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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Aaden Stark Debuts with Michael Lucaslucasentertainment.com2017  
Ace Era and Ralph Novak Cuckold Lucas Foxlucasentertainment.com2017  
Ace Era Tops Sean Xavier and Lucas Foxlucasentertainment.com2017  
Ace Era, Devin Franco, and Damon Heart's Raw Threesomelucasentertainment.com2017  
Adam Killian Breaks in Stas Landonlucasentertainment.com2016  
Adam Killian Tops Rex Cameronlucasentertainment.com2016  
Adam Killian, Marq Daniels, Brian Bonds, Michael Roman | Raw Double-Penetrationlucasentertainment.com2017  
Alejandro Castillo and Adam Killian Take Turns Breeding Ruslan Angelolucasentertainment.com2017  
Alejandro Castillo Pounds Cody Winter Rough and Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Alejandro Castillo Pounds Stephen Harte's Asslucasentertainment.com2016  
Alejandro Castillo Tops Devin Francolucasentertainment.com2016  
Alejandro Castillo, Viktor Rom, Bogdan Gromov, Mario Domenech, and Damien Crosse's Bareback Orgylucasentertainment.com2017  
Alejandro Castillo, Wolf Rayet, Dominic Arrow, Dennis Sokolov | Raw Sucking and Fuckinglucasentertainment.com2016  
Alessio Romero and Derek Parker Fuck Each Other Rawlucasentertainment.com2014  
Alex Kof Gives Devin Franco His Raw Russian Dicklucasentertainment.com2016  
Alexander Volkov and Jacen Zhu Flip-Fucklucasentertainment.com2017  
Alexander Volkov Makes His Debut Alongside Adam Killianlucasentertainment.com2015  
Andre Donovan Makes Ty Mitchell His Bitchlucasentertainment.com2017  
Andrey Vic and James Castle Spit-Roast Ares Flylucasentertainment.com2017  
Andrey Vic and Patrick Dei Double Fuck Klim Gromovlucasentertainment.com2017  
Andrey Vic Fucks Rico Marlon and Andy Star in the Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Andrey Vic, Bogdan Gromov, Dani Robles, Andy Star | Bareback Orgylucasentertainment.com2017  
Armond Rizzo Bottoms for Mario Costa's Raw Uncut Latin Cocklucasentertainment.com2015  
Bareback Halloween | Drae Axtell, James Castle, Sean Xavierlucasentertainment.com2017  
Barebackula Answers His Need for Cumlucasentertainment.com2016  
Barebackula Grants Jonathan Harder a Raw Threesomelucasentertainment.com2016  
Barebackula's Servants Fuck for Their Masterlucasentertainment.com2016  
Ben Batemen Fucks Tomas Brand in the Ass Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Ben Batemen, Brock Magnus, Ruslan Angelo, Damon Heart | Raw Double Fuckinglucasentertainment.com2017  
Billy Santoro and Klim Gromov Share Pheonix Fellington's Big Black Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Billy Santoro Rides Lawrence Portlands Big Black Cocklucasentertainment.com2018  
Brandon Wilde's Bareback Premiere with Dylan Jameslucasentertainment.com2016  
Brian Bonds' Bareback Gang Banglucasentertainment.com2017  
Brock Magnus and Andrey Vic Double-Team Andy Star Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Bulrog Breeds Stas Landon Behind the Hay Baleslucasentertainment.com2016  
Colton Grey and Nigel Banks Flip-Fucklucasentertainment.com2017  
Comrad Blu Rides Adam Isaacs' Raw Uncut Cocklucasentertainment.com2014  
Corbin Riley and CT Hunter Fuck Raw in Suitslucasentertainment.com2015  
Damien Crosse, James Castle and Devin Franco Star in a Five-Man Orgylucasentertainment.com2016  
Damon Heart And Alex Garcia Flip-Fucklucasentertainment.com2017  
Damon Heart and Andrey Vic Double Team Zander Crazelucasentertainment.com2016  
Damon Heart and Dennis Sokolov Take Turns Servicing Bulroglucasentertainment.com2017  
Damon Heart and James Castle Double-Team Dakota Paynelucasentertainment.com2017  
Damon Heart Bottoms for Rafael Carreras and Javi Velarolucasentertainment.com2016  
