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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
100% UncutVideo 102001 X
3-Way Sandwiches 1Video 102002 X
3-Way Sandwiches 2Video 102002 X
45 Minutes of BondagePyewackett Productions1994  
A Day in the Life of Triton RiversVideo 102002 X
Alex And His BuddiesVideo 101998  
All Over Chad ConnersVideo 102001 X
Ass-ignmentEast Productions (Video 10)2002 X
Athlete's MeatVito2000 X
AttractionVideo 101989 X
Back in the Saddle AgainVideo 101995 X
Back Street GuysAround The Block Productions2001 X
Back To BasicsSouth Beach Video2002 X
BackstrokesVideo 101988 X
Balls of the WildVideo 101998 X
Battle of the BulgesVideo 102002 X
Beach DreamerBy Attractions1989  
Below The DecksVideo 1019971X
Best of Brigade 1: The Sky's The LimitBrigade Studios2000 X
Best of Brigade 10: Coming For YouBrigade Studios2003 X
Best of Brigade 11: Bourbon with a TwistBrigade Studios2003 X
Best of Brigade 12: My Best MovesBrigade Studios2003 X
Best of Brigade 2: Turnabout is Fair PlayBrigade Studios2000 X
Best of Brigade 3: Anywhere but the BedBrigade Studios2000 X
Best of Brigade 4: Tricky NickyBrigade Studios2002 X
Best of Brigade 5: Coq of the WalkBrigade Studios2002 X
Best of Brigade 6: Getting to Blow YouBrigade Studios2002 X
Best of Brigade 7: Well-Hung and YoungBrigade Studios2000 X
Best of Brigade 8: Don't Drop the SoapBrigade Studios2003 X
Best of Brigade 9: Best Foot ForwardBrigade Studios2003 X
Big BusinessVideo 1019881X
Big DepositVideo 101998  
Big For His AgeBrigade Studios2000 X
Big Hot And HornyVideo 101989 X
Biggest Dick in Town: Well HungVideo 102004 X
Black From BehindVideo 101998 X
Black PowerVideo 1019991X
Boy, Oh BoySeahawk Video1988 X
Brazilian BonersFrenesi Films2005 X
Brazilian Hot TruckersFrenesi Films20002X
Brazilian In MeFrenesi Films2000 X
Brazilian StallionFrenesi Films2000 X
Brothas Gettin' DownVideo 101998 X
By the PieceVideo 102003 X
California Stud PupsVideo 101990  
Camp Fire GuysBrigade Studios1999  
Campus Pick-UpsVideo 101999 X
Cat's TaleVideo 101998 X
cops.onlineVideo 102003  
Cummin' TogetherVideo 101991  
CumpanionsVideo 102003 X
Curious For CockVideo 102005  
Czech Them OutVideo 102001 X
Daddies: Choice Cuts 3VideoSpoon1999  
Danger ZoneBlade Productions1998 X
Dick DetectiveSouth Beach Video2001  
Do Me DirtyTenderloin Productions1995  
Dream DollBy Attractions1989  
Dressed to DrillBlade Productions1999  
DrifterSweatshop Video1998 X
Earning His KeepVideo 101995 X
Enter Thru RearPau Brasil Productions2003 X
Euro Guys: The VideoProwler Press2000 X
Falling For Ian IdolCustom Boys2003 X
Fill It to the RimVideo 102000  
Frat Initiations 2Custom Boys2001 X
Frat Initiations 3Custom Boys2001 X
Frat Initiations 4Custom Boys2001 X
Frat Initiations 5Custom Boys2001 X
Frat Initiations 6Custom Boys2001 X
Frat Initiations 7Custom Boys2001 X
Frat Initiations 8Custom Boys2001 X
Frat Initiations 9Video 102001 X
Guess Who's Cumming at DinnerIFS Heart of Europe (Video 10)2002 X
Hard On HolidayProwler Press2000 X
Hard Rock HighScorpion Studios19881X
Hawaiian Vacation 1Video 1019981X
Hawaiian Vacation 2Video 101998 X
Hollywood KidVideo 101993 X
