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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
3 the Hard WayVivid Man19961X
A Night With Todd StevensVivid Man1996 X
Abercrombie And SwishVivid Man2000  
Addicted to DickVivid Man1997 X
All American Cock TugVivid Man2006 X
Alley TwinksVivid Man1997  
Ass TagVivid Man1997  
Bad PuppyVivid Man1997  
Ball Cock ChroniclesVivid Man1997 X
Ball GravyVivid Man1999 X
Bathroom Buddies and Plumber's HelpersVivid Man1997  
Battle Of the BottomsVivid Man2006 X
Bear AssVivid Man1997 X
Bear TrapVivid Man2005 X
Beef JerkerVivid Man1999  
Best of the BarrioVivid Man2004 X
Best of Tim LoweVivid Man2004 X
Best of Toilet SlavesVivid Man2000  
Big As This Box 5Vivid Man1997  
Black TwinksVivid Man1998 X
Blonde Beach BoysVivid Man1994 X
Blow Your Own Horn 2Vivid Man1992  
BlowoutVivid Man1995 X
Bologna PonyVivid Man2000 X
BriefsVivid Man1997  
Brokeback JackVivid Man2009 X
Brothers On The DownlowVivid Man1997 X
Bubble TroubleVivid Man2006 X
Buddy SystemVivid Man1989 X
Bull NutsVivid Man1997  
Butt Flute 1Vivid Man1997  
Butt Flute 2Vivid Man1997  
Buttboys of HollywoodVivid Man1996  
Candy AssVivid Man20001X
Casey At BatVivid Man2005 X
Chain SmokerVivid Man2004 X
Chained HeatVivid Man1999  
Chance EncounterVivid Man1995 X
Club MenVivid Man1990  
Cock AbsorberVivid Man1995 X
CocksmithsVivid Man1997  
Cockstar 10Vivid Man1997  
Cockstar 17Vivid Man2000  
Cockstar 18Vivid Man   
Cockstar 19Vivid Man2002  
Cream of MeatVivid Man1996  
CrossroadsVivid Man1993 X
Damien: One Night of SinVivid Man1993  
Deputy DickVivid Man1995 X
Dick SergeantVivid Man1998 X
Dino Dreams OnVivid Man1997 X
Dirty PicturesVivid Man1992 X
Donkey DickVivid Man1997  
Doug DeepVivid Man1999  
Erection Set 1Vivid Man   
Exhibitionist 2Vivid Man1998 X
Extreme TwinksVivid Man2001  
Feeding FrenzyVivid Man2008 X
FeltVivid Man2001  
Foster Vs Fagin: Who Sucks Better? Vivid Man2008 X
Fresh Buns 1Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 10Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 11Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 12Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 13Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 14Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 15Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 16Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 17Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 18Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 19Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 2Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 3Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 4Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 5Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 6Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 7Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 8Vivid Man1998  
Fresh Buns 9Vivid Man1998  
Fuc ClubVivid Man2000  
Gang PlankVivid Man1999  
Grappling TwinksVivid Man2000  
GushersVivid Man1997 X
Hard PressedVivid Man2006 X
HeatVivid Man1991  
Heat of the CityVivid Man19981X
HoleVivid Man1994 X
Hole In OneVivid Man1990 X
Horse HungVivid Man1998 X
Hot Summer KnightsVivid Man1990 X
HotelVivid Man1999 X
I Am The WalrusVivid Man2000  
In the StretchVivid Man19902X
Indecent PropositionVivid Man1994 X
InitiationVivid Man1994 X
Initiation 2: Hell WeekVivid Man1997 X
International Guide to the Fine Art of FellatioVivid Man1989  
Iron ManVivid Man1990  
Iron Men of Porn 7Vivid Man1998  
Ivy LeagueVivid Man1991 X
Jailhouse CockVivid Man1999 X
Jar Head HeadVivid Man2000  
Jizz TankVivid Man2009 X
Jock StrapVivid Man1998  
Joe Black MeatVivid Man1998 X
Joker's WildVivid Man1990 X
Jox And CocksVivid Man2000  
Knight GalleryVivid Man19951X
Knight Gallery 2Vivid Man1995 X
Knight MovesVivid Man1991  
Latin Heat Inn ExileVivid Man20001X
