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"No No" for Nowpeterfever.com2017  
2009 Max Musclepeterfever.com2009  
4 Stories - Baby It's Cold Outsidepeterfever.com2015  
4 Stories - Magic Wandpeterfever.com2015  
4 Stories - The Guest Roompeterfever.com2015  
Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions Episode 1: Drenched in Dreamspeterfever.com2018  
Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions Episode 2: Introducing Dylan Apeterfever.com2018  
Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions Episode 3: Micah Brandtpeterfever.com2018  
Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions Episode 4: The Backstrokepeterfever.com2018  
Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions Episode 5: Pumping Dylanpeterfever.com2018  
Alex Chu's Erotic Sessions Episode 6: Fitness Fuckerspeterfever.com2018  
An Amphora of Chocolatepeterfever.com2009  
An Incredible Piece of...Luckpeterfever.com2009  
Andrew Christian - Swappeterfever.com2014  
Anniversarypeterfever.com2013 X
Bad Reputationpeterfever.com2015  
Bathe Me with Lovepeterfever.com2013  
Beach Housepeterfever.com2013  
Behind the Scenes of 'Jump'peterfever.com2009  
Best Asset - Cockpeterfever.com2015  
Best Buds - Home on the Rangepeterfever.com2015  
Best Buds - Morning Ritualpeterfever.com2015  
Best Buds - Outfit of the Daypeterfever.com2015  
Birthday Cakepeterfever.com2014 X
Birthday Wishpeterfever.com2014  
BJ Awardspeterfever.com2012  
Black and White Bedroompeterfever.com2009  
Black on White 1peterfever.com2009  
Black on White 2peterfever.com2009  
Black Panda Episode 1 - T'balla Goes Balls Deeppeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 10: Union of Kingspeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 3: Trapped in the Closetpeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 4: The King and Ipeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 5: Evans' Last Standpeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 6: Panda Powerpeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 7: Gotchapeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 8: The Ceremonypeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Episode 9: Schooling the Newbiepeterfever.com2018  
Black Panda Vs. the CIApeterfever.com2018  
Blow Up Boy Toypeterfever.com2016  
Breakfast of Championspeterfever.com2012  
Bungled Burglarypeterfever.com2009  
Burning Lovepeterfever.com2013  
Call Boypeterfever.com2013  
Call Your Managerpeterfever.com2016  
Christmas - 50 Shades of Redpeterfever.com2015  
Clean-Uppeterfever.com2014 X
Cleaning Crewpeterfever.com2016  
Clothing or Lack There ofpeterfever.com2009  
Cock the Colterpeterfever.com2013  
Coda's Confessionpeterfever.com2015  
Coming Out - Just Me and Youpeterfever.com2014  
Corrugated Steelpeterfever.com2009  
David Welcomes John Rene to His Hungry Holepeterfever.com2018  
Day at Homepeterfever.com2009  
Deuce 1: China Goldpeterfever.com2017  
Deuce 10: the Great Escapepeterfever.com2018  
Deuce 2: China Goldpeterfever.com2017  
Deuce 3: I'm Your Pimp Daddypeterfever.com2017  
Deuce 4: the Harvard of Pimp Schoolpeterfever.com2017  
Deuce 5: .25 Cent Motha Fucking Flapjackspeterfever.com2017  
Deuce 6: Pleasing the Smut Peddlerpeterfever.com2017  
