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Duck Dumont

Photo of Duck Dumont
Photo Copyright/Courtesy of Unknown

Director AKA No known aliases
BirthdayNo data
AstrologyNo data
BirthplaceNo data 
Date of DeathSunday, August 14, 2005 (details)
Years Active as Director1985-2005
EthnicityNo data
Nationality/HeritageNo data
Hair ColorNo data
HeightNo data
WeightNo data
TattoosNo data
PiercingsNo data
CommentsThere are no comments for this performer.
WebsiteNo data


Director Credits
217 Titles

Titles displayed in a darker row color are compilations. Titles that are highlighted are web scenes.

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As Director
Movie Title
Alice In BlacklandVCA1988  
Alice In WhitelandVCA1988 O
Anal WomanPleasure Productions1990 DRO
Ass Lickin' 1Red Board Video2005  
AwakeningSin City19921DRO
Back to NatureCaballero Home Video19901DRO
Bed Butts and BreakfastLas Vegas Video1990  
Bitch Brawl Wrestling 1Red Board Video2001  
BlackmanPleasure Productions19891DRO
Blackman and Anal WomanPleasure Productions1990 DO
Body FireLas Vegas Video1991  
Breast FriendsPleasure Productions1991 DRO
Butt Jammers 3Sin City1995  
Call GirlsSin City1997 DO
Captain Butts' BeachLas Vegas Video1992  
Cottontail ClubElectric Hollywood1985  
Debbie Does Fem-dom 1Red Board Video2000  
Debbie Does Fem-dom 2Red Board Video2002  
Debbie Does Fem-dom 3Red Board Video2003  
Debbie Does Fem-dom 4Red Board Video2003  
Debbie Does S&MRed Board Video2001 DR
Debbie Does Spanking 2Red Board Video2001  
Debbie Does Spanking 3Red Board Video2003  
Debbie Does Whip-ass 1Red Board Video2000  
Debbie Does Whip-ass 2Red Board Video2001  
Debbie Does Whip-ass 3Red Board Video2001  
Debbie Does Whip-ass 4Red Board Video2002  
Debbie Does Whip-ass 5Red Board Video2003  
Debutante TrainingDungeon Video International1995  
Dirty PicturesCaballero Home Video1987 DRO
Double DareEssex Video / Electric Hollywood1986  
Dr. HootersPleasure Productions1991 O
Dream LoversCaballero Home Video1987 DRO
Duck Dumont's Uncut 1Red Board Video1998  
Dyke BarPleasure Productions1990  
Exchange Of BlowsDungeon Video International19951DRO
Fat Chicks In BondageRed Board Video1999  
Fat Chicks In Bondage 3Red Board Video1999  
Fat Chicks In Bondage 4Red Board Video2000  
Fat Chicks In Bondage 5Red Board Video2000  
Finger Pleasures 1Pleasure Productions1995  
Finger Pleasures 2Pleasure Productions1995  
Finger Pleasures 3Pleasure Productions1995  
Finger Pleasures 4Pleasure Productions1996  
Finger Pleasures 5Pleasure Productions1995  
Finger Pleasures 6Pleasure Productions1996  
Finger Pleasures 8Pleasure Productions1996  
Finger Sluts 1Unlimited1996 O
Finger Sluts 2Unlimited1997 O
Finger Sluts 3Unlimited1997  
Finger Sluts 4Unlimited1998  
Fuck a Fatty Funtime 1Pleasure Productions19991DRO
Fuck a Fatty Funtime 2Pleasure Productions19991DRO
Fuck a Fatty Funtime 3Pleasure Productions1999 DRO
Fuck a Fatty Funtime 4Pleasure Productions2000 DRO
Girl Toy SpankingRed Board Video2001  
Girl Toy SpankingRed Board Video2000  
Girl Toy Spanking 2Red Board Video2001  
Girl World 1Lipstik Video1987  
Girl World 2Lipstik Video1987 O
Girls ClubVCA19903DRO
Girls Will Be Boys 1Pleasure Productions1992 DRO
Girls Will Be Boys 2Pleasure Productions1992 DRO
Girls Will Be Boys 3Pleasure Productions19921DRO
Girls Will Be Boys 4Pleasure Productions1992 DRO
Girls Will Be Boys 5Pleasure Productions1993 DRO
Girls Will Be Boys 6Pleasure Productions19931DRO
Hard FokusCaballero Home Video1987 DRO
He Does It Her WayRed Board Video1999  
Housemother's Discipline 7Red Board Video1997  
Humiliated White Boy 3Red Board Video2002  
I Cream of GenieEssex Video / Electric Hollywood1988 DRO
Jailhouse BratRed Board Video1998  
Juicy LipsPleasure Productions1991 DRO
Just Beat Me 1Red Board Video2002 D
Just Beat Me 2Red Board Video2002  
Just Beat Me 3Red Board Video2002  
Just Beat Me 4Red Board Video2003  
Learning To ObeyRed Board Video1997  
Liquid LoveCaballero Home Video1988 DRO
Lover's LaneEssex Video / Electric Hollywood1986 DRO
Luscious Baker GirlsVidco Entertainment19901DRO
Maid to BeatDungeon Video International1994  
Male BashingRed Board Video1999  
MeltdownLas Vegas Video1990 R
Mischief MakerEssex Video / Electric Hollywood1987 O
More Punished CheeksRed Board Video1998  
Mummy Dearest 1Las Vegas Video1990  
Mummy Dearest 2Las Vegas Video1990  
Naked TruthFilmco Releasing1990 DRO
Old Guys And Dolls 1Pleasure Productions1995  
Old Guys And Dolls 2Pleasure Productions1995  
Old People Real Bondage 1Red Board Video1998  
Old People Real Bondage 2Red Board Video1999  
Old Wave Hookers 1Pleasure Productions1995  
Old Wave Hookers 2Pleasure Productions1995  
Oriental SpiceEssex Video / Electric Hollywood1989  
