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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Aaron Trainer and Aston Springsbaitbuddies.com2018  
Acquired Tastebaitbuddies.com2010  
Across the Thresholdbaitbuddies.com2014  
Adam Wilde and Chris Nickelsbaitbuddies.com2008  
Adin and Cesar Rossibaitbuddies.com2018  
Adonis and Jay Alexanderbaitbuddies.com2017  
Adrian and Sean Duranbaitbuddies.com2018  
Adrian Suarez and Ashlandbaitbuddies.com2019  
Adrian Suarez and Killianbaitbuddies.com2018  
Agreeable Guybaitbuddies.com2016  
Ai Papibaitbuddies.com2013  
Alan Kennedy And Kyle Stonebaitbuddies.com2016  
Alex and Joeybaitbuddies.com2017  
All Star Buddies: Make It Hotbaitbuddies.com2015  
Aly Llanos and Jordan Michaelsbaitbuddies.com2018  
Angel Ventura and Jason Wolfbaitbuddies.com2018  
Angel Venture and Julian Torresbaitbuddies.com2018  
Another Career Launchedbaitbuddies.com2011  
Anthony and Graysonbaitbuddies.com2011  
Anthony Jones and Jason Barrbaitbuddies.com2016  
Ari and Ricobaitbuddies.com2009  
Asher and Bradbaitbuddies.com2018  
Ashton and Scott Rileybaitbuddies.com2018  
Aspen and Conner Masonbaitbuddies.com2018  
Aston and Scott DeMarcobaitbuddies.com2018  
Aston and Zariobaitbuddies.com2018  
Atlas and Preston Woodbaitbuddies.com2018  
Baby New Yearbaitbuddies.com2012  
Bait Buddies Got Talentbaitbuddies.com2010  
Bait Plus 8baitbuddies.com2011  
Barely 18 Straight Teenbaitbuddies.com2011  
Beasting Outbaitbuddies.com2013  
Bentley Michael and Cesar Rossibaitbuddies.com2018  
Bentley Michael and Nate Longbaitbuddies.com2018  
Best of Both Worldsbaitbuddies.com2015 X
Better than a Dildobaitbuddies.com2014  
Beware of the Not So Innocent Shower Room Glancebaitbuddies.com2010  
Big and Biggererbaitbuddies.com2011  
Big Boys Do Bibaitbuddies.com2011  
Big Helpbaitbuddies.com2013  
Bigger in Colombiabaitbuddies.com2014  
Billie Ramos and Trevor Lincolnbaitbuddies.com2017  
Billy and Hunterbaitbuddies.com2015  
Billy Ray and Jordan Michaelsbaitbuddies.com2009  
Blaine Kross and Cameron Kincadebaitbuddies.com2016  
Blaine Wilder and Javier Cruzbaitbuddies.com2018  
Blue and Juan Carlosbaitbuddies.com2017  
Bo Hendrixx and Chrisbaitbuddies.com2017  
Bo Hendrixx and Patrick Ridgebaitbuddies.com2017  
Bobby Rail and Drake Jadenbaitbuddies.com2009  
Boot Camp Buddiesbaitbuddies.com2012  
Brandon Monroe and Jessie Balboabaitbuddies.com2009  
Braxton and Kain Warnbaitbuddies.com2009  
Breaking in the Cowboybaitbuddies.com2014  
Brendon and Devinbaitbuddies.com2017  
Brian Michaels and Fernandobaitbuddies.com2018  
Brian Russell and Diablobaitbuddies.com2008  
Brogan and Javierbaitbuddies.com2017  
Buddy and Scott Rileybaitbuddies.com2016  
Buddy and the Beastbaitbuddies.com2015  
Busting Kip's Cherrybaitbuddies.com2013  
Cade and Bentleybaitbuddies.com2018  
Caleb Jones and Danny Brooksbaitbuddies.com2010  
Calvin and Logan Rhysbaitbuddies.com2018  
Cameron and Javier Cruzbaitbuddies.com2018  
Cameron and Kaceybaitbuddies.com2017  
Cameron Kincade and Kaceybaitbuddies.com2017  
Carrot Top Popbaitbuddies.com2015  
Ceasar and Cesarbaitbuddies.com2017  
Cesar and Jackbaitbuddies.com2017  
Cesar Rossi and Brunobaitbuddies.com2017  
Cesar Rossi and Jakebaitbuddies.com2018  
Cesar Rossi and Lexbaitbuddies.com2018  
