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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
'Rican Fuck ClubBig City Video2003 X
10 Angry InchesBig City Video2010 X
3 Little PigsBig City Video2008 X
6 Boyz In A BedBig City Video2003  
7 Boyz in a BedBig City Video2005 X
8 Boyz In A BedBig City Video2006  
Ace on the DeuceBig City Video2006 X
All Over His FaceBig City Video2009 X
AnacondaBig City Video2004 X
Anaconda Bites BackBig City Video2005 X
AzucarBig City Video2010 X
Beast MastersBig City Video2000 X
Beef EatersBig City Video20001X
Big BoyzBig City Video2001 X
Big Brazilian DicksBig City Video1999  
Big Dominican DicksBig City Video1998  
Black BlockbustersBig City Video2000 X
Black Brooklyn BeefBig City Video2000 X
Black BrothersBig City Video1998  
Black GoldBig City Video2008 X
Black Man PowerBig City Video2006 X
Black ManholeBig City Video2004 X
Black MaskBig City Video2004 X
Black Miami Spice 3Big City Video2006  
Black Miami Spice 4HomoThug2007  
Black N' BlewBig City Video2010 X
Black PhotoshootBig City Video2000 X
Black Photoshoot 2Big City Video2001 X
Black Sex PackBig City Video2000 X
Black Sex-A-Thon 2Sal Soul2000  
BlackfireBig City Video2009 X
Blow By BlowBig City Video2009 X
Blow PopsBig City Video2006  
Body PartsBig City Video2003 X
BoneheadBig City Video2009 X
Booty And The BeastBig City Video2002 X
Brazilian MeatrackBig City Video2000 X
Brothaz In HeatBig City Video2002  
Brown ShugaBig City Video2008 X
Bull's EyeBig City Video2006 X
BulldozerBig City Video2008 X
ButtfulBig City Video2009 X
Chico 'Con Leche'Big City Video2002  
Chocolate Candy FactoryBig City Video2009 X
Cock DieselBig City Video2002  
CockbusterBig City Video2002  
CockbusterBig City Video2006  
Cocks of the CaribbeanBig City Video2001  
Crazy Puerto RicansBig City Video2005 X
Cruizin' For CubansBig City Video2000  
Cubaboyz.CumBig City Video2000  
Cuban Big DicksBig City Video1999 X
Da' Bronx BoyzBig City Video1999 X
Desperately Seekin' RicansBig City Video2004 X
Dick-A-DayBig City Video2009 X
Dirty Sexy Papi Big City Video2008 X
Dogg Eat DoggBig City Video2003  
Doin 69Big City Video2008 X
Down LoadedBig City Video2006 X
Dulce de LecheBig City Video2005  
El DiabloBig City Video2007  
Foreskin Addicts AnonymousBig City Video2001  
Full Latin LoadBig City Video2001  
Havana BananasBig City Video2000 X
Heads or TailsBig City Video2009 X
Hispanic HeartbreakersBig City Video2002 X
Hispanic HeavenBig City Video2004 X
Hispanic Heaven 2: A Tiger's LifeBig City Video2000  
Hispanic Heaven: FlacoBig City Video1999  
Horse Hung Hustlers 1Big City Video2004 X
Horse Hung Hustlers 3Big City Video2006 X
Horse Hung Hustlers 4Big City Video2007 X
Horse PowerLatin Connection2008 X
HungerBig City Video2006 X
Juan's Magic WandBig City Video2004 X
King of the JungleBig City Video20031X
Kock KrazyBig City Video2010 X
Latin PlayboyzBig City Video2002  
Latin Playboyz 2Big City Video2003  
Latin Playboyz 3Big City Video2003  
Latin Playboyz 4Big City Video2004  
Latino Bambinos 2000Big City Video2000 X
Latino Bambinos 2001Big City Video2001  
Latino Bambinos 2002Big City Video2002  
Latino Bambinos 2004Big City Video2004 X
Latino ManholeBig City Video2004 X
Latino Sex-a-thon 2Big City Video2000  
Let Them Eat CockLatin Connection2007 X
Light My FireBig City Video2009 X
Lil' Black BookBig City Video2002 X
Lil' Latin DevilBig City Video2000 X
Lil' Pit BullBig City Video2006 X
Lil' Rican In The HoodBig City Video2003  
Miami Spice BoyzBig City Video2004  
Midnight Booty-Call Big City Video2008 X
Million Dollar MuscleBig City Video2007  
Negro en Blanco Big City Video2007 X
Never Too BigBig City Video2009 X
Now Serving 13 Big City Video2007 X
NuttcrackerBig City Video2009 X
Ol Black MajikBig City Video2003 X
P.R. Sex BarBig City Video1999  
Pain Big City Video2006  
Papi LocoBig City Video2007 X
Papi LoveBig City Video2005  
Party AzzBig City Video2008 X
Pleasure Big City Video20061X
Private DancerzBig City Video2003  
Puerto Rican Sex BarBig City Video1999 X
Queer Eyes For The Spanish GuysBig City Video2003 X
Ready To Pop Big City Video2006 X
Rican on RicanBig City Video2006 X
Rican Reform SchoolBig City Video1999 X
Ride'n The Black TrainBig City Video2000  
Rock da' CribBig City Video2005  
SBM: Single Black MaleBig City Video2000 X
Sin CityBig City Video20092X
Spanish Boys Taste GoodBig City Video2008 X
Spanish Sex In The CityBig City Video2001  
Spanish Sex On The BeachBig City Video2002  
Super Dawgz Big City Video2008  
Supersize Me Big City Video2004 X
ThirstBig City Video2006 X
Thug LifeBig City Video2008 X
Thug PlugBig City Video2009 X
Thug ShotsBig City Video2007  
Top DawgzBig City Video2008 X
Tuff And TenderPraha2001  
Under DawgzBig City Video2007 X
Under My SkinBig City Video2008 X
Urban BlackoutBig City Video2007 X
Used and AbusedBig City Video2009  
Wild AnimalsBig City Video1999 X
Wild ThingBlack Door20091X
WishbonesBig City Video2004 X
Year of the DawgBig City Video2006 X
Year of the Pig Big City Video2007 X

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