distributors : close-up productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
2 On 1 Tormented TrioCan-Am Productions2006  
Alex's Leather DreamClose-up Productions1995  
Amsterdam's Uncut DicksClose-up Productions1996  
At Your ServiceClose-up Productions1999 X
Blow By BlowClose-up Concepts1996 X
Bondage BuddiesClose-up Productions1998  
Bondage TeaseClose-up Productions1999  
Bondage TrioClose-up Productions1996  
Bondage VoyeurClose-up Productions2001  
Boyfriend And BoyfriendClose-up Productions2000  
Bubble Butt PlayClose-up Productions1997  
Burying the BoneClose-up Productions1999 X
Butt BruisersRed Moon1999 X
Captive Men 1Close-up Productions1993  
Captive Men 2Close-up Productions1993  
Captive Men 3Close-up Productions1993  
Captive Men 4Close-up Productions1993  
Captive Men 5Close-up Productions1993  
Captive Men 6Close-up Productions1997  
Captive Men 7: First Time BrokenClose-up Productions2000  
Captive Slaves Of EuropeClose-up Productions2000  
Car Wash Hose OutClose-up Productions1994  
Cell ShockedClose-up Concepts1996  
Cock Boys: After HoursClose-up Productions1999 X
College Jocks' Foot FetishClose-up Productions1999  
Constant HungerClose-up Productions1996 X
Cool FeetClose-up Productions1998  
Cum And Cum AgainClose-up Productions1998 X
Daddies BoysClose-up Productions1993  
Daddies' BoysClose-up Productions19941 
Daddy's Slave InductionClose-up Productions1999  
Daytime VoyeurClose-up Productions1997  
Dragyn Underground File 1Close-up Productions1999  
Electro SurgeClose-up Productions2000 X
Endless Danny SommersClose-up Productions1996  
Explode A LoadClose-up Productions2001  
Faultline SextimeClose-up Productions1995  
Flavor Of FeetClose-up Productions2002  
Foot Worshiped BangersClose-up Productions2002  
Hairy Chested HunksClose-up Productions2001 X
Held CaptiveClose-up Productions1996  
Hell Weekend 1Close-up Productions1992  
Hell Weekend 2Close-up Productions1996  
Intense TrainingClose-up Productions1999  
Jailcell BreakoutClose-up Productions1995  
Key West BellhopClose-up Productions1995  
Leather Foot WorshipClose-up Productions1995  
Leathermen of AmsterdamClose-up Productions2000  
Let's Talk SexClose-up Productions2002 X
Locker Room Sex BrawlClose-up Productions1997  
Lost LovesClose-up Productions2004  
Lust LettersClose-up Productions1994 X
Master ControlsClose-up Productions1996  
Mat Muscle MayhemClose-up Productions1997  
Men Are CummingClose-up Productions2001  
More Steamy Bondage HardonsClose-up Productions1995  
Physical ExamClose-up Productions1995  
Physical ExamClose-up Productions1997  
Pop That LoadClose-up Productions1996  
Punishment AsylumClose-up Productions2000  
Raw FuckbuddiesClose-up Productions2011 X
Rip 'N' Strip WrestlingClose-up Productions1997 X
Roughed Up At The SpikeClose-up Productions1994  
Roughed Up in BostonClose-up Productions1995  
Roughed Up in L.A.Close-up Productions1993  
Russo's Sex PigClose-up Productions1996 X
Sex Play By RussoClose-up Productions1995  
Sex Play By Russo 2Close-up Productions1995  
Shoot that CumClose-up Productions1994  
ShootersTalk of the Town1983 X
Slave CampClose-up Productions1996  
Slave Camp 2Close-up Productions1996  
Slave From BerlinClose-up Productions1995  
Slave Trade (II)Close-up Concepts1997  
Slave Workshop BostonClose-up Productions1993  
Slave Workshop HamburgClose-up Productions19961 
Slave Workshop L.A.Close-up Productions1993  
Slaves SubmissionClose-up Productions1999  
Sling ShotsClose-up Productions1999 X
Steamy Bondage HardonsClose-up Productions1993  
Suck TenClose-up Productions1999  
Taste of TormentClose-up Productions2000  
Tormented SlavesClose-up Productions2002  
Tormentor's ConquestClose-up Productions2005  
Tormentor's ConquestClose-up Productions1998  
Training Of ChristopheClose-up Productions1999  
Watering Game Close-up Productions1995  
Watering HoleClose-up Productions1994  
Weekend Sex CampClose-up Productions2001  
Wet FantasiesClose-up Productions19961 
When The Boss is AwayClose-up Productions1997  

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