Cesar Rossi and Seanbaitbuddies.com2018  
Cesar Rossi and Zeusbaitbuddies.com2017  
Chad Leigh and Paolobaitbuddies.com2008  
Chandler and Seanbaitbuddies.com2018  
Chandler S and Lexbaitbuddies.com2017  
Chandler S. and Mike M.baitbuddies.com2017  
Chandler Scott and Jack Guntherbaitbuddies.com2017  
Chase K. and Cameron Kincadebaitbuddies.com2016  
Chase Newport and Jay Smithbaitbuddies.com2013  
Chasen and Damon Audigierbaitbuddies.com2010  
Chris Stevens and Tommy Defendibaitbuddies.com2009  
Christian and Audi Valonisbaitbuddies.com2008  
Christian and Cody Juelsbaitbuddies.com2008  
Circus Maximus:Taming the Beastbaitbuddies.com2013  
Clint Wolf and Kain Warnbaitbuddies.com2009  
Cock and Rollbaitbuddies.com2015  
Cock Burnbaitbuddies.com2015  
Cock Talebaitbuddies.com2011  
Cody Wilde and Jamie Donovanbaitbuddies.com2008  
Colin Williams and Rusty Stevensbaitbuddies.com2010  
Conner Mason and Josh Petersbaitbuddies.com2016  
Conner Mason and Rafael Cruzbaitbuddies.com2018  
Conner Mason and Tony Douglasbaitbuddies.com2016  
Considering I Love Womenbaitbuddies.com2014  
Constantine and Lee Covingtonbaitbuddies.com2009  
Conversion Kingbaitbuddies.com2015  
Cortez and Ceasarbaitbuddies.com2017  
Country Boy meets Ancient Greecebaitbuddies.com2014  
Country Musclebaitbuddies.com2015  
Cris and Seth Knightbaitbuddies.com2018  
Culo Grandebaitbuddies.com2015  
D. Alejandro and Austin Edwardsbaitbuddies.com2008  
Daddy Fanbaitbuddies.com2016  
Danny Brooks and Krist Cummingsbaitbuddies.com2010  
Dante and Joe Parkerbaitbuddies.com2018  
Darin and Aspenbaitbuddies.com2018  
Darin and Jorgebaitbuddies.com2018  
Dave and Sean Duranbaitbuddies.com2017  
David Allen and Brody Newportbaitbuddies.com2008  
David Donatello and Paolobaitbuddies.com2008  
Daxx and Ian Greenebaitbuddies.com2018  
Daxx and Jaxton Wheelerbaitbuddies.com2018  
Deer in the Headlightsbaitbuddies.com2011  
Delivering a Load in Floridabaitbuddies.com2016  
Derek and Erick Summersbaitbuddies.com2016  
Derek Stone and Marcus Steelebaitbuddies.com2008  
Diego Marz and Trey Turnerbaitbuddies.com2017  
Dominating Derekbaitbuddies.com2015  
Drake Jadenbaitbuddies.com2009  
Dustin Steele and Braxton Adamsbaitbuddies.com2017  
Dustin Steele and Jaybaitbuddies.com2018  
Dustin Steele and Lexbaitbuddies.com2016  
Dustin Steele and Marsbaitbuddies.com2018  
Dustin Steele and Mikebaitbuddies.com2018  
Dustin Steele and Seanbaitbuddies.com2018  
Eating Outbaitbuddies.com2011  
Eric and Adambaitbuddies.com2008  
Everyone Stand Backbaitbuddies.com2015  
Experiment Gone Wildbaitbuddies.com2014  
Fabrizio and Cody Juelsbaitbuddies.com2008  
Fantasy Fulfilled: Hot & Humid with Cum Showersbaitbuddies.com2014  
Fill His Canbaitbuddies.com2011  
Finding the 'G' in Southern Gentlemanbaitbuddies.com2014  
First Time at the Rodeobaitbuddies.com2014  
For the Cock Lover in Youbaitbuddies.com2016  
Foreign Exchangebaitbuddies.com2012  
Frat Boy Toybaitbuddies.com2012  
Fresh Baitbaitbuddies.com2012  
Freshman Re-Orientationbaitbuddies.com2011  
Gaberial and Marcobaitbuddies.com2017  
Get It Inbaitbuddies.com2014  
Gladiator and Jay Armstrongbaitbuddies.com2008  
Good Boy (II)baitbuddies.com2016  
Good Ho Huntingbaitbuddies.com2011  
Grayson and Javierbaitbuddies.com2017  
Greek Kissologybaitbuddies.com2010  
