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The Women

Headshot of Alysin Embers

Alysin Embers

AKA: Eileen, Allysin Embess, Allyson Embers, Allysin Embers, Allysin, Allison Embers
Headshot of Drew Allen

Drew Allen

Headshot of Fawna


AKA: Fawnna, Fawanna, Brooke
Headshot of Gia Regency

Gia Regency

AKA: Gia, Gina Regency
Headshot of Hailey Jo

Hailey Jo

Headshot of Jade Marcela

Jade Marcela

AKA: Marcela Jade, Jill, Jade Marcella, Jade M, Marcella Montes, Marcela Montes, Kristi, Jade
Headshot of Kimberly


Headshot of Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

AKA: Heather, Summer Lane, Summer Lynn, Summer

Female Partners We Know About: 8

The Men

Headshot of Chris Charming

Chris Charming

AKA: Chris Charmming, C Charming, Chris C., Chris D., Cris Charming, Chris Ditman, Chris Dittman, Chris, Chris Carming, Chris Charmin
Headshot of Dave Hardman

Dave Hardman

AKA: Dan Hardman, Larry Liverstein, Dave Hartmann, David Hardman
Headshot of David Luger

David Luger

AKA: David Luger, Andy Armageddon
Headshot of Devlin Weed

Devlin Weed

AKA: Devin Weed, Deavlan, Devlin, Weed
Headshot of Ed Powers

Ed Powers

AKA: Master P., Mark Arnold, Edward Powers
Headshot of Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard

AKA: Eril Everhard, Eric Everhart, Eric Everhard
Headshot of J.J. Michaels

J.J. Michaels

AKA: JJ Michaels, J.J. Micheals
Headshot of Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

Headshot of Joel Lawrence

Joel Lawrence

AKA: Joel Lawerence, Joel Lawrwence, Jole Lawernce, J Lawrence, Joel Laurence, Joel Clupper, Max Stryde, Joel Schultz, Max Steed
Headshot of Johnny Thrust

Johnny Thrust

AKA: Giaseppi, Simon, Simon Templar, Johny Thrust, Guisseppe, Darren James, Giusseppe, Giuseppe, Johnny Trust, Bad Bob, Noah Drake, Johnny Thruster, Tom Jones, Guiseppe, Mike Judge, Kaiser Solze
Headshot of Lucky Star

Lucky Star

AKA: Lawrence, Licky, Lucky Starr, Lucky
Headshot of Mark Vega

Mark Vega

AKA: Mark M., Mark Mann, Mark, Marc Vegas, Marc Vega
Headshot of Mark Wood

Mark Wood

AKA: Mark Woods
Headshot of Max Hardcore

Max Hardcore

AKA: Paul Max, Paul, Max Steiner, Sam, Rex Reamer, Video Paul, Paul Little, Sam Smythe
Headshot of Rick Masters

Rick Masters

AKA: Rich Masters, Rick Chirac, Rick Mastero, Jerid Storm, Jerid
Headshot of Rod Fontana

Rod Fontana

AKA: Rod Fonatana, Terrell Stevens, Rod Fontanna, Rod Fontana, Scuddle Fontana
Headshot of Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore

AKA: Rodney
Headshot of Steve Drake

Steve Drake

AKA: Steve Clark, Steve Nadelman, Steven Drake, Steve Hunter, Steve Tays, Steve Goldberg, Steve Nedelman, Richar
Headshot of Tony Eveready

Tony Eveready

AKA: Tony, Tim Eveready, Tony Everready
Headshot of Trevor Thompson

Trevor Thompson

AKA: Trevor Trent, Trevor Slide, Trevor Thompason, Trevor, Andrew
Headshot of TT Boy

TT Boy

AKA: Johnny Gallon, T.T. Boyd, Mack Reynolds, J.T. Boy, Phil Rivera, T.T. Boy, Titi Boy, T. T. Boy, D.T. Boyd, TT Boyd, Max Reynolds, Max Cash, Butch, Juan (hot Latin Pussy Adventures)

Male Partners We Know About: 21