Latin Loads 3Vivid Man1997 X
Learning Latin 1Vivid Man19961 
Learning Latin 2: Crammin'Vivid Man19971 
Legend of Joey StefanoVivid Man1994 X
Lewd ConductVivid Man19901X
Limited EntryVivid Man1995 X
Load Me UpVivid Man2006 X
LoadedVivid Man  X
Loaded 2Vivid Man1997  
Long Hot Summer Vivid Man1990  
Long Hot Summer 2Vivid Man1991  
Lucky StiffVivid Man1997 X
Major NutsVivid Man1997  
Man AloneVivid Man1995 X
Man In MotionVivid Man1992  
Mannequin ManVivid Man1989  
ManwichVivid Man1997  
MeatwaveVivid Man2000  
Men's RoomVivid Man1995 X
Mikey Likes ItVivid Man1999 X
Mister FootlongVivid Man1998  
Mister MeatmanVivid Man1997 X
Mister ThickyVivid Man1997  
MoanVivid Man19992X
Mouth Organ: They Blow ThemselvesVivid Man1996  
Movers And ShakersVivid Man1991  
Mule HungVivid Man  X
Naked Prey Vivid Man1992 X
NefariousVivid Man1999 X
New Zealand Under CoversVivid Man1987  
Night StickVivid Man1996 X
No Pants Party!Vivid Man2000 X
Nordic Dick Vivid Man1998 X
Nordic Dick 2Vivid Man1994 X
Norwegian WoodVivid Man1997 X
Notoriously BigVivid Man1998 X
Oral TwinksVivid Man1997  
Out and About 2Vivid Man1997  
Over the TopVivid Man  X
Penetrating GaysVivid Man1997 X
Penetration GaysVivid Man2004  
Penis FlytrapVivid Man1996 X
PickupVivid Man1995 X
Picture Perfect (III)Vivid Man1996 X
PlayedVivid Man1996 X
Pocket HerculesVivid Man1996 X
Pony BoyVivid Man  X
Positions Of Mine 69Vivid Man1997 X
Prep School PunksVivid Man1997 X
Prince CharmingVivid Man1991  
Prisoner of Love Vivid Man1994 X
PrivilegeVivid Man1993 X
Pump Action Vivid Man1997  
Punch Drunk On DickVivid Man1998 X
PunkVivid Man1996 X
Pure (Gay)Vivid Man1996 X
Pure FantasiesJoint Ventures1986  
Put Me in CoachVivid Man2004 X
Rear AdmiralsVivid Man2005  
Rear WindowVivid Man1990 X
Rearin' To GoVivid Man1996 X
Rescue 69-11Vivid Man1998 X
Return Of Grant FaginVivid Man1991 X
Return to the HotelVivid Man19994X
Rican HavocVivid Man1998 X
Rim-Tim-TimVivid Man1997 X
Ring o' FireVivid Man1997  
Rites Of FallVivid Man1989 X
Rites Of SpringVivid Man1989  
Rites Of SummerVivid Man1988 X
Rites Of WinterVivid Man1989  
RiverVivid Man1989 X
Rock Out With My Jock OutVivid Man2001 X
Rockmore FilesVivid Man1992 X
RoommateVivid Man19931X
Running With GooVivid Man1998 X
Salt LickVivid Man1995 X
Sausage PartyVivid Man1994 X
Sausage SafariVivid Man1996 X
SecretVivid Man1999 X
Sex-HuntHorizon1997 X
SkinVivid Man19943X
SnafuVivid Man19981X
Snow BoundVivid Man19901X
SolicitorVivid Man19941X
Someone In MindVivid Man1994 X
Sparky O'Toole's Excellent AdventureVivid Man1990  
Spice BoyzVivid Man1998  
Sport TwinksVivid Man   
SteelawayVivid Man1996 X
Stick In The MudVivid Man1995  
Sticky BunsVivid Man2000 X
StrappingVivid Man1997 X
StrokersMarathon Films1987 X
Stud ForceHorizon1987  
Summer TwinksVivid Man2002  
Summertime BluesVivid Man1991  
Sweatin' BlackVivid Man1998  
Swimmers AssVivid Man2009 X
TapestryVivid Man1999 X
Tattoo'd LoveboysVivid Man1993  
Texas TalesVivid Man1989 X
The UrgeVivid Man1995 X
Three the Hard WayVivid Man19891X
Tiger TailVivid Man1997 X
Tight Ass 2Vivid Man1998 X
Toilet TalkersVivid Man1997  
Toilet TalkersVivid Man2004 X
Touched by an AnalVivid Man2004 X
Tree SwallowVivid Man1997  
Tricky DickVivid Man1997  
Triple Play 1Vivid Man1994  
Triple Play 2Vivid Man1995 X
TrueVivid Man1992  
Truth, Dare, or DamianVivid Man1991 X
Uncut and UncensoredVivid Man1999 X
Uniform Ball 1: Blue Collar EditionVivid Man19971X
Uniform Ball 2: Military EditionVivid Man1997 X
Uniform TwinksVivid Man1997  
Uninvited: Out of Body, Out of Time...Vivid Man1998 X
Up And OverVivid Man1990  
Wet Dreams (II)Vivid Man1994 X
Wet HeadVivid Man2006 X
Wet Weekend 1Vivid Man1996  
What Things May CumVivid Man1999 X
When Bears Go WildVivid Man2000 X
Wild Sex In AmericaVivid Man1999 X
Working StiffVivid Man1998 X
You've Got MaleVivid Man1999 X

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