Greek Lovebaitbuddies.com2016  
Guy and Joeybaitbuddies.com2018  
Halloween Bitchbaitbuddies.com2013  
Hand Job, Blow Job, Fuck Job, Rush Jobbaitbuddies.com2014  
Hard Marketbaitbuddies.com2015  
He's Not in Kansas Anymorebaitbuddies.com2016  
Hitting the Spotbaitbuddies.com2015  
How Can This Feel Goodbaitbuddies.com2015  
Hoytt and Lucas Grahambaitbuddies.com2017  
I Love Pornbaitbuddies.com2011  
I Want Himbaitbuddies.com2015  
I'm a Whorebaitbuddies.com2016  
I'm Dirtybaitbuddies.com2015  
I'm Likin' Itbaitbuddies.com2015  
I'm Your Biggest Fanbaitbuddies.com2012  
Ian and Javier Cruzbaitbuddies.com2016  
It Tasted Goodbaitbuddies.com2015  
It's Like A Boomerangbaitbuddies.com2015  
It's Only Gay If You Like Itbaitbuddies.com2014  
It's the Real Thingbaitbuddies.com2011  
Jace and Jackbaitbuddies.com2017  
Jace Chambers and Cesar Rossibaitbuddies.com2016  
Jacob and Javier Cruzbaitbuddies.com2017  
Jacob Connar and Joe Parkerbaitbuddies.com2018  
Jake Meadows and Damion Krossbaitbuddies.com2007  
James Kelly and Ethan Stormbaitbuddies.com2009  
Jarrod Steel and Justin Hawkebaitbuddies.com2008  
Jason and Toby Springsbaitbuddies.com2017  
Javier Cruz and Luke Johnsonbaitbuddies.com2018  
Javier Cruz and Vladbaitbuddies.com2016  
Jay Alexander and Mike Mbaitbuddies.com2016  
Jay and Zanebaitbuddies.com2017  
Jay Daniels and Joey Dovesbaitbuddies.com2018  
Jay Donahue and Jay Starkbaitbuddies.com2018  
Jay Donahue and Kyler Ashbaitbuddies.com2018  
Jay Strong and Tucker Forrestbaitbuddies.com2009  
Jersey Boybaitbuddies.com2014  
Jimmie and Kovii Suarezbaitbuddies.com2018  
Joe Dakota and Kenny Parkerbaitbuddies.com2009  
Joey and Robert S.baitbuddies.com2017  
John Carusso and Lance Colebaitbuddies.com2018  
John Strange and Jordan Michaelsbaitbuddies.com2009  
Jordan Michaels, Jacob Staxx and Michael Staxxbaitbuddies.com2018  
Joseph Dragon and Scott Bradleybaitbuddies.com2008  
Josh Long and Buddy Masonbaitbuddies.com2016  
Julian Vasquez and Jordan Dimatobaitbuddies.com2008  
Just the Tipbaitbuddies.com2012  
Justin and Jordanbaitbuddies.com2008  
Justin and Juanbaitbuddies.com2017  
Justin Maxxx and Jamie Donovanbaitbuddies.com2008  
Justin Riddickbaitbuddies.com2008  
JZ Is a Fanbaitbuddies.com2013  
Kenny Parker and Riley Scottbaitbuddies.com2008  
Kink Mastersbaitbuddies.com2013  
Kip Johnson and Scott Rileybaitbuddies.com2019  
Kye and Mason Jacksonbaitbuddies.com2017  
Laissez Fairebaitbuddies.com2010  
Lex and Connorbaitbuddies.com2017  
Lex and Mike Maverickbaitbuddies.com2017  
Like Baseballbaitbuddies.com2010  
Little Something Extrabaitbuddies.com2015  
Look Ma I'm Bibaitbuddies.com2016  
Looked Like It Felt Goodbaitbuddies.com2015  
Magic Dickbaitbuddies.com2015  
Magic Troybaitbuddies.com2014  
Man and the Boybaitbuddies.com2015  
Marco and Adrian Josephbaitbuddies.com2017  
Marco and Carter Michaelsbaitbuddies.com2017  
Max and Sean Hardingbaitbuddies.com2018  
Maxx and Jack Guntherbaitbuddies.com2017  
Miami Amateursbaitbuddies.com2016  
Michael Foxx and Paolobaitbuddies.com2008  
Mike and Hans Berlinbaitbuddies.com2018  
Nate Stetson and Vladbaitbuddies.com2017  
Natural Born Cocksuckerbaitbuddies.com2013  
Nicholas Ryder and Allenbaitbuddies.com2018  
Nickolay Petrov and Dominic Pacificobaitbuddies.com2008  
