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The Women

Headshot of Alicyn Sterling

Alicyn Sterling

AKA: Alicyn Sterlin, Alycin Sterling, Alycyn Sterling, P.J. Kerrington, Lynette Sterling, Allison Sterling, Alicyn Storm, Mandy White, Cheri Bonet, Carrie Mitchell, Carrie Cruise
Headshot of Bobbie Lee

Bobbie Lee

AKA: Bobbi Lee
Headshot of Brigitte Aime

Brigitte Aime

AKA: Brigitte Aimee, Bridgett Aime, Briggitte Aime, Bridgitte Aime, Bridgette Amie, Brigette Aime, Angie, Chantal Lemaire, Bridgette Aimee, Chantal LeMarie, Chantel Lemaine, Jennifer Gold
Headshot of Heather Hart

Heather Hart

AKA: Ali Krumer, Shannon White, Heather Hunt, Heather Heart, Heather Brown, Heather Mills, Heather Hard
Headshot of Leanna Foxxx

Leanna Foxxx

AKA: Dianna Fox, Leana Foxxx, Leana Fox, Dixie Dynamite, Leanna Foxx, Chantaine, Leona Fox, LeAnna Foxxx, Renee Foxx
Headshot of Melanie Rose

Melanie Rose

Headshot of Nikki Wilde

Nikki Wilde

AKA: Arrow Garret , Nikki Wild, Nicki Wilde, Nicole Wild, Honey Rose, Arrow Garrett, Carrie
Headshot of Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley

AKA: Nina Hartly, Nina Hartman, Nina Hartwell
Headshot of Patricia Kennedy

Patricia Kennedy

AKA: Amy, Patricia Kennedy, Patrica Kennedy, Patrica, Patricia Noveau, Pat Kennedy, Patricia Nouveau
Headshot of Raven


AKA: Vicky Vickers, Niki Dickers, Raven St. James, Vicki Vickers
Headshot of Saki St. Jermaine

Saki St. Jermaine

AKA: Saki St. Germaine, Saki St-Germaine, Satine, Saki, Saku, Satina, Satina LaRouche
Headshot of Sharon Kane

Sharon Kane

AKA: Miss Sharon Kane, Sharron Kane, Elizabeth Loy, Shirley McGuire, Karen Kane, Sharon Kain, Sharon Caine, Alice Wray, Shirley Woods, Shirley Wood, Sharon Cane, Sharon Cain, Jennifer Walker, Jennifer Holmes, Sheri Vaughan, Sharon Maiberg
Headshot of Taylor Wane

Taylor Wane

AKA: Farran Hytes, Miss Faren Heights, Taylor Wave, Zoey Miles, Taylor Wayne, Joanna, Joanna G, Fayrin Heitz, Farran Heights
Headshot of Tera Heart

Tera Heart

AKA: Terra Hart, Terra Heart, Tara Hart, Tara Heart, Tera Hart, Tina Ames
Headshot of Viper


AKA: Stephanie Bishop

Female Partners We Know About: 15

The Men

Headshot of Buck Adams

Buck Adams

AKA: Buck Adame, Buck Adam, Claymore Rush, Hector, D.A. Adams, Charles S. Allen, Charles Allen, Buick Adams
Headshot of Jake Steed

Jake Steed

AKA: Jake Snead, Jake Stead, Billy, Rick Wynn, Max Stead, Max Steed, Tim Wakefield, Tim Woodfield, Tim Whitfield, Tom Harvey, Tim Woodland
Headshot of Jerry Butler

Jerry Butler

AKA: Gerry Butler, Jerry Buttler, John Hamilton, Arthur West, Jerry Rillios
Headshot of Marc Wallice

Marc Wallice

AKA: Mark Walice, Mark Williams, M. Goldberg, Mark Weller, Mark Butler, Marc Wallis, Mark Waliice, Mark C. Gold, Mark Goldberg, Marc Wallace, Marc Goldberg, Marc Gold, Marc Richa, Mark Wallace, Mark Wallice, Jay B. David, Don Webber (gay)
Headshot of Peter North

Peter North

AKA: Al Brown, Matt Ramsey [gay]
Headshot of Ricky Lee

Ricky Lee

AKA: Rick Larocco, Rick Larocca
Headshot of Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

AKA: David Elliott, R. J., Ronald Jeremy, Ron Jeremey, Ron Jeremy, David Elliot
Headshot of Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels

AKA: Andre Allen, Sean Micheals, Shawn Michael , André, Shawn Michaels, Sean Michael, Mike Stone
Headshot of Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Headshot of Stan Tanner

Stan Tanner

Headshot of Tom Byron

Tom Byron

AKA: Thomas Byron, Tim Byron, Tom Byrom, Tom Bryon, Tom Bryan, Tommy Byron, Tom
Headshot of TT Boy

TT Boy

AKA: Johnny Gallon, T.T. Boyd, Mack Reynolds, J.T. Boy, Phil Rivera, T.T. Boy, Titi Boy, T. T. Boy, D.T. Boyd, TT Boyd, Max Reynolds, Max Cash, Butch, Juan (hot Latin Pussy Adventures)

Male Partners We Know About: 12