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Kunga Sludge, Mondo Tundra, Monty Tundra

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Kunga Sludge, Mondo Tundra, Monty Tundra


July 03, 1952 (65 years old)





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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Film, Nothing to Hide 3 (1999)
Nominee: Best Director: Film, Nothing To Hide 4 (1999)
Nominee: Best Director: Film, Les Vampyres 2 (2000)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Little Part of Me (2011)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, My Mother's Best Friend 6 (2012)
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Shades of Kink (2012)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Shades of Kink 6 (2016)
Nominee: Director of the Year
Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Love Stories 5 (2016)


Nominee: Best Director: Non-Parody
Nominee: Best Director: Feature
Nominee: Best Director: Feature

Nightmoves Fan Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Feature
Nominee: Best Director: Feature

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year: Individual Project , Little Part of Me (2011)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Tango To Romance (2011)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Shades of Kink (2012)
Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Student Bodies (2014)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Shades of Kink 4 (2015)
Nominee: Director of the Year - Feature Release, Masseuse 10 (2016)
Nominee: Director of the Year: Body of Work

XRCO Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Features
Nominee: Best Director: Features
Nominee: Best Director: Features
Nominee: Best Director: Features

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Amazing Sex Talk 2Amazing19982DRO
An Open Relationshipxempire.com2016  
Anal AnarchyVCA1996 DO
Anal PleasureMile High20172DRO
As You Desire MeAvalon Enterprises2000 O
Asa Loves GirlsSweetheart Video20122DRO
Babes Illustrated 13Metro20034DRO
Babes in BlackRed Light District20056DRO
Babysitter 10Mile High20161DRO
Babysitter 7Mile High20123DRO
Babysitter 8Mile High2013 DRO
Babysitter 9Mile High2013 DRO
Bachelor Party GirlMetro20022DO
Badass School Girls 1Adam & Eve20061DRO
Big Gulps 1Adam & Eve20053DRO
Blue DahliaMetro19974DRO
Boss' Daughterxempire.com2017  
Breast FriendsPenthouse2014 O
Bree's Dirty DiaryAdam & Eve20104DRO
Brothers and SistersMile High20151DRO
Brothers and Sisters 2Mile High20162DRO
Brothers and Sisters 3Mile High2016 O
Bustful of Dollars Red Light District20057DRO
Busty Interracial 3Mile High20174DRO
Butt DetectiveVCA199511DRO
Carnal InstinctsMetro19983DO
Chasey ReloadedForbidden Cinema20066DRO
Cheating AffairsPenthouse20082DR
Come Inside MeMile High20162DRO
Come Inside Me 2Mile High20162DRO
Coming of Age 2Mile High20161DRO
Coming of Age 3Mile High20171DRO
DarksideRed Light District200510DRO
Dirty Little CheatersMetro20033DO
Dream LoveMetro20011DO
Drill Baby DrillPenthouse20093DR
Drill Baby Drill 5: An Industry Promo Videopenthouse.com2009  
Erotic Affairs 1Mile High20171DRO
Erotic Encounters 2Mile High20162DRO
Erotic Stories: Lovers and Cheaters 1New Sensations20042DRO
Erotic Stories: Lovers and Cheaters 2New Sensations20045DRO
Erotic VisionsMetro20011DRO
