babes in Pornland 5: Interracial BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20025D
Babes in Pornland 6: Latin BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20025D
Babes in Pornland 7: Busty BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20023DO
Babes in Pornland 8: Natural BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20023DRO
Babes in Pornland 9: All American BabesPuritan International, Ltd.20023DRO
Chix in the Mix 1Platinum X Pictures20046DRO
Chix in the Mix 2Platinum X Pictures20048DRO
CumvertPlatinum X Pictures20055DRO
Dirty Girlz 1Platinum X Pictures200310DO
Dirty Girlz 2Platinum X Pictures20037DRO
Dirty Girlz 3Platinum X Pictures20045DRO
Dirty Girlz 4Platinum X Pictures20056DRO
Firebush 1Platinum X Pictures20046DO
Firebush 2Platinum X Pictures20049DRO
Firebush 3Platinum X Pictures20055DO
For Once a Whore and Ever a WhorePleasure Productions20071DRO
Fresh Porn Babes 1Puritan International, Ltd.20031DO
Fresh Porn Babes 2Puritan International, Ltd.20031DO
Fresh Porn Babes 3Puritan International, Ltd.20031DO
Fresh Porn Babes 4Puritan International, Ltd.20041DO
Fresh Porn Babes 5Puritan International, Ltd.20041DO
Fresh Porn Babes 6Puritan International, Ltd.20041DRO
Go Fuck Your Hand 1Sinsation Pictures20082DRO
Go Fuck Your Hand 2Sinsation Pictures2008 DO
Interracial Interactive with Georgia PeachFifth Element20072DRO
Interracial Lust 1Platinum X Pictures20039DRO
Interracial Lust 2Platinum X Pictures20038DRO
Interracial Lust 3Platinum X Pictures20045DRO
Interracial Lust 4Platinum X Pictures20065DRO
Jewel De'Nyle's Last MoviePlatinum X Pictures20048DRO
Lick Between the Lines 1Platinum X Pictures20059DRO
Lick Between the Lines 2Platinum X Pictures20065DRO
Miami PinkSinsation Pictures2008 DRO
My Little Sister Bangs BrothasRosebud2011 DRO
Nasty Dirty GirlzFifth Element20061DO
No Boyz No Toyz Sinsational Pictures20071DRO
Notorious Jewel De'Nyle and Shelly MartinezWicked Pictures20075DR
Porn Star IdolPlatinum X Pictures20038DRO
Pu-Tang DynastyFifth Element20072DRO
Sinful Asians 1Platinum X Pictures20037DRO
Sinful Asians 2Pleasure Productions20046DRO
Sinful Asians 3Platinum X Pictures20047DO
Sinful Asians 4Platinum X Pictures20058DRO
Size Queens 1Platinum X Pictures20044DRO
Size Queens 2Platinum X Pictures20058DRO
Sluts of the Nyle 1: Wet Panty SlutsJill Kelly Productions20001DR
Sluts of the Nyle 2: Celebrity SlutsJill Kelly Productions20006DR
Sluts of the Nyle 3: Cream Filled SlutsJill Kelly Productions20012D
Sluts of the Nyle 4: Anal SlutsJill Kelly Productions20012DR
Sluts of the Nyle 5: Interracial SlutsJill Kelly Productions20012D
Spread 'Em Wide 1Platinum X Pictures20038DRO
Spread 'Em Wide 2Platinum X Pictures20036DRO
Spread 'Em Wide 3Platinum X Pictures20055DRO
Spread 'Em Wide OpenFifth Element20063DRO
Suckulant SlutsSinsation Pictures2007 DRO
Sultry Sinful AsiansFifth Element20061DRO
Wet Brunettes 1Platinum X Pictures20035DRO
Wet Brunettes 2Platinum X Pictures20046DRO
Wet Brunettes 3Platinum X Pictures20045DRO
Wild On Sex 1Platinum X Pictures20038DR
Wild On Sex 2Platinum X Pictures20037DR
Wild On Sex 3Platinum X Pictures20047DRO
XXX Platinum Blondes 1Red Light District20044DRO
XXX Platinum Blondes 2Platinum X Pictures20045DRO
XXX Platinum Blondes 3Platinum X Pictures20048DRO