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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Amateur Bareback 1Magnus2007 X
Amateur Bareback 10Magnus2009 X
Amateur Bareback 11Magnus2009 X
Amateur Bareback 12Magnus2009 X
Amateur Bareback 13Magnus2010  
Amateur Bareback 14Magnus2010 X
Amateur Bareback 15Magnus2011 X
Amateur Bareback 16Magnus2011 X
Amateur Bareback 17Magnus2011 X
Amateur Bareback 2Magnus2007 X
Amateur Bareback 3Magnus2008 X
Amateur Bareback 4Magnus2008 X
Amateur Bareback 5Magnus2008 X
Amateur Bareback 6Magnus2008 X
Amateur Bareback 7Magnus2008 X
Amateur Bareback 8Magnus2009 X
Amateur Bareback 9Magnus2009 X
Amateur Bareback Cum Eaters 1Magnus2008 X
Amateur Bareback Three-Way Videos 1Magnus2007 X
Amateur Bareback Three-Way Videos 2Magnus2008 X
Amateur Bareback Three-Way Videos 3Magnus2008 X
Amateur Creampie Videos 1Magnus2007 X
Amateur Creampie Videos 2Magnus2007 X
Amateur Creampie Videos 3Magnus2007 X
Amateur Creampie Videos 4Magnus2007 X
Amateur Creampie Videos 5Magnus2009 X
Amateur Creampie Videos 6Magnus2009 X
Amateur Creampie Videos 7Magnus2010 X
Amateur Cum Swapping Videos 5Magnus2009 X
Amateur Domination Videos 1Magnus2009 X
Amateur Spanking Videos 4Magnus2011 X
Amateur Studs: Aaron CarpenterMagnus2009 X
Amateur Studs: Charles HardyMagnus2009 X
Amateur Studs: John YoungcockMagnus2009 X
Amateur Studs: Niel SamsMagnus2009 X
Amateur Three-Way Videos 1Magnus2007 X
Amateur Three-Way Videos 2Magnus2008 X
Amateur Uncut DicksMagnus2008 X
Amateur Uncut Dicks 2Magnus2008 X
Amateur Uncut Dicks 3Magnus2010 X
Amateur Uncut Dicks 4Magnus2010 X
Amateur Uncut Dicks 5Magnus2011 X
Ass Lickers 1Magnus2007 X
Ass Lickers 2Magnus20081X
ASSificationDominant Male2012 X
ASSification 2Magnus2012 X
ASSification 3Magnus2013 X
Bareback Shemale Pounding 1Magnus2010 X
Bareback Shemale Pounding 2Magnus2010 X
Bareback Shemale Pounding 3Magnus2011 X
Bareback Shemale Pounding 4Magnus2011 X
Bear Season 1Magnus2007 X
Bear Season 2 Magnus2008 X
Bear Season 3Magnus2008 X
Bondage Tales 3Dominant Male2012 X
Brothaz Only Magnus2008 X
Brothaz Only 2Magnus2009 X
Burning HotMagnus2009 X
But He's My Step FatherMagnus2013 X
Cock DockersMagnus2007 X
Cocks Of FuryMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Shemales: Andreia MelMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Shemales: Bia BastosMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Shemales: Isabelly FerrazMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Shemales: Sabrina KamoeiMagnus2010 X
Crazy For Shemales: Shakira MayaMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Shemales: Thays SchiavinatoMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Alexander SennaMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Arcanjo AmaroMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Bruno StigmataMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Erick LeonyMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Gabriel DalessandroMagnus2011 X
Crazy For Studs: Hunter CorbinMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: JD DanielsMagnus2011 X
Crazy For Studs: Pablo MontejoMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Park WileyMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Poax HoffinMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Renzo MazimeMagnus2009 X
Crazy For Studs: Ryan StarrMagnus2010 X
Crazy For Studs: Tom ColtMagnus2010 X
