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January 13, 1928 (would be 87 years old)

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July 08, 2008 (details)





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Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Notes Year Rev Formats
Agony For HireL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Alice In BondagelandL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Angels in FlightNitro Productions 1995 DRO
Babes Illustrated 1Metro 19944DRO
Babes Illustrated 2Metro 19944DRO
Babes Illustrated 3Metro 19951DRO
Babes Illustrated 4Metro 19952DRO
Bad Girls Get PunishedNew Twist Productions 19941 
Beg For MercyL.B.O. Entertainment 1994 DRO
Big Bondage CaperL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Bondage BrothelL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Boss Bitch From Bondage HellL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Butts in BondageL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Captured In DragL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 O
Catching the Cross DresserL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Chamber Of TearsL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DO
Chug-a-lug Girls 2Video Team 19931 
Chug-a-lug Girls 3Video Team 1992  
Chug-a-lug Girls 4Video Team 19941 
Chug-a-lug Girls 5Video Team 19942 
Chug-a-lug Girls 6Video Team 19951 
Cinderella In ChainsL.B.O. Entertainment 1995 DRO
Cinderella In Chains 2L.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Cinderella In Chains 3L.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Cock Tease TortureL.B.O. Entertainment 19981O
Colleen Brennan: Porns 1st GrandmaGourmet Video Collection 2007 DO
Contessa De SadeL.B.O. Entertainment 19961DRO
CrossdresserL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 O
Cruel And UnusualL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Cruel PersuasionsSpunky Spur 2001 DRO
Dance To The WhipL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 D
Dirty SharyVidco Entertainment 19842DRO
Doctor ScourgeLondon Video/Lyndon Distributors 2001 O
Dr. Dom The Pain GiverTotally Tasteless 2001 DRO
Dr. DominatrixL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Erotic AppetitesMetro 1995  
Erotic ObsessionMetro 1995  
Extreme RemedyL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 D
Female Gang VengeanceL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Forbidden TerritoryLondon Video/Lyndon Distributors 1999 DO
French InvasionL.B.O. Entertainment 1993 DO
Fury Of OL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DO
Goldilocks and the Three BaresL.B.O. Entertainment 1996  
Hard Whips For Soft BodiesNew Twist Productions 1993  
Harsh PenaltiesL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Hot Bodies In BondageL.B.O. Entertainment 1993 DRO
House of 1000 TormentsL.B.O. Entertainment 2004 DO
Hurts So GoodL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DO
Interrogation South American StyleL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
IntoleranceL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DRO
InvaderLondon Video/Lyndon Distributors 1999 DO
Kiss of the WhipL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DO
Lessons In SubmissionL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Little Shop Of TorturesL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DO
Many Ways Of DisciplineL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Mark of the WhitchL.B.O. Entertainment 1997  
Mistress Calls The ShotsL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Mistress of Misery (II)L.B.O. Entertainment 1996  
Mistress RulesL.B.O. Entertainment 19972DRO
Nasty ConsequencesL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 O
Never Say NeverSin City 19941DRO
Never Say Never...AgainSin City 1994 O
Nightmare Of DisciplineNew Twist Productions 1993  
No Escape!London Video/Lyndon Distributors 2000 DRO
No Man's Land 7Video Team 19931DRO
No Man's Land 9Video Team 1994 DRO
No Mercy For The BitchesL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Pain is The PriceL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DO
Pain PuppetsL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Porsche's OrdealL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Power BitchesL.B.O. Entertainment 19981DRO
Princess Of PainL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Prisoner of PayneNitro Productions 1995  
Punishment For LiarsL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 RO
Punishment Of Red Riding HoodL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Pussy PinchersL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DRO
Queen Of EvilL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DO
Queens Of MeanNew Twist Productions 1994 O
Revolt of the SlavesL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DO
Secret LivesSin City 1994 R
Severe SolutionsL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Sex Therapy WardL.B.O. Entertainment 19951DRO
Sharon's Painful PersuasionL.B.O. Entertainment 1996  
Shaved Sinners 4Video Team 1994  
She Made Him A SlutL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Slave's OrdealLondon Video/Lyndon Distributors 19991DRO
Stiff PunishmentL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DRO
Story Of OuchL.B.O. Entertainment 1996 DRO
Stripped and WhippedL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DRO
Stroke At MidnightL.B.O. Entertainment 19931O
Taste of TormentNitro Productions 1995 DO
Teased and TormentedL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DO
Therapist From HellL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DO
Torturer's ApprenticeL.B.O. Entertainment 1995 DO
Training for TormentL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 O
Trapped And TrainedL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DO
Trespassers Will Be PunishedL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Valley Girl ConnectionMetro 1995  
Vicious AttackL.B.O. Entertainment 1998  
Viscious VixensL.B.O. Entertainment 2006 DRO
Whipped Into A FrenzyL.B.O. Entertainment 1997 DRO
Whipped WetL.B.O. Entertainment 1998 DRO
White SlaversL.B.O. Entertainment 2004 DRO
Wild and Wicked 3Video Team 19931 
Wild and Wicked 4Video Team 1994 DR
Witness To PainLondon Enterprises 2000 O
WormsLondon Video/Lyndon Distributors 2000  
Young Nurses in LustL.B.O. Entertainment 1995 DRO