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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Action Beach 1Diamond Pictures2011  
Action Beach 2Diamond Pictures2011 X
Arabian NightsDiamond Pictures20141X
Arabian Nights 3Diamond Pictures2014  
Best of Danny HensleyDiamond Pictures2013 X
Bikers Love 2Diamond Pictures2014  
Breakin' the RulesDiamond Pictures2006 X
Breeding the TwinksDiamond Pictures2013 X
Breeding the Twinks 10Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 11Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 2Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 3Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 4Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 5Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 6Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 7Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 8Diamond Pictures2013  
Breeding the Twinks 9Diamond Pictures2013  
Cell 1: ConfinementDiamond Pictures2003 X
Cell Block Sex: Locked DownDiamond Pictures2004  
ConneXXXion FrancaisDiamond Pictures2013 X
Diamond Picture Stars: Leslie ManzelDiamond Pictures2011  
Diamond Picture Stars: Nicola DelacruzDiamond Pictures2011  
Diamond Picture Stars: Norbert LugosiDiamond Pictures2011  
Diamond Picture Stars: Paulus GuelDiamond Pictures2011  
Diamond Picture Stars: Ty MattoxDiamond Pictures2011  
Diamond Pictures Stars: Anthony RockwellDiamond Pictures2011 X
Diamond Pictures Stars: Ashton IdolDiamond Pictures2011 X
Diamond Pictures Stars: Cole PortmanDiamond Pictures2011 X
Diamond Pictures Stars: Jeffrey BransonDiamond Pictures2009  
Diamond Pictures Stars: Jordan FoxDiamond Pictures2011 X
Diamond Pictures Stars: Michael TroyDiamond Pictures2011 X
Diamond STR8 Men: Allan Parkers, Julio CarilloDiamond Pictures2011  
Diamond Str8 Men: Augusto DamonDiamond Pictures2008 X
Diamond STR8 Men: Eduardo MendezDiamond Pictures2010 X
Diamond Str8 Men: Gerardo CortezDiamond Pictures2005 X
Diamond STR8 Men: Greg GallardoDiamond Pictures2014 X
Diamond Str8 Men: Julien Salieri Diamond Pictures2005 X
Diamond Str8 Men: Matthew CameronDiamond Pictures2008 X
Diamond Studs 2: Lucio MaverickDiamond Pictures2005  
Diamond Studs 3: Carlos BaxterDiamond Pictures2005  
Diamond's Cowboys: Western Muscles 5 Diamond Pictures2009 X
Diamond's Factory Men: Hard Workers 5Diamond Pictures2010 X
Diamond's Hairy MenDiamond Pictures2010  
Diamond's Hairy Men 2Diamond Pictures2010 X
Diamond's Hairy Men 3Diamond Pictures2010 X
Diamond's Hairy Men 4Diamond Pictures2010 X
Diamond's Military Men 1Diamond Pictures2010 X
Diamond's Military Men 5Diamond Pictures2010 X
Doubling DownDiamond Pictures2006 X
Empire Of CaesarDiamond Pictures2005 X
Fabrizio And Fernando MangiattiDiamond Pictures2006 X
Fabrizio And Fernando Mangiatti 2Diamond Pictures2006 X
Fraternity RushDiamond Pictures2012 X
Fresh Huge Cocks: Buck Santiago 1Diamond Pictures2014  
Fresh Huge Cocks: Buck Santiago 2Diamond Pictures2014  
Fresh Huge Cocks: Jevon BurtonDiamond Pictures2015  
Fresh Huge Cocks: Matthew CameronDiamond Pictures2015  
Fresh Huge Cocks: Sean LawrenceDiamond Pictures2014  
Fresh Huge Cocks: Will IdenDiamond Pictures2015  
FreshmenDiamond Pictures2009 X
Freshmen 2Diamond Pictures2009 X
Freshmen 3Diamond Pictures2009 X
Freshmen 4Diamond Pictures2009 X
Gentlemen's PleasuresDiamond Pictures2013 X
Gentlemen's Pleasures 2Diamond Pictures2013 X
Gentlemen's Pleasures 3Diamond Pictures2013 X
GladiatorsDiamond Pictures2011 X
Hot Racing 2Diamond Pictures2014  
Huge Cocks 2Diamond Pictures2015  
Hung by the Chimney 1Diamond Pictures2012 X
Hung By The Chimney 2Diamond Pictures2012 X
Hung By The Chimney 3Diamond Pictures2012 X
Hunky New YearDiamond Pictures2011 X
Jerry O'Connor And Ray PhillipsDiamond Pictures2006 X
Junior Twinks 1Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 2Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 3Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 4Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 5Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 6Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 7Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 8Diamond Pictures2012 X
Junior Twinks 9Diamond Pictures2012 X
Kinky CopsDiamond Pictures2017  
Livio Micheli: Stars Of Diamond PicturesDiamond Pictures2008  
Lost at Sea 1: Shore LeaveDiamond Pictures2008 X
Macho MeatDiamond Pictures2014  
Macho Meat 2Diamond Pictures2014 X
Man HuntBlue Lagoon Pictures2008 X
Man Hunt 2Blue Lagoon Pictures2008 X
Man Lust 2: Double TroubleDiamond Pictures2007 X
Muscled Military Men 2Diamond Pictures2015  
Muscled Military Men 6Diamond Pictures2015 X
Muscled Military Men 8Diamond Pictures2015  
Naughty TwinksDiamond Pictures2012  
Navy Kings 2: PortholesDiamond Pictures2004 X
Play With Danny HensleyDiamond Pictures2014 X
reeding The Twinks 8Diamond Pictures2013  
Renato Bellagio And Adriano LazzariDiamond Pictures2006  
Rick Perry And Ted ColungaDiamond Pictures2006 X
Sex Trainers 1: Gym GodsDiamond Pictures2009  
Sex Trainers 2: Muscle Sex WorkoutDiamond Pictures2009  
Soccer Jocks 2Diamond Pictures2012 X
Stars of Diamond Pictures: Austin RogersDiamond Pictures2011 X
Stars of Diamond Pictures: Breno LopezDiamond Pictures2011  
Stars of Diamond Pictures: Umberto BarbonaDiamond Pictures2008 X
Stocking Stuffers 2: Here Cums Santa ClausDiamond Pictures2010 X
Stocking Stuffers 3: Deck The BallsDiamond Pictures2010 X
Stocking Stuffers: Jim And LuckyDiamond Pictures2010 X
Stocking Stuffers: Jim And PaulusDiamond Pictures2010 X
Stocking Stuffers: Jim RedfordDiamond Pictures2010 X
Stocking Stuffers: Jingle BallsDiamond Pictures2010 X
Temptation At The BathsDiamond Pictures2003 X
Tropical Heat (II)Diamond Pictures2013 X
Turkey GetawayDiamond Pictures2012  
Turkey Getaway 2Diamond Pictures2012  
Twink EncountersDiamond Pictures2014  
Twink JizzDiamond Pictures2014 X
Twink TalesDiamond Pictures2014 X
Wild PistolsDiamond Pictures2012  
Wrestling HunksDiamond Pictures2014  
Wrestling Hunks 2Diamond Pictures2014  

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