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23 Jan 2015
This Ain’t Not The View XXX – A New Podcast

Posted by IAFD Staff


So, Rog of RogReviews.com, Dr. Chauntelle of ChauntelleTibbals.com and myself have joined forces and are going to throw our hat into the podcasting ring, with a casual chat about the industry.  We’re calling the new venture This Ain’t Not The View XXX and we’re hoping to have other people sit in on future installments.  We took some inspiration from This Week in Tech by recording our first episode in person at a trade show… our next episode will be recorded remotely via Skype and the plan it to be recording new episodes biweekly.

The show will live at ThisAintNotTheViewXXX.com

We hope you enjoy the episode.

19 Jan 2015
A Small Site Tweak to the Matchups Page

Posted by IAFD Staff

Tweaks 1

Got an email today:

Dear IAFD,

I’m trying to ID the source of a scene featuring Leslie Taylor and a female named Caroline . Your page of pairings lists 3 females with that name , and 6 movies, none of which matches the scene I have on file.

I suspect my main problem is that most performers have used more than one name … While IAFD lists only a matching performer’s ”principal” name on that matchups page , the file provider may have used one of the AKAs .

Currently my alternative is to search either ALL the headshots (there are 646 , and I find many females ”don’t look much like” their headshots) , or LOTS of movies (in this case , since I’m looking at a file from 2002 , I may only have to check 280 of the 807 movies in his list , released in 2002 or earlier). Either way isn’t ”fun” … and , in fact , neither is guaranteed to work .

If IAFD printed out (on the matchups page) all AKA names along with the “principal” name , that would make the ID task a lot easier . But , that might
also upset the appearance of the matchups page, especially for performers that have a lot of AKA.s .


At present , I have no idea if either of these changes could easily be made , or would be of interest to other IAFD visitors . And there may be something else you have in mind that could also help … (I have other scenes to ID , too).

So, it took all of 30 seconds to add the performer AKA to the MatchUps page and tweak the CSS to make it look pretty, so that’s what we did.


16 Jan 2015
Congrats to the XBiz Award Winners!

Posted by IAFD Staff

2Well, we’re a little sad. Another year goes by, and it’s merely an honor to be nominated… FreeOnes took the Adult Site of the Year: Fan Site award for the whatever year running (but who’s counting?). Along with them, a bunch of other people won awards, here they are. It’s almost 4 AM on the East Coast, so I’m calling it a night with only the most minimal data analysis…

On the performer side, the big winners were Carter Cruise and James Deen who both won 3 awards.

The big winner was Eli Cross’ Wetwork (2014) which won SEVEN awards; Not Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Musical (2014) and Second Chances (2014) were tied for second-most honored with 4 wins apiece.

So, here’s the breakdown:

All-Black Release of the Year

All-Girl Release of the Year

All-Sex Release of the Year

Amateur Release of the Year

Asian-Themed Release of the Year

BDSM Release of the Year

Best Actor – Couples-Themed Release

Best Actor – Feature Movie

Best Actor – Parody Release

Best Actress – All-Girl Release

Best Actress – Couples-Themed Release

Best Actress – Feature Movie

Best Art Direction

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Music

Best New Starlet

Best Non-Sex Acting Performance

Best Scene – All-Girl

Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release

Best Scene – Non-Feature Release

Best Scene – Parody Release

Best Scene – Vignette Release

Best Special Effects

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Couples-Themed Release of the Year

Crossover Star of the Year

Director of the Year – Feature Release

Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release

Director of the Year – Parody

Director of the Year: Body of Work

European Director of the Year

European Feature Release of the Year

European Non-Feature Release of the Year

Feature Movie of the Year

Female Performer of the Year

Feminist Porn Release of the Year

Fetish Release of the Year

Foreign Female Performer of the Year

Foreign Male Performer of the Year

Gay Director of the Year

Gay Movie of the Year

Gay Performer of the Year

Girl/Girl Performer of the Year

Gonzo Release of the Year

Interracial Release of the Year

Latin-Themed Release of the Year

Male Performer of the Year

MILF Performer of the Year

Parody Release of the Year: Comedy

Parody Release of the Year: Drama

Pro-Am Release of the Year

Screenplay of the Year

Specialty Release of the Year

Transsexual Director of the Year

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Transsexual Release of the Year

Vignette Release of the Year

13 Jan 2015
‘Words With (Slutty) Friends’ featuring Dakota Skye

Posted by Gabriel Lan


WWSF Dakota Skye SFW

Used commonly in therapy and psychoanalysis, ‘Word Association’ can be a means of creating a psychiatric evaluation of an individual. Participants in word association are instructed to simply respond to a given word spontaneously with the first word, thing, or phrase that comes to their mind. Some experts in the field of psychology believe that the responses can be revealing about the inner workings of the subconscious mind of that individual.

