distributors : can-am productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
2 On 1 Tormented Trio 2Can-Am Productions2010  
3-Way Rubber RevengeCan-Am Productions2005  
Aaron Aubrey Muscle ShowcaseCan-Am Productions1996  
All American Oiled Trio Muscle BashCan-Am Productions2001  
Amsterdam Wrestle InnCan-Am Productions2003 X
Back For More (II)Can-Am Productions1998  
Bare-Assed Canadian Strip DancersCan-Am Productions1994  
Beau Hopkins Muscle ShowcaseCan-Am Productions1996  
Beau Hopkins vs. Paul Perris: The RematchCan-Am Productions1999  
Beau Hopkins Zeus SessionCan-Am Productions1995  
Best of Cal Erotic WrestlingCan-Am Productions1999  
Best of Jungle Stud MatchesCan-Am Productions1996  
Blake Onassis ExposedCan-Am Productions1995  
Boarder ThugzCan-Am Productions2003  
Bodybuilder Bondage Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions1994  
Bodybuilder Bondage Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1994  
Bodybuilder Bondage Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions1994  
Bodybuilder Bondage Wrestling 4Can-Am Productions1995  
Bodystrokes VancouverCan-Am Productions1998  
Bondage In Oil Jockstrap StripCan-Am Productions1994  
Bondage In Oil Muscle FightCan-Am Productions1994  
Bondage In Oil Tagteam TakedownCan-Am Productions1995  
Boot Camp Wrestler: Manifest Fantasies 3Can-Am Productions1998 X
Brother vs. Brother X FourCan-Am Productions1997  
California Hot BodsCan-Am Productions1997  
California Knights: Totally Naked 1Can-Am Productions1996  
California Knights: Totally Naked 2Can-Am Productions1996  
California Muscleboy Oil WrestlingCan-Am Productions1995  
California Muscleboy Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions2008  
California Muscleboy Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions2008  
California Muscleboy Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions2008  
California RawCan-Am Productions1996  
Can-Am Nude Hard-On AuditionsCan-Am Productions1994  
Can-Am Pro Muscle MatchesCan-Am Productions1995  
Can-Am Video Sampler 1Can-Am Productions1994  
Can-Am Video Sampler 2Can-Am Productions1996  
Can-Am Video Sampler 3Can-Am Productions1996  
Can-Am Video Sampler 4Can-Am Productions1996  
Can-Am Video Sampler 5Can-Am Productions1998  
Can-Am Video Sampler 6Can-Am Productions1998  
Can-Am Video Sampler 7Can-Am Productions1998  
Can-Am Video Sampler 8Can-Am Productions1998  
Canadian Amateur Sex WrestlingCan-Am Productions2006  
Canadian Built Wrestling ClubCan-Am Productions1997  
Canadian Built Wrestling Club 2Can-Am Productions1997  
Canadian Built Wrestling Club 3Can-Am Productions1998  
Canadian CalendarmenCan-Am Productions1992  
Canadian Muscle Dancers 1Can-Am Productions1992  
Canadian Muscle Dancers 2Can-Am Productions1992  
Canadian Muscle Dancers 3Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Muscle Dancers 4Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Muscle Dancers 5Can-Am Productions1996  
Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions1992  
Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 4Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 5Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 6Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 7Can-Am Productions1994  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions1992  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 10Can-Am Productions1997  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 11Can-Am Productions1998  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 12Can-Am Productions2000  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 13Can-Am Productions2002  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1992  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 4Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 5Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 6Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 7Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 8Can-Am Productions1994  
Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 9Can-Am Productions1997  
Canadian Nude Oil Jockstrap WrestlingCan-Am Productions1994  
Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling 4Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling 5Can-Am Productions1994  
Canadian Nude Pro Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions1992  
Canadian Nude Pro Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1993  
Canadian Nude Pro Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions1994  
Canadian Outdoor Oil WrestlingCan-Am Productions2000  
Capture Of SilverbackCan-Am Productions2003  
Cody's RevengeCan-Am Productions1999  
College WrestlersCan-Am Productions1997  
ConversionCan-Am Productions2012  
Cyberfight 10: Gavin Starr Vs. Breyer WellingtonCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 102: Border Brawl 2Cyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 11: Blitzkrieg Kid Vs. Jason KronanCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 12: Kidd Usa Vs. Chad CollyerCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 133: Mat Attack 2Cyberfights Wrestling2011  
Cyberfight 14: Aaron Baker Vs. Jake DamienCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 15: Blitzkrieg Vs. Kidd Usa Vs. Travis LeeCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 17: Matt Stryker Vs. Mike StrykerCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 18: Aaron Baker Vs. Suicide KidCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 20: Jake Damien Vs. Kidd Usa Vs. Travis LeeCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 21: Battle RoyaleCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 23: Benjamin Quest Vs. Kidd UsaCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 24: Aaron Baker Vs. Blitzkrieg Kid And Jason KronanCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 25: Kronan And Stryker Vs. Blitzkrieg And StarrCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 26: Aaron Baker Vs. Travis LeeCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 28: Brian Ireland Vs Matt StrykerCyberfights Wrestling2008  
Cyberfight 29: Aaron Baker Vs Jason KronanCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 33: Battle Royale (L.A. Card)Cyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 49: Arden Craig Vs FadeCyberfights Wrestling2008  
Cyberfight 51: Mikey Henderson Vs. FadeCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 60: Scotty Mac Vs. FadeCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 61: Mikey Henderson Vs. Kidd UsaCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 68: Kidd Usa Vs. Arden CraigCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 7: Fallen Angel Vs. Suicide Kidd RematchCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 77: Scotty Mac Vs. Matt Stryker Vs. Frankie KazarianCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 78: Mikey Henderson Vs. Arden Craig Vs. FadeCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 8: Tag TeamCyberfights Wrestling2006  
Cyberfight 83: Jd Michaels Vs. Frankie KazarianCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Cyberfight 90: Akiva Vs. FadeCyberfights Wrestling2009  
Czech Tag Team 1Can-Am Productions2000  
Czech Tag Team 2Can-Am Productions2000 X
Dante's Champions LiveCan-Am Productions2001 X
DecimatedHard Heroes2013  
DecrotcheryCan-Am Productions2011  
Decrotchery 2: Jobe Zander Vs Derek FoxCan-Am Productions2012  
Decrotchery 3: Jobe Vs Tyler St JamesCan-Am Productions2012  
Decrotchery 4Can-Am Productions2013  
Decrotchery 5: Joey Boots Vs. Jobe ZanderCan-Am Productions2013  
Decrotchery: Jobe Zander Vs Thiago DiazCan-Am Productions2011  
Director's Battle: Jobe Zander Vs. Aryx QuinnCan-Am Productions2010  
Donnie Drake Double PlayCan-Am Productions2011  
Double TeamedCan-Am Productions20111X
Doug Brandon Vs. Jimmy DeanCan-Am Productions1999  
Doug Brandon vs. The Hopkins BrosCan-Am Productions1998  
Doug Brandon: Bound, Broken And DefeatedCan-Am Productions1999  
EuroticaCan-Am Productions1997  
Feel the RushCan-Am Productions2006  
Flex Vs. Doug BrandonCan-Am Productions1995  
Flex Vs. Guy BoltonCan-Am Productions1996  
Flex's FantasyCan-Am Productions1995  
FlextasyCan-Am Productions1999  
Florida Pro Fights 1Can-Am Productions2012  