Oh My Goshbaitbuddies.com2014  
Our Situationbaitbuddies.com2011  
Owen and Scott DeMarcobaitbuddies.com2016 X
Peter and Fernando del Riobaitbuddies.com2017  
Popping the ''Brawny Man's'' Cherrybaitbuddies.com2015  
Porn Virginbaitbuddies.com2013  
Porn Virginsbaitbuddies.com2011 X
Power Bottom - Porn Dickbaitbuddies.com2010  
Power Fuckedbaitbuddies.com2015  
Put a Ring on Itbaitbuddies.com2010  
R.C. and Damion Krossbaitbuddies.com2007  
Redneck Round Upbaitbuddies.com2014  
Rego and Leo Luckettbaitbuddies.com2017  
Rico Leon and Juan Carlosbaitbuddies.com2017  
Ride It Like a Broncobaitbuddies.com2013  
Right Tool for the Right Jobbaitbuddies.com2014  
Riley Burke and Griffin Dirkbaitbuddies.com2008  
RoBeeb and Angel Princebaitbuddies.com2007  
Rod and Dustin Steelebaitbuddies.com2018  
Sasha Alexander and Javier Cruzbaitbuddies.com2016  
Scared Gaybaitbuddies.com2011  
Scott Demarco and Scott Rileybaitbuddies.com2019  
Scott Riley and Phoenix Williamsbaitbuddies.com2016  
Sean and Trey Turnerbaitbuddies.com2017  
Sean White and Javier Coxbaitbuddies.com2007  
Sebastian and Mike Maverickbaitbuddies.com2017  
Seth and Tonybaitbuddies.com2010  
Side Bi Sidebaitbuddies.com2011 X
Special Edition: Stud Budsbaitbuddies.com2015  
Steve and Toby Springsbaitbuddies.com2016  
Straight Beach Boybaitbuddies.com2016  
Straight Boys Like Tig Ol Bittiesbaitbuddies.com2015  
Straight Marine Buddiesbaitbuddies.com2016  
Straight Student Seduced By His Math Tutorbaitbuddies.com2010  
Study Buddy and the Gigolobaitbuddies.com2014  
Super Soakerbaitbuddies.com2016  
Tantalizing Therapistbaitbuddies.com2016  
They Loaded Up the Truck and Moved to Bait Buddiesbaitbuddies.com2015  
Things in My Butt. Stuff in My Mouth.baitbuddies.com2010  
This Is What You Do When the Crops Stop Growingbaitbuddies.com2014  
This Totally Changes Poker Night...baitbuddies.com2010  
Tim Hanesbaitbuddies.com2016  
Tim Hanes and Javier Cruzbaitbuddies.com2016  
Timmy and T.J. Jordanbaitbuddies.com2008  
Timothy Rivers and Conner Masonbaitbuddies.com2016  
Tinder or Gindr or Bothbaitbuddies.com2015  
Toby Springs and Lucas Grahambaitbuddies.com2017  
Todd and Marcobaitbuddies.com2017  
Tom Bentley and Ryanbaitbuddies.com2018  
Tommy and Timothy Riversbaitbuddies.com2017  
Tony and Kenbaitbuddies.com2010 X
Travis Hardman and Marcus Steelebaitbuddies.com2008  
Travis West and William Vasbaitbuddies.com2010  
Trey Turner and Parker Loganbaitbuddies.com2017  
Troy and Tucker Forrestbaitbuddies.com2009  
Turn Outbaitbuddies.com2012  
Turned Outbaitbuddies.com2012  
Two Amigos: Yago Sets Up Marcusbaitbuddies.com2015  
Tyler and Cesar Rossibaitbuddies.com2017  
Uncensored and Uncutbaitbuddies.com2012  
Valentino and Anthonybaitbuddies.com2018  
Van Wilder and Jay Alexanderbaitbuddies.com2017  
Van Wilder Is Backbaitbuddies.com2012  
Viva Mexicobaitbuddies.com2015  
Wait, What Am I Doingbaitbuddies.com2014  
Wanna Come Up for Airbaitbuddies.com2016  
Well Worth the Waitbaitbuddies.com2014  
Wes Kraven and Jay Alexanderbaitbuddies.com2018  
You Callin' Me a Chickbaitbuddies.com2014  
Zack and Mark Angelbaitbuddies.com2008  
Zane Taylor and Jack Andybaitbuddies.com2018  
Zeke and Coreybaitbuddies.com2017  
Zeus and Jett Rinkbaitbuddies.com2017  

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