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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
A.W.O.L. - Frat ShaveControl T Studios2000  
Army Brats' DisciplineControl T Studios2000  
Articles For DisciplineControl T Studios1998  
Ass MaintenanceControl T Studios1999  
Ass RustlerControl T Studios2000  
Babysitter Goes BerserkControl T Studios2001  
Bad Boys Get Hurt So GoodControl T Studios2000  
Bad Report CardControl T Studios1986  
Big Tease: Stonie Learns a LessonControl T Studios1999  
Boy-girl SpankingControl T Studios1988  
Breaking And Intering - The Boss' SonControl T Studios2000  
Brothers - Spanked SeminarControl T Studios1999  
Bullies And VictimsControl T Studios2001 X
Butt Busting: Best of Control-T StudioControl T Studios1999  
Club Butt 2: Private PartyControl T Studios1999  
Club Butt: BlameControl T Studios1999  
Coach Shit HeadControl T Studios1999  
Coach's DetentionControl T Studios2001  
Cops, Jocks and Guys in White SoxControl T Studios1997  
Dad Takes What He WantsControl T Studios2006 X
Daddy is In Charge NowControl T Studios1999  
Daddy's BoyControl T Studios1999 X
Day After 2: The Next DayControl T Studios2001  
Deal For DisciplineControl T Studios1999  
Defensive End / Bared Beer BuddiesControl T Studios2001  
Degradation Of MichaelControl T Studios2003  
Dirty Dancin' AuditionsControl T Studios1999  
Dirty Dean Of DisciplineControl T Studios1997  
Disciplinary ArmsControl T Studios1998  
Disciplinary HearingsControl T Studios1998  
Disciplinary Hearings 2Control T Studios1998  
Disciplinary Hearings 3Control T Studios1998  
Disciplinary Hearings 4Control T Studios1998  
Disciplinary Hearings 5Control T Studios1999  
Doctor Will Spank You Now: The Shy StripperControl T Studios1999  
Dorm Daddy 1: Suspended SentenceControl T Studios2000  
Dorm Daddy 2: Spanked LeatherControl T Studios2000  
Dormitory Initiation 1Control T Studios2000  
Dormitory Initiation 2Control T Studios2000  
Dr. Bizarre's Experimental Sex TherapyControl T Studios2000 X
Dream BoyzControl T Studios2002 X
ExperimentControl T Studios1997 X
Extreme Sex Offenders Case No. 1 - 4Control T Studios2000  
Extreme Sex Offenders Case No. 13 - 15Control T Studios2001  
Extreme Sex Offenders Case No. 5 - 8Control T Studios2000  
Extreme Sex Offenders Case No. 9 - 12Control T Studios2000  
Frat-MasterControl T Studios2001  
Fraternity TalesControl T Studios1999  
Golden Rule Mad DaddiesControl T Studios2000  
Golden Rule Warden And LettermanControl T Studios2000  
Good Cop, Bad CopControl T Studios1990 X
Group TherapyControl T Studios2001 X
Guys Under Control 1Control T Studios2000  
Guys Under Control 2Control T Studios2000  
Hot Bottoms Of Special ForcesControl T Studios2000  
Humbled: The Day AfterControl T Studios2001  
Locker Room Bully / Don't Lie To Me!Control T Studios2001  
Nasty BastardsControl T Studios2004  
Night Out With The BoysControl T Studios2001  
Obsession For AbductionControl T Studios1997  
Outrageous Housewife 1Control T Studios1989  
PaintersControl T Studios1998 X
Painters: The Phone CallControl T Studios1998  
Paul Barresi: SuperstarControl T Studios2003  
Perverse OrgyControl T Studios2000  
Phone CallControl T Studios1998  
Private Alcatraz ClubControl T Studios2002  
Psycho-SpankControl T Studios1999  
Punished PoolboyControl T Studios2003 X
Ritual Spanking ShameControl T Studios2003 X
Roped RancherControl T Studios1998  
Sassy Student / Neighborhood ThievesControl T Studios1999  
Spanked Bound And BulliedControl T Studios1996  
Spanking 1Control T Studios1993  
Spanking SurvivorsControl T Studios2001  
SpankmasterControl T Studios1996  
Special CommandosControl T Studios1999  
Submission PositionControl T Studios1988  
Underwear FreaksControl T Studios2003 X
White Collar CrimesControl T Studios2003  

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