Football FracasCan-Am Productions2000  
French TagteamCan-Am Productions2001  
Gear PlayCan-Am Productions2001 X
German Sex Fight Club: German MatfuckersCan-Am Productions1999  
GladiatorsCan-Am Productions2001 X
GladiatorsCan-Am Productions2004 X
Guy Bolton Vs. Mace DrummondCan-Am Productions1998  
Hard HeroesCan-Am Productions2000  
Hard Heroes 13: BrainwashedCan-Am Productions2006  
Hard Heroes Pro Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions2003  
Hard Hung and Young Dancers 1Can-Am Productions1995  
Hard Hung and Young Dancers 2Can-Am Productions1995  
Hard Hung and Young Dancers 3Can-Am Productions1995  
Hard Nude Oil WrestlingCan-Am Productions1994  
Hard Nude Oil Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1995  
Hard Nude Pro WrestlingCan-Am Productions1994  
Hardcore Mat FightsCan-Am Productions1999  
Hockey HavocCan-Am Productions1999  
Hockey Havoc 2Can-Am Productions2001  
Hogtied Wrestling HunksCan-Am Productions19951 
Hogtied Wrestling Hunks 2Can-Am Productions1995  
Hollywood Fight ClubCan-Am Productions2009  
Hollywood Fight Club 2Can-Am Productions2009  
Hollywood Fight Club 3Can-Am Productions2010  
Hotel Hell: TorontoCan-Am Productions2004 X
House of DetentionCan-Am Productions2000  
Jimmy Dean Wrestling SpecialCan-Am Productions1996  
Jobe's JobbersCan-Am Productions2009  
Jobe's JusticeCan-Am Productions2012  
Kick Ass Bodybuilder FeudCan-Am Productions1994  
Kick Ass Bodybuilder Feud 2Can-Am Productions1996  
Kick-Ass Punishment WrestlingCan-Am Productions1998  
Kick-Ass Punishment Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1999  
Kick-Ass Punishment Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions1999  
Kink WrestlingCan-Am Productions1995  
Kinky Sex WrestlingCan-Am Productions2010  
Kinky Sex Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions2009  
Latex MeltdownCan-Am Productions2001  
Latex Sex FightCan-Am Productions2001  
Lean and Mean WrestlingCan-Am Productions2005  
Liquid LatexCan-Am Productions1996  
Lockerroom Sex EncounterCan-Am Productions2014  
Lords of the LockerroomCan-Am Productions2000  
Make Me SubmitCan-Am Productions2001  
Mark Wolff: Feel the PowerCan-Am Productions1998  
Mark Wolff: Totally DominatedCan-Am Productions1996  
Mat AttackCan-Am Productions2003  
Mat Attack 3Can-Am Productions2003  
Mat BrawlersCan-Am Productions2008  
Max Men Strip Fantasy 1Can-Am Productions2000  
Maximum MaxonCan-Am Productions1998  
Maximum Maxon 2Can-Am Productions1999  
Maxon vs. BrandonCan-Am Productions1998  
Maxon vs. DeanCan-Am Productions1998  
Maxon vs. JansonCan-Am Productions2000  
Maxon vs. MarcusCan-Am Productions1999  
Maxon vs. MorganCan-Am Productions1998  
Maxon vs. WolffCan-Am Productions1998  
Military LockerroomCan-Am Productions2007  
Monster TrapCan-Am Productions2008  
Monster Trap 2Can-Am Productions2010  
Mopped UpCan-Am Productions2003  
Muscle Match 1Can-Am Productions2001  
Muscle Match 2Can-Am Productions2002  
Muscle Match 3Can-Am Productions2003  
Nasty Sex Fights 1: Ass WhippedCan-Am Productions2003  
Paul Perris ExposedCan-Am Productions1993  
Paul Perris Muscle ShowcaseCan-Am Productions1993  
Paul Perris Zeus SessionCan-Am Productions1993  
Paul Perris' Prolonged PunishmentCan-Am Productions1993  
Prison of PainCan-Am Productions2002  
Pro Bashed Triple ThreatCan-Am Productions2011  
Pro Sex Fight 1Can-Am Productions2010  
Pro Sex Fight 10Can-Am Productions2012  
Pro Sex Fight 11Can-Am Productions2013  
Pro Sex Fight 12Can-Am Productions2013  
Pro Sex Fight 13Can-Am Productions2014  
Pro Sex Fight 14Can-Am Productions2014  
Pro Sex Fight 15Can-Am Productions2014  
Pro Sex Fight 16Can-Am Productions2014  
Pro Sex Fight 2Can-Am Productions2011  
Pro Sex Fight 3Can-Am Productions2011  
Pro Sex Fight 4Can-Am Productions2011  
Pro Sex Fight 5Can-Am Productions2011  
Pro Sex Fight 6Can-Am Productions2011  
Pro Sex Fight 7Can-Am Productions2011  
Pro Sex Fight 8Can-Am Productions2012  
Pro Sex Fight 9Can-Am Productions2012  
Pro Tag 2Can-Am Productions2011  
Ranch Hand RumbleCan-Am Productions2004 X
Raw Mat FightsCan-Am Productions2002  
Rio's RevengeCan-Am Productions2011  