Deuce 7: Short Change for A Hard Fuckpeterfever.com2017  
Deuce 8: Golden Asspeterfever.com2018  
Deuce 9: the Stanley Specialpeterfever.com2018  
Disciplinary Actionpeterfever.com2016  
Down for Morepeterfever.com2017  
Drinks Anyonepeterfever.com2013  
Dungeon Fashionpeterfever.com2009  
Dylan Art and Zack Randall: Testing the Oral Skillspeterfever.com2018  
Dylan's Hot Romancepeterfever.com2018  
Eroticapeterfever.com2009 X
Extending My Staypeterfever.com2016  
Fitness Fuckerspeterfever.com2018  
Food Pornpeterfever.com2013  
Full Body Oil Downpeterfever.com2009  
Gayvengers Episode 2: Reckoningpeterfever.com2018  
GayVengers Episode 3: Interrogationpeterfever.com2018  
Gayvengers: Arrivalpeterfever.com2018  
Getting to Know Youpeterfever.com2013  
Goosed by Maverickpeterfever.com2013  
Graffiti 1peterfever.com2008  
Graffiti 2peterfever.com2008  
Green Shotspeterfever.com2009  
Gym Locker Roompeterfever.com2013  
Hawaiian Warriorpeterfever.com2008  
He Shoots, He Scorespeterfever.com2013 X
Hot Releasepeterfever.com2016  
Hungover Episode 4peterfever.com2017  
Hunter Becomes Preypeterfever.com2013  
Hunting for the Librarypeterfever.com2013  
In Living Colorpeterfever.com2009  
In the Chair 1peterfever.com2009  
In the Chair 2peterfever.com2009  
In the Showerpeterfever.com2009  
In the Stairwellpeterfever.com2009  
In the Studiopeterfever.com2009  
Incarcerated Nudepeterfever.com2009  
Introducing Axel Kanepeterfever.com2018  
Introducing John Rene (II)peterfever.com2018  
Introducing Lonii Lipeterfever.com2018  
Introducing Shen Powerspeterfever.com2018  
Introducing Trevor Northmanpeterfever.com2018  
ITB App - Working off the Cockpeterfever.com2014  
Jeans and Cappeterfever.com2009  
Jock 1peterfever.com2008  
Jock 2peterfever.com2009  
Keeping Busypeterfever.com2015  
Ken Ott Jerks Offpeterfever.com2017  
Kink 5: Fun With Tickle Me Trevorpeterfever.com2018  
Kink Episode 1: Kink Boxingpeterfever.com2018  
Kink Episode 2: Damian's Pin-teresting Playtimepeterfever.com2018  
Kink Episode 3: Oil Wrestlingpeterfever.com2018  
Kink Episode 4: Threeway Fountains of Funpeterfever.com2018  
Know Thy Neighborpeterfever.com2013  
Last Chance - Closurepeterfever.com2014  
Last Dancepeterfever.com2016  
Leather and Jockpeterfever.com2009  
Leave A Reviewpeterfever.com2016  
Lessons in Love - Eternalpeterfever.com2015  
Lessons in Love - Listenpeterfever.com2015  
Lifeguardpeterfever.com2013 X
Little Sand in Your Speedospeterfever.com2009  
LiveCam Lustpeterfever.com2012  
Long Distance Loverspeterfever.com2015  
Loyalty Programpeterfever.com2016  
Lucky Joggerpeterfever.com2018  
Management Suckspeterfever.com2012  
Masquerade 1peterfever.com2013  
Masquerade 4peterfever.com2013  
Money Clippeterfever.com2014  
Mr Hardball 10 - Baseball Bukkakepeterfever.com2017  
Mr Hardball 11: Boyfriend Materialpeterfever.com2017  
Mr Hardball 3: Mr. Hardball and the Hecklerpeterfever.com2017  
Mr Hardball 5: Swing Batter Batterpeterfever.com2017  
Mr Hardball 8 – the Cody Hong Ass Experience With Ken Ottpeterfever.com2017  
Mr Hardball 9: Jerk Off Contestpeterfever.com2017  
Mr Hardball First Pitch 2peterfever.com2017  
Mr. Hardball 4: Team Playerpeterfever.com2017  
Mr. Hardball 6: Coach's Crushpeterfever.com2017  
Mr. Hardball 7: Sex Partypeterfever.com2017  
