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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Adam Wirthmore and VanderOffset Productions2014  
Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: Her Brother's FianceeGirl Candy Films2014 X
Lesbian Doms and Subs 2Girl Candy Films20131X
Lesbian Masseuse 1Girl Candy Films2012 X
Lesbian Masseuse 2Girl Candy Films20121X
Lesbian Masseuse 3Girl Candy Films20131X
Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian AwakeningGirl Candy Films2013 X
Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Living A LieGirl Candy Films2013 X
Lesbian Masseuse 4: Secret Lesbian LustGirl Candy Films2013 X
Lesbian Masseuse 4: Teacher's Lesbian PetGirl Candy Films2013 X
Lesbian Slumber PartyGirl Candy Films2011 X
Lesbian Slumber Party 2: Lesbians in TrainingGirl Candy Films2012 X
Lesbian Slumber Party 3: Girls Volleyball TeamGirl Candy Films20132X
Lesbian Voyeur 2: Wet KissesGirl Candy Films20131X
Lesbians Love Strap-Ons: The BabysitterGirl Candy Films2012 X
Lesbians Love Strap-Ons: The Spoiled BratGirl Candy Films2012 X
Office AffairsHard Candy Films20122X
Secret Desires 1TransRomantic20131 

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