Crazy For Studs: Tony LeeMagnus2009 X
Dad Found A Boy ToyMagnus2010 X
Dad Snagged a TwinkTop Dog2012 X
Dirty Rotten Father FuckersMagnus2008 X
Doctor ErosMagnus2011 X
Dreaming of YouMagnus2010 X
East Men 2 Magnus2008 X
East Men 3Magnus2008 X
East Men 4Magnus2009 X
Fat vs. SkinnyMagnus2010 X
Females On Shemales 1Magnus2007 X
Females On Shemales 10Magnus2008 X
Females On Shemales 11Magnus2008 X
Females On Shemales 12Magnus2009 X
Females On Shemales 13Magnus2009 X
Females On Shemales 14Magnus2009 X
Females On Shemales 15Magnus2010 X
Females On Shemales 16Magnus2011 X
Females On Shemales 2Magnus20072X
Females On Shemales 3Magnus2007 X
Females On Shemales 4Magnus2007 X
Females On Shemales 6Magnus2008 X
Females On Shemales 7Magnus2008 X
Females On Shemales 8Magnus2008 X
Females On Shemales 9Magnus2008 X
Heavyweight HuntingMagnus2009 X
Home for the Summer Magnus2008 X
Horny Dilf SeductionsEpic Male2010 X
Humiliate Me 2Magnus2011 X
Humiliate Me 3Dominant Male2011 X
I Like It RoughMagnus2008 X
I Like It Rough 2Magnus2008 X
I've Been Bad...So Spank MeMagnus2013 X
Jock Strap Worship 2Dominant Male2011 X
Jock Strap Worship 3Magnus2013 X
Just Gone Gay 11Magnus2011 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Ass Rimming 1Magnus2008 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Ass Rimming 2Magnus2008 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Ass Rimming 3Magnus2010 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Ass Rimming 4Magnus2011 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Ass Rimming 5Magnus2011 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Ass Toying Videos 1Magnus2009 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Ass Toying Videos 2Magnus2011 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Cum Swapping 1Magnus2007 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Cum Swapping 2Magnus2007 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Cum Swapping 3Magnus2007 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Cum Swapping 6Magnus2010 X
Kyle Kravin's Amateur Cum Swapping 7Magnus2010 X
Ladyboy Solos 1Magnus2009 X
Liquid Lunch Magnus2007 X
Liquid Lunch 2Magnus2008 X
Lucky LadyboyMagnus2009 X
Lucky Ladyboy 2Magnus2009 X
Lucky Ladyboy 3Magnus2009 X
Meat My SissyMagnus2008 X
Men With Toys 1Magnus2008 X
Men With Toys 2 Magnus2007 X
Men With Toys 3Magnus2010 X
Muscle Men At The BeachMagnus2010 X
Muscle Resort Magnus2007 X
Muscle Resort 2 Magnus2008 X
Muscle Resort 3Magnus2009 X
Muscle Resort 4Magnus2009 X
Muscle Resort 6Magnus2010 X
My Dream Shemale 1Magnus2007 X
My Dream Shemale 10Magnus2010 X
My Dream Shemale 11Magnus2010 X
My Dream Shemale 12Magnus2011 X
My Dream Shemale 13Magnus2011 X
My Dream Shemale 2Magnus2007 X
My Dream Shemale 3Magnus2007 X
My Dream Shemale 4Magnus2008 X
My Dream Shemale 5Magnus2008 X
My Dream Shemale 6Magnus2008 X
My Dream Shemale 7Magnus2008 X
My Dream Shemale 8Magnus2010 X
My Dream Shemale 9Magnus2010 X
My Guy CreampieMagnus20071X
My Guy Creampie 2Magnus2008 X
My Guy Creampie 3Magnus2008 X
No Condom ZoneMagnus2007 X
No Condom Zone 2Magnus2008 X
No Condom Zone 3 Magnus2008 X
Nothin' But Cumshots 17Magnus2011 X
Nothin' But Cumshots 3 Magnus2008 X
Nothing But Cumshots 10Magnus2009  
Nothing But Cumshots 11Magnus2009  
Nothing But Cumshots 12Magnus2009  
Nothing But Cumshots 13Magnus2010  
Nothing But Cumshots 14Magnus2010  
Nothing But Cumshots 15Magnus2010  
