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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
18 Today 12: The Big TenTino Video2001 X
18 Today 25: Studs in Saunaland18 Today2002 X
18 Today 27French Connection2002  
18 Today International 14French Connection2004 X
At Your Feet 4French Connection2014 X
Beat It UpFrench Connection2009  
Bi Teen Power 2French Connection2005 X
Bi Teen Power 3Cream Of The Crop20061X
Bi Teen Power 6Tino Video2007 X
Big Black Cock AttackFrench Connection2018 X
Black and Friends 2French Connection2011 X
Black Hook UpsCitebeur2009 X
Black LeatherFrench Connection2009 X
Black Street MuscleCitebeur20051X
Blak AtakHot Dark Studs2010 X
Blak Atak 2Hot Dark Studs2010 X
Blak LuvrFrench Connection2011 X
Blak Powr BttmFrench Connection2011 X
Bottom @ The ReadyFrench Connection2009 X
Breed My Ass 3French Connection2012 X
Breed My Ass 4French Connection2012 X
Breed My Ass 5French Connection2019 X
Breed My Ass 6French Connection2012 X
Breeding Twink AssesFrench Connection2009 X
CapoeiraFrench Connection2002 X
Capoeira 2French Connection2002 X
Capoeira 26Black & Tan20071X
Capoeira 27Black & Tan20081X
Capoeira 28Black & Tan20081X
Capoeira 3French Connection2003 X
Capoeira 4French Connection20031X
Chicken PatrolBelo Amigo2003  
Cousin BuckPM Productions1985 X
CraveTom Bradford Film20071X
Crave 2Tom Bradford Film20071 
Crave 3Tom Bradford Film20071X
Cuban Sex God 2French Connection2010 X
Drawn to FuckSpritzz2007 X
ExpressFrench Connection2012 X
Fabio the ManFrench Connection2014 X
Fasst And HardFrench Connection2012 X
Fasst andHardFrench Connection2012  
Father Knows BestFrench Connection2006 X
Favella City of Boys 218 Today20041X
Feeding WolfieFrench Connection2010 X
FightersRidley Dovarez2015  
Foul Play FuckersLuxure Film Produktion2008 X
Fresh Cream 12: Always ReadyTino Video2003  
Fresh Cream 4: His First ShaveFrench Connection2002  
Fuck Club (III)Amateur Straight Guys20081X
GoooalFrench Connection2010 X
Grunts Of Paris 2French Connection2011 X
Heavy EquipmentMustang1977 X
Hot Cocks of the Middle EastFrench Connection2018 X
Island Of Monster CocksFrench Connection2011 X
Jock Strap 2Belo Amigo2004 X
Jony HolmesFrench Connection2010 X
Luc and Ethan's Bareback AdventureCumpuppy Video20061X
Manifest Men 1Manifest Men2009 X
Manifest Men 2Manifest Men2009 X
Manifest Men 3Manifest Men2010 X
Manifest Men 4Manifest Men2010 X
Marc Humper FuckedFrench Connection2015 X
Mathieu Ferhati SuperstarFrench Connection2014 X
Muscle FuckersBelo Amigo2008 X
Rough House Raw 1Citebeur2010  
Rough House Raw 2Citebeur2010 X
Rough House Raw 6French Connection2011  
Rough House Raw 7French Connection2011  
Scott XXXFrench Connection2013 X
Scott XXX 2French Connection2014 X
Scott XXX 3French Connection2014 X
Sexxxy TwinksFrench Connection2007  
Sexy BuildersWholesome Films20061X
Skinny TwinksFrench Connection2012 X
Snow TwinksFrench Connection2011 X
Surfers On The LooseFrench Connection20081X
Surfers Takin ItFrench Connection20081 
Tarek and His MatesCitebeur2005 X
Troubled YouthLuxure Film Produktion2008  
Twilight Of VirginityAssassin Entertainment2009 X
Underground FunkFrench Connection2008  
UnsuitablePantheon Productions2010 X
Upgrade 2French Connection2010  
Wake UpFrench Connection20011X
Walid: The Arab CockFrench Connection2014 X
Wolf: Legend of the ScythiansFrench Connection2014 X
Writer's DelightFrench Connection1990 X
You Sexy Young ThingBlue Star Films International20021X
Young and Uncut 10Tino Video2005 X
Young and Uncut 18Tino Video2007 X
Young and Uncut 7Cream Of The Crop2004 X
Young and Uncut 8Tino Video2005 X
Young and Uncut 918 Today2005 X
Young OnesPM Productions1983 X

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