Rocking RioCan-Am Productions2010  
Rodeo Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions1998  
Rodeo Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1998  
Rookie BeatdownCan-Am Productions2013  
Rookie Beatdown 2Can-Am Productions2014  
Rookie Beatdown 3Can-Am Productions2014  
Rookie Beatdown 4Can-Am Productions2014  
Rope MotelCan-Am Productions2004  
Ropin' RuckusCan-Am Productions2005  
Seeds of YouthCan-Am Productions2009  
Sex ConquestCan-Am Productions1999  
Sicilian Fight CircusCan-Am Productions2003  
Skip Roberts/Bart Tyler vs Andy Roberts/Peter RavellCan-Am Productions1998  
South Beach WrestlingCan-Am Productions1999  
Spank Scene To Tag TeamCan-Am Productions2003  
Steve Sterling Conquers CanadaCan-Am Productions1994  
Steve Sterling's International SubmissionsCan-Am Productions1994  
Storm FighterCan-Am Productions2000  
Submitted Slapped And TickledCan-Am Productions2001  
Suits To NutsCan-Am Productions2001  
Super Studs: Toxic WaterCan-Am Productions2009  
Super Studs: Toxic WaterCan-Am Productions2008  
Supermatch 10: John Thor Vs. Cody BrandonCan-Am Productions2000  
Supermatch 11: Beau Hopkins Vs. Tom FlexCan-Am Productions2000  
Supermatch 12: Doug Brandon Vs Paul PerrisCan-Am Productions2001  
Supermatch 13: Dolph Vs BrodyCan-Am Productions2001  
Supermatch 3: Brandon Vs. ValorCan-Am Productions1995  
Supermatch 4: Tagteam TerrorCan-Am Productions1995  
Supermatch 5: Battling BrothersCan-Am Productions2000  
Supermatch 6Can-Am Productions2000  
Supermatch 7: Brandon Vs. BoltonCan-Am Productions2000  
Supermatch 8Can-Am Productions2000  
Supermatch 9: Doug Brandon Vs. BrodyCan-Am Productions2000  
Supermatches 16 and 17Can-Am Productions2002  
Superstars Grudge MatchCan-Am Productions1995  
Superstuds: Toxic GasHard Heroes2011  
Superstuds: Toxic Strikes AgainCan-Am Productions2012  
Surfer Boy ShowdownCan-Am Productions2000  
Swimmer vs AdonisHard Heroes2016  
SwitchedHard Heroes2013  
Tagteam Brawl 1Can-Am Productions1993  
Tagteam MayhemCan-Am Productions1995  
Tales From The Chamber 2Can-Am Productions2003 X
Tales From The Chamber 6Can-Am Productions2012  
Three Faces Of PainChallenger Video1994  
Tickled Tackled and Touched 2: Assistant's RevengeCan-Am Productions2002  
Tickled Tackled and Touched 3: Czech MatesCan-Am Productions2002  
Tickled, Tackled And Touched: StakeoutCan-Am Productions2002  
TitansCan-Am Productions1998 X
Todd Mane's Intense InitiationCan-Am Productions1998  
Tony Valor: Beaten Battered And BoundCan-Am Productions1999  
Toronto Amateur Oil AuditionsCan-Am Productions1995  
Toronto Amateur Pro WrestlingCan-Am Productions1998  
Trenton Comeaux Muscle ShowcaseCan-Am Productions1992  
Trenton Comeaux: Zeusman of the YearCan-Am Productions1992  
Troubled TightsCan-Am Productions2010  
Two-On-One Tormented TrioCan-Am Productions1995  
Vancouver Beach WrestlingCan-Am Productions1999  
Vancouver Beach Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1999  
Vancouver Wrestling HunksCan-Am Productions1999  
VerdictCan-Am Productions2009  
Vulture's CageHard Heroes2009  
Warehouse Wrestling HunksCan-Am Productions1999  
Whacks From The Warehouse 2: Move The PoleCan-Am Productions2003  
Whacks From The Warehouse 3: Change The LightbulbCan-Am Productions2003  
Whacks From The Warehouse: Move The BoxesCan-Am Productions2003  
Wolff Vs. DeanCan-Am Productions2001  
Wolff Vs. HopkinsCan-Am Productions2001  
Wolff WhippedCan-Am Productions2001  
Wolff's WorldCan-Am Productions2001  
Workout: Director's CutCan-Am Productions1999  
Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3Can-Am Productions1999  
Worship: Director's CutCan-Am Productions1998 X
Wrestle BaitCan-Am Productions2008  
Wrestle By MeCan-Am Productions1999  
Wrestle ClubCan-Am Productions2000 X
Wrestler for HireCan-Am Productions2001  
Wrestlers - The Director's CutCan-Am Productions1999  
Wrestlers: Muscle Fantasies 2Can-Am Productions1998  
Young Musclestud Wrestling 1Can-Am Productions1990  
Young Musclestud Wrestling 2Can-Am Productions1995  
Young Musclestud Wrestling 3Can-Am Productions1996  

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