EscortMile High2013 DRO
Escort 2Mile High20142DRO
Exchange Student 3Mile High20124DRO
Exchange Student 4Mile High20121DRO
Exchange Student 5Mile High20131DRO
ExhibitionistMile High20131DRO
Fantasy Ltd.Metro20022DRO
Fantasy RoleplayMile High20161DRO
Fantasy Roleplay 2Mile High20171DRO
Father Figure 10Mile High2016 DRO
Father Figure 2Mile High20122DRO
Father Figure 3Mile High20121DRO
Father Figure 4Mile High2013 DRO
Father Figure 5Mile High20142DRO
Father Figure 6Mile High20142DRO
Father Figure 7Mile High2014 DRO
Father Figure 9Mile High20161DRO
First Dates 1Mile High20162DRO
First KissMile High20171DO
Fit to Be Tied: Alexis FordAdam & Eve20102DRO
Forbidden Affairs 1: My Wife's SisterMile High20132DRO
Forbidden Affairs 2: My Wife's Sister 2Mile High20141DRO
Forbidden Affairs 3: The StepdaughterMile High20141DRO
Forbidden Affairs 4: My Son's GirlfriendMile High2015 DRO
Forbidden Affairs 5: My Wife's DaughterMile High20151DRO
Forbidden Affairs 6: My Ex-Wife's DaughterMile High20161DRO
Forbidden Affairs 7: My Son's WifeMile High20161DRO
Friends and LoversMile High20161DRO
Friends With BenefitsPenthouse2009 DRO
Girls And ToysPenthouse2012 DRO
Girls Kissing Girls 10Mile High20121DRO
Good Girl Bad GirlMetro20021DRO
HarlotSin City20053DRO
Hello NurseAdam & Eve20084DRO
Her 1st Interracial 3Mile High20171DRO
Hollywood Bikini Party GirlsVCA1990  
House of HootersMetro20001DO
iLove GirlsAdam & Eve20102DRO
Internal LoveMile High20163DRO
Internal Love 2Mile High20161DRO
International InterracialMile High20171DRO
Interracial Anal 4Dark X20171DRO
Interracial MILFs 2Mile High20172DRO
Interracial Teens 4Mile High2017 DRO
It All Starts with A Kissxempire.com2017  
It's All About AvaAdam & Eve20063DRO
Killer Klub GirlzPenthouse20073DR
Les Vampyres 1Metro20005DR
Les Vampyres 2Metro20003D
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 4Mile High20121DRO
Lesbian Babysitters 7Mile High20121DRO
Lesbian Hitchhiker 6Mile High20133DRO
Lesbian Sorority 2Mile High20122DRO
Letting Goxempire.com2017  
Little Part of MeNew Sensations20115DRO
Living Your Fantasyxempire.com2016  
Love Stories 4Mile High20151DRO
Love Stories 5Mile High20161DRO
Love Triangle 2Mile High20141DRO
Love Triangle 3Mile High20141DRO
Lust DetectorExpert Video1986  
Lust In Paradise 2Metro20001DRO
Make Me Do Bad Thingsxempire.com2017 O
Masseuse 10Mile High20162DRO
Masseuse 11Mile High20161DRO
Masseuse 3Mile High2012 DRO
Masseuse 4Mile High2013 DRO
Masseuse 5Mile High20131DRO
Masseuse 6Mile High20142DRO
Masseuse 7Mile High20141DRO
Masseuse 8Mile High20151DRO
Masseuse 9Mile High20151DRO
Master Studentxempire.com2017  
More Than A Handful 12Metro20031DRO
Mother ExchangeMile High20142DRO
Mother Exchange 2Mile High20141DRO
Mother Exchange 3Mile High20153DRO
Mother Exchange 4Mile High20151DRO
Mother Exchange 5Mile High20151DRO
Mother Exchange 6Mile High20162DRO
Mother Lovers Society 8Mile High20121DRO
Mother-Daughter AffairMile High20142DRO
Mother-Daughter Affair 2Mile High20151DRO
Mother-Daughter Affair 3Mile High20161DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 10Mile High20141DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 11Mile High2014 DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 12Mile High20151DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 13Mile High20151DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 14Mile High20161DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 7Mile High2012 DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 8Mile High20131DRO
