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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Bi, Bi Janet 1: First Time with AlexisJanet Mason2008  
Bi, Bi Janet 2: First Time with DeauxmaJanet Mason2009  
Bi, Bi Janet 3: Muy Caliente My First LatinaJanet Mason20101 
Big Cock Chronicles 1: Introducing CurtisJanet Mason20031 
Big Cock Chronicles 2: The Return of Mr. BigJanet Mason20071 
Big Cock Chronicles 3: Fucked Senseless by Richard MannJanet Mason2009  
Big Cock Chronicles 4: Having Fun with Lexington SteeleJanet Mason20091 
Big Cock Chronicles 5: Lexington Steele ReturnsJanet Mason20091 
Big Cock Chronicles 6Janet Mason20101 
Big Cock Chronicles 7Janet Mason20101 
Black Cock Business LunchJanet Mason20034 
Black Cock Quickies 1Janet Mason20033 
Bodybuilder Cock 1: Getting Down With Lo-DownJanet Mason2000  
Bodybuilder Cock 2: My Masseur's Anal Sex SurpriseJanet Mason20011 
Bodybuilder Cock 3: My Personal Fitness Trainer Gets LuckyJanet Mason20011 
Bodybuilder Cock 4: Black-Balled By BrutusJanet Mason2007  
Chippen-Fucked: Janet Meets StallionJanet Mason20041 
College Cock 1: Mr. BigJanet Mason20002 
College Cock 2: Mr. Big Cums AgainJanet Mason20003 
College Cock 3: Reunion with Mr. BigJanet Mason20002 
College Cock 4: Young Hung and BlackJanet Mason20002 
College Cock 5: Motel MeatJanet Mason20002 
College Cock 6: Double-Pumped On Spring BreakJanet Mason20012 
College Cock 7: Mr. Big's Graduation PresentJanet Mason20024 
College Cock 8: Tony's First LessonJanet Mason20041 
College Cock 9: Doing DeionJanet Mason20071 
Cougar Chronicles 2: Meet Will Janet Mason2009  
Cougar Prey Chronicles 1: MikeyJanet Mason20091 
Cougar Prey Chronicles 2: Meet WillJanet Mason20091 
Cum-Crazed 1: Ten-Man Bukkake Facial BlowoutJanet Mason2001  
Cum-Crazed 2: Six Man Bukkake FacialJanet Mason2008  
Cum-Crazed 3: 15-Man Birthday BukkakeJanet Mason2009  
Damon Cums AgainJanet Mason20011 
First Time with DamonJanet Mason20012 
Foot Fetish Fever 1: Patrick's Dream Cums TrueJanet Mason20001 
Foot Fetish Fever 10: Chris Cums Back For MoreJanet Mason20071 
Foot Fetish Fever 11: Franklin's First Foot-JobJanet Mason20071 
Foot Fetish Fever 12: Eat My Ass Beat Your Meat and Suck My FeetJanet Mason2008  
Foot Fetish Fever 2: Big Black Meat, Small White FeetJanet Mason20002 
Foot Fetish Fever 3: Fun With SteveJanet Mason20011 
Foot Fetish Fever 4: Pedicure, Pamper and TeaseJanet Mason20011 
Foot Fetish Fever 5: Rick's First Foot-JobJanet Mason20012 
Foot Fetish Fever 6: Bo's Special Foot MassageJanet Mason20031 
Foot Fetish Fever 7: Chris' First Foot JobJanet Mason20041 
Foot Fetish Fever 8: American Feet, British MeatJanet Mason20051 
Foot Fetish Fever 9: Big Black Meat, Small White Feet 2Janet Mason20071 
Gang Bangs 1: Janet's 36th Birthday BangJanet Mason20031 
Hairless Janet: My First-Ever Pussy ShavingJanet Mason20071 
Hairy Janet 1: Introducing Hairy JanetJanet Mason20001 
Hairy Janet 2: Thicker and WilderJanet Mason20001 
Hairy Janet 3: Hairier Than EverJanet Mason20001 
Hairy Janet 4: Hair's To YouJanet Mason20021 
Hosiery Heaven 1: Pantyhose PlaytimeJanet Mason2001  
Jacked By Janet 1: Wayne Gets WankedJanet Mason20022 
Jammin' With Justin: My First Interracial Ass-FuckingJanet Mason20023 
Janet Meets The DFW KnightJanet Mason20011 
Legs and Heels 1: After a Hard Day's WorkJanet Mason2001  
Mitchell's Young Black Man-MeatJanet Mason2008  
Morning After: Black Coffee, Black CreamJanet Mason20022 
Naughty Massage TherapistJanet Mason2009  
Reunion with DFW KnightJanet Mason20022 
Solo Play 1: Morning MasturbationJanet Mason20001 
Solo Play 2: Phone Sex with SteveJanet Mason2001  
Solo Play 3: I Spy JanetJanet Mason20061 
Threesomes 1: Black and White...and Me in the MiddleJanet Mason2000  
Threesomes 2: Mr. Big and LexJanet Mason20022 
Threesomes 3: Interracial Room ServiceJanet Mason20031 
Threesomes 4: Double-Teamed in VegasJanet Mason2006  
Threesomes 5: Sharing Richard MannJanet Mason2009  
Threesomes 6: Red, Blonde and BlackJanet Mason20091 
Threesomes 7: Black Cock Birthday PresentJanet Mason20091 
Threesomes 8Janet Mason20091 
Turbo-FuckedJanet Mason20001 
Undercover Hung Black LoversJanet Mason20102 
Undercover Younger Lovers 1Janet Mason20091 
Vacation Fornication 1: Vic Goes All The WayJanet Mason20041 
Vacation Fornication 2: Down and Dirty With DeshaunJanet Mason2009  

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