Damon Heart Flip-Fucks with Adam Killianlucasentertainment.com2016  
Damon Heart Gets Double-Dicked by Sean Xavier and Jon Baelucasentertainment.com2017  
Damon Heart Gets Double-Fucked by Ibrahim Moreno and Bogdan Gromovlucasentertainment.com2017  
Dani Robles Bottoms Bareback for Rico Marlonlucasentertainment.com2017  
Dato Foland Gives Jimmie Slater a Rough Raw Fuckinglucasentertainment.com2014  
Derek Allan and Logan Rogue Flip Fucklucasentertainment.com2016  
Derek Allan Makes Zander Craze His Personal Sex Toylucasentertainment.com2016  
Derek Allan Rides Massimo Piano's Raw Uncut Cocklucasentertainment.com2016  
Derek Allan Tops and Bottoms for Alex Koflucasentertainment.com2016  
Derek Parker Fucks Comrad Blu and Nigel Banks Barebacklucasentertainment.com2014  
Derek Parker Pounds His Subordinate Ivan Gregory in the Ass Rawlucasentertainment.com2015  
Derek Parker, Marcus Isaacs, and BJ Rhubarb Fuck Bareback After a Meetinglucasentertainment.com2014  
Devin Franco and Lee Santino Flip-Fuck in Suitslucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco Bottoms for Muscle-Daddy Tomas Brandlucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco Bottoms for Sean Xavier's Bare Black Dicklucasentertainment.com2016  
Devin Franco Flip-Fucks with Suited Stud Jacen Zhulucasentertainment.com2016  
Devin Franco Makes His Debut with Adam Killianlucasentertainment.com2016  
Devin Franco Rides Rico Marlon and Scott Demarco's Raw Cockslucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco Services Sergeant Miles Executive Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco Takes Double the Cock from Andrey Vic and Rico Marlonlucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco Works for Rico Marlon's Raw Loadlucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco's Bareback Gang Banglucasentertainment.com2016  
Devin Franco, Andrey Vic, Javi Velaro, Drae Axtell, Angel Cruz | Raw Double-Penetrationlucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco, Ibrahim Moreno | New Year's Eve Gone Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Devin Franco, Shawn Reeve, Dakota Payne | Raw In Romperslucasentertainment.com2017  
Diego Summers Pounds Sergyo's Ass Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Dine Ass-ty | Drae Axtell, James Castle, Billy Santorolucasentertainment.com2017  
Dmitry Osten Takes Joey Pele Up the Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Donato Reyes Bareback Premiere with Andre Donovan and Andrey Viclucasentertainment.com2017  
Double Penetration Featuring Devin Franco, Gabriel Taurus and Nico Deenlucasentertainment.com2016  
Drae Axtell Flip-Fucks with Bogdan Gromovlucasentertainment.com2016  
Drae Axtell Flip-Fucks with Sergeant Mileslucasentertainment.com2016  
Drae Axtell Rides Lucas Fox's Raw Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Drae Axtell Shoots His Load with Rikk Yorklucasentertainment.com2016  
Drae Axtell Takes a Raw Fucking from Pedro Andreaslucasentertainment.com2015  
Drae Axtell Takes Raw Dick from Pedro Andreaslucasentertainment.com2016  
Drae Axtell Tops Dolf Dietrich Barebacklucasentertainment.com2016  
Drae Axtell Tops Josh Rider Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrichlucasentertainment.com2015  
Dylan James and Angel Duran Share Tom Faulklucasentertainment.com2017  
Dylan James and Drae Axtell Double Team Lee Santinolucasentertainment.com2017  
Dylan James and Logan Rogue Double Team Dmitry Ostenlucasentertainment.com2015  
Dylan James Comes Down Ace Eras Chimney This Christmaslucasentertainment.com2016  
Dylan James Dominates Rafael Lords' Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Dylan James Fucks His Workout Bud Josh Rider Barebacklucasentertainment.com2016  
Dylan James Gives Emerson Palmers Ass Professional Traininglucasentertainment.com2017  
