The Women

Vienna Vita

AKA: Vienna Vixen, Vienna

Female Partners We Know About: 3

The Men


AKA: Marco or Philippo Casanova or uncredited

Peter Winterson

AKA: Coen (, Peter, Pier (, Piere (

Philippe Soine

AKA: Richard Philippe, Philip Rem, Philip Sanders, Philippe Jaquelinet, Philippe Jaqulinet, Phil Jaqulinet, Philipe Jaquelinet, Philipe Jaquleinet, Phil Jaquelinet, Jhane Philippe, Phillipe, Ph. Soine, Philipe Jaqulinet, Philipe Soine, Philippe, Philippe Danton, Philippe Jacquelinet, Philippe Svan, Phillip, Richard Gourmet, Philippe Souane

Pierre Woodman

AKA: Jean-Paul Bouchet

Male Partners We Know About: 8