Since we at IAFD.com knew all you filthy minded perverts out there were wondering what your favorite pornstars were thinking about subconsciously, we simply asked them for you. In this installment, we put the mind of Spank Bank Awards ‘Newcummer of the Year’, ‘Most Adorable Slut’, and ‘Fun Sized Fuck Bunny’ nominee Dakota Skye to the test.

Here are the results:

Gabriel Lan: Unique
Dakota Skye: My belly button

Gabriel Lan: Adult
Dakota Skye: Star

Gabriel Lan: Twat
Dakota Skye: Cunt

Gabriel Lan: Penetration
Dakota Skye: Double

Gabriel Lan: Candle
Dakota Skye: Wax

Gabriel Lan: Inhale
Dakota Skye: Cum

Gabriel Lan: Caboose
Dakota Skye: What the fuck?!?!

Gabriel Lan: Dirty
Dakota Skye: Mind

Gabriel Lan: Enchanted
Dakota Skye: Princess cum slut

Gabriel Lan: Fancy
Dakota Skye: Feast

Gabriel Lan: Girly
Dakota Skye: Teen

Gabriel Lan: Butthole
Dakota Skye: QUEEN!

Gabriel Lan: Hump
Dakota Skye: Everything

Gabriel Lan: Junk
Dakota Skye: in the trunk

Gabriel Lan: Box
Dakota Skye: PUSSY!

Gabriel Lan: Rocks
Dakota Skye: Kick

Gabriel Lan: Lantern
Dakota Skye: Green

Gabriel Lan: Dangle
Dakota Skye: Berry

Gabriel Lan: Muffin
Dakota Skye: Tops

Gabriel Lan: Naked
Dakota Skye: and helpless

Gabriel Lan: Onion
Dakota Skye: Ewww!

Gabriel Lan: Wild
Dakota Skye: Card

Gabriel Lan: Quake
Dakota Skye: Earth

Gabriel Lan: Rear
Dakota Skye: end is getting fucked

Gabriel Lan: Offensive
Dakota Skye: Dialog

Gabriel Lan: Shaved
Dakota Skye: Nuts

Gabriel Lan: Tiny
Dakota Skye: Twat

Gabriel Lan: Snatch
Dakota Skye: CATCH!

Gabriel Lan: Pervert
Dakota Skye: Yes!!

Gabriel Lan: Yes
Dakota Skye: No

Follow Dakota on Twitter ( @realdakotaskye ) and on Instagram ( realdakotaskye )

Find Dakota Skye’s filmography and all your other favorite pornstars on IAFD.com.

28 Dec 2014
How Long Does it Take to Become an AVN Hall of Famer?

Posted by vanzetti

How Long Must I Work To Be An AVN Hall

Looking over the list of 2015 AVN Hall of Name inductees, we found some favorites listed, and Kaylani Lei caught my eye because it seemed like she “just started” in 2002, and entrance into the hallowed hall should take some more time to earn… (this is purely a subjective reading of what it takes to get into the Hall and is not intended to reflect on her or anyone’s deservedness. I also think 2002 feels like last week instead of 12 years ago)

So, I figured I’d run the numbers and see what came up.

Turns out, it takes 16.76 years of service, on average to get into the Hall, so Kaylani’s 13 years in the industry puts her a little ahead of the curve. Some of her fellow nominees got in as quicker than the average – Kelly Madison (12 years),  Dan O’Connell (13), Tim Von Swine and Porno Dan (14) and Joanna Jet (15).  But most took a little longer: Alana Evans and Wesley Pipes (17), Eli Cross (18), Andre Madness (19), Billy Glide and Craven Moorehead (20), Greg Alves (21), Marci Hirsch (23), Howard Levine, Talon and Rayveness (25), Will Ryder (29), Karen Summer (33), Marc Dorcel (36) and the longest time to induction ever goes to this year’s honoree, Al Goldstein (47 years).

Some other fun facts – Joey Stefano and Victoria Paris were both inducted in 1997 with only 8 years under their belts; Shy Love got inducted next fastest with only 10 years in the industry.

This analysis is also incomplete in that we don’t list every inductee; just the ones we have database records on; so not everyone in the executive branch is listed (Sorry Bonnie!) nor is anyone in the Pleasure Products or Internet Branch listed, as we don’t cover those parts of the industry.

I put the spreadsheet up on Google Docs for those of you interested in having a look.  The “First Year” column is pulled from our “Years Active” field except in cases where it was clearly wrong, i.e. Christian Mann has a couple titles listed in the IAFD from last year, but he was part of the industry since 1979.  We arrived at that year because he was called a “35 year veteran of the industry” in his obituary.  We noted these cases in the aptly named NOTES field. :-)  And since this is the “Class of 2015″ we use that year for our calculations, even tho we’re still in 2014 as of this writing…

You’re free to make comments on the spreadsheet.