Homo Erectus (II)ManSplash1996 X
Hot Cocks Vs. Huge JocksVideo 102002  
Hot Jocks vs. Huge Cocks 2Video 102003 X
Hotter Than EverPau Brasil Productions2003 X
House BoysVideo 101990 X
House of the Rising CumVideo 102003 X
In the ShadowsSex Video1998 X
In Your Wildest DreamsVideo 101993 X
Jerk With KirkVideo 102003 X
Joining The ClubBrigade Studios2000 X
Judge This 1: You Bet Your AssBrigade Studios1999 X
Juice in the Hood 3Video 102001  
K-WaikikiVideo 101998  
Kiss Me HardBy Attraction1991  
Last CallVideo 101999 X
Latino Friendship Across TimeVideo 102006  
Leather TemptationSex Video1996 X
Leather VirginLeather Entertainment1996 X
Leather WatchVideo 101996 X
Leather WeekendSex Video1995 X
Loads of Brazilians 2: Balling All BraziliansVideo 102005 X
Loads of Brazilians 3: Ballsy BraziliansVideo 102006 X
Loads of Brazilians 4: Brazilians in HeatVideo 102006 X
Loads of Brazilians 5: Brazilian Booty CallsVideo 102007 X
Loads of Brazilians: Brazilian AttractionsVideo 102005 X
Magic BedMan's Best1994 X
Make It CountGalaxy Pictures1998 X
Making An ImpressionVideo 102002  
Making The RoundsBody Prod1999  
Measure For MeasureVideo 1019981X
Men With ToolsForum Studios1994 X
Militia MenWanted1995 X
More Than FriendsVideo 101995 X
Morning, Noon And NightVideo 101998 X
My Secret LustVideo 101998 X
Naked Frat House The MovieCustom Boys2003  
Native TonguesVideo 102000 X
Natural ImpulseVideo 102003 X
Nude GetawayVideo 101998 X
Nudes at 11Around The Block Productions2000 X
On the Make: The Best of Jim BentleyTenderloin Productions2002  
One Way or the OtherGalaxy Pictures1998 X
Outdoor EcstasyVideo 101998 X
Over The EdgeVideo 102002 X
Party In My PantsVideo 101998 X
Passage To BerlinCazzo1997 X
Pickin' up TricksYunger Studios2003 X
Pledge Master ProxyCustom Boys2003 X
Pucker Up: The Best of Vince RocklandForum Studios2002  
Pullin' Up the RearInteractive Entertainment2002 X
Pushing The LimitGalaxy Pictures1995 X
Ryker FilesVideo 1019951X
Sammy Case And FriendsVideo 102005  
San Francisco SexTenderloin Productions1995 X
Screw the CrewAVI2003 X
Seal The DealSouth Beach Video2001  
Sex IslandBrigade Studios2001 X
Sexual TherapyIFS Heart of Europe (Video 10)20011X
SizzleScorpion Entertainment19891X
Slip It InPrimo1995 X
Sport AsseAVI2001  
Stand At Attention!Frenesi Films2000 X
Steamy SecretsVideo 102002  
Straight TalkVideo 101998  
Strykin It DeepVideo 101989  
Summer ObsessionSex Video1996 X
Take It AllVideo 102002 X
Take MeVideo 101992 X
Taking the PlungeManSplash19951X
Talk Like A ManVideo 101998  
Tango CityFlash Conway Studios2005  
Teen Idol Boyz ForceVideo 102006  
To The HiltIn Deep Video19951X
Top CopVideo 102003  
Top It OffTenderloin Productions1997 X
Top MenScorpion Entertainment1995 X
Under The HoodBody Prod1999  
Wanna Be In PicturesVideo 101998 X
WarlordsVideo 101989  
Web GuysVideo 1020022X
What I Did For Sex: Morals For A New MillenniumVideo 1020011 
Where The Action IsVideo 102000 X
While I Was SleepingVideo 101995 X
WolfboyBy Attractions1989 X
Young Boners From BrazilVideo 102007 X
Young Holes and Stiff PolesVideo 102003 X
Young HustlersSunset1990 X

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