Out of ControlEssex Video / Electric Hollywood1987 DO
Pain 1Red Board Video1998  
Pain 10Red Board Video2004 D
Pain 2Red Board Video1998  
Pain 3Red Board Video1999  
Pain 4Red Board Video2000  
Pain 5Red Board Video20002D
Pain 6Red Board Video2001  
Pain 7Red Board Video2001  
Pain 8Red Board Video2001  
Pain 9Red Board Video2001  
Passion PitEssex Video / Electric Hollywood19851 
Pink PussycatCaballero Home Video19922 
Pleasure GameCaballero Home Video1987 DRO
Pleasure MazeEssex Video / Electric Hollywood1986  
PointersLas Vegas Video1990 O
Puppy SlutRed Board Video2002  
Puppy Sluts 2Red Board Video2003  
Pussy Fingers 1Red Board Video2002 O
Pussy Fingers 10Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 11Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 12Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 13Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 14Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 15Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 16Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 17Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 18Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 19Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 2Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 20Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 21Red Board Video2002 DR
Pussy Fingers 22Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 3Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 4Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 5Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 6Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 7Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 8Red Board Video2002  
Pussy Fingers 9Red Board Video2002  
Pussy SlutsRed Board Video2002  
Raw and Real S&M 1Red Board Video1997  
Raw and Real S&M 2Red Board Video1998  
Raw and Real S&M 3Red Board Video1998  
Raw and Real S&M 4Red Board Video1999  
Raw and Real S&M 5Red Board Video2000  
Raw and Real S&M 6Red Board Video2001  
Real Lesbians, Real Bondage 1Red Board Video2002  
Real Lesbians, Real Bondage 2Red Board Video2002  
Real Lesbians, Real Bondage 3Red Board Video2003  
Real Lesbians, Real Bondage 4Red Board Video2003  
Sex Dreams on Maple StreetElectric Hollywood1985  
Sex Over 40 1Pleasure Productions1994  
Sex Over 40 2Pleasure Productions1995  
Sex Over 40 3Pleasure Productions2002  
Shaved 11Red Board Video1996  
Shaved 12Red Board Video1997  
Shaved 13Red Board Video1997  
Shaved 14Red Board Video2000  
Shaved 15Red Board Video2001  
She Male Ass Slapping FantasiesRed Board Video2003  
Sista KinkRed Board Video2005  
Soft BottomsRed Board Video1996  
Spank 'n SexRed Board Video2004  
Spank 'n Sex 2Red Board Video2005 D
Spanked Toilet WhoresRed Board Video2003  
Spit 'n SpankRed Board Video20042 
Spread Eagle SpankingsRed Board Video2004 D
Sternwood Spanking AcademyRed Board Video1997  
StreetwalkersPleasure Productions1990 DO
Sun BunniesSin City1991  
Sunrise MysteryFat Dog1992  
Sweet LicksMidnight Video1992  
Sweet SurrenderSin City19971DRO
Sweet ThingsVCA1987 DRO
Tail for SaleVidco Entertainment1989 DRO
Three for AllPleasure Productions1989 D
Toilet Hole Bondage Whores 1Red Board Video1998  
Torment 1Red Board Video1999 O
Torment 10Red Board Video2000  
Torment 11Red Board Video2000  
Torment 12Red Board Video2001  
Torment 13Red Board Video2001  
Torment 14Red Board Video2001  
Torment 15Red Board Video2002  
Torment 16Red Board Video2002  
Torment 17Red Board Video2002  
Torment 18Red Board Video2002  
Torment 19Red Board Video2003  
Torment 2Red Board Video1999 D
Torment 20Red Board Video2003  
Torment 3Red Board Video1999  
Torment 4Red Board Video1999  
Torment 6B & D Pleasures2000 D
Torment 7Red Board Video2000  
Torment 8Red Board Video2000  
Torment 9Red Board Video2000  
Uncut 3Red Board Video20021DRO
Used and Abused 1Red Board Video20031D
Used and Abused 2Red Board Video2004 DR
Virgin Kink 14Red Board Video2000  
Virgin Kink 15Red Board Video2000  
Virgin Kink 16Red Board Video2000  
Virgin Kink 17Red Board Video2001 D
Virgin Kink 18Red Board Video2001  
Virgin Kink 19Red Board Video2001 D
Virgin Kink 20Red Board Video2001  
Virgin Kink 21Red Board Video2002  
Virgin Kink 22Red Board Video2002  
Virgin Kink 23Red Board Video2003  
Virgin Kink 24Red Board Video2003  
Virgin Kink 25Red Board Video2003  
Virgin Kink 26Red Board Video20041D
Wet KinkVCA1991  
Wet StrokesWestern Visuals1988 DRO
Wham Bam Thank You Ma'amRed Board Video2005 DRO
Whip Her Snap HerRed Board Video2001  
XXXtreme Wrestling 1Strap-on Academy2002  
Young Sluts in Heat 1Heatseeker Productions1996  
Young Sluts in Heat 2Heatseeker Productions1996  

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