27 Dec 2014
Congratulations Timmy

Posted by morbidthoughts

I would like to congratulate Baron T.Otto Wilhelm Gunther Dietrich Von Swine IVth otherwise known as Tim Von Swine to you commoners for his induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. He joins his partner in crime, Mike John (2014 class), in the Hall for his contributions to gonzo with his no holds barred pig slop.

Von Swine at the center of attention

I first met Timmy almost a decade ago through Jake Malone (RIP) and was shocked that he knew me from my old reviews on ADT. He pulled no punches describing the ins and out of the industry, and that candor was refreshing even if it turned off others and may have held him back in the business. Whether it was discussing hockey, music, his favourite women, or his work, he wasn’t going to bullshit you.

I salute you, Swine, and we need to chug some beers next month.

25 Dec 2014
Happy Christmas (Porn is Over Here, If You Want It)

Posted by IAFD Staff

Christmas Porn (1)

For the past few years or so, we’ve been highlighting Christmas themed titles that we have in our datbaase, and we’ve added quite a few this year, so we thought it might be time for another list.

Straight Titles



2012 and Prior…

Gay Titles


2012 and Prior

12 Dec 2014
“Just The Facts’ Ma’am” with Maddy O’Reilly

Posted by Gabriel Lan

JTFM - Maddy

As the premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web, the internet adult film database catalogs hundreds of thousands of pornstars and porn movie titles alike. We here at IAFD are constantly striving to provide our users with the most complete information available on all your favorite pornstars. As such, we decided to go straight to the stars themselves to find out a little more about them….. things they like, dislike, favorites, hobbies, etc. in a little segment we call “Just The Facts, Ma’am”.

In this installment, we feature mega star Maddy O’Reilly

Name: Maddy O’Reilly

Date of Birth: May 3, 1990

Place of Birth: North Carolina

Height: 5’7

Weight: 135 lbs

Measurements: Unsure now because of the booty :)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Red

Shoe Size: 8 1/2

Tattoos: A cross on finger, “faith” on my rib cage, a dragonfly on my hip, and “fuck u” in my mouth :)

Social Media Address(s): Twitter- @maddyoreillyxxx Instagram- MaddyOreilly

Website: maddyoreillyxxx.com

Amazon Wish List: Donate to the Humane Society instead! www.humanesociety.org/donate

1st Scene: A boy/girl with Leo Rider

Most Memorable Scene To Date: Either my Nacho Vidal scene (Babysitter Diaries 8) or the last scene I shot with Rocco and Riley Reid (Rocco’s Coming in America).

Favorite Position(s): Lazy doggy (me flat on stomach w/ my legs pressed together)

Turn Ons: Good cologne, a nice chest, guys who will let me tongue their asses

Turn Offs: Bad hygiene and poor manners

Favorite Food(s): Mexican

Favorite Movie(s): The Losers

Favorite TV Show(s): Big Bang Theory, Bob’s Burgers, Jeopardy, & Wild Boyz

Favorite Book(s): Another Way to Dance and Where the Sidewalk Ends

Favorite Music Genre(s): Everything! (well, minus country)

Pet(s): Two dogs

Pastimes or Hobbies: Reading, interior design, and anything with the pups

Post Porn Aspirations: I plan to always stay affiliated with the industry in some way :)

29 Nov 2014
Your Guide to Our Awards Season Coverage

Posted by vanzetti

Award Noms

We’ve done a giant link dump over the past week of AVN Awards and XBiz Awards nominees, so we figured we’d make one post that had links to all the other posts, so you could find them.  (Also in the mayhem, we released an interview with Carter Cruise you might want to check out.)

AVN Awards

XBiz Awards

See you in January for the results!

29 Nov 2014
AVN Awards Nominations 2015: Best Genre Releases

Posted by vanzetti


And now our annual annotated list of the AVN Award Nominees for The 2015 AVN Awards to be held in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 24, 2015.

AVN Awards 2015

Winners are in bold

Best All-Girl Release

Best Amateur Release

Best Anal Release

Best BDSM Release

Best Big Bust Release

Best Big Butt Release

Best Celebrity Sex Tape

Best Ethnic Release

Best Interracial Release

Best MILF Release

Best Non-Feature

Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Release

Best Oral Release

Best Orgy/Gangbang Release

Best POV Release

Best Pro-Am Release

Best Solo Release

Best Specialty Release: Other Genre

Best Taboo Relations Movie

Best Transsexual Release

Best Vignette Release

Best Young Girl Release

Archived Updates

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