Nothing But Cumshots 18Magnus2011  
Nothing But Cumshots 4 Magnus2008  
Nothing But Cumshots 5Magnus2008  
Nothing But Cumshots 6Magnus2008  
Nothing But Cumshots 7 Magnus2008  
Nothing But Cumshots 8Magnus2008  
Nothing But Cumshots 9Magnus2009  
One Night StandsMagnus2007 X
Preppy Boys Magnus2008 X
Real Men, Real DicksMagnus2010 X
Rough Workout Magnus2007 X
Rough Workout 2Magnus2007 X
Rough Workout 3Magnus2008 X
Rough Workout 4Magnus2009 X
Search for LoveMagnus2010 X
Shemale Blowjobs 1Magnus2007 X
Shemale Blowjobs 10Magnus2009 X
Shemale Blowjobs 11Magnus2009 X
Shemale Blowjobs 12Magnus2009 X
Shemale Blowjobs 13Magnus2010 X
Shemale Blowjobs 2Magnus2007 X
Shemale Blowjobs 3Magnus2008 X
Shemale Blowjobs 4Magnus2008 X
Shemale Blowjobs 5Magnus2008 X
Shemale Blowjobs 6Magnus2008 X
Shemale Blowjobs 7Magnus2008 X
Shemale Blowjobs 8Magnus2008 X
Shemale Blowjobs 9 Magnus2008 X
Shemale DominationMagnus2008 X
Shemale Sandwich 1Magnus2007 X
Shemale Sandwich 10Magnus2011 X
Shemale Sandwich 2Magnus2007 X
Shemale Sandwich 3Magnus2007 X
Shemale Sandwich 4Magnus2008 X
Shemale Sandwich 5Magnus2008 X
Shemale Sandwich 6Magnus2008 X
Shemale Sandwich 7Magnus2009 X
Shemale Sandwich 8Magnus2009 X
Shemale Sandwich 9Magnus2011 X
Shemales On The Hunt 1Tranny Power2011 X
Shemales On The Hunt 2Tranny Power2011 X
Spank Me BitchDominant Male2011 X
Spank Me Bitch 3Magnus2012 X
Spanking Videos 1Magnus2007 X
Special Ops: Cock Patrol Magnus2006 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 1Magnus2007 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 10Magnus2009 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 11Magnus2009 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 2Magnus2008 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 3Magnus2008 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 4Magnus2009 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 6Magnus2008 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 7Magnus2008 X
Straight Guys Jerking Off 8Magnus2008  
Straight Guys Jerking Off 9Magnus2009 X
Strapped And Ready To Fuck 1Magnus2007 X
Strapped And Ready To Fuck 2Magnus2011 X
Stud Next Door Magnus2008 X
Swapping CummradesMagnus2007 X
Swapping Cummrades 2Magnus2008 X
Team Bisexual 1Magnus2008 X
Team Bisexual 2Magnus2008 X
Team Bisexual 3Magnus2009 X
Team Bisexual 4Magnus2009 X
Team Bisexual 5Magnus2009 X
Team Bisexual 6Magnus2010 X
Team Bisexual 7Magnus2010 X
Team Bisexual 8Magnus2010 X
Teen Paradise 1WOW Pictures2010 X
Teen Paradise 2WOW Pictures2010 X
Teen Paradise 3WOW Pictures2010 X
Teen Paradise 4WOW Pictures2010 X
Teen Paradise 5WOW Pictures2011 X
Teen Paradise 6WOW Pictures2011 X
Teen Paradise 7WOW Pictures2011 X
Teen Paradise 8WOW Pictures2011 X
Thugs Give CreampiesTop Dog2010 X
Thugs Need Love Round 2Top Dog2010 X
Thugs Need Love Round 3Top Dog2010 X
Thugs Need Love Round 4Top Dog2011 X
Thugs Need Love Round 5Top Dog2011 X
Total Control: Aron RidgeMagnus2010 X
Total Control: Billy DewittMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Billy LongMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Black HawkMagnus2009  
Total Control: Brad SlaterMagnus2008 X
Total Control: Braxton Bond Magnus2009 X
Total Control: Christian RomeroMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Dakota Phillips Magnus2009 X
Total Control: Daniel DiazMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Derrick PaulMagnus2010  
