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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Ambushed 2Active Duty2014 X
Ambushed 5Active Duty2016 X
Ambushed 6Active Duty2016 X
Ambushed 7Active Duty2017 X
Ambushed 8Active Duty2018 X
Ambushed 9Active Duty2019 X
At The Ready 3Active Duty2013 X
Bareback Army GruntsActive Duty2017 X
Bareback Army Grunts 2Active Duty2017 X
Bareback Army Grunts 3Active Duty2017 X
Bareback Army Grunts 4Active Duty2018 X
Bareback Army Grunts 5Active Duty2019 X
Bareback Barrage 4Active Duty2016 X
Bareback Barrage 5Active Duty2017 X
Bareback Barrage 6Active Duty2018 X
Bareback TacticsActive Duty2017 X
Bareback Tactics 2Active Duty2017 X
Bareback Tactics 3Active Duty2018 X
Bareback Tactics 4Active Duty2018 X
Bareback Tactics 5Active Duty2019 X
Battle CryActive Duty2009 X
Battle Cry 2Active Duty2009 X
Battle of the Bottoms 3Active Duty2016 X
Battle of the Bottoms 4Active Duty2017 X
Battle of the Bottoms 5Active Duty2018 X
Battle of the Bottoms 6Active Duty2018 X
Battle Of The Bottoms 7Active Duty2019 X
Battle of the Bulge 7Active Duty2018 X
Battlefield ThreesomesActive Duty2017 X
Battlefield Threesomes 2Active Duty2017 X
Battlefield Threesomes 3Active Duty2018 X
Battlefield Threesomes 5Active Duty2018 X
BattlegroundPink Bird Media2014 X
Behind the Line 1Dirty Bird Pictures2006 X
Behind the Line 2Dirty Bird Pictures2009 X
Behind the Line 4Active Duty2016 X
Behind the Line 5Active Duty2016 X
Below DeckActive Duty2007 X
Below Deck 2Active Duty20071X
BulletproofActive Duty2008 X
Bulletproof 2Active Duty2008 X
Bulletproof 3Active Duty2009 X
Call of DutyActive Duty2005 X
Caught in the Crossfire 1Active Duty2009  
Caught in the Crossfire 2Active Duty2009 X
Caught in the Crossfire 3Active Duty2009 X
Covert Missions 24Active Duty2016 X
DischargedActive Duty2002 X
Discharged 2Active Duty2002  
Drafted 3Active Duty2008 X
Dream MarineActive Duty2001 X
Firewatch 2Active Duty2010 X
First Strike 5Active Duty2016 X
Force Rendezvous 2Active Duty2013 X
Force Rendezvous 3Active Duty2013 X
Foreign AffairsActive Duty2006 X
Fraternizing Forces 2Active Duty2012 X
Fraternizing Forces 4: Bridging His GapActive Duty2016 X
Fraternizing Forces 7Active Duty2017 X
Fraternizing Forces 8Active Duty2018 X
Friendly Fire 2Active Duty2004 X
Friendly Fire 6Active Duty2016 X
Friendly Fire 7Active Duty2017 X
Friendly Fire 8Active Duty2018 X
Friendly Fire 9Active Duty2019 X
Fun AmandaActive Duty2005 X
Fun Amanda 2Active Duty2005 X
Fun Amanda 3Active Duty2009 X
G.I. Jack Offs 4Active Duty2002  
G.I. Jack Offs 6Active Duty2002  
Going CommandoActive Duty2014 X
Going Commando 5Active Duty2016 X
Going Commando 6Active Duty2016 X
Going Commando 7Active Duty2018 X
Going Commando 8Active Duty2019 X
Grunt Spunk 1Active Duty1999  
Grunt Spunk 2Active Duty1999  
Grunt Spunk 3Active Duty2000  
Guerrilla TroopsActive Duty2017 X
Guerrilla Troops 2Active Duty2017 X
Guerrilla Troops 3Active Duty2018  
Guerrilla Troops 4Active Duty2018 X
Guerrilla Troops 5Active Duty2018  
Gung HoActive Duty2010 X
Hard CorpsActive Duty2005 X
Hard Corps 2Active Duty2005 X
High AlertActive Duty2012 X
Hot Zone 3Active Duty2008 X
Live Ammo 1Active Duty2002  
Live Ammo 2Active Duty2002  
Live Ammo 3Active Duty2002  
Long Deployment 3 Dirty Bird Pictures2007 X
Military Bareback Files 6Active Duty2014 X
Military OperationActive Duty2018 X
Open RanksActive Duty20051X
Porne IdentityActive Duty20081X
PortholeActive Duty2009 X
Porthole 2Active Duty2009 X
Porthole 3Active Duty2009 X
Pullin' RankActive Duty2009 X
Pullin' Rank 2Active Duty2010 X
Pullin' Rank 3Active Duty2010 X
Rapid Fire 1 (II)Active Duty2002  
Raw BrigadeActive Duty2017 X
Raw Brigade 2Active Duty2017 X
Raw Brigade 3Active Duty2018 X
Raw Brigade 4Active Duty2018 X
Raw Brigade 5Active Duty2019 X
Raw Recruits 1Active Duty1999  
Raw Recruits 3Active Duty1999  
Ready Reserves 4: Ready and RawActive Duty2015 X
Ready Reserves 5Active Duty2016 X
Ready Reserves 6Active Duty2016 X
Ready Reserves 7Active Duty2017 X
Ready to AttackActive Duty2018 X
Ready to Attack 2Active Duty2018 X
Ready to Attack 3Active Duty2019  
Rear Formation 2: Anal RetreatActive Duty2004 X
Rear GunnersDirty Bird Pictures2006 X
Rear Gunners 2Dirty Bird Pictures2006 X
Rear Gunners 6Active Duty2017 X
Rear Gunners 7Active Duty2017 X
Rear Gunners 8Active Duty2017 X
ReenlistedActive Duty2013 X
Reenlisted 4Active Duty2017 X
Reenlisted 5Active Duty2017 X
Reenlisted 6Active Duty2018 X
Reenlisted 7Active Duty2018 X
Reenlisted 8Active Duty2019 X
Reload 1Active Duty2002  
Reload 2Active Duty2002  
Ripped RecruitsActive Duty2012 X
Ripped Recruits 3Active Duty2013 X
Ripped Recruits 5Active Duty2016 X
Spank Me, Sir 2Active Duty2002  
Spank Me, Sir!Active Duty2002  
Summer RecruitsActive Duty2009 X
Summer Recruits 2Active Duty2009 X
Zack Matthews and Brad PowersActive Duty2016  

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