Dylan James Seeds Ricky Verez's Throat and Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Dylan James, Ace Era | Bareback Christmaslucasentertainment.com2017  
Ehrik Ortega Takes Alex Kof's Uncut Russian Cocklucasentertainment.com2016  
Emerson Palmer Gives Up His Ass to Sergeant Mileslucasentertainment.com2016  
Evan Lance Gives Spencer Whitman His Raw Loadlucasentertainment.com2015  
Exclusive Flip-Fucking Starring Sergeant Miles And Drae Axtelllucasentertainment.com2015  
Fill More Guys | Tomas Brand, Dakota Paynelucasentertainment.com2017  
Gabriel Taurus Tops Damon Heart Rawlucasentertainment.com2016  
Giovanni Matrix Bottoms for Logan Roguelucasentertainment.com2016  
Giovanni Matrix Makes Jesse Vos His Bareback Bottom Slutlucasentertainment.com2016  
Giovanni Matrix Nutts in Javi Velaro's Buttlucasentertainment.com2016  
Hans Berlin and Billy Santoro Fuck Devin Francolucasentertainment.com2017  
Hole and Face | Rico Marlon, Shawn Reeve, Rico Marlonlucasentertainment.com2017  
Ibrahim Moreno and Devin Franco Bareback New Years Eve Fucklucasentertainment.com2016  
Ibrahim Moreno Bareback Double-Penetration Orgylucasentertainment.com2017  
Ibrahim Moreno Makes His Debut Riding Gabriel TaurusLucas Entertainment2016  
Ibrahim Moreno Takes on Three Uncut Cockslucasentertainment.com2016  
Ibrahim Moreno Takes Raw Cock from Alex Koflucasentertainment.com2016  
Ibrahim Moreno, Alex Kof, and Javi Velaro's Uncut Flip-Fuckinglucasentertainment.com2016  
Jacen Zhu Bottoms for Damon Heartlucasentertainment.com2017  
Jackson Fillmore and Jimmie Slater Flip-Fuck in the Florida Sunlucasentertainment.com2015  
Jake Andrews Tops Alex Mason Barebacklucasentertainment.com2017  
James Castle and Adam Killian Fuck Barebacklucasentertainment.com2016  
James Castle and Devin Francos Bareback Thanksgivinglucasentertainment.com2016  
James Castle and Dylan James Own Bogdan Gromov's Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
James Castle Bottoms for Alejandro Torreslucasentertainment.com2016  
James Castle Bottoms for Michael Lucaslucasentertainment.com2016  
James Castle Gets a Taste of Derek Allan's Mexican Spunklucasentertainment.com2016  
James Castle, Devin Franco | Bareback Thanksgivinglucasentertainment.com2017  
Javi Velaro Bottoms for Michael Lucaslucasentertainment.com2016  
Javi Velaro Rides Lucas Fox's Raw Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
JD Ryder and CT Hunter Enjoy Bareback Flip Fuckinglucasentertainment.com2014  
Joey Pele and Nick North Take Charge Of A Raw Five-Waylucasentertainment.com2015  
Joey Pele Pumps Tristan Archer's Ass Rawlucasentertainment.com2015  
Joey Pele Slams Max Schutlers Asslucasentertainment.com2015  
Josh Rider and James Castle Swap Raw Uncut Loadslucasentertainment.com2016  
Josh Rider Bottoms for Marq Daniels Raw Uncut Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Josh Rider Bottoms for Philip Zyos' Big Uncut Dicklucasentertainment.com2016  
Josh Rider Services Adam Killian's Cocklucasentertainment.com2016  
Jump Into Rocco Steeles Breeding Partylucasentertainment.com2015  
Kaden Alexander Pounds Ricky Verezlucasentertainment.com2018  
Kaiden Alexander Fucks Brandon Wilde Raw in the Officelucasentertainment.com2017  
Ken Summers Leads a Five-Man Double Penetration Orgylucasentertainment.com2017  
Ken Summers Raw Roughneck Gang Banglucasentertainment.com2017  
Klim Gromov and Ricky Verez Bottom for James Castle and Andrey Viclucasentertainment.com2017  
Klim Gromov Bottoms for Rico Marlon's Uncut Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Lee Santino Bottoms for Step-Daddy Hans Berlinlucasentertainment.com2017  
Leo Forte Gives Rex Cameron a Raw Poundinglucasentertainment.com2016  