Total Control: Erin HartMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Gabriel DalessandroMagnus2009 X
Total Control: GiovanniMagnus2008 X
Total Control: Henry Silva Magnus2008 X
Total Control: Hot BoiMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Jack SpadeMagnus2008 X
Total Control: Jason MelloMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Justin BladeMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Luke CrossMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Mario BalatoMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Marshall O'BoyMagnus2009 X
Total Control: Mikey MikesMagnus2011  
Total Control: Mitch BrawnMagnus2009  
Total Control: Park WileyMagnus2008 X
Total Control: Tristan MathewsMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Barbara VasconcellosMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Bia BastosMagnus2010 X
Total Tranny Control: Carla NovaesMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Danielly BiondaMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Dany De CastroMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Elen HustonMagnus2010 X
Total Tranny Control: Erica BittencourtMagnus2010 X
Total Tranny Control: Giselle LemosMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Hilda BrasilMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Isabelli KillerMagnus2010 X
Total Tranny Control: Ivana SpearsMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Kawanna Di Prado Magnus2008 X
Total Tranny Control: Keizy MariaMagnus2010 X
Total Tranny Control: Marcella ItalyMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Patricia SabatinyMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Raquel RodriguesMagnus2010  
Total Tranny Control: Renata AraujoMagnus2009 X
Total Tranny Control: Shakira MayaMagnus2008 X
Total Tranny Control: Tatiana TorresMagnus2010 X
Total Tranny Control: Walkyria DrummondMagnus2008 X
Totally Bisexual 2Magnus2010 X
Totally Bisexual 3Magnus2010 X
Totally Bisexual 4Magnus2011 X
Tranny Cumshots 1Magnus2008 X
Tranny Cumshots 10Magnus2009 X
Tranny Cumshots 12Magnus2009 X
Tranny Cumshots 13Magnus2009 X
Tranny Cumshots 14Magnus2009 X
Tranny Cumshots 15Magnus2010 X
Tranny Cumshots 16Magnus2010 X
Tranny Cumshots 17Magnus2010 X
Tranny Cumshots 18Magnus2011 X
Tranny Cumshots 2Magnus2008 X
Tranny Cumshots 3Magnus2008 X
Tranny Cumshots 4Magnus2008 X
Tranny Cumshots 5Magnus2008 X
Tranny Cumshots 6Magnus2008 X
Tranny Cumshots 7Magnus2009 X
Tranny Cumshots 8Magnus2009 X
Tranny Cumshots 9Magnus2009 X
Tranny Solos 1Magnus2007 X
Tranny Solos 10Magnus2009 X
Tranny Solos 11Magnus2009 X
Tranny Solos 14Magnus2011 X
Tranny Solos 15Magnus2011 X
Tranny Solos 2Magnus2007 X
Tranny Solos 3Magnus2007 X
Tranny Solos 4Magnus2008 X
Tranny Solos 5 Magnus2008 X
Tranny Solos 6Magnus2008 X
Tranny Solos 7Magnus2008 X
Tranny Solos 8Magnus2009 X
Tranny Solos 9Magnus2009 X
Tranny Tasters 1Magnus2007 X
Tranny Tasters 10Magnus2010 X
Tranny Tasters 11Magnus2010 X
Tranny Tasters 12Magnus2011 X
Tranny Tasters 2Magnus2008 X
Tranny Tasters 3Magnus2008 X
Tranny Tasters 4Magnus2008 X
Tranny Tasters 5Magnus2008 X
Tranny Tasters 6Magnus2009 X
Tranny Tasters 7Magnus2009 X
Tranny Tasters 8Magnus20101X
Tranny Tasters 9Magnus2010 X
Vote Yes For MILF 8WOW Pictures2011 X
White Boys Love Black Meat Magnus2007 X

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