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After School (II)HisFirstGaySex.com2005  
Alex and Trentongayblinddatesex.com2004 X
Breaking Through DenialHisFirstGaySex.com2006  
Brenden Banks and Danny Danversgaycollegesexparties.com2008  
David Allen and BrodieHotMuscleDudes.com2007  
Dewey and Rickygayblinddatesex.com2005  
Dirty Boyhisfirsthugecock.com2012  
Dirty Old TrickHisFirstGaySex.com2006  
Dorm Dickinggaycollegesexparties.com2008  
Gay College Sex Parties: Alex Neogaycollegesexparties.com2005  
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His First Facial: Breckenhisfirstfacial.com2005  
His First Gay Sex: Alex KeyesHisFirstGaySex.com2006  
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His First Gay Sex: AustinHisFirstGaySex.com2005  
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His First Gay Sex: Johnny (II)HisFirstGaySex.com2006  
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Jordan and Austinautobangstuds.com2008  
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Nick Ford and Michael AngeloHotMuscleDudes.com2008  
Nickolay and BaileeyHotMuscleDudes.com2007  
Pure Foreskin: Joao and Trevorpureforeskin.com2012  
Pure Foreskin: Joao Russopureforeskin.com2012  
RC Ryan and BaileeyHotMuscleDudes.com2007  
Roommate with BenefitsHisFirstGaySex.com2012  
Sebastian and Jonathangayblinddatesex.com2005  
Twinks for Cash: Bradtwinksforcash.com2004  
Twinks For Cash: Ivantwinksforcash.com2004  
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Work it OutHisFirstGaySex.com2005  

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