distributors : centaur films

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Brock Masters' Collector's EditionCentaur Films2004 X
Bustin' LooseCentaur Films1997  
Chip Daniels' Video StudbookCentaur Films19981X
Chip Daniels' Video Studbook 2Centaur Films2001 X
Deep in the BrigCentaur Films1997 X
Forced ServiceCentaur Films1997 X
GamemasterCentaur Films1998 X
Hot Cops 2Centaur Films1996 X
Hot Cops 3: The Final AssaultCentaur Films1997 X
Hot Cops 4: Bustin' LooseCentaur Films1997  
Hot Cops 5: Most WantedCentaur Films2007  
Hot FiremenCentaur Films1996 X
Hotter Than HellCentaur Films1997 X
InsatiableFrench Art1999 X
Man Academy 2: Rites of PassageCentaur Films2002 X
Man Academy: Where Boys Grow Up!Centaur Films2000 X
Man HunterCentaur Films20031X
Marine CrucibleCentaur Films1997 X
Marine Crucible 2: Cocked and LoadedCentaur Films2007  
Mountain Patrol: Hot Cops 1Centaur Films19981 
Navy Blues: Deeper in the BrigCentaur Films20031X
Off Limits!Centaur Films19992X
Playing For KeepsCentaur Films20001X
Sean Storm's Collector's EditionCentaur Films2003 X
Sean Storm's Collector's EditionCentaur Films2005 X
Sharp ShootersCentaur Films1997 X
Tight Ends And Wide ReceiversCentaur Films20011X
Tight Ends And Wide Receivers 2Centaur Films20011X
Time CopsCentaur Films19981X
Vietnam HawaiiCentaur Films1998  
Wild RangersCentaur Films20022X
Wild Rangers 2: Hardcore Training CampCentaur Films2004 X
Wild Rangers 3: Hot On Their Tail!Centaur Films2005 X
Young GunsCentaur Films2008 X

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