Leo Forte, Derek Allan, and Raymer's Uncut Threesomelucasentertainment.com2016  
Letterio Amadeo Takes Turns on Dmitry Osten and Tristan Archerlucasentertainment.com2015  
Logan Rogue Barebacks Andy Starlucasentertainment.com2017  
Logan Rogue Pounds Michael Lachlan's Aussie Holelucasentertainment.com2015  
Lorenzo Ciao Bottoms for Michael Lucaslucasentertainment.com2016  
Lucas Knight Tops Dylan Jameslucasentertainment.com2017  
Mario Domenech Gives His Ass to Dylan Jameslucasentertainment.com2016  
Mario Galeno Barebacks Devin Franco and Pheonix Fellingtonlucasentertainment.com2017  
Marq Daniels and Bogdan Gromov Double-Team Klim Gromovlucasentertainment.com2017  
Marq Daniels Makes His Bareback Debut With James Castlelucasentertainment.com2016  
Marq Daniels Pounds Tyler Berg Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Massimo Piano Rides Rafael Carreras' 10-Inch Cuban Dicklucasentertainment.com2016  
Michael Lachlan Returns to Suck and Fuck Raw with Dylan Jameslucasentertainment.com2015  
Michael Lucas Fucks Nico Deen Barebacklucasentertainment.com2017  
Muscle Daddy Bulrog Tops Devin Francolucasentertainment.com2016  
Nick Capra Bottoms for Geordie Jacksonlucasentertainment.com2018  
Nigel Banks and Jimmie Slater Have Bareback Sexlucasentertainment.com2014  
Patryk Jankowski Seeds Arnau Vilas Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Philip Zyos Fucks Ibrahim Moreno Rawlucasentertainment.com2016  
Philip Zyos Pounds Stephen Harte Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Raw Bareback Flip-Fucking Featuring Michael Lachlan and Seth Trestonlucasentertainment.com2014  
Rex Cameron Bottoms for Michael Lucaslucasentertainment.com2016  
Ricky Bombay Takes Mike's Uncut Cock Up His Ass Barebacklucasentertainment.com2014  
Ricky Verez Services Jack Andy's Hard Nine-Inch Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Rico Marlon and Sergeant Miles Double-Penetrate Ken Summerslucasentertainment.com2017  
Rico Marlon Breeds Logan Roguelucasentertainment.com2017  
Rico Marlon, Damon Heart, Cody Winter | Bareback Double Penetrationlucasentertainment.com2017  
Rikk York Takes D.K.'s Huge Dicklucasentertainment.com2016  
Rompers and Raw Fucking | Devin Franco, Shawn Reeve, Dakota Paynelucasentertainment.com2017  
Ruslan Angelo Makes His Bareback Debut with Rico Marlonlucasentertainment.com2017  
Ruslan Angelo's Five-Man Bareback Orgylucasentertainment.com2017  
Ruslan Angelo, Rico Marlon, Scott DeMarco, Sebastian Oliver, Daniel Azcona | Bare Tender Fuck-Festlucasentertainment.com2017  
Scott Demarco Flip-Fucks with Dylan Jameslucasentertainment.com2017  
Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords and Armond Rizzo How to Breedlucasentertainment.com2015  
Sean Xavier And Alejandro Castillo Double-Team Devin Francolucasentertainment.com2017  
Sean Xavier and Alexander Volkov | Interracial Sex in Suitslucasentertainment.com2016  
Sean Xavier and Andy Star Celebrate a Bareback Cinco De Mayolucasentertainment.com2017  
Sean Xavier and Javi Velaro Double Penetrate Ben Batemenlucasentertainment.com2017  
Sean Xavier Breeds Ruslan Angelolucasentertainment.com2017  
Sean Xavier Fucks Brian Bonds with His Raw Black Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Sean Xavier Fucks Mark Edwin Barebacklucasentertainment.com2016  
Sean Xavier Jackhammers Ken Summerslucasentertainment.com2017  
Sean Xavier Uses His Raw BBC on Bogdan Gromov's Asslucasentertainment.com2016  
Sean Xavier, Dakota Payne, Ruslan Angelo | Bareback Thanksgivinglucasentertainment.com2017  
See Josh Rider's Exclusive Debut with Sergeant Mileslucasentertainment.com2016  
Sergeant Miles and Bryce Evans Take Turns Breeding Asslucasentertainment.com2015  