My Daughter's Boyfriend 9Mile High20132DRO
My First Kissxempire.com2017  
My Girlfriend's Mother 10Mile High20161DRO
My Girlfriend's Mother 4Sweet Sinner20131DRO
My Girlfriend's Mother 5Mile High2013 DRO
My Girlfriend's Mother 6Mile High20131DRO
My Girlfriend's Mother 7Mile High20141DRO
My Girlfriend's Mother 8Mile High20142DRO
My Mother's Best Friend 6Mile High20122DRO
Naughty Neighbors 3Mile High2012 O
NeighborsMile High20121DRO
Neighbors 2Mile High20121DRO
Neighbors 3Sweet Sinner20133DRO
Night NursesPenthouse20062DR
Nothing to Hide 3Metro19992DRO
Nothing To Hide 4Metro19992DRO
PolyamoryMile High20152DRO
Polyamory 2Mile High20162DO
Porn Stars...Ultimate Sex Partners 1Metro20091DRO
Porn Stars...Ultimate Sex Partners 2Metro2009 DRO
ProvocativeAdam & Eve20061DRO
Recipe For RomanceNew Sensations20112DRO
Red Vibe Diaries 1: Object Of DesireMetro19971DRO
Red Vibe Diaries 2: Dark DesiresMetro19983DRO
Red Vibe Diaries 3Metro20005DO
Roller DollzZero Tolerance20087DRO
Secret Diary of a SecretaryPenthouse20091DR
Secretary 3Mile High20122DRO
Sex Lives on Porno TapeVCA1992  
Sex PixRed Light District20058DRO
Sex ShopPenthouse20101DRO
Sexual EncountersMile High20171DO
Sexy Nurses 3Metro19985DO
Shades of KinkMile High20121DRO
Shades of Kink 2Mile High20132DRO
Shades of Kink 3Mile High20141DRO
Shades of Kink 4Mile High20151DRO
Shades of Kink 5Mile High20151DRO
Shades of Kink 6Mile High20162DRO
Shades of Kink 7Mile High20162DRO
She BangsRed Light District200513DRO
She's All I Wantxempire.com2017  
Shrink WrappedMetro20003DRO
Sibling Rivalry 1Mile High20152DRO
Sibling Rivalry 2Mile High20151DRO
Sibling Rivalry 3Mile High2016 DRO
Silk StockingsSin City20043DRO
Skin on SkinMetro2003 DRO
Spiked HeelsPenthouse2008 RO
Sportin' Big BoobsPenthouse20091DRO
Stepmother 10Mile High20141DRO
Stepmother 11: Don't Tell Your DadMile High2014 DRO
Stepmother 12Mile High20151DRO
Stepmother 13Mile High20151DRO
Stepmother 14Mile High20161DRO
Stepmother 15Mile High20171DRO
Stepmother 7Mile High20121DRO
Stepmother 8Mile High20121DRO
Stepmother 9Mile High2013 DRO
Stranger In The Darkxempire.com2017  
Stripper 1Mile High20121DRO
Stripper 2Mile High2013 DRO
Student BodiesMile High20141DRO
Student Bodies 2Mile High20142DRO
Student Bodies 3Mile High20151DRO
Student Bodies 4Mile High20151DRO
Student Bodies 5Mile High20151DRO
Superstar MILFsAdam & Eve20093DRO
Sweet and SweatyPenthouse2014  
SwingerMile High20124DRO
Swinger 2Mile High20132DRO
Swinger 3Mile High2013 DRO
Swinger 4Mile High20141DRO
Swinger 6Mile High20151DRO
Swingers GetawayMile High20163DRO
Swingers Getaway 2Mile High20171DR
Taboo 2001: Sex OdysseyMetro20013DRO
Tail Taggers 127Western Visuals19941 
Tango To RomanceAdam & Eve20111DRO
Taste Of KinkErotica X20162DRO
Taste Of Kink 2Erotica X2018 DR
TeaseAdam & Eve20084DRO
Threesome EncountersErotica X2017 DRO
Threesome Encounters 1Mile High2017 DRO
Threesome Encounters 2Mile High2017 DRO
Trial By CopulationMetro19994DRO
Tropic of DesireMetro20011DRO
Under DressedMetro19992DO
Very Bad WivesPenthouse20102DR
Very Bad Wives 5: The Way Things Arepenthouse.com2010  
Website WivesPenthouse20111DR
White AngelMetro19984DO