Mr. Hardball: The First Pitchpeterfever.com2017  
Muscle Worship, 3peterfever.com2009  
Muscle Worship, 4peterfever.com2009  
Muscle Worship, Part 1peterfever.com2009  
Muscle Worship, Part 2peterfever.com2009  
MYOP - Pool Trickpeterfever.com2015  
Need a Drinkpeterfever.com2015  
Nervous Sexpeterfever.com2013  
Never Againpeterfever.com2016 X
New Couplepeterfever.com2015  
No Tippeterfever.com2016  
Nude Against Blackpeterfever.com2009  
Nude Sunbatherpeterfever.com2009  
On the Floorpeterfever.com2009  
Opening Daypeterfever.com2016  
Painterpeterfever.com2009 X
Penis Poppeterfever.com2016  
Peter Le Presents the Jake Moore Sessionspeterfever.com2018  
Peter's Popsiclepeterfever.com2009  
Peter's Visit to a Salt-and-Pepper Beachpeterfever.com2009  
Peter's Wetsuitpeterfever.com2009  
Photo Shootpeterfever.com2013 X
Pin the Cock on the Jockpeterfever.com2016  
Pizza Delivery 1peterfever.com2013  
Post Workout Showerpeterfever.com2009  
Private Roompeterfever.com2016  
Pump You Uppeterfever.com2013  
Rain Forestpeterfever.com2009  
Rehearsal - Unwritten Vowspeterfever.com2013  
Remember When You Forgot Your Towelpeterfever.com2015  
Rest and Relaxationpeterfever.com2013  
Reunion Episode 5: Failing Schoolpeterfever.com2017  
Reunion: Frat Rushpeterfever.com2017  
Riding the Ryderpeterfever.com2013  
Rock and Rollpeterfever.com2008 X
Rooftop Studies 1peterfever.com2009  
Rooftop Studies 2peterfever.com2009  
Secret Asian Manpeterfever.com2012  
Secret Desirepeterfever.com2013  
Sheer Clothingpeterfever.com2009  
Shooting Hoopspeterfever.com2013  
Soccer Ball and Jockpeterfever.com2009  
Spring Break - Unforgettablepeterfever.com2014  
Spying on the Neighborspeterfever.com2015  
Stalker: Day 1peterfever.com2009  
Stalker: Day 2peterfever.com2009  
Stalker: Day 3peterfever.com2009  
Stalker: Day 4peterfever.com2009  
Stalker: Day 5peterfever.com2009  
Stalker: Day 6peterfever.com2009  
Strip Poker - A Man of Few Wordspeterfever.com2014  
Stripper Inspiredpeterfever.com2016  
Studies on Greenpeterfever.com2009  
Studies on Redpeterfever.com2009  
Superhero Stripspeterfever.com2009  
Tennis Match - 30 Lovepeterfever.com2014  
Tennis Match - Double's Couplepeterfever.com2015  
The Bachelor Party - Hungry Manpeterfever.com2014  
The Guest Book - Angry Sexpeterfever.com2014  
The Reunion Episode 1: The Christeningpeterfever.com2017  
Tie Me Uppeterfever.com2009 X
Tight Endpeterfever.com2013  
Too Much to Dringpeterfever.com2016  
Tool Shedpeterfever.com2009  
Tristan Private Dancerpeterfever.com2011  
Underwear Model 1peterfever.com2008  
Underwear Model 2peterfever.com2008  
VIP Guestpeterfever.com2012  
Voyeuristic Neighborpeterfever.com2009  
Wall and Windowpeterfever.com2009  
We Dare You 3peterfever.com2013  
Wedding Day - The Happy Couplepeterfever.com2014  
Wet Leatherpeterfever.com2013  
Where's the Beefpeterfever.com2013  
White Capepeterfever.com2009  
White on Black 1peterfever.com2009  
White on Black 2peterfever.com2009  
Work Those Posers, Peterpeterfever.com2009  
Working Man - Dancerpeterfever.com2016  
Working Man - Escortpeterfever.com2016  
Workout Regimepeterfever.com2015  
Wrapped Wetpeterfever.com2009  
Yellow Backgroundpeterfever.com2009  
Yoga Instructorpeterfever.com2013  

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