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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
AmbitionCalifornia Wildcats2004 X
Bad Day at the OfficeCalifornia Wildcats1990  
Battle of the BoneCalifornia Wildcats1990  
Battlecat 3California Wildcats1996  
Battlecat 4California Wildcats1996  
Best FriendsCalifornia Wildcats2009 X
Bridal BattleCalifornia Wildcats1989  
Can't Buy Me LoveCalifornia Wildcats1989  
Carnage in the CageCalifornia Wildcats1995  
Centerfold ShowdownCalifornia Wildcats2009  
ChampionCalifornia Wildcats2011 X
Cheerleaders 1California Wildcats2004  
CovergirlCalifornia Wildcats2014 X
Desert DuelCalifornia Wildcats1995  
Flash On FleshCalifornia Wildcats2005  
Gypsy QueenCalifornia Wildcats2015  
I'm Not Your BitchCalifornia Wildcats2015  
In Miss Appleby's FaceCalifornia Wildcats1994  
ListingCalifornia Wildcats2009  
Loss By EcstasyCalifornia Wildcats2002  
Marathon WomanCalifornia Wildcats19951 
Morning AfterCalifornia Wildcats1990 X
Office RivalsCalifornia Wildcats2009  
OverbookedCalifornia Wildcats2014 X
Quest 1California Wildcats1996  
Quest 2California Wildcats19961 
Sex MagicCalifornia Wildcats1996 X
SexstarsCalifornia Wildcats2005 X
Step Into StockingsCalifornia Wildcats2005  
Successor 1California Wildcats2007  
Successor 2California Wildcats2008  
Tax TroubleCalifornia Wildcats1990  
Training CharlieCalifornia Wildcats2004  
True Love Is ForeverCalifornia Wildcats2008  
Unholy HumiliationCalifornia Wildcats2004  
Video MadnessCalifornia Wildcats1990  
Wild Wild West 1: Bad SheriffCalifornia Wildcats2005  
You Gotta GoCalifornia Wildcats2014  

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