Sergeant Miles and Damon Heart Flip-Fuck Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Sergeant Miles and Dylan James Double-Team Devin Francolucasentertainment.com2017  
Sergeant Miles Dominates Brian Bonds' Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Sergeant Miles Dominates Jon Baelucasentertainment.com2017  
Sergeant Miles Gags on Dylan James' Nine-Inch Cocklucasentertainment.com2015  
Sergeant Miles Owns Diego Gaston's Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young's Throbbing Raw Cocklucasentertainment.com2015  
Sergeant Miles Seeds Ricky Verez's Fuck-Holelucasentertainment.com2017  
Sergeant Miles Takes Michael Lachlan's Uncut Aussie Cocklucasentertainment.com2015  
Shane Frost Flip-Fucks with Comrad Blu Barebacklucasentertainment.com2014  
Shawn Reeve and Dakota Payne | Internship Gone Rawlucasentertainment.com2017  
Shawn Reeve Fucks Dylan Jameslucasentertainment.com2018  
Shawn Reeve Rides Tomas Brand's Top-Daddy Cocklucasentertainment.com2017  
Shawn Reeve Takes Sean Xavier's BBC Up His Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Spencer Whitman Pounds Rafael Lords Barebacklucasentertainment.com2015  
Stas Landon and Jack Andy Double Penetrate Brian Bonds After Hourslucasentertainment.com2017  
Stas Landon and Javi Velaro Flip-Fucklucasentertainment.com2016  
Stas Landon Barebacks Ace Eralucasentertainment.com2017  
Stas Landon Gives Up His Ass To Michael Lucaslucasentertainment.com2016  
Stas Landon Tops Devin Francolucasentertainment.com2017  
Stephen Harte Rides Black Pearl's Big Black Dicklucasentertainment.com2017  
Theo Ford Breeds John Finkellucasentertainment.com2017  
Toby Dutch Gets Fucked in a Seven-Man Bareback Gang Banglucasentertainment.com2014  
Toby Dutch Rides Raw Cock in a Bareback Foursomelucasentertainment.com2014  
Tomas Brand and Massimo Piano Flip-Fuck Rawlucasentertainment.com2016  
Tomas Brand and Sergeant Miles Work Up an Intense Sweatlucasentertainment.com2015  
Tomas Brand Barebacks Ace Era in the Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Tomas Brand Bottoms for Gabriel Tauruslucasentertainment.com2016  
Tomas Brand Breeds His Real-Life Boyfriend Angelo Di Lucalucasentertainment.com2017  
Tomas Brand Breeds Michael Lachlanlucasentertainment.com2015  
Tomas Brand Tops Cody Winter Barebacklucasentertainment.com2017  
Tomas Brand, Klim Gromov | Bareback Christmaslucasentertainment.com2017  
Trenton Ducati Bottoms Bareback With Blue Bailey for the First Time Everlucasentertainment.com2012  
Tristan Archer Rides Valentino Medici's Muscle-Daddy Dicklucasentertainment.com2015  
Tryp Bates, Shawn Reeve, Nick Capra, Jackson Radiz | Bareback New Year's Evelucasentertainment.com2018  
Viktor Rom Dominates Vlad Larin's Mouth and Buttlucasentertainment.com2016  
Viktor Rom Leads Jacen Zhus Bareback Gang Banglucasentertainment.com2017  
Viktor Rom Owns Bogdan Gromov's Asslucasentertainment.com2017  
Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James' Asslucasentertainment.com2015  
Viktor Rom, Ken Summers, Dominic Arrow, Bogdan Gromov | Bareback Double-Fuckinglucasentertainment.com2017  
Vlad Larin Takes Tomas Brand and Dario Leon at Both Endslucasentertainment.com2016  
Xavier Jacobs and Sergeant Miles - Scruff in Suitslucasentertainment.com2015  
Xavier Saldana Gives Up His Ass to Sean Duranlucasentertainment.com2015  
XXX Files | Devin Franco, Damon Heart, Bogdan Gromovlucasentertainment.com2017  
Zander Craze and Stas Landon's Five-Man Orgylucasentertainment.com2016  
Zander Craze Bangs Tyler Berg in the Ass Rawlucasentertainment.com2016  
Zander Craze Sucks and Rides Viktor Rom's Top Cocklucasentertainment.com2016  
Zander Craze, Jacen Zhu, Wolf Rayet, Ibrahim Moreno - Rough Double Penetrationlucasentertainment.com2016  

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